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1772-St. Mary’s, Rufford Parish Church-AINSCOUGH

This is my line of Ainscough's - as Nancy Engelhardt from Rhodes Island points out...."Further research into this church shows Rufford Parish in Ormskirk District. This parish was formerly a chapelry in the parish of Croston, but was made parochial by act of parliament."
Our earliest records can be found in Ormskirk Church 1558, Croston and Mawdesley. See earlier blog of January 21st 2007.

Thanks again to Andy Scarisbrick ( making the following information available and accessible to all. The information below represents extracts from St. Mary's Rufford Parish Church Records from 1772.

Extracts from St. Mary’s, Rufford Parish Church Records.

28th June 1772 Thomas s. Thos. & Elin Eenscrof [Ainscough], Mawdesley, lab.

25th April 1784 Nancy d. Jno & Margt. Ainscough, Mawdesley, Husb.
1st February 1789 Jane d. Jno & Margt. Aiscough, Mawdesley, lab.

Nancy Ainscough Alty and Jane Ainscough are sisters, daughters of John (1752-1835) m Margaret Worthington (1751-1835), Thomas my GGGG grandad was their brother. Nancy went on to marry Robert Alty (1794-1861) - see previous blog while Jane died of smallpox in 1794 aged just 6 years old. Nancy is also the ggg grandmother of Nancy Engelhardt above.

...and the following baptisms look as though it could be 6 children of Elizabeth(Betty)(1776-1816) m Richard Ainscough (1773-1842). Betty was the eldest daughter/ child of John & Margaret and sister of Thomas (my GGGG grandad).

22nd November 1795 Jane d. Richd. & Eliz: Aiscough, Mawdesley, shoemaker
1st July 1798 James s. Richd. & Elizabeth Aiscough, Mawdesley
27th July 1800 Mary d. Richd. & Betty Aiscough, Mawdesley, lab.
20th March 1803 Margt. d. Richd. & Betty Aiscough, Mawdesley, shoemaker
20th October 1805 James s. Richd. Ainscow, Mawdesley, shoemaker & Betty his wife
27th March 1808 Nancy Ainscough, Mawdesley, d. Richard Ainscough by Betty his wife d. John Ainscough (b. 7th March 1808)
30th June 1811 John Ainscough, Mawdesley, s. John Ainscough by Betty his wife d. John Ainscough (b. 2nd June 1811)

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Lorraine Scovell said...

Hi Thanks for the info the following is my own ancester John Ainscough father of Sarah Ainscough bn 1846

30th June 1811 John Ainscough, Mawdesley, s. John Ainscough by Betty his wife d. John Ainscough (b. 2nd June 1811)

I had trouble finding John as info I had was bn 1811 Crosten and I couldnt find him there so thanks again

Lorraine Scovell