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Betty Whitehead (1797-1879) - solving a puzzle

Edward Whitehead m 1793 Ailes Alty
Elizabeth Whitehead b.1798 - my GGGG grandmother?
Richard Whitehead b.1800
On 1 Feb 2009, at 19:27, Keith Whitehead ( wrote:
Hi Barbara
A Google search lead me to your blog...We may be very distantly related !! I have an ancestor, Richard Whitehead who may have been the brother of your GGGGGodknows how many times-grand mother!! Your Betty Whitehead was married in 1819. One year prior to this, a Betty Whitehead had a child. Is this the same Betty?? i.e. your Betty?
Keith Whitehead

barbara ainscough wrote:
Hi Keith
great to hear from certainly looks as though this could be possible from the info I have.

Thomas Ainscough married Elizabeth (Betty) Whitehead (1797-1879)from Downholland, Lancs. on 17th May 1819; records can be found at Croston, Lancs. Thomas and Betty had 5 children. Their 2nd eldest son, Hugh 1822-1882 was my GGG grandfather- see blog 15th September 2006. Betty died 10th April 1879 and Thomas died 31st December 1861, both can be found on the same gravestone in St Peter and St Paul RC Cemetery, Mawdesley - see the blog link above. I am really interested in finding out more about Betty's parents (my 4 x grandmother).....I didnt know she had a child before getting married though. Do you have any more detail? My records show Betty's first child was Hugh (my 3x grandfather born 1822). Looking forward to hearing from you.

On 9 Feb 2009, at 22:04, Keith Whitehead wrote:
Hi Barbara
Sorry for the delay in replying...I found the Betty info on She was unmarried when she had her child in 1818. Here is the record:
Baptism: 12 Jul 1818 St Michael and All Angels, Croston, Lancashire, England
Jane Whitehead - Daughter of Betty Whitehead, Spinster
Born: 30 May 1818
Abode: Mawdesley
Baptised by: Streyn: Master Rector
Register: Baptisms 1813 - 1827, Page 78, Entry 622
Source: LDS Film 93712

Why I think there is a connection is that there are, to my knowledge, no other Whiteheads in the village. I am assuming that Betty and my Richard were siblings. The other reason for this assumption is that Betty and Richard both had children named Jane. This could indicate their mothers name???
Here is Richard's Jane just a couple of miles away at Rufford. The abode says Croston, but in all other references I have to Richard, his home was Mawdesley.
Baptisms: 25 Feb 1821 St Mary the Virgin, Rufford, Lancashire, England
Jane Whitehead - Dau of Richard Whitehead & Ann
Abode: Croston
Occupation: Weaver
Baptised by: Robt. Pearson
Register: Baptisms 1813 - 1836, Page 49, Entry 388
Source: LDS Film 1526059

I went to these villages on Sunday....very quaint !!!

On 13 Mar 2009, at 09:39, Keith Whitehead wrote:
Hi Barbara
If you remember I e-mailed you a few weeks ago re your Betty Whitehead. I have made some progress as to the Whiteheads. I checked the IGI and found potential evidence for your Betty and my Richard being siblings. There is a Betty (c.1798) and a Richard(c.1800) Whitehead christened in Altcar. This is a stone's throw from Downholland where your Betty originates from. In Richard's case, his parents names (George and Alice) back up this assumption as Richard's children had these names also.
The evidence is circumstantial, but quite strong ....I think !!!!

Hi Barbara
I assume that you have census details for your Betty?? If not I can supply them Richard died before 1851, therefore his place of birth is not on any census.
I have attached screenshots of the IGI records. As you can see, the coincidences would be remarkable if Betty and Richard were NOT siblings !!

they were both married in Croston
They both had children called Jane
they both were christened in Altcar

I think they were siblings, but it is not really proof. Please tell me what you think

On 9 Apr 2009, at 10:45, Keith Whitehead wrote:
Hi Barbara
I went to the Altcar church a couple of weeks ago and it is a very nice place. The thing that astonished me was its isolation. Even in this day and age, the lack of an obvious parishioner base and difficult accessibility makes you wonder how it is still in existence. More so when one considers the the past when they didn't have cars but I suppose they had a stronger belief in God back then which would be sufficient motivation to travel!
Here is the bad news (for your Betty) If you look at the burials for Croston you will find this:
Burial: 1 Aug 1818 St Michael and All Angels, Croston, Lancashire, England
Jane Whitehead -
Age: 8 weeks
Abode: Mawdesley
Buried by: G. Parkin Curate
Register: Burial 1813 - 1833, Page 60, Entry 479
Source: LDS Film 93713

An all too often occurrence in those days, unfortunately.

Harrock Hall Ainscough family

Thanks to Debbie Schwarzer for sending in this photograph of 'her' Ainscough family, this is Bill Ainscough's family, otherwise known by myself as the Harrock Hall link! (see tree pdf in download box). Thanks Debbie its a lovely photo.....hundreds of family members once again.

Hi Barbara
Happy New Year! Thought you might like to see this, its an Ainscough family photo taken at Harrock last August, my daughter Josie is the little girl with the face painted holding the balloon.
Best wishes

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Congratulations! 50 years today.....

Congratulations go to my parents Margaret and Peter Ainscough who celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary today - April 4th. It was great to see so many of my cousins at the celebration.

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Frances Pauline Ainscough b.1923

On 27 Mar 2009, at 02:04, Ainscough, Jeff wrote:
Hi Barbara,
Wasn’t sure if this info would help anyone but figured I’d pass it on. My Grandmother passed away yesterday and the obituary contains some genealogy info. Frances Pauline Ainscough was married to Ermal Elmore Ainscough born 27th September, 1920, died 3rd October 1969. His father was Thomas Ainscough who married Lillie Grace Ritter born 23rd October, 1878 in Coalfield Tennessee. Hope all is well.
Jeff Ainscough
Northglenn Colorado USA
Jeff's Facebook

ODON — Frances Pauline Ainscough, 86, died at 12:35 p.m. Wednesday at Eastgate Manor.
Born Feb. 18, 1923, in Roopville, Carroll County, Ga., she was the daugher of George W. and Nora S. (Howard) Hannah. A 1943 graduate of Roopville High School, she also attended Southern Baptist College in Atlanta, Ga. She worked at Sears in Georgia and the Army Engineers and OPA during World War II in Atlanta. She came to Epsom in 1946 after her husband was discharged from the Army. She also worked at York Pharmacy in Odon from 1954 to 1965 and RCA in Bloomington from 1965 to 1983 when she retired. She attended the Baptist church in Odon.
She is survived by sons and daughter-in-law, Dwayne Edward and Kathy Ainscough of Odon and Harlen Ray Ainscough of Thornton, Colo.; grandchildren, Leah Carlson, Brianna and Renzo Freitas, Jason Ainscough, Jeffrey Ainscough, Christopher and Michelle Ainscough, Corey and Megan Ainscough and Troy and Stephanie Ainscough; great-grandchildren, Lacey Ainscough, Austin Ainscough, Addison Ainscough, Eden Ainscough, Briar Ainscough, Ethan Carlson, Mariella Freitas and Mason Freitas; sisters, Emmie Christopher, Betty Hood and Geanie Cooper; and brothers, Iva Ray Hannah, Joseph Arail Hannah and Edward G. Hannah.

For full details please click on the link: Frances Pauline Ainscough b.1923