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Elizabeth Anderton (1737-bef1815) dau. of Eliz. (Ainscough) Anderton (1709-1783)

S has been in touch regarding the (Ainscough) - Anderton family in Holme on Spalding Moor, East Yorkshire.

henry anderton_will 1
henry anderton_will 2
Will of Henry Anderton

On 9 Oct 2007, at 12:39, S wrote:

"Dear Barbara
I have just found your most interesting “Ainscough Family History” site.
I understand we share a common ancestor, Elizabeth Anderton 1737? – 1815, the wife of George Johnson, a farmer at Lincoln Flatts.
Some years ago, before it was possible to do research on the internet! I spent many an hour at the Borthwick Institute for Historical Research and at Beverley CRO.
I corresponded regularly with Mary Hartley and we shared our research on the Anderton, Johnson & Bielby families. Due to other commitments I had to temporarily put my family research on hold for a few years.
I have taken up my research again and would much appreciate if you have any more information on Elizabeth Anderton. I know she lived on a farm at Arglam for a while and that she was married at Carlton Juxta Snaith and was buried at Seaton Ross.
I am enclosing by attachment a copy of the marriage bond I got from the Borthwick some years ago. As I go through all my papers (mixed up in a large pile on the floor) I will see if there is any thing that could be of interest to you. I cannot remember exactly what I passed to my sister.
Best wishes

Lovely to hear from you. I think the Elizabeth you are enquiring about is the daughter of one of my very distant relatives - Elizabeth (Ainscough) Anderton (1709-1783) was a great auntie of mine - eldest of 5 children of Hugh (1689-1745) and Elizabeth Ainscough and sister of James Ainscough (1711 -1782) of Mawdesley, Lancs. who is my direct ancestor. Above is a snippet of my family tree showing how Elizabeth Ainscough 1709-1783 fits into the Ainscough tree. She married Henry Anderton - incidentally there is reference to an Anderton's mill on the old Mawdesley maps - Ive never been able to check whether this was Henry Anderton's family. When I get a moment I shall send you the links to the info I have. It turns out she is buried just 7 miles from where I live now.......Holme on Spalding Moor- a long way from the rest of her family over in Mawdesley, Lancashire. This Mawdesley Ainscough family have a strong catholic tradition. What caused Elizabeth (Ainscough) & Henry Anderton to move to East Yorkshire I do not know, possibly the Jacobite Rising in 1745??, which Mary Hartley had written notes about. We know from this information that Elizabeth, daughter of Elizabeth (Ainscough) & Henry Anderton witnessed her father Henry & brother Thomas fighting in this battle.
I believe Mary Hartley died some time ago- its all on my blog dated Monday 11th September 2006 -
What specifically would you like to know?

On 12 Oct 2007, at 11:33, S wrote:

Hi Barbara
Thanks for getting back to me.
I would like to find out when Elizabeth Anderton moved to either Carlton or Snaith and what her employment was. I have it in my mind that at some point in her life she worked as a lady’s maid. Unfortunately some of my notes made in the 1980’s were destroyed when a stray dog I took in chewed them up. If you have any info on this I would be delighted, but I suppose its not very likely.
She came from Lancashire to Yorkshire when she was about 10 and lived on a farm at Arglam. 25th October 1764 she married George Johnson a farmer from Lincoln Flatts at Carlton Juxta Snaith. I found the marriage bond at the Borthwick in York and have enclosed it by attachment. Unfortunately the allegation had not survived.
Found from microfilm R.C. MF 102 Liber status animaram (a statement on the spiritual condition of the parish) “Elizabeth Johnson a convert, wife to George Johnson a protestant at Lincoln Flatts, a communicant she has yet no child. She is the daughter of the late Henry Anderton.”
Also found“Elizabeth Anderton relict of the late Henry Anderton a protestant. She returned to the catholic religion and a communicant” I feel Henry Anderton should read George Johnson.
When I lived in Yorkshire I visited Holme Hall where Elizabeth used to worship with her daughters, it was being used by the Sue Ryder charity. Several times I have looked around the church yards at Holme On Spalding Moor & Seaton Ross and photographed headstones.
I find it interesting that after hearing Rev Joseph Benson preach Elizabeth joined the Wesleyan Church, then later on in life went back to the Catholic Church.
I am very pleased to have made contact with you, but have rambled on more than I intended!
Best wishes

Headstone of Elizabeth (Ainscough) Anderton bef.1709-1783, mother of Elizabeth Anderton.

I too have spent some time taking photos at All Saints church in Holme on Spalding Moor and also visited the St John the Baptist RC chapel at Holme Hall, although as you say, now a Sue Ryder Centre there is little historical evidence there today in the form of burials. I believe the RC Chapel was opened in 1766, but have been told that the historic All Saints Church at Holme has in the past been catholic- as most churches would have been pre Henry VIII.
Regarding your query, I don't have any detail about Elizabeth Anderton who married George Johnson. All the info. I have on Elizabeth Anderton is listed below, which you probably also have - Im sure this has come from Eric Percival.
Personal Record - Elizabeth AINSCOUGH (mother of Elizabeth Anderton)
Name: Elizabeth AINSCOUGH (2nd wife)
Sex: Female
Spouse: Henry ANDERTON (bef1703-1765)
Birth bef 15 Feb 1709
Christening 15 Feb 1709/10 (app) (age 1)
Death 21 Aug 1783 (age 74) Holme on Spalding Moor, East Yorkshire
Burial 22 Aug 1783 (age 74) Holme on Spalding Moor

Hugh AINSCOUGH born 1689. A Yeoman Farmer at Mawdesley, Lancs. and 1 spouse Elizabeth. Hugh was in recusant rolls - 1715, 1717
Elizabeth and Hugh AINSCOUGH had the following 5 children all from the Mawdesley, Croston, Lancashire area:

HUGH'S & Elizabeth's CHILDREN
Elizabeth AINSCOUGH (bef1709-1783)
***James AINSCOUGH (chr.1711 - (My GGGGGGgrandad)
Ann AINSCOUGH (chr.1713)
Thomas AINSCOUGH (chr.1715)
Mary AINSCOUGH (chr.1718)

Personal Record - Henry ANDERTON (husband)

Henry ANDERTON , was the son of William ANDERTON and Margrett HODSON,

born before 12 March 1703 Croston, Lancashire.

Baptised on 12 March 1703 in Croston

Married Ellin BOWLING - 10 October 1730 (1st wife died after childbirth)

Married Elizabeth AINSCOUGH - 18 October 1732 in Ormskirk.

Died July 1765 in Holme on Spalding Moor.

Buried on 16 July 1765 - Holme on Spalding Moor.


Parents of Henry Anderton were:

William ANDERTON born before 1690 - Yeoman Farmer of Bispham and Mawdsley, Lancs.

Margrett HODSON born before 29 August 1675 Leyland, Lancashire.

Baptised - 29 August 1675 in Leyland.

Died before 24 July 1752 in Croston, Lancashire.

Buried 24 July 1752 - Croston.

She and William ANDERTON had 1 child, Henry (born before 12 March 1703)

1st wife Ellin BOWLING and Henry ANDERTON had 1 child: William ANDERTON (chr.1730)

Ellin died 3weeks after the birth and William was brought up by his Protestant grandparents in Lancashire.

2nd wife Elizabeth AINSCOUGH and Henry ANDERTON had the following 5 children:

1.1 Thomas ANDERTON (1736- ) M Catherine BEILBY

1.2 Elizabeth ANDERTON (1737-bef1815) m George Johnson (1729-1794) at Carlton Juxta Snaith. Elizabeth Anderton was working at Carlton Towers prior to her marriage in 1764 when Thomas Stapleton was the owner

1.3 Henry ANDERTON (1740-1819) A bachelor of dissolute ways and drunken habits. Died in Holme workhouse

1.4.Alice ANDERTON (1743-? )

1.5.Margaret ANDERTON (1744- ?)

1.2. Elizabeth ANDERTON (1737-bef1815) married (1764 at Carlton Juxta Snaith) George Johnson (1729-1794) -they had 8 children:

2.1 Henry christened 1765 died same year

2.2 Henry c 1766

2.3 George Johnson: c 1767. Married Jane Beilby. Farmed at Lincoln Flatts, Seaton Ross

2.4 Harry Johnson: c 1769

2.5 Thomas: c 1770

2.6 Elizabeth c 1774

2.7 Ann c 1777

2.8 Mary c 1779

2.3 George JOHNSON

Name: George JOHNSON

Sex: Male

Spouse: Jane BEILBY (1774-1811)

Birth bef Nov 1767 Seaton Ross, East Yorkshire

Christening 8 Nov 1767 (age 0)

Burial Jul 1838 (age 70)

Death 29 Jul 1838 (age 70) Seaton Ross, East Yorkshire

Occupation Farmer at Lincoln Flatts

Note on Husband: George JOHNSON

Farmer at Lincoln Flatts
Lincoln Flatts, Seaton Ross - George Johnson farmer

Lincoln Flatts, Seaton Ross, home of George & Jane Johnson

2.3 CHILDREN of George Johnson and Jane Beilby:

3.1 Rebecca b. 1794-d.25th November 1865 age 64

3.2 Zillah b. 1797-d.May 20th 1882 age 85 married John Buttle?, buried at Holme

Zillah Johnson d1882

3.3 Vashti b. 1798-d. December 8th 1862 age 63

3.4 John b.1800-d.April 5th 1874 age 73, Malton - married at Wharram Percy in 1829 to Jane Stillborn of Pluckam and they lived at Fridaythorpe
John Johnson married Jane Stillborn of Pluckam, Fridaythorpe

3.5 George b. 1803

3.6 Jane b. 1805

3.7 Beilby b 1807

3.8 Matthew b 1809-d. October 26th 1867 age 61

Elizabeth Anderton notes1 (1709-1783)

Ive linked page 1 of 3 above - these are handwritten notes sent to me from Eric Percival, researched & written by the infamous Mary Hartley who must have spent hours uncovering the past.....let me know if you would like me to send you the images. You can view the 2 remaining pages by clicking on the above which will take you to my Flickr page. Ive transcribed the most interesting parts of the notes below...enjoy!

"............Among the family traditions spoken of in my childhood none was more colourful than that of the Andertons. Unlikely as it seemed in a family with strong Methodist connections, we had some Catholic ancestors; Elizabeth Anderton had after the Jocobite rising crossed the Pennines into Yorkshire (BA comment: in 1715 they joined the Stuart uprising during which Sir Francis Anderton, 6th Bt. (born after 1681) was convicted of high treason, forfeiting the Lostock estate, Lancs - not sure if the Anderton's are directly related?? ); her brother Thomas as a boy of 10 held the bridles of the horses while his father and uncle fought in the battle; and Elizabeth as an old lady asserted that her mother was a lady born; that her grandfather ‘was a Baron with 3 towns of his own’ and that she was born at Lostock Hall. Now Lostock Hall (near Bolton) was the home of rich, catholic Andertons, the last to live there being Sir Francis Anderton, and so insistent were the Cleggs on this story that granddaughters born in 1912 & 1914 were named ‘Sylvia Francis Lewis’ and ‘Patricia Rosemary Anderton’………………….
The final question was about Elizabeth Anderton’s mother who was a lady born – and here the answer was so obvious when I thought of it that I am astonished that none of us thought of it before.........
Whatever else Elizabeth Anderton’s mother was she was born Elizabeth Ainscough, not Anderton and the grandfather who was perhaps a baron or baronet if he existed at all was Elizabeth Ainscough's father.
Catholic ancestors at that period are harder to sort out but I did in the end identify Hugh Ainscough (in the Croston PR though spelled in a very eccentric manner) and recently got a photocopy of the entry in the papist rolls of 1717 and there he is signing clearly, ‘Hugh Ainscough, Yeoman’.
So where is the baron?!"

On 13 Oct 2007, at 21:19, S wrote:

Hi B
George Johnson d. August 11th 1860, son of John & Jane (Stillborn) died of a broken heart, his grave is at Fridaythorpe. He committed suicide, he fell in love with a woman who did not meet the approval of his parents. I will look out the copy of the suicide note that was published in the newspaper of the day.

By the way, Elizabeth Anderton had a brother Called Henry, born 1740. I found in some records - "A bachelor of dissolute ways and drunken habits. Died in Holme workhouse" He was buried 3rd Jan 1819.

John Johnson
Image of John Johnson

Friday, October 12, 2007

Ainscough Crane Hire - FT news release

The following recent announcement on might be of interest to any Ainscoughs researching their family history. The link can be found at: Ainscough Crane Hire

Family owners exit Ainscough Crane Hire following £255m management buy-out
By James Wilson
Published: October 4 2007 03:00 | Last updated: October 4 2007 03:00

Unfortunately, Im not able to blog the full article because of copyright.
There is also a mention of Bill Ainscough of Harrock Hall, 'The Ainscough brothers are cousins of Bill Ainscough, who made a separate fortune in building after founding Wainhomes and now owns Langtree Group.'

In short, brothers Gerald 1919-1985 (founder of Ainscough Crane Hire) and Joseph Ainscough 1918-1975 (Bill Ainscough's father)are sons of William Ainscough 1880-1946 who founded W.AINSCOUGH & Sons, Wrightington - I'm told the family business is still going strong in Wrightington. They are descendants of John (1838 -1916)m 1862 Ellen Smith (1837-1892)of Rutters Farm, Mawdesley.
Gerald & Joseph are my 3rd cousin 3x removed.

Hugh Ainscough b1741 - North Meols

Susan Hassanyn ( is looking for links with the following North Meols Ainscough family, if you can offer any further information please get in touch.
On 9 Oct 2007, at 11:49, susan hassanyn wrote:

Dear Barbara
I hope you don't mind me e-mailing you after finding your site on the web.
I am researching my family tree of the Ainscough family in Southport (previously North Meols).With the help of the parish records of St Cuthberts church in Churchtown I have traced one side of my mums family back to Hugh Ainscough who died in 1820 aged 79 years. That makes him born around 1741. There is no record of his baptism at St Cuthberts so presumably he moved into this area but I don't know where from. His first wife was called Elizabeth (Betty) and she was buried at St Cuthberts on 2 Jan 1775 he then married Jane Rymer in May 1775. We are descended from this second marriage as, from the records, Hugh and Betty had 3 sons between 1768 and 1776 all called Thomas and sadly all died in childhood.
I hope all this makes sense and perhaps you can shed some light as to the origins of Hugh so I can take the tree further back.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Sue Hassanyn

Hi Susan
I do already have a little information about this Ainscough family, previously researched by Andrew Scarisbrick, and if Im right I think that this is also his Ainscough connection.....however, I also understand that Andrew has been trying for some time to find a link back from Hugh b.1740-d.1820 without any success. There is a tree available for download (file name is Ainscough_Scarisbrick.pdf) in the widget box on the right which shows the information gathered to date.
From the information Andrew Scarisbrick has provided in the tree a brief outline is as follows:

Hugh Ainscough 1740-1820 m (1st wife) Elizabeth c1740-1774
Thomas Ainscough b.1768- died in childhood?
Thomas Ainscough b.1772- - died in childhood?
Hugh Ainscough 1740-1820 m (2nd wife)Jane Rymer 1752-1828

Mary Ainscough m John Rymer
Thomas Ainscough 1776-1785
James Ainscough 1780-? m Jenny wright
Richard Ainscough 1783-1800
Margaret Ainscough 1786-1799
Thomas Ainscough 1790-? m Ann Fairclough
Ellen Ainscough 1793-1795
William Ainscough 1796-1797

Also the following early records from Halsall, St Cuthberts Parish may be of interest to you - which you may or may not have seen....could any of these Ainscoughs be related?
Extracts from St. Cuthbert’s, Halsall Parish Church Records.
2nd June 1695 Maria fa. Hugonis Ascough [Eascow], pauperis
28th August 1698 Emblina fa. Hugonis Ascough, pauperis
18th October 1702 Anna fa. Hugonis Eascough
31st March 1706 Thomas fs. Hugonis Eascough
29th December 1717 Elizabeth d. John Aiscoe
27th March 1720 James s. John Aiscoe
9th September 1722 Ellin d. John Ascough, labourer, & Mary his wife
1st May 1725 Jane fa. John Escough [Eascoe] & Mary ux.
10th July 1737 John s. John Aiscough
20th December 1741 Mary d. John Aiscow [Aiscoe]
29th April 1744 Emblin d. John Aiscough
11th March 1716/7 John Aiscoe [Eascough] & Mary Rotheram, both Halsall
22nd November 1736 John Aiscough [Ainscoe] & Ellin Rymer
20th November 1714 Hugh Aiscoe [Eascough]
4th September 1721 Thomas s. Hugh, deceased, labourer & Mary Aiscoe [Ayscough] his wife
13th July 1726 Anna fa. Mariae Aiscough [Aiscoe] vidua
19th October 1726 Maria Aiscough [Aiscoe], vidua
14th November 1727 Maria ux. Johannis Aiscoe
23rd April 1736 Anne Aiscough [Ainscoe]

Im sorry I cant be of any further help and hope that some of this information is new to you.....I am curious as to where you fit in to this family? Who are you descended from? Should you discover any further information pre Hugh b1741, his origins and extended family please do let me know so that I can update my information.
Best of luck!

On 18 Oct 2007, at 14:31, Andrew Scarisbrick wrote:
Hi Barbara and Susan.
I have researched the North Meols/Scarisbrick branch of the Ainscough family thoroughly, Susan, and would be quite happy to share what I have. Whereabouts do you fit into the tree? We are definitely related.
As for before Hugh (1740), this is still a bit of a mystery. I am fairly convinced he comes from the Ainscough family of Mawdsley somewhere, because of the repetition of particular names in both families. Hugh Ainscough of Mawdsley (~1685) had sons James, Thomas and Richard. Hugh Ainscough of North Meols (1740) had sons Thomas (4 of them), James, Richard and William. However, the link remains elusive.

Hoping to hear from you soon,
Andrew Scarisbrick.