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Sir Thomas Martland Ainscough C.B.E.(1886-1976)

Sir Thomas Martland Ainscough - which Ainscough line is he from?? Read on and all is revealed through Andy Scarisbrick's research.

Hi all
if anybody can shed any light on how Thomas Martland Ainscough C.B.E.(1886-1976) is linked to the Mawdesley family line- if at all - I would love to hear from you. I've found the following information on the internet, which Ive also put onto Wikipedia Ainscough ( under the notable Lancashire Ainscough section, other than this outline I've not been successful in finding out any more......
Looking forward to hearing from somebody soon.
Wikipedia Ainscough - notable Lancashire Ainscough
Sir Thomas Martland Ainscough C.B.E.(1886-1976), Colonial administrator. A native of Wigan, and son of a former Mayor of the Borough. 37 years of public service in the Department of Overseas Trade, the last 26 of them as H.M. Senior Trade Commissioner for India, Burma, and Ceylon. His parents were James and Margaret Ainscough, of Parbold, Mayor and Mayoress of Wigan in 1922-23.

Taken from Wigan World 1945 announcement:
Jan. 20. - Announcement in the "Wigan Observer" of the retirement of Sir Thomas Martland Ainscough, C.B.E., a native of Wigan, and son of a former Mayor of the Borough, after 37 years of public service in the Department of Overseas Trade, the last 26 of them as H.M. Senior Trade Commissioner for India, Burma, and Ceylon.

Dad has found an entry in the British Museum Catalogue: 1915 - Notes from a Frontier (Western China). 90 pages Kelly & walsh Shanghai 1915. Ref: 010056.h.48.

Ive also come across the following about a James Ainscough, Mayor of Wigan 1922 and have assumed that this is the father of Thomas Martland Ainscough, please feel free to put me right if its not accurate......
Standish Conservation Area Appraisal December 2006
Article 5 - The Cross, Stocks and Well.

........The well in latter years had become used for washing fish, a stone slab being provided for this purpose. A canopy was installed over the well in 1930, paid for by James Ainscough a local businessman, benefactor and antiquarian who was mayor of Wigan in 1922.....

and Jo Horridge has found the following on the Standish website -
It turns out to be very relevant, linking nicely to the census material above that Andy has forwarded - 1901 Standish. Here we can see living at Prospect house are James Ainscough 47 - upholsterer, is the head of the house with 2nd wife Jane 39 and 2 sons Thomas 14 and James 5. The article says that Prospect house at the time of the fire (1893) was under the ownership of John Ainscough who could be the grandfather of Thomas (John Ainscough b. 1749)
• 11 - Prospect House
Tradition says that a castle once stood on Prospect Hill, but if so, no trace remains. Pospect House has a relief of the Owl and the Rat emblem and the date 1796 on the wall. Under the ownership of John Ainscough, Mayor of Wigan, it was damaged by fire in 1893 and restored in 1910. It was used to house Belgian refugees in 1915, and is currently a home for the elderly.

On 8 Jan 2008, at 13:52, Andrew Scarisbrick wrote:
Hi Barbara
I have done some research, and I believe I can solve part of the puzzle of who Sir Thomas Martland Ainscough was.
He was the son of James Martland Ainscough (b. 1854, Standish) and Margaret Blaney (married 1881). Margaret sadly died before 1891, and James remarried Jane Lancaster in 1894. See the two attached census files.

James Martland Ainscough (b. 1854) was the son of James Ainscough (b. 1812, Chorley) and Sarah Martland (married 11/5/1853 Eccleston).

James Ainscough (b. 1854) was the son of Robert Ainscough (b. 1783, Westhoughton) and Eleanor Parr (married 12/8/1810 Standish).

Robert Ainscough (b. 1783) was the son of John Ainscough (b. 1749 Westhoughton) and Sarah Smith (married 20/4/1779 Deane).

John Ainscough (b. 1749) was the son of Thomas Ainscough.

By my research, there is no connection, so far, with either the Mawdsley or Southport Ainscoughs.
I hope this is of some help. I have the census files tracing this family back to Robert Ainscough, in 1841, if you are interested.

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David Ainscough - looking for info.

David Ainscough ( has been in touch looking for information about his Ainscough roots.....Ive checked the tree Im working from but so far cannot find his link. If anybody recognises any of the family can you please get in touch. The Croston link makes the connection very possible - Thanks.

On 15 Dec 2007, at 22:02, DAVID AINSCOUGH wrote:
Hello, I came across your details when searching around the Internet and found your Ainscough Family History- Mawdesley page.
I noticed references to Croston, both my grandfather and great grandfather were born in Croston, although exactly where I'm unsure, they were Hugo born about 1894 and his father Robert born 1870. Robert was married to Mary (maiden name not known) Hugo was the eldest of four children Alice, Norah and Thomas. They all lived in Chorley according to the 1901 census which is where my father was born.
Could you shed any light upon Robert's ancestors or point me in the right direction.
Thanks David

On 18 Dec 2007, at 16:06, Andrew Scarisbrick wrote (
To David, Barbara and all.
I have a Robert Ainscough, born 1870, Croston, in my tree. He was the son of Hugh Ainscough, born about 1833, Banks (Southport), who moved to Rufford between 1851 and 1861, and later to Croston between 1861 and 1871. Hugh (b. 1833) was the son of Thomas and Betty Ainscough, Thomas born 1806 North Meols.
I have more information on this family, going back a couple more generations if you are interested.
Andrew Scarisbrick

On 23 Dec 2007, at 13:29, DAVID AINSCOUGH wrote:
Andrew et al,
Thanks for this, I've looked at the 1871 Lancashire Census on the net and I've found two Robert Ainscough's that appear to be born around 1870 both in houses next door to each other in Scarisbrick, 48 and 49 Berry House.
Robert aged 4 months was a son living with a father and mother, Thomas and Mary and a sibling Alice at 48.
Robert aged 8 months was a grandson living with a widow Alice aged 57, a son Henry 29 yrs, George a son & widower aged 25 (?) a Betty Ashworth daughter (?) 19 yrs and Robert a son in law (?) aged 23 yrs at 49 Berry House.
There is also the Robert you have so I need to do a bit more digging, my brother has some paperwork that was my father's so I need to have a look at that and see if it helps. The Croston connection favours your Robert, I will let you know how I get on.

On 3 Jan 2008, at 11:35, Katie ( wrote:
Hi! First of all, I must commend you on your blog! That is amazing! I have a Robert Ainscough born in 1858 married in 1862 Annie Hesketh Callaghan (my Great Great Great Grandmother) in the area of Wigan/Liverpool and later moved to Pennyslvania, parents were Michael and Annie Ainscough. That’s all I know. He ended up in Pennsylvania. Thanks again for your help!
Although the Heskeths were from the area of Wigan, Lancashire, I believe they were already in Pennsylvania by that time. They had five children, 3 of whom survived. There is a city of Hesketh where my relatives were born right near the Ainscough farm near Liverpool, so I think the families knew each other from England. Any help would be appreciated!
If this sounds familiar, please contact me at clevelandmuse at Thanks, Katie

On 4 Jan 2008, at 13:03, Andrew Scarisbrick (
FYI - all 11 Ainscough trees can be downloaded from the black box on the right.
Ainscough Tree Early.PDF
Hugh Ainscough 1803 Tree.PDF
Hugh Ainscough 1820 Tree.PDF
James Ainscough 1820 Tree.pdf
Jane Ainscough 1812 Tree.pdf
John Wareing 1796 Tree.PDF
Richard Ainscough 1814 Tree.PDF
Robert Ainscough 1812 Tree.pdf
Scarisbrick Tree (Small).PDF
Thomas Ainscough 1806 Tree.pdf
Thomas Ainscough 1825 Tree.PDF

To Barbara and David
Here are all the trees I have compiled for my Ainscough family of Southport and Scarisbrick, and my Scarisbrick family from them. I hope you can follow them all. I thought this would be the simplest way to pass on the basic trees.
David, I believe your Robert Ainscough (b. 1870) comes from the Thomas Ainscough 1806 tree. I would welcome your opinion, if you think this is correct or not.
I hope you both find these useful.

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Lancaster House - garden renovation

A request from Paul Cotton (, Head Gardener at Lancaster House - can members of the Parbold Ainscough family (Mary, Tony, Stephen, Sheila) help with any old photographs/ images of Lancaster House showing original detail of the garden?

Hugh & Susan (Fairclough) Ainscough

Parbold 1880- Lancaster House
On Wednesday, December 12, 2007, at 01:31PM, wrote:

Hello Barbara,
My name is Paul Cotton, Head Gardener for Sisters of Notre Dame at Lancaster House.
I've just came across your blog and was excited to see an old painting of LH from around C19. We are undergoing renovation of the gardens and have, unsuccessfully, been trying to locate any info/plans etc of how the garden looked - it has over the last decades suffered quite badly. Where does the picture come from/live? I'd be grateful for any more info/details you may be able to supply...? Thank you.

Hi Paul
Great to hear from you. Permission to use this image was given to me from Anthony and Mary Ainscough (brother and sister)- I dont have the original. They are direct descendants of Hugh (of H&R) and Susan (Fairclough) Ainscough of Lancaster House, their grandfather John was one of the sons of Hugh - John Ainscough (1863-1937) m Martha Whitwell (1869-1958). Anthony still lives in the area as does his brother Stephen. You might be able to contact them and other family members via the RC church in Parbold perhaps through Father Gordon or other members of the parish. I'm sure there are many more similar images out there.

Also Anthony Lawrence Ainscough (1906-1986), Prior of Ampleforth College was the third and youngest son of Thomas (1865-1927)first class cricketer, Lancashire and Jane Ainscough. When Anthony was about 12 they moved to Lancaster House, Parbold, the old family home - perhaps family members here may have more recent photos? Mary Ainscough (1st cousin once removed to Anthony) says that Anthony Lawrence's siblings were Gerald and Joseph, Im sure the Ainscoughs of Parbold will have detail.
Let me know how you get on and good luck! Any chance we could all take a walk around the gardens when you have restored them??

On Thursday, December 13, 2007, at 10:29AM, wrote:
Thanks for your reply Barbara. Please do feel free to give my email out.
As you know the Ainscoughs were a wealthy family so I'm sure there must be images out there. Certainly I feel the garden was 'professionally' laid out/designed - grotto, sunken fountain garden, orchard, woodland walk. As I said previously the garden is in some disrepair and we have had some thefts over the years with a number of original urns stolen. A Mr Ainsough lives local on a farm off Lancaster Lane but he attends St Josephs Church in nearby Wrightington - is he a family member? There are
also two Ainscoughs who appear in The Times Rich List. If you do find yourself in the area please do call in for the grand tour! Thanks again.