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Wigan Cricketers - Info on Thomas Ainscough & Capt. Ainscough (5th Manchester Regiment)

On 24 Nov 2008, at 23:02, peter lomax (peter_lomax@hotmail.co.uk) wrote:

Hi Barbara
I am researching the complete history of the Wigan Cricket Club for a dvd film and have found many links with the Ainscough family of (or nearby) Wigan. As many of the family have played for the Club over the 160 years I was hoping you could shed more light upon two people in particular. Thomas Ainscough, who played for Wigan and Lancashire in 1891-1906 (http://content-www.cricinfo.com/engvpak/content/player/8688.html) and a Capt. Ainscough who served in the 1/5th Manchester Regiment, 42nd East Lancashire Division in Egypt and France in 1914-15.
I have also spoken to a cricket historian, Don Ambrose, who has previously helped a Doreen Ainscough in finding information about Thomas and his times playing for Lancashire. Also, I am currently in pocession of newspaper reports of Thomas Ainscough's performances in certain games from 1909 and obituaries from the Wigan Observer and The Cricketer. This gives a detailed account of his life, however anything more personal to the man that you may offer would be of great help.
If you are unable to help in this matter, please feel free to hand my email to anyone you feel can, as every bit of information always helps. Thank you for your time.
Peter Lomax

On 25 Nov 2008, at 10:16, barbara ainscough wrote:
Hi Peter
Good to hear from you. Your work sounds very interesting and I would love to see what you find out and would welcome any further information, images and records to add to the blog.
The information I have about these 2 cricketers is all on my blog. This has been given to me from various sources including ancestors of the 2 gentlemen, namely Mary Ainscough and Anthony Ainscough of the Parbold Ainscough branch(brother and sister). They have also passed on a few old family photographs and I guess they would be the people to contact regarding additional information and permission to use photographs.
Cricketer John Ainscough (1863-1937) - Liverpool and District was the Grandfather of Mary & Anthony Ainscough, Parbold, (John was brother to Hugh & Thomas). It is this Thomas Ainscough (1865-1927)- Lancashire (Main FC: 1894-1906)(brother of John & Hugh) you seek further information about. Captain Cyril Ainscough is the other cricketer you are interested in. Both Thomas and Cyril are from this line of Ainscoughs.

GGG GrandfatherThomas AISCOUGH(1715-?)
G G Grandfather Hugh AISCOUGH (1745-?)
G Grandfather Richard AINSCOUGH (1770-1849)
grandfather Hugh AINSCOUGH (1816-1894) - Thomas is one of 13 children
father James AINSCOUGH (1858-1933)
Cyril AINSCOUGH (1893-1915) - is also nephew to Thomas - cricketer above

I have cc'd this email to them so you should be able to contact them by email. Should you have any difficulties please let me know and I will see if I can contact them.
The following blog entries might be of interest to you:

Hugh and Susan (Fairclough) Ainscough (parents of Cricketer Thomas)
Cricketers - Ainscough photos

(more family information)
Lancaster House

H&R Ainscough

Captain Cyril Ainscough
Captain Cyril Ainscough

Lancaster House today and contacts
Lancaster House

I hope this helps.

On 1 Dec 2008, at 15:47, peter lomax wrote:

Hi Barbara
Thank you ever so much for helping me with the information. I have emailed Tony and Mary for any further help they may be able to offer. Obliviously, covering 160 years of the Club, I have found many wonderful characters and important persons who have aided the club in so many ways. That is why writing a feature on the Ainscough family of Parbold who have for many years been involved with the Club would be best for the dvd project.
I will be writing up all the information on Thomas Ainscough and Capt. Cyril Ainscough that I have, and as soon as that is done I will email you a copy for your blog.
Thank you again, Peter.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Stopforth - Speakman - Fairclough - Ainscough links 1700s

Anne Ainscough b.1783
Anne Ainscough b1783

William Stopforth 1742 - tree
Fairclough (Wrightington) - tree
Joseph Speakman 1765 - tree

Thanks to Andy Scarisbrick the following (see snapshots above) trees are available for download (pdf) from the black box on the right:
Fairclough (Wrightington) Tree
Speakman James 1755 Tree
Speakman Joseph 1765 Tree
Speakman Tree
Stopforth William 1742 Tree

On 16 Nov 2008, at 15:21, Andrew Scarisbrick (andy_scarisbrick@hotmail.com) wrote:
Hi Barbara.
Do you ever get the feeling, when doing family research, that you end up going round in circles? I seem to be finding that at the moment.

First: I have been doing some work for someone on the Speakman family, and have found a Joseph Speakman, b. c.1765, who married a Susannah Ainscough b. c.1770, at Ormskirk, in 1795. The second son of this family was a Hugh Speakman, which is definitely an Ainscough name, who married a Mary Ditchfield.
I was wondering if you had ever come across a Susannah Ainscough born around 1770?

Second: I have also been doing some work on my mother's ancestry, and have traced back to a Margaret Ditchfield, nee Stopforth, daughter of James Stopforth, b. 1779, Lathom. I have found James' baptism at the Douglas chapel, Lancashire, and he was the son of William and Ann Stopforth. I have also found the marriage of a William Stopforth to an Ann Ainscough at Ormskirk in 1775.

Do you remember the wills of Hugh Ainscough of Ormskirk, liquor merchant, and Margaret Ainscough of Ormskirk, spinster, both died around 1812/3? They were brother and sister of your ancestor John, who married Margaret Worthington; so children of James Ainscough b. c. 1711. They both mentioned their sister Ann Stopforth (Stopford), wife of William. Hugh names two of her sons as John and Henry; Margaret says she has five sons.

Well, I can find the baptism of sons Edward, 1776; James, 1779 (see above); and John, 1781; with links to a possible William. Not sure about Henry yet.
Does this make sense to you? If so, it would definitely appear that I am descended from this Ann Stopforth nee Ainscough, b. ~1842. So I have another line of Ainscough ancestry.
All my research comes round again.
Please tell me what you think.

On 17 Nov 2008, at 20:43, barbara ainscough wrote:
Hi Andy - well done for the detective work and joining up of families!
thanks for this information...yes the names are very familiar and Im sure I have links to the Stopforth and Speakman families in the blog. I definitely recall the Wills of Hugh Ainscough liqour mercahnt and spinster sister Margaret Ainscough and the mention of their sister Ann Stopforth. Fascinating that you are linked to more than 1 line of Ainscoughs....have you access to any new Will information?? The Hugh and Margaret Wills are available on the blog and also in my Flickr area, infact im sure it was you who sent them to me previously. I shall look into Susannah Ainscough born around 1770 - the Parbold Ainscough branch spring to mind here.....sure Ive seen the Speakman/ Ainscough link here....leave it with me, perhaps Mary and Anthony Ainscough (Parbold) can help out.

Useful links are:



Also John Stopforth, Canada, (stopforj@shaw.ca) has provided information in the past about the Stopforth links....maybe try him??

On 19 Nov 2008, at 08:38, Paul Cobham (paul.cobham@hotmail.co.uk) wrote:
Jenny Trafford from Parbold ring any bells?
Paul Cobham

On 20 Nov 2008, at 12:56, Andrew Scarisbrick wrote:
Hi Barbara.
Thanks for your help. I am sure someone will know this mystery Susannah.
I was rather surprised (and worried) when I turned up the Stopforth/Ainscough marriage, and realised I had another Ainscough link in my family. I have no further wills at present, but intend to look for some Stopforth wills as soon as I get the chance.
It is also rather amazing how all these families interlink with one another. I have a younger son of Joseph Speakman and Susannah Ainscough, Richard, b. ~1814, Dalton, as marrying Mary Ainscough, youngest sister of Hugh (1816) of the Parbold branch.
I also have the Speakmans as connected to Faircloughs - I am not sure if there is a connection to the Susan/Susannah Fairclough who married Hugh Ainscough (1816) - I am looking at it.
But you can definitely see a complicated 'web' emerging amongst these families. If you are interested, I can pass on what I have on the Speakmans - although it is not yet complete.

p.s. I have connected that John Stopforth, and we are exchanging Stopforth info.

On 20 Nov 2008, at 13:31, barbara ainscough wrote:
anything and everything please ...especially those fab. family trees you draw - even if they are small. As long as there is some ref. to an Ainscough in there I can find an excuse to blog it...it definitely rings bells in the Parbold line to me too. I bet there is a link to Susannah Fairclough who was Mary Ainscoughs (parbold) GG grandad.
Glad you have mailed John Stopforth in Canada, I hope this turns something new up, he will be a good contact and from what I recall he has done quite a bit of work on the family. I really wouldnt worry about 2 Ainscough families turning up in your family. It semed to be qite a common thing, you will probably find they are very distantly related. Our tree also shows Ainscoughs marrying Ainscoughs. I must find out where and when, thinking about it, this could also be the same instance you mention.

On 22 Nov 2008, at 14:21, Andrew Scarisbrick wrote:

Hi Barbara.
Here are a few trees for you, showing some Speakmans, Stopforths and Faircloughs - with their Ainscough connections. They are still works in progress, so are not fully finished, and they may yet grow.
Also be aware that there are brackets around the 'descendant' lines for some children. These means that I have not found 100% proof that they are with the correct parents, but there is usually some logical deduction for them being there, so it would seem highly probable. Last time I spoke to you, there were about three times as many brackets - which I have since proven (my theories were correct) using the registers of Burscough RC chapel, now St. John the Evangelist.

First is the Joseph Speakman tree, who married the Susannah Ainscough xxx/1793. Note that two of their children married Faircloughs, and (I think) one son married an Ainscough.
Second is a James Speakman tree, who I believe could be a brother of the Joseph above. It was this branch I started researching for someone else (descendant through the Atherton Halsall line). This branch has no connection with Ainscoughs, but I have included it because there is a Speakman/Speakman marriage between the two branches(just to make it more confusing!).
Third is a large Speakman tree connecting what I think are the two brothers, above.
Fourth is the Fairclough (Of Wrightington) tree. I have now proven that the Susannah Fairclough who married Hugh Ainscough (1816) was the daughter of Hugh Fairclough and Catherine Speakman (Catherine daughter of Joseph Speakman and Susannah Ainscough). I hope you can understand these trees because there is a lot of intermarrying going on between these families. The only 'missing link' is where the Susannah Ainscough, b. c.1770 fits in.
Lastly is the Stopforth tree, showing the descendants of William Stopforth and Ann Ainscough.
marriage date of Joseph Speakman to Susannah Ainscough - 11th April 1793, at Ormskirk
When looking at the records of Burscough RC Chapel, as above, I found the following Ainscough related baptisms;
b. 13/8/1794 - chr. 15/8/1794 - Matthias s. Joseph & Susannah Speakman (nee Ainscough)
b. 6/1/1796 - chr. 7/1/1796 - Hugh s. Joseph & Susannah Speakman (nee Ainscough)
chr. 23/7/1809 - Edward s. Henry & Margaret Ainscough
b. 15/3/1834 - chr. 16/3/1834 - Margaret d. James & Elizabeth Cave (nee Ainscough)

The Speakmans are obvious, but I thought you may be interested in the others. I will try to see where they fit in.
Best Regards,

On 18 Dec 2008, at 12:53, Andrew Scarisbrick wrote:

Hi Barbara.
Thank you, that is really interesting. The Anne Ainscough b. 1783, when you say she is the sister of Richard A the elder, I am presuming you mean Richard Ainscough b. 1770 who married Elizabeth Livesey, father of H&R.

If so, I am sadly lacking in details of this family (i.e. Richard's brothers and sisters - I only know of one, James, who died 1818 Ulnes Walton) so that is useful info; and she will be distantly related to me through the Ainscoughs. I will see if I can find who she married, and if it is one of my Stopforths.

I have found the following burials at Croston church, from the online parish clerk, and I wondered if you had seen them? Do you think (as I do) that they belong to Thomas (b. 1715) and Richard (b. 1719), sons of Hugh Ainscough (very senior, b. ~1685)? If so, they could help to build up knowledge of this generation of the family.

Burial: 5 Jun 1746 St Michael and All Angels, Croston, Lancashire, England
Richard Ascough - Son of Thomas Ascough & Mary
Abode: Mawdesley
Occupation: Yeoman
Register: Burials 1728 - 1782, Page 36, Entry 23
Source: LDS Film 93712

Burial: 4 Jun 1745 St Michael and All Angels, Croston, Lancashire, England
Hugh Ascough - Son of Richard Ascough & Margaret
Abode: Mawdesley
Occupation: Husbandman
Register: Burials 1728 - 1782, Page 35, Entry 1
Source: LDS Film 93712

On 27 Nov 2010, at 00:58, Murray Leonard wrote:
Murray Leonard

Hi Barbara,
I've been looking at your site these last few days.
Thomas Holding married Jennet Stopforth 1766 in Wigan. Trying to find Jennet's baptism/family etc. IGI has a Jennet Stopforth baptised 1723 in Denton, Lancs, father William.
Maybe you know someone who may know something on this branch of Stopforths.
Also 1824 Wigan marriage between John Howard and Jane Holding witness John Speakman. John Speakman marries Martha Ward 1825 in Wigan. I wonder if John Speakman was related
to John Howard or Jane Holding.
Thanks Murray Leonard