Friday, May 04, 2012

Nation of Storytellers Project

Hi all
Laura Bevan has been in touch about this exciting project.  Do you have a short story to tell about your ancestors? Over the last few years lots of people have been in touch with me with snippets, tales and gossip - its all very colourful and wonderful to read. Why not take it to the next stage and enter a short (300 words) synopsis of your story on their website.

Hi Barbara,

Hope that you're well. I'm contacting on behalf of a company called Blurb who are running a family history-based campaign which I think may be of interest to you.

The Nation of Storytellers is a campaign which has been driven by the fact that so few of us record our family history – or indeed our own lives – and that if we don’t the memories, experiences and stories could be lost forever. It was spurred by some research which Blurb conducted which found that a third of children find their grandparents’ stories ‘boring’ and would rather play on the computer or talk to their friends than listen to their history – and as a result family stories and skills (what your grandparents, relatives and parents have done or witnessed in the past) are under threat of being lost forever.)

To get people talking, and to try and capture and celebrate the rich and fantastic stories that exist in households throughout Britain, Blurb are encouraging people to enter a short (300 words) synopsis of their story – or that of someone close to them – at the website
I appreciate that you and the people that read your blog already know the importance of passing on knowledge and memories, but I thought you might perhaps be interested in writing a blog post about the campaign - or, of course, we'd love to hear one of the Ainscough family stories on the site!

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