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Tennessee Ainscough

Hi all
At one time or another you have all mailed me via my Ainscough History blog with information or requests regarding a Peter or Thomas Ainscough, Lostock, Lancashire emigrating to Tennessee. Ive had a little time to trawl through the information you have sent me and it seems you all share a common ancestry - I wondered if you had managed to contact each other to discuss this further???
To make things simpler Ive included the texts from the blog below, making bold and larger the common information and also included email addresses. I'm blogging this so that others can see the common link more easily should they come looking for information. Please let me know how you get on - you may know each other already.....if anybody has any additional information on any of this Lostock Ainscough connection then please get in touch.

On 2 Sep 2008, at 20:56, Ray & Catherine Beeker (
Greatgrandfather, Peter Ainscough was from Bolton, Lancashire. Born 21 May1856? Married Hannah Partington (16 Nov 1856-April 1926)
They came to states in 1881 with 3 children. The oldest Thomas was my grandfather. Came over on the ship City of Rome. Family settled in Tennessee. Peter died 9 JUN 1954 at 98 yrs old. not bad for a coal miner. Thomas m. Lillie Grace Ritter in 1900, came to Indiana thereafter. They had 11 children. 7 girls and 4 boys. My mother Rita was one of the daughters. Am interested in finding Peter's and Hannah's parents and anything else to help.
Ray Beeker--Bloomington Indiana USA.
PS the last remaining child of Thomas and Lillie will be 90 in Oct. and all nieces and nephews will be helping Uncle Porter Ainscough celebrate.

Nancy ( December 2006
Peter Ainscough 1856 & Hannah Partington 1856
I have had such a tough time with my husbands ainscough family living here in the US. I had gotten back as far as a Thomas Ainscough born in Lostock, Lancashire, England between 1821-1825, we believe he was married to a Hannah Dickenson b. Great Bolch or Bolton, England
His children were John, Rosette, Mary, Helen "Ellen", Peter, Thomas, William, James Huey and Hannah. Nothing much yet on their spouses except for Peter who married Hannah "Anna" Partington. They are buried in Coalfield, Tennesee; John who married Elizabeth Bramley; Mary who married a John Roscow or Samuel Darbyshire.
Peter Ainscough b. 21 may 1856 Lostock, Lanchashire, England and Hannah Partington b. bet 1856-1858 Possibly in Westhoughton, Lancashire, England were married 10 Jun 1876 iBolton, Le Moors, Lancashire, England, they had a Thomas, John, Ellen, Margaret, Hannah "Anna", Sarah Alice, Peter, Henry, all were born in the States except for Thomas, John and Ellen.
I am hoping more Ainscough decendants start adding to more genealogy sites on the net.

On 27 Mar 2009, at 02:04, Jeff Ainscough (
Frances Pauline Ainscough b.1923 - d. March 26th 2009
Hi Barbara,
Wasn’t sure if this info would help anyone but figured I’d pass it on. My Grandmother passed away yesterday and the obituary contains some genealogy info. Frances Pauline Ainscough was married to Ermal Elmore Ainscough born 27th September, 1920, died 3rd October 1969. His father was Thomas Ainscough who married Lillie Grace Ritter born 23rd October, 1878 in Coalfield Tennessee.

On 9 Jul 2009, at 03:45, Brenda Ainscough ( wrote:
Barbara, l am sending you a letter that was my husbands late aunt. l have not found a connection as of yet that shows a relation to our Ainscoughs. l was hoping that you might have a clue as to who this is. Our Ainscoughs,
Thomas Ainscough 1791
Thomas Ainscough1825-1904 Lostock Lancashire
Peter Ainscough1857 Chew Moor Lostock Lancashire died 1954 Harriman Roane Tennessee.
This letter came from Donato Alvarez 884, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
You are welcome to look at my tree at Let me know if you may know who Thomas A Ainscough is.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Rosemund (Rosa to all) Cuddy (1912-1991) married Gerald Ainscough (1902-1975)

Gerry Ainscough 1902-1975 & Rosa Cuddy 1912-1991
The following photos with additional information can also be found on Flickr - Ainscough History

On 14 Aug 2009, at 18:31, Bridget Hooton wrote:
Hello Barbara
My Aunt Rosemund (Rosa to all) Cuddy (1912-1991) married Gerald Ainscough (1902-1975) in 1946 (photo attached).
Gerry's father Thomas (1865-1927 and 1st Class cricketer) was the third son of Hugh AINSCOUGH (1816-1894) and Susan FAIRCLOUGH (1830-1923) Gerry & Rosa did not have any children & I have an album of 22 photographs without any identification but which I think are of Ainscoughs. I have enclosed a sample & wondered if you could pass them around the family or put them on the website/blog to see if there is any recognition. I feel the photos should stay in the Ainscough family & would be willing to pass them on.
Please pass on my details to anyone wishing to get in touch.
Bridget Hooton

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Longridge Ainscoughs

Great to hear from Anne Russell today - another long lost cousin from the Hugh & Ellen (Cowley) Ainscough link. Anne is my 3rd cousin 1x removed.
On 5 Aug 2009, at 21:26, russellanne ( wrote:

I came across your website whilst researching the Ainscough family tree and was suprised to find so much information. Private Richard Ainscough (1897-19 MAY 1918) SON (WAR VETERAN) was my great uncle, my maternal grandmothers brother. I have the letter from Richards CO which was sent to his mother on his death along with his 'Accrington Penny and his WW1 medal. Although you say that he had 4 brothers and 4 sisters he did in fact have 6 sisters the others being Jane (my grandmother) born on 7th April 1903, died 5th April 1993 and Margaret (who was known as Peg).Not sure when Aunty Peg was born but she was 64 when she died in 1969 so probably 1905 or 06. Alice died in 1991 at the age of 92. Mary - who we always knew as Moll died in 1966 aged 77 so presume she was born in 1888. I have lots of photos which I will post on here along with death cards and some press cuttings.

Below is what I know from photos, press cuttings and memory about William James Ainscough and Alice Watson (my great grandparents) line of the Ainscough family
Although I said in my comment that my gran Jane (who we always knew as Jinnie) was one of 11 but re-reading a press clipping it says she was one of 12 although all records only seem to show 11.
George Ainscough and family
George was married to Agnes and had 3 children, William, Kathleen and Richard ( Picture above). Don't know the whereabouts of any of these.
Hugh was married to Ellen who died in 1978, they had 2 children called Raymon and Edmond.
Tom and Jane Ainscough
was married to Helen (Nellie) nee Eckton who died in 1994 aged 100. They had four children, twins Catherine and Raymond who died aged 1 day old, and Hubert and Harry. Tom served in WW1 and was awarded the Military Medal. He died in 1936 aged 43 from lung problems probably picked up during the war.
Picture shows Tom with his sister Jane and one of his sons.

died on the 5th October 1914 aged 19 years old.

Richard (1897-19 MAY 1918) SON (WAR VETERAN) was killed in the 1st World War and there are already details on the blog of his grave etc. but as I said I have the letter and other personal effects.
Ellen - I have no recollection of Ellen but I will go and have a look in the graveyard at St Wilfrids church where most of the others are buried.
Mary - we always knew Mary as Aunty Moll. She married George Petty (who died in 1962 aged 73) and they one daughter Winnie (married Jack Robinson) who in turn had a daughter called Jean (married Frannie Hall). They have 3 children Anne, Catherine and David.

- again no recollection of Helen.
Jane, Alice and Margaret Ainscough
Alice was a real character. Probably the black sheep of the family. Well known in Longridge for her outrageous hats and bright red lipstick. Money came and went in Alice's life (usually a gentleman involved). At some time owned shops in Longridge. Was left the house I currently live in by a gentleman she was a 'housekeeper' for which she remortgaged several times finally selling it to her sister Jane (my grandmother) for £500. I can remember smuggling bottles of Brandy and fags into the care home for her. She died in 1991 aged 92. Married once to Fredrick Chownes but had no children. I have attached a photo of her with my grandma and Margaret.
Jane (known as Jinne) was my maternal grandmother. Married Robert Rossall and had two children Beatrice, my mother, and Jean. Died in 1993 aged 89. Beatrice had 2 children, myself Anne and Janet. Jean also had two children Keith and Denise.
Margaret also known as Peg was born 1905 and died in 1969 aged 64. She married William Dimmock and had no children.
I shall send more photos when I have scanned them.
Anne Russell

On 6 Aug 2009, at 20:07, russellanne wrote:
No problem at all posting this on the blog. If it helps anyone thats good. Will send more photos to you later. Also got a lot of photos found in Aunty Alices house but don't know who they are. Could be relatives from a generation ago so will email some of these as well.
St Wilfrids church is an RC church in Longridge - it is were many of my family are buried and where they married as well. I shall go and do some research there for you.
I was also interested to see on your photos the details of the Ainscoughs farming in Kestor (Castor) Lane in Longridge as grans family actually lived in a house in Kestor Lane and I think thats were the photo was taken of George & Jane.
Speak again soon.

On 24 Aug 2009, Barbara AINSCOUGH wrote:
Hugh & Ellen (Cowley)were my GGG grandparents - moved from Mawdesley to Kestor Lane and then took on the Old Oak Pub (2 yrs) and then back to farming just before he died - the story goes he drank all the profits and had to leave the pub business behind!

On 7 Aug 2009, at 07:27, russellanne wrote:
Your Hugh and Ellen above appear to be my GG grandparents - their son William James was my grandmother Janes father.

On 7 Aug 2009, at 10:19, barbara ainscough wrote:
Yes! thats our connection (your GG grandparents are also my GGG grandparents) line is Thomas Ainscough 1846 – 18 Sept 1929, Hugh & Ellens 2nd born- see the link - they are all buried at Alston RC like I mentioned.
That means Ive now got info. on all of Hugh & Ellens children - thank you for your update. H&E are my fathers GG grandparents too which makes you and dad 3rd cousins and Im your 3rd cousin 1x removed.
Henry was also one of their sons- buried at Mawdesley.
See all burials here..

On 24 Aug 2009, at 21:15, DAVID AINSCOUGH ( wrote:
I have just read Anne Russell's entry above, it's perhaps coincidence as Hugh seems a common forename for Ainscough's but it struck me a coincidence that her Hugh was married to an Ellen who died in 1978, my grandfather was Hugo Ainscough and his wife Ellen I thought from memory died early in 1979 when I was 16 but I could be mistaken I will have to check, but it does seem a coincidence. Any thoughts or more details on Anne's realtives whilst I try and dig out my details.
David Ainscough

On Sunday, 06 September, 2009, at 05:23AM, "russellanne"  wrote:
Barbara - Re Longridge Ainscoughs
I have been talking to one of my relatives in Longridge and she says that the Hugh and Ellen that I mentioned in my previous correspondance did in fact have 2 children called Raymon and Edmond. This may help someone make a link.