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Vincent Ainscough - Wrightington

Vincent John Ainscough (1901-1963) & Elizabeth Ann Ainscough (1901-1977)

Adrian Rigby writes the following:

Vincent John Ainscough (1901-1963) & Elizabeth Ann Ainscough (1901-1977)

Hi ,
I'm contacting you after finding your blog on Ainscough family history. My Grandad was Vincent Ainscough who is buried with my Grandma Elizabeth Ainscough in the Catholic church at Wrightington, the grave you could not identify. Very briefly it was Vincent who's brother Billy founded Ainscoughs' business empire from his scrap yard at Mosseylea. My granddad worked down the pit during the day and drove Billy's lorry (Billy could not drive) back from where ever he had been buying bomb damaged goods from.
Liverpool dock was a favourite from what I have been told.
I will be seeing my mum over Christmas and will tell her about this contact. Her name is Pauline Ainscough who was married to a Derek Rigby (my father).

Best Regards
Adrian Rigby: A B cartridges ltd

More information can be found here:

Alice Ainscough b.1833

On 3 Jun 2010, at 14:49, Valda Morgan ( wrote:

Hi Barbara,

Just to let you know, Alice Ainscough born 1833 was my GGGGrandmother, She Married Swithin Greenough, who accidently died by falling of a Scaffold (he was a Stonemason) Alice Later came out to Australia about 1882/3, her two brothers Thomas and Richard came out to Australia around 1870 on the SS GREAT BRITAIN. Thomas was with Alice when she passed away in 1890 at Port Melbourne , Victoria, Australia. I have Alice's Death Certificate.

Also images show detail for Jane Ainscough nee Harrison and her husband John Ainscough (Wheelwright). Jane Ainscough nee Harrison and John Ainscough are Alice Greenough nee Ainscough's parents

Cheers Val Morgan. (Australia).