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Sir Thomas Martland Ainscough C.B.E.(1886-1976)

Sir Thomas Martland Ainscough - which Ainscough line is he from?? Read on and all is revealed through Andy Scarisbrick's research.

Hi all
if anybody can shed any light on how Thomas Martland Ainscough C.B.E.(1886-1976) is linked to the Mawdesley family line- if at all - I would love to hear from you. I've found the following information on the internet, which Ive also put onto Wikipedia Ainscough ( under the notable Lancashire Ainscough section, other than this outline I've not been successful in finding out any more......
Looking forward to hearing from somebody soon.
Wikipedia Ainscough - notable Lancashire Ainscough
Sir Thomas Martland Ainscough C.B.E.(1886-1976), Colonial administrator. A native of Wigan, and son of a former Mayor of the Borough. 37 years of public service in the Department of Overseas Trade, the last 26 of them as H.M. Senior Trade Commissioner for India, Burma, and Ceylon. His parents were James and Margaret Ainscough, of Parbold, Mayor and Mayoress of Wigan in 1922-23.

Taken from Wigan World 1945 announcement:
Jan. 20. - Announcement in the "Wigan Observer" of the retirement of Sir Thomas Martland Ainscough, C.B.E., a native of Wigan, and son of a former Mayor of the Borough, after 37 years of public service in the Department of Overseas Trade, the last 26 of them as H.M. Senior Trade Commissioner for India, Burma, and Ceylon.

Dad has found an entry in the British Museum Catalogue: 1915 - Notes from a Frontier (Western China). 90 pages Kelly & walsh Shanghai 1915. Ref: 010056.h.48.

Ive also come across the following about a James Ainscough, Mayor of Wigan 1922 and have assumed that this is the father of Thomas Martland Ainscough, please feel free to put me right if its not accurate......
Standish Conservation Area Appraisal December 2006
Article 5 - The Cross, Stocks and Well.

........The well in latter years had become used for washing fish, a stone slab being provided for this purpose. A canopy was installed over the well in 1930, paid for by James Ainscough a local businessman, benefactor and antiquarian who was mayor of Wigan in 1922.....

and Jo Horridge has found the following on the Standish website -
It turns out to be very relevant, linking nicely to the census material above that Andy has forwarded - 1901 Standish. Here we can see living at Prospect house are James Ainscough 47 - upholsterer, is the head of the house with 2nd wife Jane 39 and 2 sons Thomas 14 and James 5. The article says that Prospect house at the time of the fire (1893) was under the ownership of John Ainscough who could be the grandfather of Thomas (John Ainscough b. 1749)
• 11 - Prospect House
Tradition says that a castle once stood on Prospect Hill, but if so, no trace remains. Pospect House has a relief of the Owl and the Rat emblem and the date 1796 on the wall. Under the ownership of John Ainscough, Mayor of Wigan, it was damaged by fire in 1893 and restored in 1910. It was used to house Belgian refugees in 1915, and is currently a home for the elderly.

On 8 Jan 2008, at 13:52, Andrew Scarisbrick wrote:
Hi Barbara
I have done some research, and I believe I can solve part of the puzzle of who Sir Thomas Martland Ainscough was.
He was the son of James Martland Ainscough (b. 1854, Standish) and Margaret Blaney (married 1881). Margaret sadly died before 1891, and James remarried Jane Lancaster in 1894. See the two attached census files.

James Martland Ainscough (b. 1854) was the son of James Ainscough (b. 1812, Chorley) and Sarah Martland (married 11/5/1853 Eccleston).

James Ainscough (b. 1854) was the son of Robert Ainscough (b. 1783, Westhoughton) and Eleanor Parr (married 12/8/1810 Standish).

Robert Ainscough (b. 1783) was the son of John Ainscough (b. 1749 Westhoughton) and Sarah Smith (married 20/4/1779 Deane).

John Ainscough (b. 1749) was the son of Thomas Ainscough.

By my research, there is no connection, so far, with either the Mawdsley or Southport Ainscoughs.
I hope this is of some help. I have the census files tracing this family back to Robert Ainscough, in 1841, if you are interested.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

David Ainscough - looking for info.

David Ainscough ( has been in touch looking for information about his Ainscough roots.....Ive checked the tree Im working from but so far cannot find his link. If anybody recognises any of the family can you please get in touch. The Croston link makes the connection very possible - Thanks.

On 15 Dec 2007, at 22:02, DAVID AINSCOUGH wrote:
Hello, I came across your details when searching around the Internet and found your Ainscough Family History- Mawdesley page.
I noticed references to Croston, both my grandfather and great grandfather were born in Croston, although exactly where I'm unsure, they were Hugo born about 1894 and his father Robert born 1870. Robert was married to Mary (maiden name not known) Hugo was the eldest of four children Alice, Norah and Thomas. They all lived in Chorley according to the 1901 census which is where my father was born.
Could you shed any light upon Robert's ancestors or point me in the right direction.
Thanks David

On 18 Dec 2007, at 16:06, Andrew Scarisbrick wrote (
To David, Barbara and all.
I have a Robert Ainscough, born 1870, Croston, in my tree. He was the son of Hugh Ainscough, born about 1833, Banks (Southport), who moved to Rufford between 1851 and 1861, and later to Croston between 1861 and 1871. Hugh (b. 1833) was the son of Thomas and Betty Ainscough, Thomas born 1806 North Meols.
I have more information on this family, going back a couple more generations if you are interested.
Andrew Scarisbrick

On 23 Dec 2007, at 13:29, DAVID AINSCOUGH wrote:
Andrew et al,
Thanks for this, I've looked at the 1871 Lancashire Census on the net and I've found two Robert Ainscough's that appear to be born around 1870 both in houses next door to each other in Scarisbrick, 48 and 49 Berry House.
Robert aged 4 months was a son living with a father and mother, Thomas and Mary and a sibling Alice at 48.
Robert aged 8 months was a grandson living with a widow Alice aged 57, a son Henry 29 yrs, George a son & widower aged 25 (?) a Betty Ashworth daughter (?) 19 yrs and Robert a son in law (?) aged 23 yrs at 49 Berry House.
There is also the Robert you have so I need to do a bit more digging, my brother has some paperwork that was my father's so I need to have a look at that and see if it helps. The Croston connection favours your Robert, I will let you know how I get on.

On 3 Jan 2008, at 11:35, Katie ( wrote:
Hi! First of all, I must commend you on your blog! That is amazing! I have a Robert Ainscough born in 1858 married in 1862 Annie Hesketh Callaghan (my Great Great Great Grandmother) in the area of Wigan/Liverpool and later moved to Pennyslvania, parents were Michael and Annie Ainscough. That’s all I know. He ended up in Pennsylvania. Thanks again for your help!
Although the Heskeths were from the area of Wigan, Lancashire, I believe they were already in Pennsylvania by that time. They had five children, 3 of whom survived. There is a city of Hesketh where my relatives were born right near the Ainscough farm near Liverpool, so I think the families knew each other from England. Any help would be appreciated!
If this sounds familiar, please contact me at clevelandmuse at Thanks, Katie

On 4 Jan 2008, at 13:03, Andrew Scarisbrick (
FYI - all 11 Ainscough trees can be downloaded from the black box on the right.
Ainscough Tree Early.PDF
Hugh Ainscough 1803 Tree.PDF
Hugh Ainscough 1820 Tree.PDF
James Ainscough 1820 Tree.pdf
Jane Ainscough 1812 Tree.pdf
John Wareing 1796 Tree.PDF
Richard Ainscough 1814 Tree.PDF
Robert Ainscough 1812 Tree.pdf
Scarisbrick Tree (Small).PDF
Thomas Ainscough 1806 Tree.pdf
Thomas Ainscough 1825 Tree.PDF

To Barbara and David
Here are all the trees I have compiled for my Ainscough family of Southport and Scarisbrick, and my Scarisbrick family from them. I hope you can follow them all. I thought this would be the simplest way to pass on the basic trees.
David, I believe your Robert Ainscough (b. 1870) comes from the Thomas Ainscough 1806 tree. I would welcome your opinion, if you think this is correct or not.
I hope you both find these useful.

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Lancaster House - garden renovation

A request from Paul Cotton (, Head Gardener at Lancaster House - can members of the Parbold Ainscough family (Mary, Tony, Stephen, Sheila) help with any old photographs/ images of Lancaster House showing original detail of the garden?

Hugh & Susan (Fairclough) Ainscough

Parbold 1880- Lancaster House
On Wednesday, December 12, 2007, at 01:31PM, wrote:

Hello Barbara,
My name is Paul Cotton, Head Gardener for Sisters of Notre Dame at Lancaster House.
I've just came across your blog and was excited to see an old painting of LH from around C19. We are undergoing renovation of the gardens and have, unsuccessfully, been trying to locate any info/plans etc of how the garden looked - it has over the last decades suffered quite badly. Where does the picture come from/live? I'd be grateful for any more info/details you may be able to supply...? Thank you.

Hi Paul
Great to hear from you. Permission to use this image was given to me from Anthony and Mary Ainscough (brother and sister)- I dont have the original. They are direct descendants of Hugh (of H&R) and Susan (Fairclough) Ainscough of Lancaster House, their grandfather John was one of the sons of Hugh - John Ainscough (1863-1937) m Martha Whitwell (1869-1958). Anthony still lives in the area as does his brother Stephen. You might be able to contact them and other family members via the RC church in Parbold perhaps through Father Gordon or other members of the parish. I'm sure there are many more similar images out there.

Also Anthony Lawrence Ainscough (1906-1986), Prior of Ampleforth College was the third and youngest son of Thomas (1865-1927)first class cricketer, Lancashire and Jane Ainscough. When Anthony was about 12 they moved to Lancaster House, Parbold, the old family home - perhaps family members here may have more recent photos? Mary Ainscough (1st cousin once removed to Anthony) says that Anthony Lawrence's siblings were Gerald and Joseph, Im sure the Ainscoughs of Parbold will have detail.
Let me know how you get on and good luck! Any chance we could all take a walk around the gardens when you have restored them??

On Thursday, December 13, 2007, at 10:29AM, wrote:
Thanks for your reply Barbara. Please do feel free to give my email out.
As you know the Ainscoughs were a wealthy family so I'm sure there must be images out there. Certainly I feel the garden was 'professionally' laid out/designed - grotto, sunken fountain garden, orchard, woodland walk. As I said previously the garden is in some disrepair and we have had some thefts over the years with a number of original urns stolen. A Mr Ainsough lives local on a farm off Lancaster Lane but he attends St Josephs Church in nearby Wrightington - is he a family member? There are
also two Ainscoughs who appear in The Times Rich List. If you do find yourself in the area please do call in for the grand tour! Thanks again.

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Viking Genetics Event, Knowsley West Lancs 27 November

A message from Professor Stephen mentioned in previous blogs the name "Ainscough" is thought to be of Viking origins with a strong presence in Lancashire, anybody in the area might be interested in attending this workshop to find out more information.

"Dear Colleague
I am writing to bring your attention to an event at Knowsley, Liverpool on TUESDAY 27th November 2007 (Lancashire Day).
It is an event to celebrate the publication of the genetic survey of West Lancashire and Wirral looking for evidence of Viking Ancestry.
Venue: The David Lloyd Centre, Arbour Lane, Knowsley Liverpool will start at 7pm (for 7.30) and will finish at 9.30.

Speakers will be Judith Jesch - Professor of Viking Studies at the University of Nottingham and world authority on women in the Viking Age; Stephen Harding, Professor of Biosciences at Nottingham and authority on the Vikings in the North West of England; and Mark Jobling, Professor of Genetics at the University of Leicester - one of the countries leading population geneticists and seen on TV recently in BBC2's Motherland programme. The event will commence with an introduction from Patrick Waite of the West Lancashire Heritage Association.
Besides presenting the results of the survey the speakers will also announce plans for a future survey to include other areas of the North of England.
The talks will be followed by coffee and refreshments, and then a question and answer session. Popular local Viking re-enactors, Kevin and Richard Taylor will also be present demonstrating a few of the crafts and non-belligerent skills of our Norse ancestors. The occasion will be attended by senior dignatories from West Lancashire and Wirral.

* The paper "Excavating past population structures by surname-based sampling: the genetic legacy of the Vikings in northwest England" is to appear shortly in the leading journal Molecular Biology and Evolution published by Oxford University Press. A draft can be seen on
Other details can be found on:
and instructions on how to reach the David Lloyd Centre are on:
We hope very much you can join us. Friends/relatives are also welcome of course but to cover the costs of the event we are asking attendees to contribute £6 per person (this fee is waived for senior citizens, unemployed, students and young persons under 21). All participants in the project have also been invited to attend.

Please let us know if you wish to attend by contacting myself (Stephen Harding) or Patrick Waite by return email and, if possible by November 20th.

Newspaper articles include:
(West Lancs) and
Looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday 27th!
With all best wishes
Stephen Harding"

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Elizabeth Anderton (1737-bef1815) dau. of Eliz. (Ainscough) Anderton (1709-1783)

S has been in touch regarding the (Ainscough) - Anderton family in Holme on Spalding Moor, East Yorkshire.

henry anderton_will 1
henry anderton_will 2
Will of Henry Anderton

On 9 Oct 2007, at 12:39, S wrote:

"Dear Barbara
I have just found your most interesting “Ainscough Family History” site.
I understand we share a common ancestor, Elizabeth Anderton 1737? – 1815, the wife of George Johnson, a farmer at Lincoln Flatts.
Some years ago, before it was possible to do research on the internet! I spent many an hour at the Borthwick Institute for Historical Research and at Beverley CRO.
I corresponded regularly with Mary Hartley and we shared our research on the Anderton, Johnson & Bielby families. Due to other commitments I had to temporarily put my family research on hold for a few years.
I have taken up my research again and would much appreciate if you have any more information on Elizabeth Anderton. I know she lived on a farm at Arglam for a while and that she was married at Carlton Juxta Snaith and was buried at Seaton Ross.
I am enclosing by attachment a copy of the marriage bond I got from the Borthwick some years ago. As I go through all my papers (mixed up in a large pile on the floor) I will see if there is any thing that could be of interest to you. I cannot remember exactly what I passed to my sister.
Best wishes

Lovely to hear from you. I think the Elizabeth you are enquiring about is the daughter of one of my very distant relatives - Elizabeth (Ainscough) Anderton (1709-1783) was a great auntie of mine - eldest of 5 children of Hugh (1689-1745) and Elizabeth Ainscough and sister of James Ainscough (1711 -1782) of Mawdesley, Lancs. who is my direct ancestor. Above is a snippet of my family tree showing how Elizabeth Ainscough 1709-1783 fits into the Ainscough tree. She married Henry Anderton - incidentally there is reference to an Anderton's mill on the old Mawdesley maps - Ive never been able to check whether this was Henry Anderton's family. When I get a moment I shall send you the links to the info I have. It turns out she is buried just 7 miles from where I live now.......Holme on Spalding Moor- a long way from the rest of her family over in Mawdesley, Lancashire. This Mawdesley Ainscough family have a strong catholic tradition. What caused Elizabeth (Ainscough) & Henry Anderton to move to East Yorkshire I do not know, possibly the Jacobite Rising in 1745??, which Mary Hartley had written notes about. We know from this information that Elizabeth, daughter of Elizabeth (Ainscough) & Henry Anderton witnessed her father Henry & brother Thomas fighting in this battle.
I believe Mary Hartley died some time ago- its all on my blog dated Monday 11th September 2006 -
What specifically would you like to know?

On 12 Oct 2007, at 11:33, S wrote:

Hi Barbara
Thanks for getting back to me.
I would like to find out when Elizabeth Anderton moved to either Carlton or Snaith and what her employment was. I have it in my mind that at some point in her life she worked as a lady’s maid. Unfortunately some of my notes made in the 1980’s were destroyed when a stray dog I took in chewed them up. If you have any info on this I would be delighted, but I suppose its not very likely.
She came from Lancashire to Yorkshire when she was about 10 and lived on a farm at Arglam. 25th October 1764 she married George Johnson a farmer from Lincoln Flatts at Carlton Juxta Snaith. I found the marriage bond at the Borthwick in York and have enclosed it by attachment. Unfortunately the allegation had not survived.
Found from microfilm R.C. MF 102 Liber status animaram (a statement on the spiritual condition of the parish) “Elizabeth Johnson a convert, wife to George Johnson a protestant at Lincoln Flatts, a communicant she has yet no child. She is the daughter of the late Henry Anderton.”
Also found“Elizabeth Anderton relict of the late Henry Anderton a protestant. She returned to the catholic religion and a communicant” I feel Henry Anderton should read George Johnson.
When I lived in Yorkshire I visited Holme Hall where Elizabeth used to worship with her daughters, it was being used by the Sue Ryder charity. Several times I have looked around the church yards at Holme On Spalding Moor & Seaton Ross and photographed headstones.
I find it interesting that after hearing Rev Joseph Benson preach Elizabeth joined the Wesleyan Church, then later on in life went back to the Catholic Church.
I am very pleased to have made contact with you, but have rambled on more than I intended!
Best wishes

Headstone of Elizabeth (Ainscough) Anderton bef.1709-1783, mother of Elizabeth Anderton.

I too have spent some time taking photos at All Saints church in Holme on Spalding Moor and also visited the St John the Baptist RC chapel at Holme Hall, although as you say, now a Sue Ryder Centre there is little historical evidence there today in the form of burials. I believe the RC Chapel was opened in 1766, but have been told that the historic All Saints Church at Holme has in the past been catholic- as most churches would have been pre Henry VIII.
Regarding your query, I don't have any detail about Elizabeth Anderton who married George Johnson. All the info. I have on Elizabeth Anderton is listed below, which you probably also have - Im sure this has come from Eric Percival.
Personal Record - Elizabeth AINSCOUGH (mother of Elizabeth Anderton)
Name: Elizabeth AINSCOUGH (2nd wife)
Sex: Female
Spouse: Henry ANDERTON (bef1703-1765)
Birth bef 15 Feb 1709
Christening 15 Feb 1709/10 (app) (age 1)
Death 21 Aug 1783 (age 74) Holme on Spalding Moor, East Yorkshire
Burial 22 Aug 1783 (age 74) Holme on Spalding Moor

Hugh AINSCOUGH born 1689. A Yeoman Farmer at Mawdesley, Lancs. and 1 spouse Elizabeth. Hugh was in recusant rolls - 1715, 1717
Elizabeth and Hugh AINSCOUGH had the following 5 children all from the Mawdesley, Croston, Lancashire area:

HUGH'S & Elizabeth's CHILDREN
Elizabeth AINSCOUGH (bef1709-1783)
***James AINSCOUGH (chr.1711 - (My GGGGGGgrandad)
Ann AINSCOUGH (chr.1713)
Thomas AINSCOUGH (chr.1715)
Mary AINSCOUGH (chr.1718)

Personal Record - Henry ANDERTON (husband)

Henry ANDERTON , was the son of William ANDERTON and Margrett HODSON,

born before 12 March 1703 Croston, Lancashire.

Baptised on 12 March 1703 in Croston

Married Ellin BOWLING - 10 October 1730 (1st wife died after childbirth)

Married Elizabeth AINSCOUGH - 18 October 1732 in Ormskirk.

Died July 1765 in Holme on Spalding Moor.

Buried on 16 July 1765 - Holme on Spalding Moor.


Parents of Henry Anderton were:

William ANDERTON born before 1690 - Yeoman Farmer of Bispham and Mawdsley, Lancs.

Margrett HODSON born before 29 August 1675 Leyland, Lancashire.

Baptised - 29 August 1675 in Leyland.

Died before 24 July 1752 in Croston, Lancashire.

Buried 24 July 1752 - Croston.

She and William ANDERTON had 1 child, Henry (born before 12 March 1703)

1st wife Ellin BOWLING and Henry ANDERTON had 1 child: William ANDERTON (chr.1730)

Ellin died 3weeks after the birth and William was brought up by his Protestant grandparents in Lancashire.

2nd wife Elizabeth AINSCOUGH and Henry ANDERTON had the following 5 children:

1.1 Thomas ANDERTON (1736- ) M Catherine BEILBY

1.2 Elizabeth ANDERTON (1737-bef1815) m George Johnson (1729-1794) at Carlton Juxta Snaith. Elizabeth Anderton was working at Carlton Towers prior to her marriage in 1764 when Thomas Stapleton was the owner

1.3 Henry ANDERTON (1740-1819) A bachelor of dissolute ways and drunken habits. Died in Holme workhouse

1.4.Alice ANDERTON (1743-? )

1.5.Margaret ANDERTON (1744- ?)

1.2. Elizabeth ANDERTON (1737-bef1815) married (1764 at Carlton Juxta Snaith) George Johnson (1729-1794) -they had 8 children:

2.1 Henry christened 1765 died same year

2.2 Henry c 1766

2.3 George Johnson: c 1767. Married Jane Beilby. Farmed at Lincoln Flatts, Seaton Ross

2.4 Harry Johnson: c 1769

2.5 Thomas: c 1770

2.6 Elizabeth c 1774

2.7 Ann c 1777

2.8 Mary c 1779

2.3 George JOHNSON

Name: George JOHNSON

Sex: Male

Spouse: Jane BEILBY (1774-1811)

Birth bef Nov 1767 Seaton Ross, East Yorkshire

Christening 8 Nov 1767 (age 0)

Burial Jul 1838 (age 70)

Death 29 Jul 1838 (age 70) Seaton Ross, East Yorkshire

Occupation Farmer at Lincoln Flatts

Note on Husband: George JOHNSON

Farmer at Lincoln Flatts
Lincoln Flatts, Seaton Ross - George Johnson farmer

Lincoln Flatts, Seaton Ross, home of George & Jane Johnson

2.3 CHILDREN of George Johnson and Jane Beilby:

3.1 Rebecca b. 1794-d.25th November 1865 age 64

3.2 Zillah b. 1797-d.May 20th 1882 age 85 married John Buttle?, buried at Holme

Zillah Johnson d1882

3.3 Vashti b. 1798-d. December 8th 1862 age 63

3.4 John b.1800-d.April 5th 1874 age 73, Malton - married at Wharram Percy in 1829 to Jane Stillborn of Pluckam and they lived at Fridaythorpe
John Johnson married Jane Stillborn of Pluckam, Fridaythorpe

3.5 George b. 1803

3.6 Jane b. 1805

3.7 Beilby b 1807

3.8 Matthew b 1809-d. October 26th 1867 age 61

Elizabeth Anderton notes1 (1709-1783)

Ive linked page 1 of 3 above - these are handwritten notes sent to me from Eric Percival, researched & written by the infamous Mary Hartley who must have spent hours uncovering the past.....let me know if you would like me to send you the images. You can view the 2 remaining pages by clicking on the above which will take you to my Flickr page. Ive transcribed the most interesting parts of the notes below...enjoy!

"............Among the family traditions spoken of in my childhood none was more colourful than that of the Andertons. Unlikely as it seemed in a family with strong Methodist connections, we had some Catholic ancestors; Elizabeth Anderton had after the Jocobite rising crossed the Pennines into Yorkshire (BA comment: in 1715 they joined the Stuart uprising during which Sir Francis Anderton, 6th Bt. (born after 1681) was convicted of high treason, forfeiting the Lostock estate, Lancs - not sure if the Anderton's are directly related?? ); her brother Thomas as a boy of 10 held the bridles of the horses while his father and uncle fought in the battle; and Elizabeth as an old lady asserted that her mother was a lady born; that her grandfather ‘was a Baron with 3 towns of his own’ and that she was born at Lostock Hall. Now Lostock Hall (near Bolton) was the home of rich, catholic Andertons, the last to live there being Sir Francis Anderton, and so insistent were the Cleggs on this story that granddaughters born in 1912 & 1914 were named ‘Sylvia Francis Lewis’ and ‘Patricia Rosemary Anderton’………………….
The final question was about Elizabeth Anderton’s mother who was a lady born – and here the answer was so obvious when I thought of it that I am astonished that none of us thought of it before.........
Whatever else Elizabeth Anderton’s mother was she was born Elizabeth Ainscough, not Anderton and the grandfather who was perhaps a baron or baronet if he existed at all was Elizabeth Ainscough's father.
Catholic ancestors at that period are harder to sort out but I did in the end identify Hugh Ainscough (in the Croston PR though spelled in a very eccentric manner) and recently got a photocopy of the entry in the papist rolls of 1717 and there he is signing clearly, ‘Hugh Ainscough, Yeoman’.
So where is the baron?!"

On 13 Oct 2007, at 21:19, S wrote:

Hi B
George Johnson d. August 11th 1860, son of John & Jane (Stillborn) died of a broken heart, his grave is at Fridaythorpe. He committed suicide, he fell in love with a woman who did not meet the approval of his parents. I will look out the copy of the suicide note that was published in the newspaper of the day.

By the way, Elizabeth Anderton had a brother Called Henry, born 1740. I found in some records - "A bachelor of dissolute ways and drunken habits. Died in Holme workhouse" He was buried 3rd Jan 1819.

John Johnson
Image of John Johnson

Friday, October 12, 2007

Ainscough Crane Hire - FT news release

The following recent announcement on might be of interest to any Ainscoughs researching their family history. The link can be found at: Ainscough Crane Hire

Family owners exit Ainscough Crane Hire following £255m management buy-out
By James Wilson
Published: October 4 2007 03:00 | Last updated: October 4 2007 03:00

Unfortunately, Im not able to blog the full article because of copyright.
There is also a mention of Bill Ainscough of Harrock Hall, 'The Ainscough brothers are cousins of Bill Ainscough, who made a separate fortune in building after founding Wainhomes and now owns Langtree Group.'

In short, brothers Gerald 1919-1985 (founder of Ainscough Crane Hire) and Joseph Ainscough 1918-1975 (Bill Ainscough's father)are sons of William Ainscough 1880-1946 who founded W.AINSCOUGH & Sons, Wrightington - I'm told the family business is still going strong in Wrightington. They are descendants of John (1838 -1916)m 1862 Ellen Smith (1837-1892)of Rutters Farm, Mawdesley.
Gerald & Joseph are my 3rd cousin 3x removed.

Hugh Ainscough b1741 - North Meols

Susan Hassanyn ( is looking for links with the following North Meols Ainscough family, if you can offer any further information please get in touch.
On 9 Oct 2007, at 11:49, susan hassanyn wrote:

Dear Barbara
I hope you don't mind me e-mailing you after finding your site on the web.
I am researching my family tree of the Ainscough family in Southport (previously North Meols).With the help of the parish records of St Cuthberts church in Churchtown I have traced one side of my mums family back to Hugh Ainscough who died in 1820 aged 79 years. That makes him born around 1741. There is no record of his baptism at St Cuthberts so presumably he moved into this area but I don't know where from. His first wife was called Elizabeth (Betty) and she was buried at St Cuthberts on 2 Jan 1775 he then married Jane Rymer in May 1775. We are descended from this second marriage as, from the records, Hugh and Betty had 3 sons between 1768 and 1776 all called Thomas and sadly all died in childhood.
I hope all this makes sense and perhaps you can shed some light as to the origins of Hugh so I can take the tree further back.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Sue Hassanyn

Hi Susan
I do already have a little information about this Ainscough family, previously researched by Andrew Scarisbrick, and if Im right I think that this is also his Ainscough connection.....however, I also understand that Andrew has been trying for some time to find a link back from Hugh b.1740-d.1820 without any success. There is a tree available for download (file name is Ainscough_Scarisbrick.pdf) in the widget box on the right which shows the information gathered to date.
From the information Andrew Scarisbrick has provided in the tree a brief outline is as follows:

Hugh Ainscough 1740-1820 m (1st wife) Elizabeth c1740-1774
Thomas Ainscough b.1768- died in childhood?
Thomas Ainscough b.1772- - died in childhood?
Hugh Ainscough 1740-1820 m (2nd wife)Jane Rymer 1752-1828

Mary Ainscough m John Rymer
Thomas Ainscough 1776-1785
James Ainscough 1780-? m Jenny wright
Richard Ainscough 1783-1800
Margaret Ainscough 1786-1799
Thomas Ainscough 1790-? m Ann Fairclough
Ellen Ainscough 1793-1795
William Ainscough 1796-1797

Also the following early records from Halsall, St Cuthberts Parish may be of interest to you - which you may or may not have seen....could any of these Ainscoughs be related?
Extracts from St. Cuthbert’s, Halsall Parish Church Records.
2nd June 1695 Maria fa. Hugonis Ascough [Eascow], pauperis
28th August 1698 Emblina fa. Hugonis Ascough, pauperis
18th October 1702 Anna fa. Hugonis Eascough
31st March 1706 Thomas fs. Hugonis Eascough
29th December 1717 Elizabeth d. John Aiscoe
27th March 1720 James s. John Aiscoe
9th September 1722 Ellin d. John Ascough, labourer, & Mary his wife
1st May 1725 Jane fa. John Escough [Eascoe] & Mary ux.
10th July 1737 John s. John Aiscough
20th December 1741 Mary d. John Aiscow [Aiscoe]
29th April 1744 Emblin d. John Aiscough
11th March 1716/7 John Aiscoe [Eascough] & Mary Rotheram, both Halsall
22nd November 1736 John Aiscough [Ainscoe] & Ellin Rymer
20th November 1714 Hugh Aiscoe [Eascough]
4th September 1721 Thomas s. Hugh, deceased, labourer & Mary Aiscoe [Ayscough] his wife
13th July 1726 Anna fa. Mariae Aiscough [Aiscoe] vidua
19th October 1726 Maria Aiscough [Aiscoe], vidua
14th November 1727 Maria ux. Johannis Aiscoe
23rd April 1736 Anne Aiscough [Ainscoe]

Im sorry I cant be of any further help and hope that some of this information is new to you.....I am curious as to where you fit in to this family? Who are you descended from? Should you discover any further information pre Hugh b1741, his origins and extended family please do let me know so that I can update my information.
Best of luck!

On 18 Oct 2007, at 14:31, Andrew Scarisbrick wrote:
Hi Barbara and Susan.
I have researched the North Meols/Scarisbrick branch of the Ainscough family thoroughly, Susan, and would be quite happy to share what I have. Whereabouts do you fit into the tree? We are definitely related.
As for before Hugh (1740), this is still a bit of a mystery. I am fairly convinced he comes from the Ainscough family of Mawdsley somewhere, because of the repetition of particular names in both families. Hugh Ainscough of Mawdsley (~1685) had sons James, Thomas and Richard. Hugh Ainscough of North Meols (1740) had sons Thomas (4 of them), James, Richard and William. However, the link remains elusive.

Hoping to hear from you soon,
Andrew Scarisbrick.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


I've just found this item online & thought you might enjoy reading it too ..... wine-tasting or an occupation such as 'Yeoman of the Cellar' seems to be something that Ainscough's have always been good at throughout the centuries!
Hugh Ascue 1537
At least, according to Henry VIII, Sir Hugh served the best wine, the King is reputed to have said....."I had the best wine when he was i'th celler; he is a gallant wine taster, let him have his place againe", and afterwards knighted him."
If you have any thoughts or know any more about this Hugh Ayscough of 1537 please get in touch.
What prompted me to look up Seton, Cumbria & the Ayscough link in the first place was an earlier reference to it in a blog entry Id made on December 12th 2006 taken from a Nottinghamshire forum, where the 'Ayscough Well' of Heanor was being discussed -
"and i've just found this: Ayscough Of Boernician origins, is the name of an old established Cumb. family descended from Sir Hugh Askew, who received the lands of the convent of Seaton, during the dissolution of the monasteries in 1542. (1)"

"A tradition about the manner of granting Seton Priory, which survived till late in the seventeenth century, is of curious interest. Edmund Sandford, writing about the year 1675, has left us this version of it. 'The religious house was gott,' he said, 'by one Sir Hugo Askew, yeoman of the seller unto Queen Catherin, in Henry the Eights time, and borne in this contry. And when that Queen was deforced from her husband, this yeoman was destitute, and he aplied himself for help to Lo(rd) Chamberlain for some place or other in the king's service. The Lord Steward knew him well because he had helpt him to a cup wine the best, but told him he had no place for him, but a charcole carrier. Well, quoth this Monsir. Askew, help me with one foot and let me gett in the other as I can. And upon a great holiday, the king looking out at some sports, Askew got a cortier, a frinde of his, to stand before the king, and then he got on his vellet cassock and his gold chine and baskett of chercols on his back, and marched in the king's sight with it. O, saith the king, now I like yonder fellow well that disdains not to doe his dirty office in his dainty clothes—what is he? Says his frinde that stood by on purpose, It is Mr. Askew that was yeoman o'th celler to the late Queen's Matie and now glad of this poore place to keep him in yr Maties service, which he will not forsake for all the world. The kinge says, I had the best wine when he was i'th celler; he is a gallant wine taster, let him have his place againe and afterwards knighted him.' (fn. 12)

After Askew got his lease of the priory lands in 1537, he was not allowed to have peaceable possession, for an attempt was made, when the commonalty of the northern counties rose in rebellion, to oust him and restore the nuns to their old home. By a petition in 1540 'to the Righte Worshipfull Sor Richarde Riche, Knighte, Chauncellor of the Kynge's Courte of Augmentacons in (of) the Revenues of his Crowne, moste humblye sheweth, and complaynethe unto your good maystershippe, your dailye oratour, Hughe Ascue, officer in the kynges graces sellar, that where your seide oratour hathe of the kinges grace's dymyse by indenture undre his grace's grete seale of his Courte of Augmentacons of the revenues of his Crowne, the house and scite of the late pryorye or house of nunes of Seyton in the countie of Cumberland wt all and singuler the appurtenances, by auctorytie of parlyamente suppresside and dissolvyde, into whiche saide house or pryorye by vertue of his seide lease yor saide oratour dyd entre and was therof peassablye possesside and the same did furnyshe wt suche goodes and catalls as he then hadd. .............."

What is really interesting is that 1537 was at the height of the religious & political turmoils we now know as the "Lincolnshire Rising (1536)" and the "Pilgrimage of Grace (1537)". See links to these on the right. Many of the gentry and land-owners forfeited their estates to the monarchy and religious leaders or were expected to support King Henry VIII without any financial support in repressing and physically combatting the rebellious commoners. In the book "The Tudor Tapestry" we read how Sir Christopher Ayscough of Ashby Cum Fenby, Lincolnshire found himself ruined to the point of bankruptcy because he had initially favoured the wrong side (Protestant uprising) and then quickly switched sides when he realised he was making a huge mistake. However, the damage was done, he had fallen out of favour with the King and his leaders and it was too late to redeem himself, although he did escape with his life. Thomas Cromwell used him from then on to fight the King's causes but refused to finance or reimburse him despite many letters he sent pleading for support in the form of clothes, food and money for his men (20 servants sent to Hull). Read the book for more.....

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Ainscough burials _ Our Lady & All Saints, Parbold

Parbold Ainscough
Once again, many Ainscoughs can be seen buried at Parbold and I think I can place most of them in our tree - most are likely to be descendants of Richard Ainscough (1770-1849) & Elizabeth Livesey (1781-1849), who are themselves buried at St Peter & Paul's RC church, Mawdesley. Richard was a 2nd cousin of my 4x Greatgrandfather Thomas Ainscough 1778-1861, also buried at Mawdesley.
However, there are still a few gravestones that I am unsure about. If anybody can offer any further information or detail on these I would love to hear from you. Again,I am hazarding a guess at most of this but here goes.....please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

H&R Ainscough
Hugh Ainscough d.Oct.12th 1894 age 78 & his wife Susan (Fairclough) Ainscough d.Nov 24th 1923 age 94 + Richard Ainscough d. July 17th 1877 age 59 & his wife Hannah (Liptrot) Ainscough d.9th March 1910 age 82
This is the shrine of Hugh & Richard Ainscough of H&R Ainscough, prosperous corn merchants of Burscough and benefactors of this church in Parbold. Hugh & Susan had 12 children - see blog for detail, but Richard & Hannah had no children.
Hugh & Susan (Fairclough) Ainscough
Memorial Plaque - H&R Ainscough

Hugh Ainscough d. 29th May 1945 aged 86 & wife Maria Ainscough
Hugh was one of the 12 children of Hugh d.1894 & Susan (Fairclough) Ainscough d.1923. He was their 4th child and married Maria. We also know from evidence in photographs that Hugh was a keen cricketer!
Hugh & Susan (Fairclough) Ainscough
Hugh Ainscough d. 29th May 1945 aged 86

Richard son of Hugh and Susan Ainscough b. 1856-d.20th February 1921 age 65
The 2nd child of Hugh & Susan (Fairclough) Ainscough. Im not sure if Richard did marry.
Richard Ainscough 1856-1921

James Ainscough b.25th March 1858 – d.14th March 1933, his wife Mary Helen b. 22nd July 1861 – d.23rd April 1950
& Hugh b. 20th March 1889- d.18th February 1947

Im not sure if this is James, 3rd child of Hugh & Susan (Fairclough) Ainscough, married Mary Helen?? (I have it down as James marrying Lillian Smith and they had a son - Captain Cyril 1893-1915. Hugh mentioned here (1889-1947) is probably the son of James & Mary Helen. Can anybody help me out with this James please?
James Ainscough b.25th March 1858 – d.14th March 1933Mary Helen b. 22nd July 1861 – d.23rd April 1950

John Ainscough d.3rd August 1937 age 74 & Martha Teresa Whitwell Ainscough d.30th June 1958 age 90 and their youngest child Paul d.31st May 1989 age 77

The 6th child of Hugh & Susan (Fairclough) Ainscough, married Martha Whitwell. Paul (1911-1989) was the youngest of 6 children.
John Ainscough d.3rd August 1937 age 74 & Martha Teresa Ainscough d.30th June 1958 age 90 And son Paul d.31st May 1989 age 77

Thomas Ainscough d.20th November 1927 age 62 & Jane Agnes Ainscough d.23rd April 1947 age 75
The 7th child of Hugh & Susan (Fairclough) Ainscough, married Jane Agnes. Thomas was a professional cricketer, playing for Lancashire - see earlier blog for detail.
Hugh & Susan (Fairclough) Ainscough
Thomas d.20th November 1927 age 62 & Jane Agnes Ainscough d.23rd April 1947 age 75

Susannah Ainscough b.1867-d.1937 age 70
Francis Ainscough d.27th December 1896 age 21
Joseph Ainscough d.1st March 1902 age 30

These are 3 of the youngest children of Hugh & Susan (Fairclough) Ainscough.

Francis John Ainscough d.24th December 1989 age 87 and his son John Christopher Ainscough d.1974 age 35
Francis John was the eldest of the 6 children of John & Martha (Whitwell) Ainscough

Oswald Ainscough b. 5th December 1906 - d. 16th January 1995 and 2nd wife Mora Catherine Beryl Ainscough b.28th April 1929– d.26th August 2000
Major Oswald was the 4th child of John & Martha (Whitwell) Ainscough - see earlier blog for detail. His 1st wife, Mary Gabriel (Finch) Ainscough (1925-1951)is buried at St Peter & Pauls RC church, Mawdesley.
Oswald Ainscough b. 5th December 1906 - d. 16th January 1995 and 2nd wife Mora Catherine Beryl Ainscough b. 28th April 1929 - d.26th August 2000

John Whitwell Ainscough b.1908 - d.27th October 1992 age 84 & Margaret Mary (nee Kevill) Ainscough b.1916-d.18th March 1999
The 5th child of John & Martha (Whitwell) Ainscough.
John Whitwell Ainscough b.1908 - d.27th October 1992 age 84 & Margaret Mary (nee Kevill) Ainscough b.1916-d.18th March 1999

Martin Ainscough b.1898-d.5th March 1973 age 75 and wife Beatrice Mary b.1897–d.10th December 1992 age 95

On 3 Sep 2007, at 08:31, JOHN COBHAM wrote:
"Martin Ainscough (d1973) was the son of James Ainscough mentioned here. He was a landowner & farmer. Also the main shareholder & chair of Lion Brewery, Blackburn.
In 1963 Martin bought the Croston Hall estate (formerly belonging to the De Trafford family) from the Catholic Archdiocese of Liverpool.
Cyril Ainscough was Martin's son & took over the running of the Brewery, He lived at Priorswood Hall, Lees lane. He has a brother Peter who still runs the Parbold farms.
Cyril's widow is still living in Parbold & there are 4 sons & a daughter. Mark Ainscough(2nd son) is a friend of mine.
Peter Ainscoughs son Martin owns several good pubs & restaurants one of which the Eagle & Child is in Bispham Green.
The Croston Hall estate has recently been sold by Mark Ainscough but Martin owns about 300 acres of it including the site of the demolished Croston Hall.
All for now,

Martin Ainscoughb.1898-d.5th march 1973 age 75 and wife Beatrice Mary b.1897 – d.10th December 1992 age 95

Cyril Ainscough b.1925–d. 27th October 1980 age 55
Cyril Ainscough was Martin's son (above), and lived at Priorswood Hall, Lees lane.
Cyril Ainscough b.1925 – d. 27th October 1980 age 55
Cyril Ainscough (1893-1915)
Inside the church there is a beautiful memorial to Cyril Ainscough (1893-1915). Captain 5th Battalion Manchester regiment died 7th August 1915 at Gallipoli on Active Service. Cyril was my 5th cousin 3 times removed. His parents were James Ainscough (1858-1933), (son of Hugh of H&R) and his mother Lillian Smith. He lived at Fairhurst Hall, Parbold, Lancashire, Commonwealth War Dead. Panel 158 to 170. HELLES MEMORIAL
- see earlier blog for detail.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ainscough burials _ St Joseph's RC Church, Wrightington

Ainscough of Harrock Hall
On my most recent trip to the area I decided to stop off at Wrightington to make a short trip to the churchyard of St Joseph's RC in Wrightington. Recent correspondence with Jo Horridge and John Cobham had made me curious... as you can see there are a number of Ainscoughs buried here and I think I can place most of them in our tree - many are likely to be children of John (1838-1916)and Ellen (Smith) (1837-1892) Ainscough of Rutters Farm, Mawdesley and grandchildren of John (1794-1872) & Margaret(Wignall)(1797-1866)Ainscough of Reynolds Farm, Mawdesley. John Ainscough (1794-1872) was the brother of my 4x Great-grandad Thomas(1778-1861) who married Betty Whitehead (1797-1879) which makes John Ainscough(1838-1916) who married Ellen (Smith) (1837-1892) Thomas' nephew.
However, there are still a couple of graves that I am unsure about. If anybody can offer any further information or detail on these I would love to hear from you. I am hazarding a guess at most of this but here goes.....please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

William Ainscough (1880-1946) & Jane Ainscough (1883-1959)

William was the youngest of 8 children, his parents were John (1838-1916)and Ellen (Smith) (1837-1892) Ainscough. He married Jane Garlin. William & Jane are Joseph, Gerald & Thomas's Parents.
William Ainscough (1880-1946) & Jane Ainscough (1883-1959)
Thomas Ainscough (1907-1995) & Alice Ainscough (1904-1997)
Thomas was the eldest son of William & Jane above. Alice's maiden name was Kitching.
Thomas Ainscough (1907-1995) & Alice Ainscough (1904-1997)

Vincent John Ainscough (1901-1963) & Elizabeth Ann Ainscough (1901-1977)

I have no information on Vincent or Elizabeth Ann, but John Cobham thinks that perhaps Vincent is his Uncle Wilf's brother - he had a brother Vin, as he called him but thinks he lived later than that - awaiting further information.
Christina Uduwerage-Perera ( adds the following:
"I believe this is Vincent John Ainscough, son of Hugh Ainscough and Elizabeth Darwin. He married Elizabeth Ann Turner in 1928 and they had a son also called Vincent J. born 1933. The only sibling I can see for Vincent Snr is called Joseph (b 1899) whilst the only sibling for Vincent Jnr is Pauline (b 1936) ".

Adrian Rigby also adds the following:
"I'm contacting you after finding your blog on Ainscough family history. My Grandad was Vincent Ainscough who is buried with my Grandma Elizabeth Ainscough in the Catholic church at Wrightington, the grave you could not identify. Very briefly it was Vincent who's brother Billy founded Ainscoughs' business empire from his scrap yard at Mosseylea. My granddad worked down the pit during the day and drove Billy's lorry (Billy could not drive) back from where ever he had been buying bomb damaged goods from.
Liverpool dock was a favourite from what I have been told.
I will be seeing my mum over Christmas and will tell her about this contact. Her name is Pauline Ainscough who was married to a Derek Rigby (my father)."

Vincent John Ainscough (1901-1963) & Elizabeth Ann Ainscough (1901-1977)
Joseph Ainscough (1898-1975) & Mary Ainscough (1897-1979)
I have no information on Joseph or Mary.
Joseph Ainscough (1898-1975) & Mary Ainscough (1897-1979)
Elizabeth Ainscough (1862-1907) & Hugh Ainscough (1863-1935) & sister Ellen ? (1875-1945)
This looks like it might be Hugh & his wife Elizabeth, eldest son John (1838-1916)and Ellen (Smith) (1837-1892) Ainscough and brother of William also mentioned above. Sister Ellen could be Hugh's sister Ellen b.1875 who married a Glover??? - not sure....
Christina Uduwerage-Perera adds the following: "Yes I agree. Rod (the grandson of Ellen Ainscough Glover says that she was buried with her brother. Ellen married John Glover in 1904 and was cut off from the family because she married against their wishes."

Elizabeth Ainscough (1862-1907) & Hugh Ainscough (1863-1935) & sister Ellen ? (1875-1945)
James Ainscough (1870-1931) & Ruth Ainscough (?-?)
James was the 5th child of John (1838-1916)and Ellen (Smith) (1837-1892) Ainscough, brother of Hugh and William also mentioned.
Christina Uduwerage-Perera adds the following:"I believe Ruth was nee Harrison, b abt 1873, Wrightington. Ruth and James married in 1910 so you can see the beginnings of family and Ruth's brother in the 1911 census."

James Ainscough (1870-1931) & Ruth Ainscough (?-?)
Joseph Ainscough (1918-1975) & Mary Ainscough (1917-2006)
This looks as though it is Joseph married Mary Horridge, 3rd child of William & Jane Ainscough mentioned above. Grandson of John & Ellen (Smith) Ainscough.
Joseph Ainscough (1918-1975) & Mary Ainscough (1917-2006)
Teresa Ainscough (1872-1921), John Ainscough (1866-1942), Mary Ainscough (1866-1942) and Oswald Thomas Ainscough (1905-1969)
This really is guess work at the moment but I think this could be William John Ainscough of Higher Barn Farm, 3rd child of John (1838-1916)and Ellen (Smith)(1837-1892) Ainscough.
Nancy Engelhardt has left a comment below - many thanks Nancy, so Ive now updated the Teresa b.1872 & John b. 1866 info. as follows: John W Ainscough 1866 married (1897 Wigan) Teresa(Theresa) Valentine b. 1872. However, Nancy thinks that Mary Ainscough b.1868? (1866) on the Headstone is probably John's sister, but Mary 1866? married (1897 Wigan) a Joseph Valentine (1869-1899). If this is Mary, sister of John Ainscough why isn't her married name on the stone??
My theory is that Mary b.1866? (thats my calculation from the age she died and year of death on the gravestone), is a 2nd marriage. Teresa died in 1921 aged 49 but Mary (1866-1942) is born and died in the same year as John Ainscough (1866-1942) both age 76.
As for Oswald Thomas?? a son of John and Teresa?? If anybody else can help us to be more specific about this please contact me.
Christina Uduwerage-Perera adds the following; "I believe that John Ainscough married first Teresa Valentine with whom he had 6 children including Oswald Thomas. Teresa died in 1921 and in 1927 John remarried, to Teresa's sister, Mary B Valentine. And yes the 2 women's brother, Joseph Valentine married John Ainscough's sister, Mary. The Valentines seem to have been another quite large family!"

Teresa (1872-1921), John (1866-1942), Mary (1866-1942) and Oswald Thomas Ainscough (1905-1969)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

births, deaths & marriages- St Elizabeth's Catholic Church, Scarisbrick

More Ainscough births, deaths & marriage information, this time from St Elizabeth's Catholic Church, Scarisbrick, thanks to Andrew Scarisbrick for forwarding the information (

"Hi Barbara
I have found some more Ainscough information.....and church records from St Elizabeth's Catholic Church in Scarisbrick. Hope you find these useful and/or interesting.
Best Regards

Ainscough Births - 1773-1824
Forename/Surname -Hugh Ainscough
Witness 1-James Whalley
Witness 2-Catherine Whalley

Forename/Surname -Margarite Ainscough
Witness 1-James Voss
Witness 2-Helen Voss

Forename/Surname -Ann Ainscough
Witness 1-John Ainscough
Witness 2-Elizabeth Ainscough

Ainscough Deaths 1826-1856

Forename/Surname - Alice Ainscough
Date of Death- 8/11/1838
Date of Burial- 11/11/1838

Ainscough Deaths 1856-1956
Forename/Surname - George Ainscough
Date of Death- 28th September 1941
Date of Burial- 1st October 1941
Age 2

Ainscough Marriages - 1856-1956
Date-23rd July 1938
Groom-Forename/Surname -Edward Ainscough
Father-Edward from Scarisbrick
Bride-Margaret Abram
Father-George from Scarisbrick
Priest- J Cuthbert Griffin
Witnesses: George Balshaw, Haskayne & Helen Culshaw, Scarisbrick

A place called Ayscogh?? 1199-c1230

The Cartulary of Burscough priory - text reads:
41. …also the land which Roger son of Alan Prentut held of the grantor and Roger of Harleton below Aykescou, with common rights of the vills of Harleton and Scarisbrick and all of the movables of the grantor’s son Adam and his heirs and of 3 men under them living on the land. [1245-c.1260]

For those of you interested in finding out more about early Ainscough history and origins in the Ormskirk region you might like to read the following deeds taken from The Cartulary dated 1199-c1230. - 'the place called Ayscogh'
Andrew Scarisbrick has unearthed this information while researching his own family history based around Scarisbrick. It's interesting that already the spelling of the name is changing, the earliest reference in 1199 is 'Ayscogh', but then changes just 50 years later to 'Aykescogh' in the mid thirteenth century.....
Many thanks Andy for forwarding this.....I have uploaded the files to the black box widget for easy download should anybody want to read the detail- there are 3 pages 'Ayscogh 1,2 & 3'.

Hi Barbara
I have found some more Ainscough information. More deeds referring to the place Ayscogh, in the cartulary of Burscough priory, and church records from St Elizabeth's Catholic Church in Scarisbrick. Hope you find these useful and/or interesting.
Best Regards

The Cartulary
III. Grant in free alms by Robert son of Ulf of Harleton for the soul of King John etc. of a ‘land’ next to Ayscogh’ in Harleton; from the syke on the west side, following the oak wood to Green Syke, following Green Syke to the road from Aspinwall, following that road to the dike on the south side, and following that dike to the syke; with common rights pertaining to Harleton. [1199-c.1230]

Aykescogh _2
50. Grant in free alms with warranty by Roger of Harleton of part of his land in Harleton at the head [of Aykescogh], from the syke in the west, along the ditch towards the barn to the boundary of Aspinwall saving an egress as the road goes from Litherland to Harleton, along the ditch of Aspinwall to the end towards the south and thence by the ditch to the syke. [Mid thirteenth century]

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more Cowley links- descendant Margaret Eaton (Aus)

A message from Margaret Eaton (, also in Australia and keen to make contact with other members of the Cowley family - Sylvia Wilcox, John Cobham & Joanne Horridge who have strong "Cowley" & "Wright" links.....Margaret I would love to have more information about Edward so I can add it to this blog for others to see & use- any images you have is always useful too.....Edward Cowley's grandparent's - Richard Cowley 1798 - 1881 & Alice Swift 1798 - 1879 are my 4x grandparents.

"Dear Barbara,
I came across your address whilst browsing the web the other night. My mother's maiden name was Cowley, her father was Edward Cowley son of James ( born Lancashire 1842 ) and other than that James had sisters named Everilda, Matilda and Gemima, we had no other knowledge of our roots. You can imagine how delighted I was to come across an email from you to Sylvia Wilcox pin pointing our connections. I am writing hoping that you may have even more information on this subject and I am very happy to share the Cowley history from Edward's point of view with anyone who may be interested. Edward came to Australia in 1911, followed by his wife, Margaret ( nee Halton of Parbold) returning only once to England again in his lifetime at the conclusion of the Great War when he stayed with a Mrs Wright in Wigan. Any pointers that you can pass on to me to help trace our tree would be greatly appreciated.
Kind regards, Margaret Eaton."

Hi Margaret, from information provided from Sylvia Wilcox & Tony Brown & various more recent sources (Jo Keenan, John Cobham) this is what I know of the Cowley family.
RICHARD COWLEY, Upholland (b.1797-1881) m (17 April 1820) ALICE (SWIFT b.6 Nov 1798?-1879, Wigan) - my 4x Great grandparents
Richard Cowley d.1881 and Alice d. 1879 had at least 9 children, although Sylvia's records indicate 14 children!! Farmers at Bannister House, Bispham.
3.1. Edward Cowley b. abt 1822-1887, Mawdesley (see image)

3.2. Ann Cowley, b. 21 March 1821 and perhaps died before 1851. She is not listed on the census. Then again she may have just been out visiting.
3.3 Elizabeth (Ellen) b. 11 Dec 1826- 1886 (my 3x Great grandmother - Barbara Ainscough & Tony Ainscough Brown's ancestor)
3.4. Thomas b. 21 Dec 1828 - 1912, Bispham married twice, both were called Margaret Ainscough – see blog detail Sept 25th 06
- (Gerard Swarbrick's ancestor)
3.5. Everilda b. 14 Sept 1830, Bispham married John Southworth 1833, Mawdesley - (Sylvia Wilcox’s ancestor)
3.6. Alice b. 1836-1898, Eccleston married Richard WRIGHT - (John Cobham & Jo Horridge's ancestor)
3.7. Matilda b. 1838 Eccleston
3.8. Jemima b. 1840 Eccleston married William Wright (Richard Wrights brother)
3.9. James b 1842 Eccleston (Margaret Eaton's ancestor)

On 14 Aug 2007, at 08:49, Anthony Brown (
"Hi Barbara, Margaret & others
I am also very interested in finding more of Edward and his descendants as Edward's grandparents , Richard Cowley 1798 - 1881 & Alice Swift 1798 - 1879 are my I know nothing of Edward's family but would love to receive any details you can provide. I migrated to Australia with my parents in1927
Anthony Ainscough Brown"

On 14 Aug 2007, at 08:40, JOANNE KEENAN (
"Hi Margaret
The Alice Cowley you mention married a relative of mine Richard Wright they had a son Thomas Richard Wright b 1872 in Mawdesley.
The Cowleys and Wrights feature alot in my family tree, the Mrs Wright you mention may be my father in laws grandmother! Let me know if you'd like any more info.

On 15 Aug 2007, at 12:57, Margaret Eaton (
"Thank you Barbara for all your help, the information was wonderful and I am amazed at the amount of it. I will forward a brief outline now and more when I am back on track again. I do have some photos that you may be interested in. In the meantime here is a brief summation on Edward Cowley.
Briefly, from the 1881 census I know that Edward (b.1875 died 30th April1952, Perth Western Australia) is the son of James ( Richard, Richard, John, John, page 11 of your blog) and had a sister and two brothers: Matilda, b. 1873, John b.1877 and James b. 1880. They lived at the time of the census in the Farmhouse at Parbold but the eldest were born in Wrightington. Edward married Margaret Halton in Parbold in 1903 and we think her father's name was Thomas. Edward came to Australia in 1911. They had three girls: Alice, Elizabeth and Margaret , I am descended from Margaret, and have three brothers. There are currently seven descendants of my generation and 25 or so of the next and even more of the one after. Edward Cowley, known as Ted had rather a sad life in many ways, he enlisted in the Australian Infantry Forces in 1916 and was sent to fight in France . He was taken a prisoner of war at 1st Bullecourt and although he lived to 77 years of age his health never recovered enough for him to work again. Now I realise that all this needs plumping out and adding to and I will do my homework in this regard and collate to the 10th generation of Edward's descendants.
This is a whole new experience for me, I have not ever compiled family tree information. My husband and I were in Parbold in 2000 and I wish I knew then the information that you have given me. I can feel another visit coming on!
(I have just had a closer look and realised that Edward had another younger sister Elizabeth.) Thanks again, I will be in touch in the near future.

On 15 Aug 2007, at 11:36, John Cobham wrote:
Hi All,
My Great Grandmother on my mothers side was Alice Cowley, who married Richard Wright, Her Sister Jemima Cowley married Richard Wrights brother William, they were sons of Peter & Mary (Pope) who farmed at Mawdesley, Lancashire. Richard Cowley & his family were at Bannister House, this is a big farmhouse at Bispham, nr Mawdesley & still virtually the same. Richard Cowley & his wife are buried in the churchyard of SS Peter & Pauls Catholic church in Mawdesley.
The Cowleys still reside in Mawdesley, some of them married Horridges- Alice Horridge (b1897) married Frank Cowley, & Eveline Horridge (b1892) married Justin Cowley ……it’s the family of Justin & Eveline that are still in the area.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Blackrod Ainscough-has anybody yet made a connection?

Michael Ainscough b.May 8th 1801
John Ainscough b.December 7th 1821
On 30 Jul 2007, at 23:26, Michael Ainscough (,, wrote:
"Hi, We may have a link , but so far I have not found a connection I belong to a Ainscough (Blackrod) line . We had contact with the Mawdesley area as my Great Grandfather John Ainscough married a Fanny Sherrington of Mawdesley who may have been a cousin (not sure) - Family tale....
My Grandfather was Michael Ainscough,
Great grandfather (above) was John Ainscough &
Great great grandfather was a Michael
as well.
All the Best Michael J Ainscough"

Thanks Michael
Do you have any dates for your grandfather, G grandfather & GG grandfather? I would like to add this to my blog & dates really help others to make a connection. Hope you don't object to this.
We've also been trying to join up these 2 branches of Ainscough...but like you so far no good! They must all link at some point......back in 1689 with my 7x great grandad Hugh there was at least 1 other Ainscough family because Ainscough was marrying Ainscough! & even earlier - 1500's, Ainscough (note various spellings of the name) in Ormskirk there were several Ainscough families as evidenced by the baptismal register - see blog detail Jan 12th 2007.
Ormskirk Ainscough in 1558

Have you seen Mike Ainscoughs Blackrod Ainscough website? There is a direct link to it on the right hand side of this page in the links area:
Keep in touch and let me know if you find anything out.

On 1 Aug 2007, at 08:06, Michael Ainsough wrote:
"Hi, yes I have seen Mike Ainscoughs Blackrod Ainscough's website & sad to say no connection when I checked.
Image 1 (above) shows the children of Great great grandfather Michael Ainscough (b.May 8th 1801) and Ann ?(b.May 7th 1805).
Image 2 (above) shows the children of Great grandfather John Ainscough (b.December 7th 1821) and Martha (b.May 3rd 1823 - wife 1)

Great grandfather John Married a second time to Fanny Sherrington from Mawdesley (Sept 15th 1836 - wife 2) they had the following 3 children.
1.Ellen b.Dec 4th 1875
2.Michael b.July 14th 1878 - My Grandfather.
3.Fanny b.Feb 14th 1880
All the best Michael Ainscough"

Ive just found this reply on the Croston website ( response to a previous request from you - I think?? not sure if youve seen it yet:
"Re: Family Tree by Dave Sherrington (Member 86472) on 29-May-02
I am related to Richard Sherrington and Ann Rawcliffe of Mawdesley married in Croston in 1821. I have researched the Sherrington family back to the early 1500's. If you would like more info then email me on"

Monday, July 30, 2007

even more Cowley/Ainscough links- Joanne Horridge

Ainscough of Harrock Hall
John Ainscough d.1872m Margaret (Wignall) d.1866
And Joanne Horridge ( is also keen to make further seems the Cowleys & Ainscoughs are in everybody's family tree!

"Hi Barbara
I've found a link in my father in laws family to the Cowleys and Ainscoughs, but on both his fathers and mothers side. Do Thomas Justin Cowley and Francis Joseph Cowley appear on yours? I have John Ainscough who married Margaret Wignall on my tree. Mary Ainscough (nee Wright) who died last year is my father in laws cousin.

Joanne, my tree needs updating, I can find Francis Joseph Cowley but not a Thomas Justin Cowley. I also have a Gerald Ainscough (c1919-?) married E Horridge and Joseph Ainscough (c1916-?) married Mary Horridge in 1940 - see the following for a rough outline - feel free to download documents from the black widget box on the right:

Hugh Ainscough (1689-1745)m Elizabeth ?
James Ainscough(1711-1782)m Margaret (1739-?)
John Ainscough (1752-1835)m Margaret Worthington (1751-1835)
John Ainscough(1794-1872)m Margaret Wignall (1797-1866)of Reynolds Farm, Mawdesley
John Ainscough(1838 -1916)m Ellen Smith (1837-1892)of Rutters Farm
William Ainscough(1880)m Garlin
Brothers Joseph Ainscough(1916-?)m Mary Horridge in 1940 and Gerald Ainscough(c1919-?)m E Horridge

My direct link is John Ainscough & Margaret (Worthington). If you let me have further information on where you fit into the tree I can try and establish how we are related- Also if you have any images you would like to share that would be great.
Good luck! - B

Reply from Joanne Horridge: On 30 Jul 2007, at 21:37, JOANNE HORRIDGE wrote:
"Hi Barbara and John, I have some Cobhams in my family tree they are: Arthur, Enoch, John Danson and Robert. John Danson Cobham married Winifred Wright daughter of Thomas Richard Wright son of Richard Wright who married Alice Cowley.
And John, the Maud Wright you refer to is my husbands grandmother Maude, full name Matilda Maude Mary Wright! Thanks to both of you.
Jo Horridge"

and even more from Jodycat: On 30 Jul 2007, at 23:04, Jodycat wrote:
"Hi, Well my link is my father in law: his father was Robert Horridge (1900-1974)who's brother was Samuel Horridge, he had a daughter called Mary Horridge. Mary married Joseph Ainscough in 1940.I have lots of info showing links between Horridges, Cowleys, Wrights and Ainscoughs.

Thanks for this John, Jodycat & Joanne - if any of you have any old photos of Mawdesley, Parbold, weddings, families, census detail, wills etc that you would like to share with others please let me know.

On 31 Jul 2007, at 08:52, John Cobham wrote:
"Joanne, That’s my family! John Danson & Winifred are my Mother & Father. My mother was great friends of her cousin Maud (& Gertie who lived at St Helens, Fr Austin Griffins Mother). I didn’t know her that well although I used to take my Mother to see her occasionally, Did she have 2 sons from the Horridge side Robert & Bernard?

On 31 Jul 2007, at 15:18,JOANNE HORRIDGE wrote:
"John - Yes! Robert is my father in law! I'm right round the corner from you. What a small world hey?!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

more Cowley/Ainscough connections - John Cobham

Edward Cowley d.1887
John Cobham ( has been in touch to say he also has links with the family....
"I’ve just been on your Ainscough website. In my family tree are some lines of connection.
1. My Uncle, Wilf Ainscough, b c.1905(parents Hugh & Elizabeth) married my Mothers sister Alice Wright. I know Uncle Wilf had 2 sisters Lucy & Gertrude Ainscough (spinsters) & 2 brothers Vincent (unmarried) & Cyril. Only Wilf & Alice had a family, one son Cousin Francis Ainscough who died unmarried about 12 years ago, so that line has died out on the Ainscough side. Might not be correct on Uncle Wilf’s d.o.b could be nearer 1900 although he doesn’t appear on the 1901 census!

2. Another Uncle, Cecil Culshaw, (who married mothers other sister Ellen Wright) his mother was Margaret Ainscough b.1867 m Culshaw, Lower Barn Farm. Margaret was a daughter of John (1838-1916)& Ellen Smith (1837-1892), of Rutters Farm.

3. Also my mothers Grandmother on her Fathers side was Alice (nee Cowley) Wright c.1835-1898....Alice Cowley married Richard Wright- one of their sons
Thomas Richard Wright married Mary Mawdesley (Hardy). Although Mary's father was Joshua Hardy (married a Mawdsley), she was born out of wedlock & on her marriage cert. is identified as Mawdsley, although her mother & father were married by then!
My mother was one of 7 children:
1. Arthur b1901
2. Alice b1903
3. Ellen b1905
4. Frank b1907
5. Joseph b1909
6. Winifred Wright b1911
7. Cyril b1913

John Cobham's family
GG Grandparents: Peter Wright b 1791 & Mary Pope b 1797
G Grandparents: Richard Wright & Alice(Cowley)-(Richard Wright's brother William also married one of Alice’s (Cowley) Sisters).
Grandparents: Thomas Richard Wright married Mary Mawdesley
Parents: Winifred Wright married Cobham

I am a close friend of Mark Ainscough, Son of Cyril, Grandson of Martin of Fairhurst Hall.
John Cobham"

James Farley 1834-1897-Anthony Brown

(James Farley was my grandad's (Norbert Ainscough) grandfather, which makes him my GG grandfather).

Anthony Brown (Aus) writes the following:
"Hi All
Thanks to a professional researcher I commissioned, I now know the date and place of baptism of my greatgrandfather James Farley (or Farrelly the Irish name which has been anglicised to Farley). My grandmother Catherine Farley was recorded when baptised in Seacombe Cheshire as Farrelly as were her Siblings. James and two younger sisters were baptised in the Catholic Church in Mullingar County Westmeath. Full details are given in attachnments. Unfortunately the possibility of finding further details is low, as so few Irish records of the period are indexed.
Best wishes
Anthony Brown"

I have placed the Farley information in the drop box widget for you to download.

James Farley 1834-1897 - General notes
1834 born at Mullingar, Westmeath, Ireland Parents given as John
Farrelly & Ellen Dignum,
22 October 1933 Baptism of James Farrelly at Mullingar RC Parish -Sponsors William Reilly & Mary Monck
31 August 1841 Baptism of sister Ellen Farrelly at Mullingar RC Parish Sponsors Peter Carley & Sarah Carroll
2 June 1844 Baptism of sister Mary Anne Farrelly at Mullingar RC Parish Sponsors Thomas Murtha & Ellen Campbell
1854 Griffiths Valuation for Parish of Mullingar Westmeath lists John Ferley sic at 5 Bridge Street as tenant of a house, yard and small garden with an annual rateable value of £2.10.0d leased from the Earl of Granard, 1857 birth of daughter Mary
30 Mar 1864 at 9 Boot Lane, North Dublin at time of birth of son John
1864-67 migrated to England
15 May 1867 Shipbuilding labourer of Poolton-cum-Seacombe at birth of son James.
27 Dec 1869 General labourer living at Poolton cum Seacombe at time of birth of son Thomas
2 Apr 1871 Seacombe Buildings Poulton cum Seacombe James Farley Head M 36 M. Laborer in Ironworks Born Ireland.
20 Sep 1872 Labourer in Shipyard, living at Seacombe Buildings, Poolton Cres, Wallasley, Seacombe, Cheshire (birth of dau Catherine)
14 Aug 1875 at 4 Seacombe Building, Poolton-cum-Seacombe, Shipbuilder at birth of daughter Margaret.
2 Apr 1881 10 St. Mary's Avenue Birkenhead Cheshire James Farley Head M 45 M Sawyer (Unemp) bn Ireland
31 Mar 1891 7 Beech St. Barton-upon-Irwell James Farley Head m 56 Carpenter bn Ireland Mullingar
28 Sept 1895 Joiner Journeyman 78 St. James St. Salford, (Marriage of dau Catherine).
27 June 1897 died at 78 St. James Street Salford Lancashire England -June Q 1897 death registered as Salford 8d 145 age 59yrs
1 July 1897 buried at Weaste Cemetery Salford Grave 615 plot A9
11 Feb 1899 shown as Joiner (journeyman) (deceased ) on marriage certificate of dau Margaret to Thomas Murphy of 59 Monmouth Street Salford.

1920's Draper shop in Salford (from Harry Ainscough)But Bernadette disagrees said shop was run by Catherine Ainscough

Mary Hartley d.1998 & other researchers

General Notes: E. Mary HARTLEY [1314] 1
E. MARY HARTLEY, MBE PhD Members will be sad to hear that Mary died in her sleep on 6 January 1998. She joined English Catholic Ancestor, as our Society was then known, in 1984 having discovered she had Catholic ancestors in the Lancashire recusant
family of Ainscough. Over the years she contributed a number of well-researched articles to the journal. In 1989 Mary came to the AGM and, realising that the Society needed help, she volunteered her services as treasurer. During her term of office she organised the finances and set them on a firm basis for the future. Mary's life was spent in the teaching profession, both in England and Ghana.
Genealogy was her hobby and she spent many happy holidays researching in libraries and record offices up and down the country.
She was always happy to help others when she could and gave classes in family history to beginners. Mary faced the end with great courage and resignation, speaking of it, not as the "end" but as the "Beginning".

I have placed this information in the drop box widget for you to download.

As you are all probably aware, I've been able to able to publish most of this Ainscough blog content because the information has been made available to me by Anthony Brown (Aus - 1st cousin once removed). Anthony has recently been in touch to explain that it was only through enthusiastic teamwork that he managed to obtain this research. So accolades go to the following people for all their hard work - I'm not sure how many of them are still living, however Mary Hartley, as the obituary shows died in January 1998:
1. Mary Hartley who is descended from Elizabeth (Ainscough) 1709 - 1783 & Henry Anderton 1703-1765.
2. Eileen Begley who is descended from Hugh Ainscough 1822-1882 & Elizabeth (Cowley) 1824-1895.
3. Elfreda Woolrich who is descended from John Cowley 1859-1935 & Mary Ainscough 1851-ca1929.

For more thoughts from Mary Hartley- see blog detail Jan 12th 2007.
Ormskirk Ainscough in 1558

On 29 Jul 2007, at 04:35, Anthony Brown wrote:
"Hi Barbara
Thanks for your great efforts in publishing so much of our family history on the web, and for attracting further cousins we were unaware of. However you are being overgenerous in your praise of my efforts. Most of the details in my records pre 1800 are due to the efforts of other cousins who worked as a team in researching repositories in London and in Lancashire .
The most enthusiastic of the trio was Mary Hartley who is descended from Elizabeth Ainscough 1709 - 1783 and her husband Henry Anderton. (1703-1765). The others were Eileen Begley who is descended from Hugh Ainscough 1822-1882 & Elizabeth (Cowley) 1826-1891 & Elfreda Woolrich who is descended from John Cowley 1859-1935 & Mary Ainscough 1851-ca1929.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Old Mersey Times - Ainscough references

Hi Barbara
The main reason for this email is to ask you if you have a Hugh Ainscough from Burscough? Because there is an article on the Old Mersey Times website about the closure in 1881 of the Southport and West Lancashire Banking Company. Its from the Liverpool Journal. There is a Hugh Ainsclough (notice there is an L in the middle of the surname, but it still could be the same family) who was listed as one of the bank's directors.
Here is the web address, just in case you are interested.
Sylvia Wilcox

Thanks for this Sylvia - (I think that all refs. to Ainscough may have been misspelt on this site as Ainsclough - typos??) yes, Hugh Ainscough is Hugh of H&R Ainscough, corn millers, Burscough and Mary & Anthony from Parbold are direct descendants. I have a lot on this blog about them already - see previous posts. H&R Ainscough were the Parbold RC church benefactors. A search of the 'Old Mersey Times' site for "Ainsclough" reveals the following 5 refs. nb. but nothing is found for Ainscough!
Old Mersey Times Index
However, Im not sure if items 3, 4 or 5 - thats William, Thomas or John are part of the Mawdesley/ Parbold family as yet - perhaps somebody out there has researched already - if so can you let us know.
1. Southport and West Lancashire Banking Company Ltd, collapse 1881
Director: Hugh AINSCLOUGH [Burscough]
Southport Banking Collapse

2. Southport and West Lancashire Banking Company Ltd, collapse 1881 Shareholders A-C cashier AINSCLOUGH Hugh,
Southport Banking A

3. Colliery Disasters 1852- William AINSCLOUGH
colliery disasters 1852

4. Southport and Ormskirk Agricultural,
Thomas AINSCLOUGH, Scarisbrick, 2nd Best boar

Southport & Ormskirk agricultural

5. CRIMES 1849 -selling after hours John AINSCLOUGH Beerseller
Crimes 1849