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Rigbyes of Harrock Hall

A number of readers/ researchers have been interested in Harrock Hall and its past and whether the Ainscough family has been linked throughout time - see here for the current link

Thanks to my dad for uncovering more on the history and ownership of Harrock Hall. This information is taken from Ancestry.com Re: Rigbyes of Harrock Hall
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Posted: 6 Mar 2007 1:48PM GMT

Rigbye was also a first name and the last name of one. 
The eldest son of Rigbyes of Harrock Hall was always a Nicholas from the 1300's till about 1700 when there was no son to be heir. The estate was then left to the grandson, John Baldwin. 

His mother, Ann Rigbye, had married Rev. Thomas Baldwin. John Baldwin became the Rector of North Meols. He succeeded to the Harrock estates in 1787 and was granted armorial bearings on the 15th of September, 1787, whilst he was the rector of North Meols. He took the name and Arms of Rigbye by Royal licence. (I think, but am not sure that this was when an 'e' was added to the end of this line of Rigbys.) 
John named his third child, who was born in 1751, Rigbye, He was born Rigbye Baldwin, but changed his name to Rigbye after 1793, two years before he married Sarah Hamer, so he became Reverend Rigbye Rigbye. After this, for several generations, many children in these lines were given the middle name of Baldwin. Very confusing.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Potts m Ainscough - White Lion Inn, Wigan

On 13 Apr 2013, at 17:34, Kate Pearson  wrote:
If you think you are related to this family please contact Kate.

I am researching my Ainscough line, and found your blog on Google. After looking at it I initially felt it was not the same Ainscough line and was going to navigate away. However your post of January 19 2007 "Potts Family" caught my eye.
My ancestor, Jane Ainscough was the widowed innkeeper of a pub in Wigan. I found a flyer for the pub from a little later which I am attaching which has Mrs David Potts as the proprietress, and the pub was formally owned by Ned Ainscough. As your post was 6 years ago have you since found a link between the Potts and Ainscoughs, and have you found a link to the Wigan Ainscoughs?
I think there may be one as Jane Ainscough was born in Croston, nee Serjeant.

Kind Regards
Kate Pearson