Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ainscough Cricketers - Ormskirk & Ampleforth?

Ormskirk Cricket Team 1935
Ampleforth Cricket Team??
Ampleforth Cricket Team??
Images are from Ken Lea (kenandolwen@hotmail.com) with this information:
"The first photo is of an Ormskirk Cricket team circa 1935. Martin Ainscough is on the left of the middle row.
The second and third photos are not of Ormskirk CC and, I believe,not Wigan. It is more likely to have Ampleforth connections,judging by the blazers and "demeanour"!! I think that TOM is second from the left on the back row and HUGO far right on the front. I would only be guessing to name another. Can you help?
The third photo is similar I think that TOM is at the back,capless,in the porch doorway and HUGO bottom row,far right. Any help in identifying, welcome!!"

On 16 Dec 2008, at 15:56, Ken Lea (kenandolwen@hotmail.com) wrote:
I'm President and Historian of Ormskirk Cricket Club and recognise my writing on a couple of your photos! Probably via my friend, Don Ambrose. I will produce a book on the History of the Club in 2010,to commemorate our 175th.Anniversary. I will put you on my list to receive a copy if you wish as the Aiscough brothers will figure with its early development. Although there was some involvement with Wigan by the brothers (dual and treble membership was common) most of their cricket was with Ormskirk. I have a theory, concerning dogs, as to why Ormskirk was the greater attraction!!! I'll be glad to correspond if it helps with your research/interest.
Ken Lea

On 16 Dec 2008, at 16:03, Barbara Ainscough wrote:
Many thanks Ken...the photos were passed on to me via Anthony Ainscough, Parbold. This links to the following blog entries:

Thomas Ainscough-Wigan Cricketers/
Cricketers - Ainscough photos/

Also have you seen the blog entry of November 25th 2008 about the Wigan cricketers? Peter Lomax (peter_lomax@hotmail.co.uk) wrote:
.......Hi Barbara
I am researching the complete history of the Wigan Cricket Club for a dvd film and have found many links with the Ainscough family of (or nearby) Wigan.......

I wondered if it might be worth you getting in touch with Peter - sounds like you are likely to have the relevant facts about some of the Ainscoughs he is asking about.

Friday, December 05, 2008

more Ainscough oldies

Thanks to my 2nd cousin Jonathon Hopper, (son of Josie Ainscough and grandson of Maurice Ainscough) for this fantastic collection of old photos. They can be viewed online at the following Picasa photo sharing address:

Oldies- Ainscough photo collection/

If anybody recognises any of the buildings or people please do add a comment.
When I get chance I may download some and add to the Flickr Mawdesley - Ainscough photo pool.
Thanks Jonathon!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wigan Cricketers - Info on Thomas Ainscough & Capt. Ainscough (5th Manchester Regiment)

On 24 Nov 2008, at 23:02, peter lomax (peter_lomax@hotmail.co.uk) wrote:

Hi Barbara
I am researching the complete history of the Wigan Cricket Club for a dvd film and have found many links with the Ainscough family of (or nearby) Wigan. As many of the family have played for the Club over the 160 years I was hoping you could shed more light upon two people in particular. Thomas Ainscough, who played for Wigan and Lancashire in 1891-1906 (http://content-www.cricinfo.com/engvpak/content/player/8688.html) and a Capt. Ainscough who served in the 1/5th Manchester Regiment, 42nd East Lancashire Division in Egypt and France in 1914-15.
I have also spoken to a cricket historian, Don Ambrose, who has previously helped a Doreen Ainscough in finding information about Thomas and his times playing for Lancashire. Also, I am currently in pocession of newspaper reports of Thomas Ainscough's performances in certain games from 1909 and obituaries from the Wigan Observer and The Cricketer. This gives a detailed account of his life, however anything more personal to the man that you may offer would be of great help.
If you are unable to help in this matter, please feel free to hand my email to anyone you feel can, as every bit of information always helps. Thank you for your time.
Peter Lomax

On 25 Nov 2008, at 10:16, barbara ainscough wrote:
Hi Peter
Good to hear from you. Your work sounds very interesting and I would love to see what you find out and would welcome any further information, images and records to add to the blog.
The information I have about these 2 cricketers is all on my blog. This has been given to me from various sources including ancestors of the 2 gentlemen, namely Mary Ainscough and Anthony Ainscough of the Parbold Ainscough branch(brother and sister). They have also passed on a few old family photographs and I guess they would be the people to contact regarding additional information and permission to use photographs.
Cricketer John Ainscough (1863-1937) - Liverpool and District was the Grandfather of Mary & Anthony Ainscough, Parbold, (John was brother to Hugh & Thomas). It is this Thomas Ainscough (1865-1927)- Lancashire (Main FC: 1894-1906)(brother of John & Hugh) you seek further information about. Captain Cyril Ainscough is the other cricketer you are interested in. Both Thomas and Cyril are from this line of Ainscoughs.

GGG GrandfatherThomas AISCOUGH(1715-?)
G G Grandfather Hugh AISCOUGH (1745-?)
G Grandfather Richard AINSCOUGH (1770-1849)
grandfather Hugh AINSCOUGH (1816-1894) - Thomas is one of 13 children
father James AINSCOUGH (1858-1933)
Cyril AINSCOUGH (1893-1915) - is also nephew to Thomas - cricketer above

I have cc'd this email to them so you should be able to contact them by email. Should you have any difficulties please let me know and I will see if I can contact them.
The following blog entries might be of interest to you:

Hugh and Susan (Fairclough) Ainscough (parents of Cricketer Thomas)
Cricketers - Ainscough photos

(more family information)
Lancaster House

H&R Ainscough

Captain Cyril Ainscough
Captain Cyril Ainscough

Lancaster House today and contacts
Lancaster House

I hope this helps.

On 1 Dec 2008, at 15:47, peter lomax wrote:

Hi Barbara
Thank you ever so much for helping me with the information. I have emailed Tony and Mary for any further help they may be able to offer. Obliviously, covering 160 years of the Club, I have found many wonderful characters and important persons who have aided the club in so many ways. That is why writing a feature on the Ainscough family of Parbold who have for many years been involved with the Club would be best for the dvd project.
I will be writing up all the information on Thomas Ainscough and Capt. Cyril Ainscough that I have, and as soon as that is done I will email you a copy for your blog.
Thank you again, Peter.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Stopforth - Speakman - Fairclough - Ainscough links 1700s

Anne Ainscough b.1783
Anne Ainscough b1783

William Stopforth 1742 - tree
Fairclough (Wrightington) - tree
Joseph Speakman 1765 - tree

Thanks to Andy Scarisbrick the following (see snapshots above) trees are available for download (pdf) from the black box on the right:
Fairclough (Wrightington) Tree
Speakman James 1755 Tree
Speakman Joseph 1765 Tree
Speakman Tree
Stopforth William 1742 Tree

On 16 Nov 2008, at 15:21, Andrew Scarisbrick (andy_scarisbrick@hotmail.com) wrote:
Hi Barbara.
Do you ever get the feeling, when doing family research, that you end up going round in circles? I seem to be finding that at the moment.

First: I have been doing some work for someone on the Speakman family, and have found a Joseph Speakman, b. c.1765, who married a Susannah Ainscough b. c.1770, at Ormskirk, in 1795. The second son of this family was a Hugh Speakman, which is definitely an Ainscough name, who married a Mary Ditchfield.
I was wondering if you had ever come across a Susannah Ainscough born around 1770?

Second: I have also been doing some work on my mother's ancestry, and have traced back to a Margaret Ditchfield, nee Stopforth, daughter of James Stopforth, b. 1779, Lathom. I have found James' baptism at the Douglas chapel, Lancashire, and he was the son of William and Ann Stopforth. I have also found the marriage of a William Stopforth to an Ann Ainscough at Ormskirk in 1775.

Do you remember the wills of Hugh Ainscough of Ormskirk, liquor merchant, and Margaret Ainscough of Ormskirk, spinster, both died around 1812/3? They were brother and sister of your ancestor John, who married Margaret Worthington; so children of James Ainscough b. c. 1711. They both mentioned their sister Ann Stopforth (Stopford), wife of William. Hugh names two of her sons as John and Henry; Margaret says she has five sons.

Well, I can find the baptism of sons Edward, 1776; James, 1779 (see above); and John, 1781; with links to a possible William. Not sure about Henry yet.
Does this make sense to you? If so, it would definitely appear that I am descended from this Ann Stopforth nee Ainscough, b. ~1842. So I have another line of Ainscough ancestry.
All my research comes round again.
Please tell me what you think.

On 17 Nov 2008, at 20:43, barbara ainscough wrote:
Hi Andy - well done for the detective work and joining up of families!
thanks for this information...yes the names are very familiar and Im sure I have links to the Stopforth and Speakman families in the blog. I definitely recall the Wills of Hugh Ainscough liqour mercahnt and spinster sister Margaret Ainscough and the mention of their sister Ann Stopforth. Fascinating that you are linked to more than 1 line of Ainscoughs....have you access to any new Will information?? The Hugh and Margaret Wills are available on the blog and also in my Flickr area, infact im sure it was you who sent them to me previously. I shall look into Susannah Ainscough born around 1770 - the Parbold Ainscough branch spring to mind here.....sure Ive seen the Speakman/ Ainscough link here....leave it with me, perhaps Mary and Anthony Ainscough (Parbold) can help out.

Useful links are:



Also John Stopforth, Canada, (stopforj@shaw.ca) has provided information in the past about the Stopforth links....maybe try him??

On 19 Nov 2008, at 08:38, Paul Cobham (paul.cobham@hotmail.co.uk) wrote:
Jenny Trafford from Parbold ring any bells?
Paul Cobham

On 20 Nov 2008, at 12:56, Andrew Scarisbrick wrote:
Hi Barbara.
Thanks for your help. I am sure someone will know this mystery Susannah.
I was rather surprised (and worried) when I turned up the Stopforth/Ainscough marriage, and realised I had another Ainscough link in my family. I have no further wills at present, but intend to look for some Stopforth wills as soon as I get the chance.
It is also rather amazing how all these families interlink with one another. I have a younger son of Joseph Speakman and Susannah Ainscough, Richard, b. ~1814, Dalton, as marrying Mary Ainscough, youngest sister of Hugh (1816) of the Parbold branch.
I also have the Speakmans as connected to Faircloughs - I am not sure if there is a connection to the Susan/Susannah Fairclough who married Hugh Ainscough (1816) - I am looking at it.
But you can definitely see a complicated 'web' emerging amongst these families. If you are interested, I can pass on what I have on the Speakmans - although it is not yet complete.

p.s. I have connected that John Stopforth, and we are exchanging Stopforth info.

On 20 Nov 2008, at 13:31, barbara ainscough wrote:
anything and everything please ...especially those fab. family trees you draw - even if they are small. As long as there is some ref. to an Ainscough in there I can find an excuse to blog it...it definitely rings bells in the Parbold line to me too. I bet there is a link to Susannah Fairclough who was Mary Ainscoughs (parbold) GG grandad.
Glad you have mailed John Stopforth in Canada, I hope this turns something new up, he will be a good contact and from what I recall he has done quite a bit of work on the family. I really wouldnt worry about 2 Ainscough families turning up in your family. It semed to be qite a common thing, you will probably find they are very distantly related. Our tree also shows Ainscoughs marrying Ainscoughs. I must find out where and when, thinking about it, this could also be the same instance you mention.

On 22 Nov 2008, at 14:21, Andrew Scarisbrick wrote:

Hi Barbara.
Here are a few trees for you, showing some Speakmans, Stopforths and Faircloughs - with their Ainscough connections. They are still works in progress, so are not fully finished, and they may yet grow.
Also be aware that there are brackets around the 'descendant' lines for some children. These means that I have not found 100% proof that they are with the correct parents, but there is usually some logical deduction for them being there, so it would seem highly probable. Last time I spoke to you, there were about three times as many brackets - which I have since proven (my theories were correct) using the registers of Burscough RC chapel, now St. John the Evangelist.

First is the Joseph Speakman tree, who married the Susannah Ainscough xxx/1793. Note that two of their children married Faircloughs, and (I think) one son married an Ainscough.
Second is a James Speakman tree, who I believe could be a brother of the Joseph above. It was this branch I started researching for someone else (descendant through the Atherton Halsall line). This branch has no connection with Ainscoughs, but I have included it because there is a Speakman/Speakman marriage between the two branches(just to make it more confusing!).
Third is a large Speakman tree connecting what I think are the two brothers, above.
Fourth is the Fairclough (Of Wrightington) tree. I have now proven that the Susannah Fairclough who married Hugh Ainscough (1816) was the daughter of Hugh Fairclough and Catherine Speakman (Catherine daughter of Joseph Speakman and Susannah Ainscough). I hope you can understand these trees because there is a lot of intermarrying going on between these families. The only 'missing link' is where the Susannah Ainscough, b. c.1770 fits in.
Lastly is the Stopforth tree, showing the descendants of William Stopforth and Ann Ainscough.
marriage date of Joseph Speakman to Susannah Ainscough - 11th April 1793, at Ormskirk
When looking at the records of Burscough RC Chapel, as above, I found the following Ainscough related baptisms;
b. 13/8/1794 - chr. 15/8/1794 - Matthias s. Joseph & Susannah Speakman (nee Ainscough)
b. 6/1/1796 - chr. 7/1/1796 - Hugh s. Joseph & Susannah Speakman (nee Ainscough)
chr. 23/7/1809 - Edward s. Henry & Margaret Ainscough
b. 15/3/1834 - chr. 16/3/1834 - Margaret d. James & Elizabeth Cave (nee Ainscough)

The Speakmans are obvious, but I thought you may be interested in the others. I will try to see where they fit in.
Best Regards,

On 18 Dec 2008, at 12:53, Andrew Scarisbrick wrote:

Hi Barbara.
Thank you, that is really interesting. The Anne Ainscough b. 1783, when you say she is the sister of Richard A the elder, I am presuming you mean Richard Ainscough b. 1770 who married Elizabeth Livesey, father of H&R.

If so, I am sadly lacking in details of this family (i.e. Richard's brothers and sisters - I only know of one, James, who died 1818 Ulnes Walton) so that is useful info; and she will be distantly related to me through the Ainscoughs. I will see if I can find who she married, and if it is one of my Stopforths.

I have found the following burials at Croston church, from the online parish clerk, and I wondered if you had seen them? Do you think (as I do) that they belong to Thomas (b. 1715) and Richard (b. 1719), sons of Hugh Ainscough (very senior, b. ~1685)? If so, they could help to build up knowledge of this generation of the family.

Burial: 5 Jun 1746 St Michael and All Angels, Croston, Lancashire, England
Richard Ascough - Son of Thomas Ascough & Mary
Abode: Mawdesley
Occupation: Yeoman
Register: Burials 1728 - 1782, Page 36, Entry 23
Source: LDS Film 93712

Burial: 4 Jun 1745 St Michael and All Angels, Croston, Lancashire, England
Hugh Ascough - Son of Richard Ascough & Margaret
Abode: Mawdesley
Occupation: Husbandman
Register: Burials 1728 - 1782, Page 35, Entry 1
Source: LDS Film 93712

On 27 Nov 2010, at 00:58, Murray Leonard wrote:
Murray Leonard

Hi Barbara,
I've been looking at your site these last few days.
Thomas Holding married Jennet Stopforth 1766 in Wigan. Trying to find Jennet's baptism/family etc. IGI has a Jennet Stopforth baptised 1723 in Denton, Lancs, father William.
Maybe you know someone who may know something on this branch of Stopforths.
Also 1824 Wigan marriage between John Howard and Jane Holding witness John Speakman. John Speakman marries Martha Ward 1825 in Wigan. I wonder if John Speakman was related
to John Howard or Jane Holding.
Thanks Murray Leonard

Friday, September 05, 2008

‘LOCK UP YOUR BOSS’- Ainscough in jail!!

Dad has been in touch again with the following link - seems James Ainscough of Ainscough Crane Hire and a colleague have recently found themselves in trouble with the Law - not really!- it looks to have been both a fun and extremely successful charity raising event.....well done to all involved!
I just find it uncanny how alike Elvis James A looks......Im sure his ancestors would be proud of him.
Click the link to find out more.

On 4 Sep 2008, at 19:43, Peter Ainscough wrote:
Thought you'd like this:
Lock up your boss- Ainscough's in jail!/


Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Peter Ainscough 1856 & Hannah Partington 1856

Just received this email from Ray Beeker in Tennessee. The names do ring a bell but I can't remember who has contacted me in the past about this family.....if its you can you please get in touch with any information you might have.

On 2 Sep 2008, at 20:56, Catherine Beeker (rcridge@egix.net)wrote:

Found your wonderful site some time back. My greatfather, Peter Ainscough was from Bolton, Lancashire. Born 21May1856? Married Hannah Partington(16 Nov 1856-April 1926) They came to states in 1881 with 3 children. The oldest Thomas was my grandfather. Came over on the ship City of Rome.
Family settled in Tennessee. Peter died 9 JUN 1954 at 98 yrs old. not bad for a coal miner. Thomas m. Lillie Grace Ritter in 1900, came to Indiana thereafter. They had 11 children. 7 girls and 4 boys. My mother Rita was one of the daughters. Am interested in finding Peter's and Hannah's parents and anything else to help.
Ray Beeker--Bloomington Indiana USA.

PS the last remaining child of Thomas and Lillie will be 90 in Oct. and all nieces and nephews will be helping Uncle Porter Ainscough celebrate.

On 4 Sep 2008, at 07:23, barbara ainscough wrote:
Hi Nancy
its been some time (Dec 2006) since you sent your information in (italics below), you might be able to help Ray and Catherine here (see email below) - it seems you share the Hannah Partington link.

...I am so grateful you wrote. I have had such a tough time with my husbands ainscough family living here in the US. I had gotten back as far as a Thomas Ainscough born in Lostock, Lancashire, England between 1821-1825, we believe he was married to a Hannah Dickenson b. Great Bolch or Bolton, England
His children were John, Rosette, Mary, Helen "Ellen", Peter, Thomas, William, James Huey and Hannah. Nothing much yet on their spouses except for Peter who married Hannah "Anna" Partington. They are buried in Coalfield, Tennesee; John who married Elizabeth Bramley; Mary who married a John Roscow or Samuel Darbyshire.

Peter Ainscough b. 21 may 1856 Lostock, Lanchashire, England and Hannah Partington b. bet 1856-1858 Possibly in Westhoughton, Lancashire, England were married 10 Jun 1876 iBolton, Le Moors, Lancashire, England, they had a Thomas, John, Ellen, Margaret, Hannah "Anna", Sarah Alice, Peter, Henry, all were born in the States except for Thomas, John and Ellen.
I am hoping more Ainscough decendants start adding to more genealogy sites on the net.

Ray - on my blog simply type Partington into the search box - top left to find all posts with relevant info. in. There is also a reference to an Elizabeth Partington in a blog of Feb 2008 - could she be related? Hope this helps.
Let me know how you get on.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A place called Ascog - Scotland

Dad mailed me a few weeks ago with the following information but Ive just got round to looking it up on the internet.....Ascog, situated on the east coast of the Isle of Bute, located about a mile and a half south east of Rothesay. It has an Ascog House with origins dating back to 1678. Looks like a gorgeous place to visit, although the site I visited doesnt give any information about early history.....interesting though. I have fiund further information on another website that says nearby "Rothesay Castle, a moated, circular structure was captured by the Vikings in 1230.."


On 25 Jul 2008, at 20:03, Peter Ainscough wrote:
Hi B
Quite by accident whilst browsing through a brochure we picked up while we were away, I discovered a place called Ascog in Scotland. The coincidence seems too good to be true, so I looked it up on the map. It sits a mile or two below Rothesay on the Isle of Bute and is a very small village or hamlet. However, close by is a Loch Ascog which seems to indicate that the name is of some historical significance there. It would fit in with a Scandinavian move southwards from Iceland or wherever, perhaps ???
Who knows - and there's no way of proving any of it that I can think of.
Thought you'd be interested.
Love, Dad

Monday, August 18, 2008

Anne (Ayscough) Askew - radio 4 broadcast

On 17 Aug 2008, at 11:00, Mary Ainscough wrote:

Hi Barbara, Just wondering if you caught 'Forbidden Families' on radio 4 the other day. this episode was all about Anne Askew the Protestant Martyr.
Love Mary

Radio4 Broadcast - Anne Askew (Ayscough)/


Thursday, July 31, 2008

Barbara Ascough d.1811 m Charles Nicholson

Ive just received an email fro Michael Turner in Sydney, Aus. He is interested in finding out more information about Barbara Ascough and family, Bedale, Yorks. Barbara went on to marry Charles Nicholson and had 1 son Charles Nicholson. Tragically she died young. Michael is the curator of the Nicholson Museum, named after Barbara's son Charles. If anybody can help please get in touch with either Michael or myself.

On 31 Jul 2008, at 06:05, Michael Turner (m.turner@usyd.edu.au) wrote:

Hi Barbara
Can you help me??
I’m the curator of the Nicholson Museum at the University of Sydney. The Museum is named after Charles Nicholson (1808-1903). There are however several unresolved mysteries about Nicholson and his origins.
Nicholson’s mother was your namesake (nearly) Barbara Ascough. She was married to Charles Nicholson (b. Cockermouth).
Barbara died when Charles was 3 in 1811. Charles senior in 1824. Following the death of his mother, Charles was brought up by his maternal aunt, Mary Ascough, in Bedale.
Nicholson qualified as a doctor from Edinburgh University in 1833 and immediately sets sail for Australia, sponsored by his uncle William Ascough, who was a wealthy trader etc on the Hawkesbury River in NSW. In 1836, William drowned in a boating accident on the Hawkesbury. He left Charles his entire fortune.
Nicholson lived in Australia until 1862 when he returned to England. In 4 successive UK censuses he gave his place of birth variously as Whitby (x2), Sleights, and Bedale.
Can you help me with any background on the various Ascoughs in this story??
2008 is the bicentenary of the birth of Sir Charles Nicholson and we’re planning a large exhibition on him for November this year. He is one of the more famous (and certainly one of the richest) Australians of the 19th century.

With best wishes

Senior Curator
The Nicholson Museum
The University of Sydney NSW 2006 Australia - www.usyd.edu.au/museums

On 31/7/08 5:03 PM, "barbara ainscough" wrote:
Hi Michael
good to hear from you. With your permission I would like to add this to the blog and see if anybody else out there can help. It undoubtedly sounds like this Ascough family stem from the Bedale branch......lots of history there. Do you have a birth date for Barbara A?? Also do you have any info about her parents??
When I get a moment I shall look into it.
best wishes

On 31 Jul 2008, at 08:19, Michael Turner wrote:
Hi Barbara
Thanks for the speedy reply - sensational!
All I know further at this stage about Barbara is that she was the daughter of ‘J. Ascough. Esq., of Bedale’. Do please add to the blog.
I should add that Nicholson was always said to come from Cockermourth, and that Cockermouth are subsequently very disappointed to be about to lose a ‘famous son’. Their loss, Bedale’s gain!

On 1 Aug 2008, at 15:34, Andrew Scarisbrick wrote:
Hi B
Barbara Ascough was the youngest daughter of John Ascough Esq. of Bedale, but I am sorry, I can't track this family for certain. I cannot get a good handle on this family, as all the members involved seems to have either died before the censuses, or emigrated.
It seems apparent that Barbara comes from the Ascough family which were a minor gentry family from the Bedale area. Interesting to note the village called Aiskew by Bedale.
There are, in fact, a number of Ascoughs from the Bedale/Masham area, found in the 1851 census, who are probably all connected. However, that would be a large task to undertake.
There are a few references to the landed Ascough family I have found on the internet, including a William Ascough esq. of Kirby Malzeard (Malzart), which is just south of Masham.
It may be worth finding the Victoria County History volume for North Yorkshire, for the Bedale/masham area, and seeing if this mentions the Ascoughs for any of the local manors.
I am sorry I couldn't be of more help.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

"Olsok" Wirral-Chester Viking Churches Heritage Walk/Pilgrimage

On 18 Jul 2008, at 00:45, Harding Stephen wrote:

Dear Colleague
Please can I bring to your attention this years "Olsok" Wirral-Chester Viking Churches Heritage Walk/Pilgrimage which this year goes from the church of St. Mary and St. Helen at Neston to St. Olave's in Chester.
It is on Saturday July 26th and starts at 9am. It will be led by myself and Dr. Dan Robinson, Emeritus Keeper of Archaeology at the Grosvenor Museum in Chester.
Details are on:

The remarkable Viking stone fragments at the church at Neston - and the work going on to build a replica of the "Viking Lady" cross will be featured on ITV1 Granada this Sunday (6pm) on the Lost Treasures - Vikings Show. St. Olave's will also be featured too. For those not in the Granada region the show can be picked up as follows:

Sunday July 20th: ITV1 Granada, 6.00pm BST. LOST TREASURES: VIKINGS. King of Sat gives the following Satellite details for the appropriate Frequency, Polarisation, Symbol Rate and FEC settings: Astra 2D 28.2°E. 10758.00V. 22000 5/6.
If you wish to come on the walk it is important you email myself, Dan Robinson or Mike Morris (contact details on the web site) well in advance so we have an idea of numbers. Please read the instructions carefully on the web site,
All best

Steve Harding

Stephen Harding (Professor of Biology)
University of Nottingham
Sutton Bonington
LE12 5RD, UK
Viking blog: http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/-sczsteve

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Hugh Ainscough b.1740 (Scarisbrick line)

The full trees (pdf)and the Will translation (.doc) can be downloaded from the black box area on the right.
Julia Caunce (cauncej@hotkey.net.au) has been in touch regarding a link to a Hugh Ainscough b. 1740. I think this is more likely to be one of the Ainscoughs linked to the Scarisbrick tree. Thanks to Andrew Scarisbrick once again for confirming this. The really strange part about all of this is that this Hugh Ainscough b.1740 owned a part share of the Eagle and Child pub in Ormskirk, which is once again also owned by an Ainscough today (from the Parbold line)!!!!
Talk about keeping it in the family?

On 30 May 2008, at 03:22, Caunce J wrote:

Hi Barbara,
I have found a connection with your tree through Hugh Ainscough (b circa 1760), grandson of Hugh. He married Jane and had a son Thomas (1790 - 1869) who became a bailiff and died at Scarisbrick. Thomas had 7 children, among them Jane who was the great grandmother of my husband, Neil Caunce. I would be happy to share any information I have for this family if you are interested.
Julia Caunce

On 30 May 2008, at 14:49, Barbara Ainscough wrote:

Just checked...I do have a Hugh b. c 1760 - the liquor merchant but he never married!!......hmm. Shall have to go back to the Hugh Ainscoughs that Andrew Scarisbrick researched to find out who your Hugh is.
see detail here.......
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

On 2 Jun 2008, at 21:52, Andrew Scarisbrick wrote:
Hi Barbara and Julia.
Yes, the Caunce connection does fit into my Ainscough family.
I have a Jane Ainscough (b. 1847, Scarisbrick) who married a James Caunce in 1868. Is this your family Julia?
Jane was the daughter of Robert Fairclough Ainscough and Alice (maiden name as yet unknown), and Robert was the son of Thomas Ainscough and Ann Fairclough. Thomas (b. 1790) was the son of Hugh Ainscough (~1740-1820) and Jane Rimmer (1752-1828).
Another interesting coincidence, Barbara. Your very Gt Gt uncle, Hugh Ainscough b.1760 of Ormskirk, was a liquor merchant
My ancestor, Hugh (b. 1740) owned a part share of the Eagle and Child pub in Ormskirk. Could this mean they may have known each other? One buying drink off the other?
I hope this helps you Julia. If you are interested, I can send you family trees for this Ainscough family, including the Caunce connection.
Best Regards,

On 3 Jun 2008, at 13:07, Andrew Scarisbrick wrote:
Hi Barbara
here are the pertinent family trees for my early Ainscoughs, and the branch which contains the Caunces. Also attached is the Will of my Hugh Ainscough (~1740-1820), whi
I am also Ccing copies to Julia, so you can see where I fit into the Aiscough's, Julia and if this is your Caunce branch.

On 12 Jun 2008, at 02:36, Caunce J wrote:
Hi Andrew and Barbara
Thankyou Andy and Barbara so much for your information. I see that I will have a busy time updating and checking my files.
I have attached files that show we have the right connection. I have Robert Ainscough marrying Alice Ashcroft and Thomas Ainscough marrying Ann Fairclough after Robert was born.
Ann's parents were George Fairclough (bp1761-?) m 20 May 1783, North Meols Elizabeth Blundell (bp1757 -?).
Grandparents were Thomas Fairclough and Jennet Gill m.24 Jan 1758 North Meols and George Fairclough (bp 4 Jan 1761 N Meols) m. 20 May 1783 N Meols Elizabeth Blundell (bp. 30 Oct 1757 N Meols). Elizabeth was the daughter (I think) of John Blundell and Alice. I have not done a lot on this family for a couple of years and since I have moved recently there could still be stuff to add that I have not yet unpacked.
I apologise for the delay in this. I have been in Canberra for a few days but have now returned to sunny Queensland and lots and lots of emails to answer.

On 15 Jun 2008, at 20:56, Andrew Scarisbrick wrote:

Hi Julia
Thank you very much for the information you passed on, it was very useful, including Robert Ainscough's marriage to Alice Ashcroft.
I was very interested about John, the son of Thomas Ainscough (1790), that you had, from Thomas' Will. This has proven a theory of mine, because I have known about a John Ainscough, but couldn't until now, prove that he was the son of Thomas 1790.
In Scarisbrick in 1841, there is a John Ainscough with his wife Jane living just down the road, less than a mile, from Thomas, at Ainscough's Lodge. I know exactly where this was, if you are interested. In 1851, John and Jane are living at Bootle, with some of his children given as born at Scarisbrick. He had died by 1861, and I think his widow, Jane, was living in Burscough.
John was 40 in 1851, so he was born around 1811. Strangely, his place of birth is given as Croston. There is a baptism of a John Ainscough at North Meols, 27th December 1812, son of Thomas and Ellen, of Churchtown; and in Ormskirk, there is a marriage of a Thomas Ainscough to an Ellen Shaw, 22nd December 1811. So this is the John in question. His place of birth as Croston has always puzzled me, though. Could it be a misspelling of Crossens? Which is next to Churchtown.
What I hadn't known was if John's father was our Thomas Ainscough (1790). I haven't seen Thomas's Will, but if it says he had a deceased son John, then I think this would prove he is the father of this John.
Would it be at all possible, if you don't mind, for you to pass on a copy of his Will to me?
I am attaching copies of corrected versions of the necessary family trees again.
Thank you,

Monday, May 19, 2008

Ascough connections??

Thanks to Steve Ascough for the above images.

The 3 asses carved on the church pew and in the stained glass are from the Ainscough/Ascough coat of arms.

I look forward to finding out more about the Ascough connection to the Ainscough family that Steve Ascough mentions here......
On 19 May 2008, at 17:33,Steve Ascough(sma@smart-innovation.co.uk) wrote:
Good afternoon Barbara,
I have been tracing my family history for the last three years and have accumulated a wealth of information. You are more than welcome to anything I have, though I am sure that some of it will already be known to you.
Specifically, I have kept mainly to the Ascough spelling ( for obvious reasons). My family centred around lower Wensleydale until the industrial revolution when my GG grandfather moved into industrial West Yorkshire.
I have found direct links back to 1770 and more tenuous, but certainly connected, links back to the Wars of the Roses.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Best regards,
Steve Ascough

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Darrell Ainscough climbs Everest!

Craig Ainscough (carguy_510@hotmail.com) from Vancouver has brought the following to my attention....good luck Darrell!
"Dear Barbara, an Ainscough is in the process of climbing Mount Everest. His name is Darrell. His father and my father were cousins. Although he lives in this area Ive never met him, infact I didnt know anything about him until I saw a photo in the newspaper."
Manisha Krishnan, North Shore News -Published: Friday, March 28, 2008
A 10-year North Shore Canada Post worker is on his way to the top of Mount Everest, armed with the signatures of dozens of supporters of Sage Transition House.
Darrell Ainscough, a 54-year-old letter carrier at the Capilano Delivery Centre, has climbed six of the seven highest summits in the world. Everest is the only one he's left to conquer.
"It takes you to different parts of the world so it's a focus for your travel. Once you've done the climb you can kind of relax and explore the culture in area the around the climb," he said.
For the full story visit: http://www.canada.com/northshorenews/news/story.html?id=b6a2aa66-ec48-4831-99c1-4e1a46f5bb44&k=81029

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Utah- Vancouver Ainscough

Craig Ainscough (carguy_510@hotmail.com) has been in touch from Utah and is wondering if anybody can help him trace his ancestry back to the UK, probably Lancashire origins. He says; "My 'herd' of Ainscoughs came North to Canada from Utah. My father and I were both born in Southern Alberta and I now live in Vancouver."
He thinks it was his GG grandfather William who made the journey to Utah in the mid 1800's. If anybody has any suggestions as to how he might go about finding immigration lists or you recognise a similarity in your own family tree please contact him and cc me into the email- Im curious!

On 7 May 2008, at 14:44, craig ainscough (carguy_510@hotmail.com) wrote:
Dear Barbara - hello from Vancouver, Canada. I came across your "ainscough" website (very nicely done, if i might add) and I ended up going through some old papers and family trees.
I remember as a child, being told our family comes from Lancashire, but there was a large gap between there and here. Many Ainscoughs are named william, wives dying in childbirth, they remarry and, of course, they seemed to have so many children, it's difficult to track. This is what I have-perhaps you can tell me more?

-Craig Ainscough (thats me) born Fort Macleod, Alberta 1947
-Reed (my father) born Cardston, Alberta 1918
-William George (my grandfather) born Smithfield, Utah 1885
-William Thomas (my great grandfather) born Big Cottonwood, Utah 1854

.....and William Thomas' father was another William and that is where my information stops. what do you think?
craig ainscough

On 7 May 2008, at 19:20, barbara ainscough wrote:
Hi Craig
Thanks for getting in touch.
Sorry - I have no idea!!! it would help if you had at least one ancestor you could trace back to the UK......that way we can access census detail but I wouldn't know where to start in Utah. Have you tried checking immigration records - they would be able to tell you who emigrated when. Once we have the UK link then we can start to check census detail at this end which lists parents and siblings and is so much easier to work back from.

I will put this on my blog and see if anybody else recognises the link - there are 1 or 2 Ainscoughs who have contacted me that have come up against a blank wall - maybe they fit into your line. Do you have any old photos or even one of yourself that I could post with this item?
The other thing you might try is Mike Ainscoughs website but I guess you have tried this already??

On 7 May 2008, at 19:42, craig ainscough wrote:
To be honest....without any details, I was told the ainscoughs migrated from Pennsylvania to Utah.......
It was interesting reading all your relatives war records. My grandfather was a captain in the Canadian Armys 13th overseas mounted rifles during WW1 and was instrumental in formation of that unit. Up until recently, I had his dress sword, scabbord and belt. My children had never shown interest in that sort of thing, so I donated it to a military museum in Calgary.
My father was a Captain in a field artillery regiment, went to England and was in France on D-Day plus 2. After wars end, he stayed in the militia (britains version of the "territorial" army) and retired as a lieutenant-colonel of the South Alberta Light Horse Regiment (tanks)
I am an artist. I worked in the advertising and marketing depts. of newspapers and retired two years ago. I also freelanced for "road&track," an international automotive magazine published in the US (hence my "carguy" hotmail address) my wife was English, born North of London and raised in Tunbridge Wells, died about 7 years ago.
Thanks again for all your help.

Anthony Ainscough Brown wrote:
Was pleased to hear from you via barbara. It is hard for us to advise you.
You really need to find details of the birth of William and details of his parents etc until you find an ancestor born in England. Hopefully in Lancashire, then search the immigration records , and then search for a birth/baptismal record, which could lead to his English ancestors, which we can check to see if he fits in one of our
family trees.
You could seek help from a member of a Utah family history society to help in your search in that State.
Good Luck
Anthony Ainscough Brown (a first cousin once removed to Barbara).

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Thomas (1898-1974) & Mamie (Mitchell) (1897-1971) Ainscough

Great to hear from Mark Ainscough in South Fremantle, Western Australia - Ive been waiting for them to get in touch for sometime! Mark and Ruth are my 2nd cousins but I know nothing about them or their families apart from the fact that they existed and were in the tree that Tony Brown passed on.....Im hoping I will find out more soon though... Marks grandfather Thomas Ainscough was one of my grandfather's older brothers. if you click on the wedding photo it will take you to my Flickr where you can read a description and find out who they all were.
Thomas AINSCOUGH m 1925
On 4 May 2008, at 10:05, Mark Ainscough (ains500@gmail.com) wrote:
Dear Barbara, I cannot explain how excited we were to see your Blog.
As it happened Cathy and I were in Denmark (West Aust) with my parents (Terence and Mabel) and my Sister (Ruth) when I received an email from my son's (Chris) wife Jesse. Her email was all about your Blog! We are now going to dig through the archives and find any photos we can of Dad as a child and his family. He recalls well, the photo you have of his parents getting married. It was always on display in his Mum and Dad's home (Thomas and Mamie).
Well done Barbara, I will Scan some photos and send them to you when I am back in Fremantle (work).
In brief, we lived in Rainow Near Macclesfield, Cheshire until 1966. Dad was offered a contract with Australian Commonwealth and we have been (apart from some holidays back in in England) in Australia ever since.
Talk more soon. Attached is a photo taken of us on Rottnest Island WA 2002.
This is going to be fun.......
Mark Ainscough

Relationship is as follows:
5. Henry Ainscough (1868-1912) m 28th September 1895 Catherine Farley (1872 - 1951) FATHER
4.0 Thomas Ainscough (11 June 1898-2 October 1974) (grandad) m Mamie MITCHELL (6 Sept 1897-12 April 1971) BROTHER of Norbert (my grandad)
3.0 Terence Ainscough (1 Nov 1927-) 1st COUSIN of Peter (my father)m Mabel Potts
2.0 Ruth Ainscough (28 Dec 1960-) and Mark Ainscough(5 July 1956- brother and sister) 2nd COUSIN

5. Henry Ainscough (1868-1912) m 28th September 1895 Catherine Farley (1872 - 1951) FATHER
4. Norbert Ainscough (1903 - 1991) m 31st March 1934 Freda Faulkner (1910 -1993?) BROTHER
3. Peter AINSCOUGH m Margaret Nangle - 1st COUSIN
2. Barbara AINSCOUGH - 2nd COUSIN

On 20 May 2008, at 07:25, Anthony Brown wrote:
Hi all glad to hear from you
I remember you from when you lived in Melbourne, before moving west .
My grandmother Catherine Ainscough nee Farley was widowed in 1912, and married William Henry Seymour , nicknamed POP in 1924 (registered in June Q 1924 8d 693.
I remember him as My mother and my brother Kevin & sister Margaret and myself stayed with them for some months when we visited England in 1937.
Anthony Brown

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Catherine (Ainscough) Laycock

Ainscough Norbert - 1986

Great to hear from another of my long lost cousins (there's a million of them so its easy to lose them!). Catherine (catlaycock@yahoo.com) writes:
Hi Barbara
I am Catherine Laycock your cousin (nee Robinson Auntie Cath's eldest daughter) not sure if you would remember me except that I was the gangly awkward teenager in one of your pics!
Thanks for the work that you have put into the Ainscough family tree it is fascinating and I have spent many an hour browsing your pics and facts and have been able to show my son; Sam a real picture of his heritage; without your work I would never have been able to maintain his interest longer than a few minutes!
I hope that you do not mind but I have copied some of your pics, in particular the one of grandma and grandad on the garden bench giggling and this pic now graces all our
homes! I love the fact that they look so in love!
Thanks again
Catherine xx

Friday, April 04, 2008

Wilfred Ainscough b.1899 Mawdesley

Ainscough of Harrock Hall
Teresa (1872-1921), John (1866-1942), Mary (1866?-1942) and Oswald Thomas Ainscough (1905-1969)
Many thanks to John Cobham (john.j.cobham@btinternet.com) for providing these details about another line of the Mawdesley Ainscough descendants, stemming from my GGGGG grandparents John Ainscough (1752-1835) m Margaret Worthington (1751-1835). A WILL is available to obtain for those of you interested in gathering evidence. This line of Ainscoughs has now ended.

GGG grandparents:
James(1711-1782) m Margaret (1739-?), Mawdesley
GG grandparents:
John Ainscough (1752-1835) m Margaret Worthington (1751-1835), Mawdesley
G grandparents:
John Ainscough (1794-1872) m Margaret Wignall (1797-1866), Mawdesley

John Ainscough (1838 -1916)m 1862 Ellen Smith (1837-1892),Rutters Farm, Mawdesley
William John (1866-1942) m Teresa Valentine (1872-1921), Higher Barn Farm, Mawdesley
Wilfred Ainscough b.1899 m Alice Wright in 1931 - no children
Cyril Francis 1901-1996 married but no children
Vincent b.aft.1901 - unmarried
Gertrude b.aft.1901-1990? - unmarried
Lucy b.aft.1901 - unmarried

About Wilfred Ainscough b.1899
Residence: 1901 Copyhold Farm, Wrightington - Later moved to Paradise Farm, Shevington
Spouse: Alice Wright 1931
John Cobham writes: Uncle Wilf married my mothers sister, so his brothers & sisters were only related by marriage & also he lived just down the road from us in Mawdesley, so I saw him almost daily.
His brother Cyril was born in 1901 & all the others were younger, I used to take my mother to visit Gertie & Lucy. Of the remaining siblings only Cyril married & he didn't have any children so the line died out when cousin Francis died in 1996. From leaving school, presumably at age 13 until aged about 45 -50 he worked on the family farm in Shevington, from about 1950 he worked at the Royal Ordnance Factory in Euxton nr Chorley until he retired.
Paradise Farm in Shevington was sold for building & Vin, Gertie & Lucy retired to a large house in Newburgh nr Parbold. Gertie was the last to die approx 1990.
I'm nearly sure, but can't be 100% certain, that Teresa Valentine's brother married John Ainscoughs sister Mary - so that's another line to go down!!.....it never ends

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Mike Ainscough - songwriter

I've been meaning to add this link for sometime.....I was recently surprised to find that my cousin Mike Ainscough was a flourishing songwriter and musician.....his songs are really worth listening to.....its just not that veasy to get hold of a CD - Mike -if youre reading this Im still waiting for mine!!!! Click on the link to a get a preview of the album 'Glory Road'. The CD is available now but I can't see a means of ordering on Mike's 'my space' as yet, so if you would like one then best to email Mike directly on:

On 19 Sep 2007, at 19:14, mainscough@aol.com wrote:
Please check out a sample of some of the songs that will be on my soon to be released album 'GLORY ROAD', at http://www.myspace.com/mikeainscoughmusic

Regional distribution of the name Ainscough

Many thanks to my cousin Mike's daughter Nicola Ainscough for this link to the National Trust Names Website........"which presents the findings of a project based at University College London (UCL) that is investigating the distribution of surnames in Great Britain, both current and historic. It allows users to search the databases that we have created, and to trace the geography and history of their family names...."

As Nicola pointed out many of the Ainscough Clan havent migrated far from their roots!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Priorswood Hall

On 28 Mar 2008, at 10:26, Mick Pierce (mick.pierce@ntlworld.com) wrote:
Good morning Barbara,
I've been reading your history of the Ainscough family. What has made it more interesting for me is a tenuous connection to my mother's parents - Alf & Florence Growcott. They worked for 'Mr & Mrs Ainscough', as my Gran always called them, at Priorswood Hall. I don't know the exact dates but I have a couple of memories of this time. I was still an only child - no older than 4 & not later than 1966. I can remember being in a kitchen with my Gran and having a piece of cake. This is not too unusual, as my Gran & cake were inseparable. There was always a cup of tea & a just-baked cake whenever we went to see her. I also remember a parrot in a cage, in the kitchen, I think.
The second memory is being held by my grandad outside a stable door, looking at the horses. One of them nibbled the buttons off his jacket cuff. In fact, my mum has a picture of us taken at this time. When my grand parents retired, I spent a great deal of time with them at their home in Eccleston. Priorswood & the Ainscoughs were talked about frequently. My Gran spoke about the Ainscough's sons - the boys - but I can't remember names, although Mark & Simon(?) are niggling in my mind. I know that they were happy times and a great source of pride for my grand parents.
I can remember passing Priorswood many times, although a long time ago. Is Priorswood still a family home occupied by a new Mr & Mrs Ainscough? I do hope that you don't mind me telling you this. If you have time to reply to this email, I would be glad to know of anything you can tell me about Priorswood.
Thank you for your time.
Michael Pierce.

On March 28, 2008 12:43 PM barbara ainscough wrote:
Hi Mike
good to hear from you-this is what I have already on the blog...I think it was Cyril Ainscough who purchased Priorswood Hall in 1950 but he died in 1980, buried in parbold RC churchyard. His widow is still living in Parbold if you wanted to look her up...I dont know her but I do have connections that might be able to help - she/ the family may have some photos too??
Unfortunately I dont have any images of it though and Im not sure if an Ainscough family still live in the Hall....if anybody does know the answer to this question we would love to hear from you.

This is a previous blog entry:
Martin Ainscough b.1898-d.5th March 1973 age 75 and wife Beatrice Mary b.1897–d.10th December 1992 age 95
On 3 Sep 2007, at 08:31, JOHN COBHAM wrote:
Martin Ainscough (d1973) was the son of James Ainscough mentioned here. He was a landowner & farmer. Also the main shareholder & chair of Lion Brewery, Blackburn. In 1963 Martin bought the Croston Hall estate (formerly belonging to the De Trafford family) from the Catholic Archdiocese of Liverpool.
Cyril Ainscough was Martin's son & took over the running of the Brewery, He lived at Priorswood Hall, Lees lane. He has a brother Peter who still runs the Parbold farms. Cyril's widow is still living in Parbold & there are 4 sons & a daughter. Mark Ainscough(2nd son) is a friend of mine. Peter Ainscough's son Martin owns several good pubs & restaurants one of which the Eagle & Child is in Bispham Green.
The Croston Hall estate has recently been sold by Mark Ainscough but Martin owns about 300 acres of it including the site of the demolished Croston Hall.
All for now,

Also the Parbold Church has a little info. about the Hall.
I hope this helps .......looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Nathan Ainscough b.1853, Churchtown, Lancs.

Ainscough - Ramsgate, Thanet
Nathan Ainscough b.1853, Churchtown, Lancs
Nathan (b.1853) & Ellen Ainscough
Richard Thomas Ainscough b.1893

Richard & Nathan Ainscough 1901 census

Andrew Scarisbrick has provded 2 trees which illustrate very simply this family's origins, these can be downloaded from the black box on the right: titles: 1.Ainscough Tree early.PDF and 2. Thomas Ainscough 1825 Tree.PDF

On 27 Mar 2008, at 06:44, Graham Ainscough (jng@ainscough.se) wrote:
Dear Barbara,
My name is Graham Ainscough and I found out about your blog through my sister Valerie.
We are descendents of a Lancashire branch of the family. Our great grandfather Nathan we know very little about except that he was probably born in the 1870s in Lancashire. Our grandfather, Richard Thomas Ainscough, was born in Ormskirk on 24 August 1893 and moved down to Ramsgate in Thanet where he married a London girl, Louisa Davis, and gave birth to my father, Richard Thomas Ainscough on August 10th 1919. He married my mother, Margaret Faulkner from Gloucester in 1944 and my sister and I were born in Ramsgate.
One interesting fact about my grandfather and my father is that they were both railwaymen on the Southern Region. My great grandfather was a farmer, so the occupational development appears to tie in with your observation about male members of the family becoming railwaymen.
In 1967 I moved to Sweden. As far as I know we are the only Ainscoughs living in Sweden. Over the years a vague interest in the origins of our family name has gradually grown, particularly as I am fairly certain they stem from Scandinavia. My father was always convinced there was a “Scandinavian connection” and this encouraged me to look further. As you mention in your blog, the Swedish word for forest is “skog”. You have made the link to “oak wood” whereas I’ve made the link to “juniper forest”, which in Swedish is “enskog” with the “en” pronounced “ain”. This theory is partly supported by the fact that there is a quartet of female singers who come from the island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea who call themselves the Ainbusk Singers. Ainbusk translated into English would be “juniper bush”. So the combination of wood/forest/bush and various species to make up family names clearly exists.
The cricket connection is another interesting aspect. My nephew, i.e. Valerie’s son, is the first person to appear on your list of cricketers, i.e. AIRS Ainscough. He has always been interested in and very good at the game and, as the list mentions, has in fact played for Worcestershire 2nd X1. As a teenager in England my summers were completely devoted to cricket. I played for the school team on Saturdays, the local men’s team on Sundays and every other evening of the week was spent in the nets. My father, although not an active player, was also extremely interested in cricket. He was an avid supporter of Kent and umpired quite a few local games in his time.
My biggest regret is that about 20 years ago I turned down the offer from one of my relatives in Southport – I believe from Richard Wareing who was married to Alice Ainscough – to take over the family bible. I was apparently the last male in our branch of the Ainscough family at that time, and they had no use for it themselves. I already owned a family bible (but not my own family’s) and the idea of lugging it over to Sweden was not particularly enticing. If by any chance that bible is still around, I certainly wouldn’t turn the offer down a second time.
My father was convinced about the Scandinavian connection. I’m not sure, but it certainly seems to make sense. And in some way it would be a fitting conclusion. I have always loved living in Sweden. I feel very much at home here, and it would be fascinating to think that of the group of Norsemen who at one time “sacked, raped and pillaged” the inhabitants of Britain one at least has now returned to his origins (I’ve given up the raping and pillaging side but still enjoy a decent bit of sacking every now and then!). If there would be any interest in doing a DNA test on me, I would also be up for it, by the way.
Thank you for your good work on the blog and I look forward to further fascinating revelations.

Graham Ainscough
JNG Ainscough HB
e-mail: jng@ainscough.se Website: www.ainscough.se

On 27 Mar 2008, at 08:29, barbara ainscough wrote:
Its lovely to hear from you. When I get time I shall see if I can make a link here back to Ormskirk. This information will really help others - I have a number of Ainscoughs on the blog that cannot link directly with our Mawdesley Ainscough branch - although they originate from very close by - Scarisbrick and Southport. The blog has been a huge help to others tracing their families. Also if you have any census detail, wills, old photos of parents/ grandparents that I could add to the blog - this would be great - pictures add clarity.
Thanks for the cricketer info. - I have often wondered who they all are.
Strangely enough my gran was also a Faulkner!!! (Fathers mother). I shall be adding your translation to Ainscough wikipedia - always good to get alternatives thrown up there.... obviously meaning a wooded area.
Keep in touch.

On 27 Mar 2008, at 09:10, Jonathan Hopper wrote:
Hello Graham...
Here is the census form (see above) for 1901 showing Nathan and Richard... Nathan was born around 1858... in Churchtown, not sure where that is...

On 27 Mar 2008, at 17:04, Andrew Scarisbrick wrote:
Hello Graham, and everyone
Yes, your Richard and Nathan Ainscough come from my branch of the Ainscough family.
Nathan was married to an Ellen Threlfall, and was the son of Thomas Ainscough and Jane Seddon. Churchtown is a small village on the outskirts of Southport, just bordering Scarisbrick, and it is in Churchtown that the old parish church of North Meols is located, where practically all this branch of the Ainscoughs used. I have the records for the earlier generations of this branch of the Ainscoughs from this church.
Attached are a couple of trees showing your Ainscough family, up to Richard b. 1893, which I hope you will find useful. If you have any other questions, do ask me.
Andrew Scarisbrick.

On Tuesday, April 15, 2008, at 04:05PM, "V Ainscough" wrote:
Dear Andy and Barbara,
I am Valerie, sister of Graham, and the one who holds the Ainscough family
records. As Graham said, we are planning to visit in August and would love
to make contact with you.concerning the photos:
the large family group shows Nathan A. born 1856 with Ellen and their
children. Our grandfather (Richard A., not Richard Thomas A.) is on the left in the back row. It was Nathan's sister Margaret born 1840 who married James Scarisbrick.
Nathan had a son Nathan (born 1882) and he is shown with his wife and
daughter in the other picture). According to the records I've found, Nathan and Ellen were living in Crossens in 1891 and at 31 Denmark Rd, in the St Cuthberts area, in 1901. Nathan's father Thomas Ainscough born 1826, married to Jane Seddon, lived in Scarisbrick and farmed 70 acres. I wonder which farm this was?
Thomas Ainscough's father was another Thomas, married to Ann Fairclough, and they were living at 56 Bescar. Thomas was a farmer and bailiff. I was interested to see that one of their children, James Ainscough, was a silk
weaver. From what I gather, our grandfather Richard was sent to Ramsgate in 1915/16
as a radio operator with the King's Liverpool Regiment and he must have met our grandmother at that time. They were married in the Wesleyan Chapel in Ramsgate in March 1917. The only relatives that Graham and I can remember are Dick Wareing who
married Richard's sister Alice A. (born 1890) They are the couple in the
wedding picture; Alice appears in the photo of 'young Nathan' and his wife,
the young girl carrying the rose. We know they had a daughter Pauline - the
one Graham went to stay with. The other ones we know as a couple 'Ted and Rhoda'. Ted is probably Richard's brother in the tree, Edward born 1888. They once lived at 24, Larch Street, Southport. Since Richard had so many brothers and sisters, it's hard to think that we cannot find any of his siblings or their descendants.
When I come, I'll bring all the photos I have and would really appreciate any tracking down that you could do for us. Many years ago, on the way to Scotland, I came off the motorway and visited St. Cuthberts. It was closed and so I had no access to records, but I remember seeing the Ainscough headstones in the churchyard.
There are virtually no other Ainscoughs in the South East, although the crane hire firm is pretty active on all the building sites around Canterbury.
My very best wishes to you both

On 17 Apr 2009, at 21:50, jandbwareing@o2.co.uk wrote:
Dear Barbara
Have just found your blog re Ainscoughs of Churchtown. My name is John Raymond Wareing, brother of Pauline. My mother Alice and father Dick are in the wedding photo on your site. My grandfather Nathan and grandmother (Sarah Jane) are also in the picture. I remember going to Ramsgate on holiday with my parents in 1939 to see my mothers cousin who was an engine driver on the Golden Arrow My grandmother,
Sarah Jane Foster came from Saxton near Tadcaster . She came to work as a maid to Southport and there met my grandfather. I have the watch chain shown in the picture on my grandfather Nathan. I now live in New Longton, Preston with my wife. We have two children and 5 grandchildren.
There is lots more I can tell you, but initially I am sending this just to make contact with you and also Graham who was the son of my mother's cousin.
Best wishes John Wareing (from the Ware family tree in Banks near Southport

On 18 Apr 2009, at 12:28, GRAHAM AINSCOUGH wrote:
Hi Barbara,
That’s fantastic. We’ve been trying to contact the Wareings for ages. Valerie and I even went up to Southport last summer partly to try and trace them.
I’ll mail him straight away. Your blog is certainly the hub of a massive network. Congratulations and thanks.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Locks & Quays latest episode - Granada TV

Locks & Quays latest episode - Coast to Coast
Many thanks to Tony Ainscough for forwarding this information to me - there are many scenic views of the Parbold and Burscough stretch of the canal in the second part of the video.....it makes me want to take a boat trip along it at sometime!
Presenter Matthew Corbett continues his coast-to-coast journey. It covers the canal stretching from Appley Bridge to West Lancashire, passing through Parbold, Rufford and Burscough.
Originally the coal was moved from Wigan, Lancashire using the River Douglas but gradually the canal expanded and with it came the development off industry. To watch the full video click on the title of this article and it will take you to the Granada page - then click play. Enjoy!
For those of you new to this blog in case you are wondering what this has to do with Ainscough family history - this is the canal on which the Parbold H&R Ainscough business relied upon for their corn milling industry in Burscough. They also lived in this area, Parbold,overlooking the views of the canal.


Wednesday, March 05, 2008

'Ansgot' Normandy French meaning Ainscough??

I received an interesting email last night from Jeff (Jeff.Ainscough@Level3.com)- thanks Jeff. This throws a different perspective on the origin of the name Ainscough. I have a few questions already....... William the Conqueror invaded in 1066; Lutheran history (the birth of Protestantism) was during the reign of Henry VIII - early to mid 1500's although research suggests that St Augustine of Hippo was an early inspiration of protestantism http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Augustine_of_Hipp
I still have no evidence to suggest that Ansgot means Ainscough, but I need to devote more time to checking online. A quick glance reveals there are lots of mentions of the name Ansgot, a French Normandy Mediaeval surname and even Scandinavian links to the name eg.
Scandinavian personal name 'Ásgautr' = English Place name 'Osgathorpe' (Leics), 'Osgodby' (East Riding, North Yks, Lincs)= Norman place name 'Ansgot Moulins' (Seine-Mar.). http://www.viking.no/e/france/personal-place-names.htm

We already know that many of the early Ascough families were noblemen as described in Wikipedia the Ayscough family of Lincolnshire were knights and many of this branch went on to become devout Protestants, indeed Anne (Ayscough) Askew was burnt at Smithfield for her beliefs during Henry VIII reign.
But the link to the name 'Ansgot' seems a little tenuous at the moment. The Mawdesley Ainscough link in the Ormskirk/ Scarisbrick area of Lancashire is firmly supported by evidence in Wills as early as 1585 and later on by Census detail. With names like de Aykescogh appearing in texts from 11th Century - see blog article.
Anybody else have any theories or evidence to back the Normandy link up?
We definitely need someone from the male Ainscough line to take that DNA test to see if we are from a Viking stock....anybody up for it?? Let me know and I will put you in touch with the right people.

On 5 Mar 2008, at 02:10, Ainscough, Jeff wrote:
I recently received this from Ancestry.com and thought I'd share it.
Ainscough is a French "Hugenot" name. When William the Conqueror invaded England, he brought his army of knights. These knights from Normandy were given land for their effort during the invasion and were placed as his head of government in each shire. Wiki encyclopedia has info on a plaque placed in a cathedral in Normandy before leaving for England. This plaque has a list of knights. There are 2 knights listed as "Ansgot" which would have been the French spelling for Ainscough. Normandy was the protestant part of France. French "Hugenot" meant French protestant.

On 5 Mar 2008, at 21:58, Michael Ainsough (michael.ainscough@tesco.net) wrote:
Hi, I have heard about this same family from France, I am up for the DNA test if you need someone.
Mike Ainscough

On 10 Mar 2008, at 02:35, Ainscough, Ed wrote:
Getting bombarded at home mail from post I made at Genealogy 8 yrs ago, similar thread to recent mail from Jeff. I agree with you, simply put on timing there were no protestants around at the time of the Norman Conquest. The geography place name links to the Lancashire region (Burscough etc) are just too strong and given its pronunciation link to modern Scandinavian word for wood seems a long bow for these people to draw. I saw all of these ideas on Genealogy and they stemmed from an American researching one side of their family that had an Ainscough in it. I tried to reason with them and gave up as Americans clearly like the idea of the romance of the Huguenots as opposed to admitting they dug ditches in Scandinavia before being dragged along with marauding invaders/pillagers/rapers.....Also just to note, the Normans were Viking Scandinavian also, being a corruption of Norsemen, men from the north etc. As with these invaders elsewhere they quickly settled and assimilated, adopting the tongue mostly of the area they had conquered. Thus there is a very good chance that if the Angost name was around it may well be a local variant of the same name root, altho this would not imply any genetic relationship, just a similar place name origin source for the name. Still doesn't have anything to do with Protestantism though given the wide margin on dates as you pointed out......
chrs Ed

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Thomas E Cowley - 1861-1940

On Saturday, March 01, 2008, at 08:42AM, anne.metcalf@tesco.net wrote:
I'm writing back to both of you to as I'm not sure who produced the Family tree of John Cowley 1700 - or the Ainscough/ Cowley family of Mawdesley - I've noticed 1 error re Thomas E Cowley shown as 1861-1940
According to my records (gleaned from family etc)
TE Cowley was born 15/7/1861 and died on 10/4/1940 aged 79
In 1892 he married his 1st wife Margaret Wilson (1/5/1859 to 1927) on 17/8/1892 at All Saints Wardour Castle (I have their family bible) she was a governess from Yorkshire working for the Finch family from Lane End Farm.
After their marriage they lived at The Willows Farm (built in 1770 as the Jolly Farmer pub - I have a copy of the original plans) & not sure when they left the Willows - I think that they moved to Walmsley Fold (shown on Gerard Swarbricks map). Somewhere there's a picture of Thomas Cowley standing outside the Willows in about 1900.
When Margaret (wife1) died in 1927 (according to my cousin - who got the info from our Great Aunt Theresa 'Tessie' of the Ormskirk Swarbrick Family - ie mother of Gerard Swarbrick -maps) Thomas Edward went to visit a cousin in Canada and met Eleanor Robinson (wife2) on the boat, brought her home & married her (my cousin doesn't know her background & whether she was English or Canadian). These 2 are in a joint grave - Wife 1 Margaret Wilson is in a seperate grave, hence why you may have assumed Eleanor was his only wife.
They lived at Walmsley Fold in Mawdesley (sometimes called White barn door farm).
After her death on 20.6.1937 he married a 3rd time (his housekeeper?? Rosa (Dorrington?). TEC died in 1940.

Re John Cowley 1700 - have you confirmed the tree before Richard Cowley & Alice Swift?
If I remember rightly Richard (1798-1881) & Alice are buried at St P&P RC Church with their son, daughter, son in law & grandaughter - the grave near the church porch (The photo is on your blog).
Early Cowley tree:
John Cowley 1700
John (1725) married Mary Berry in 1759
Richard (1759) married Martha Higham (b1783)
Richard (1798-1881) married Alice Swift
Thomas Cowley (1828-1912 married 1st wife Margaret Ainscough1 (1825-1872). 2nd wife (m.1874 ) her cousin Margaret Ainscough2 (1836-1918).
Thomas E Cowley (1861-1940) married (1892) 1st wife Margaret Wilson (1859-1927). 2nd wife Eleanor Robinson m 1927. 3rd wife Rosa (Dorrington?) m 1937.

My dad was always told that his ancestors - (1 male Cowley & 2 sisters) came over from the Isle of Man - Balaf/ Balacary near Kirk Michael to Liverpool & walked to Eccleston (Nr Mawdesley) & worked at Bannister farm (or a farm on Bannister Lane?). The male Cowley married the farmers daughter - I don't know where you got the info (& I'm very impressed with it) but does dad's memories link in with any info that you have?
Have a good weekend

Friday, February 29, 2008

Cricketers - Ainscough

Thanks to Anne Metcalfe for reminding me about this website.
I've used it before to find the info. about Mary Ainscough's ancestors Thomas (1865-1927), John and Hugh Ainscough three of the sons of Hugh (1816-1894) and Susan (Fairclough) (1830-1923), of Lancaster House,Parbold.
However, a 2nd glance at the archive on this website and a quick search for the name Ainscough reveals many more, both current and deceased players. Could this be a hidden Cricket gene within the family??? So if cricket is something you've not yet tried then perhaps you should give it a go - it could be your thing!
There are 10 Ainscough English players listed covering the following regions:
Worcestershire, Bedfordshire, Rishton, Clifton, Lancashire Liverpool & District. Some of these I know about but if anybody has any additional information about the players, photographs or census detail I would love to find out if these Ainscough's all originate from the same family. (Definite family links are in bold).
Players listed:
1.Amadou Ibrahima Richard S Ainscough - living - Worcestershire Second XI (Second Eleven Championship: 2006)
2.David D Ainscough - living - Rishton (Lancashire League: 1972-1987)
3.Hugh Ainscough (1860-1945) - Liverpool and District (brother of John & Thomas)
4.John Ainscough - living - Rishton
5.J Ainscough - living - Bedfordshire (Minor Counties Championship: 1931)
6.John Ainscough (1863-1937) - Liverpool and District (Grandfather of Mary & Anthony Ainscough, Parbold,brother of Hugh & Thomas)
7.JB Ainscough - living - Clifton (Miscellaneous: 2006)
8.Martin Ainscough (1897-1973) - Lancashire Second XI (Minor Counties Championship: 1922)
9.Mark Edward Ainscough - living - Rishton
10.Thomas Ainscough (1865-1927)- Lancashire (Main FC: 1894-1906)(brother of John & Hugh)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thomas Cowley 1828 - 1912, Mawdesley

Great to have contact from Anne(Cowley) (Metcalfe anne.metcalf@tesco.net), Preston, Lancs. Her gggrandad was Thomas Cowley 1828-1912, Mawdesley age 83 who married the 2 Margaret Ainscoughs(cousins). The 2nd Margaret Ainscough was sister to my GGG grandad Hugh Ainscough 1822-1882 m Ellen Cowley (sister of the same Thomas Cowley!)

Just found your website re. the Ainscough family history, I have recently been looking into my ancestry, my maiden name was Cowley & I am the gggrandaughter of Thomas Cowley b 21.12.1828 - d1912 who married 1st wife Margaret Ainscough1 (1825-1872) then in 1874 married 2nd wife, her cousin Margaret Ainscough2 (1836-1918).
Your site mentions:
Thomas married Elizabeth (Betty) Whitehead (1797-1879), Lancs. on 17th May 1819;
CHILDREN of Thomas & Betty
Re Margaret (2nd wife 1836-1918) m Thomas Cowley (1828-?) - Thomas Cowley, my gggrandad died 1912 Aged 83

I'm a novice at this, but managing to trace quite a way back -
my husband & son are keen cricketers and are keen on me to establish a link with Thomas Ainscough, son of Hugh Ainscough b 1817 & Susan b 1831 - Thomas was born at Lancaster House Parbold 23.2.1865-20.11.1927, played for England etc
You mention a cricket website - we used
Do you know who Hugh Ainscough's father was?
Many thanks
Anne Metcalf

On 27 Feb 2008, at 08:18, barbara ainscough wrote:
Hi Ann and welcome cousin!
The 2nd Margaret A wife of Thomas was sister to my GGG grandad Hugh Ainscough (1822-1882) m Ellen Cowley, Royal Oak pub, Alston, Lancs. (who incidentally was sister to Thomas Cowley!!!) Huge crossings over between the 2 families. The 1st Margaret A (1) wife of Thomas C was Margaret A(2)'s cousin as you point out and Margaret A1 was sister to John Ainscough who married Ellen Smith and lived at Rutters farm - John Ainscough's ancestors are the Ainscough Crane Hire and Bill Ainscough property developers ......

I have lots of info....it is all on the blog but when I get a moment I shall be back in touch with precise links and also some family trees - we can trace the Ainscough line back to 1585 so far.... You can also download the trees directly from my blog - the black box on the right.
Sylvia Wilcox (nsatstanwelltops@smartchat.net.au)in Australia is very keen to get in touch with other Cowley descendants - she herself is a descendant of Everilda Cowley (another sister of Thomas) and has lots of info. John Cobham, Mawdesley also has several Cowley links in his tree.
There is a link - all be it tenuous but still a link to Thomas 1st class Cricketer from Parbold.......My link is James 1711 - he was brother to Thomas 1716. It is this Thomas from which H&R Ainscough come and the Parbold line - so separated by 300 yrs but I still greet this side of the family as long lost relatives - hope this helps for now.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Chinese Ainscough

Just having a little fun here......
ever wondered what Ainscough would look like in Chinese???


Just so you know Im not making it up visit the chinesenames.org website for more info.

But Ed Ainscough over in Perth, Aus. adds this warning to those of you thinking of using this for business purposes......

On 14 Feb 2008, at 22:54, Ainscough, Ed wrote:
"No worries, went there and checked it out. I hired a Chinese accountant here in the office a few years ago as we work in China a lot, I'll get her to validate it and compare against my Mandarin version business card..

FYI - There are two common ways Western co.s seek to translate names into Chinese. Our business cards, which have a Mandarin version of our details on the back, are simply phonetic translations i.e. you tell them how you pronounce your name and they give you the symbols for the words that most closely match that sound. However the words are often meaningless combinations and you get very strange looks when you are introduced as Edmund Ainscough when the closest "sounding " mandarin symbols for those sounds could be "toilet cow sky".
I prefer to move to translating what our surnames mean, as is the point of the process in the first place I guess - so Edmund Ainscough for example would be "Blessed Protector Oakwood". When I revealed this to our Mandarin lady, she had not realised that our names originally meant things too, she gave me a wonderful translation of the name that she said was a very auspicious name and would gain much positive comment in China, as the symbols for blessed or rich, protector and wood were very auspicious in their own right, and she said, would make much more sense to a local than "toilet cow sky".
So be warned everyone if you were going to tattoo these symbols on your forearm - let me get Liang Xi here to make sure they do not mean something that you would never tattoo on any part of your body!!!!"

E.J. Ainscough :Gold Fields Ltd - Western Australia.

Well its not as bad as Ed makes out afterall.....Alston.Huang - a Chinese Flickr comrade has sent the Chinese meaning of the symbols, which I think is rather good but I guess it all depends on how you want to interpret it!
On 23 Feb 2008, at 09:16, Flickr Mail wrote:
alston.huang says:
Is that your last name ? I can give you the meaning of each symbol of your last name in Chinese.
安 - safety
斯 - this
克 - overcome
夫 - man

I am not sure if you can read the chinese characters or not. Any way, it is in the order from left to the right on your picture.

or the translation for "Oak Wood" (believed to be the true meaning of the name "Ainscough" is written as...

alston.huang Flickr User says:

Oak wood 橡木
forest 森林
Oak forest 橡木林

British Library archive - various Ainscough refs.

Dad has been busy trawling through the British Library archive indexes and copied the extensive attached information......some of which is immediately recognisable as our line of Mawdesley/Parbold Ainscough family. Other references may be of use to others researching the Lancashire Ainscough's in general. The web address into various sites for this is: http://www.a2a.org.uk

Lancashire Quarter Sessions

PETITIONS - Liverpool: January 1906 - ref. QSP/4756
FILE - [Lathom].Brief for consent to respite of appeal of H. and R Ainscough against poor rate assessment on Burscough Mills - ref. QSP/4756/24 - date: 1906 16 Jan

FILE - Lathom. Brief for appellants on appeal of H. and R. Ainscough against poor rate assessment - ref. QSP/4756/26 - date: 1906 16 Jan

Liverpool: April 1906 - ref. QSP/4763
FILE - [Lathom]. Brief for consent to respite of appeal of appeal of H and R. Ainscough against poor rate assessment on Burscough Mills - ref. QSP/4763/58 - date: 1906 17 Apr

FILE - Lathom. Brief for motion that appeal of H. and R.Ainscough against poor rate assessment be respited - ref. QSP/4763/60 - date: 1906 17 Apr

Liverpool: July 1906 - ref. QSP/4770
FILE - Lathom. Brief for motion that appeal of H.R.Ainscough against poor rate assessment on Buscough Mills be respited - ref. QSP/4770/6 - date: 1906 17 Jul

FILE - Lathom. Brief for consent to appeal of H.R.Ainscough against poor rate assessment being respited - ref. QSP/4770/7 - date: 1906 17 Jul

Liverpool: October 1906 - ref. QSP/4777
FILE - Lathom. Notice and grounds of appeal of Richard Ainscough, James Ainscough, Hugh Ainscough and John Ainscough trading as H. and R. Ainscough of Burscough, merchants and millers, against poor rate assessment - ref. QSP/4777/17 - date: 1905 9 Dec

FILE - Lathom. Brief for motion that poor rate assessment on Burscough Mills be reduced on appeal of H. and R.Ainscough - ref. QSP/4777/18 - date: 1906 30 Oct

FILE - [Lathom]. Brief for consent to poor rate assessment being amended on appeal of H.and R. Ainscough - ref. QSP/4777/19 - date: 1906 30 Oct
Lancashire Quarter Sessions

PETITIONS - Wigan, Epiphany, 1710/11. - ref. QSP/1016

FILE - Chorley -- relief for Elizabeth Ainscough. - ref. QSP/1016/11 - date: c1710/11
Stanley family, Earls of Derby

[Access Conditions]
Some of the records are not held at Lancashire Record Office.

Deeds and Conveyances

Copies of Sales, &c.[Access Conditions] Record(s) not held at Lancashire Record Office

FILE - Parties Names: The Earl of Derby. The Executors of the late Hugh Ainscough. - ref. DDK/147/2 - date: 1885: 21st Aug[Access Conditions] Record(s) not held at Lancashire Record Office


Purchase from Mrs. ELIZABETH AINSCOUGH and another, 1860.[Access Conditions] Record(s) not held at Lancashire Record Office

FILE - Parties Names: Mrs. Elizabeth Ainscough (with the concurrence of her husband) and John Ashurst, her mortgagee. The Earl of Derby. - ref. DDK/236/1 - date: 1860: 1st Nov [Access Conditions] Record(s) not held at Lancashire Record Office

FILE - Parties Names: Mrs. Elizabeth Ainscough, with the concurrence of her husband, Mr. H. Ainscough. Mr. John Ashurst. - ref. DDK/236/2 - date: 1856: 27th June[Access Conditions] Record(s) not held at Lancashire Record Office

Lancashire Quarter Sessions

PETITIONS - Ormskirk: Midsummer 1806 - ref. QSP/2534

FILE - Standish with Langtree. Order of filiation and maintenance of Samuel, bastard child of William Ainscough of Wigan, joiner, and Mary Grinshaw, singlewoman - ref. QSP/2534/25 - date: 1806 21 Feb

FILE - Tyldesley with Shakerley. Order of filiation and maintenance of Peter, bastard child of William Ainscough, collier, and Ellen Smith, singlewoman - ref. QSP/2534/55 - date: 1806 4 Jul

Wigan: Epiphany 1807 - ref. QSP/2542
FILE - Heskin. Order of filiation and maintenance of bastard daughter of Thomas Ainscough, weaver, and Alice Chew, singlewoman - ref. QSP/2542/54 - date: 1807 15 Dec

Lancashire Quarter Sessions

PETITIONS - Ormskirk: Easter 1813 - ref. QSP/2642

FILE - Wrightington. Instructions for motion that John Halewood and James Ainscough, farmers, submit to indictment and that judgement be respited - ref. QSP/2642/17 - date: c1813

FILE - Mawdesley. Order of filiation and maintenance of bastard son of Robert Alty, farmer, and Nancy Ainscough, single-woman - ref. QSP/2642/45 - date: 1813 4 Feb

FILE - North Meols. Order of filiation and maintenance of bastard son of Thomas Ainscough, husbandman, and Ann Fairclough, singlewoman - ref. QSP/2642/138 - date: 1812 14 Jul

Lancashire Quarter Sessions

PETITIONS - Wigan: Michaelmas 1763 - ref. QSP/1849
FILE - Charnock Richard to Chorley. Order for removal of Ellen Ainscough - ref. QSP/1849/22 - date: 1763 1 Sep

Wigan: Epiphany 1765 - ref. QSP/1869
FILE - Liverpool to Blackrod. Order of removal of Sarah Ainscough, widow, and Mary, Anne, Elizabeth and John her children - ref. QSP/1869/25 - date: 1764 10 Oct
Lancashire Quarter Sessions

PETITIONS - Ormskirk: Midsummer 1767 - ref. QSP/1909
FILE - Hindley. Order of filiation and maintenance of Ann, bastard child of William Prescott of Wigan, weaver, and Margaret Ainscough, singlewoman - ref. QSP/1909/24 - date: 1767 4 Jul

Ormskirk: Midsummer 1771 - ref. QSP/1973
FILE - Downholland. Order of filiation and maintenance of Emelin, bastard child of Joseph Bootle, labourer, and Mary Ainscough, singlewoman - ref. QSP/1973/28 - date: 1771 9 May
Lancashire Quarter Sessions

PETITIONS - Ormskirk: Midsummer 1777 - ref. QSP/2069

FILE - Adlington. Order of filiation and maintenance of Thomas, bastard child of Charles Ainscough of Wrightington, weaver, and Ellen Smith, singlewoman - ref. QSP/2069/21 - date: 1777 27 Jun

Ormskirk: Midsummer 1780 - ref. QSP/2117

FILE - Wrightington. Order of filiation and maintenance of bastard daughter of Charles Ainscough of Blackrod, weaver, and Jane Turner, singlewoman - ref. QSP/2117/28 - date: 1780 2 Mar
Lancashire Quarter Sessions

PETITIONS - Ormskirk: Easter 1782 - ref. QSP/2145

FILE - Blackrod to Chorley. Order of removal of Thomas Ainscough, Fanny his wife and John and Richard their children - ref. QSP/2145/17 - date: 1782 15 Mar

Ormskirk: Midsummer 1782 - ref. QSP/2149
FILE - Croston. Order of filiation and maintenance of bastard son of John Ainscough of Ulnes Walton, yeoman, and Ellen Monk, singlewoman - ref. QSP/2149/38 - date: 1782 4 Apr

Lancashire Quarter Sessions

PETITIONS - Ormskirk: Easter 1788 - ref. QSP/2241

FILE - Orrell. Order of filiation and maintenance of James, bastard child of John Ainscough, weaver, and Alice Atherton, singlewoman - ref. QSP/2241/24 - date: 1788 21 Jan

Ormskirk: Easter 1790 - ref. QSP/2273
FILE - Adlington. Order of filiation and maintenance of Betty, bastard child of John Ainscough of Blackrod, weaver, and Ellen Smith, singlewoman - ref. QSP/2273/5 - date: 1790 26 Feb
Lancashire Quarter Sessions

PETITIONS - Wigan: Epiphany 1814 - ref. QSP/2655

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Lancashire Quarter Sessions

PETITIONS - Ormskirk: Easter 1815 - ref. QSP/2680

FILE - Anderton. Order of filiation and maintenance of bastard daughter of Benjamin Ainscough of Rivington, weaver, and Annis Worsley, singlewoman - ref. QSP/2680/72 - date: 1815 6 Apr

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PETITIONS - Preston: Intermediate May 1853 - ref. QSP/3437

FILE - Certificate of expenses of Robert Whiteside of Out Rawcliffe, labourer, for attendance as witness in case against Lewis Ainscough - ref. QSP/3437/59 - date: 1853 19 Apr

FILE - Bill of costs of prosecution of Lewis Ainscough - ref. QSP/3437/60 - date: c1853
Catalogue Ref. DDH
Houghton, Craven and Co, Preston, solicitors

ref. DDH 441-806

FILE [no title] - ref. DDH 652 - date: 30/31 May 1757
[from Scope and Content] Also a messuage in Walton-in-le-dale and a messuage in Wheelton, (specified), upon special trust to pay off T.C.'s debts to Anthony Renkine, Jeffery Roby, Ellen Harrison, John Standishstreet, Richard Martin, Ellen Ainscough, Ellen Euxton and Thomas Balshaw, then upon trust, T.C., and his assigns to have an annuity of £35 charged on Miry Fold, the leasehold estate in Wheelton and messuages, etc., in Walton-in-le-dale, Mary C., to have an annuity of £8, £100 as portion for Ann, daughter of T.C., £100 as portion for Agnes, daughter of T.C., £120 as portion of Richard, youngest son of T.C., after in trust for John Cooper.

ref. DDH 1047-1093


FILE [no title] - ref. DDH 1056 - date: 4 Feb. 1797
[from Scope and Content] Articles of Agreement for sale: at £250: John Wilson of Chorley, weaver, and John Ainscough of Mawdesley, yeoman -- 5 cottages on the south side of Hollinshead Street in Chorley, in the possession of John Potts, Betty Critchley, John Law, Betty Standish, Henry Euxton, and David (blank), subject to Fee Farm rent of £1.2.0 to John Hollinshead of Chorley, esq., -- Witn. Henry Askell.
Central Lancashire Development Corporation records
Catalogue Ref. NTC
Central Lancashire Development Corporation

[Access Conditions]
They are classified as public records, under the Public Records (Commission for New Towns) Order 1984. As such, all the records, including the Board minutes, are closed to the public for thirty years, except for those records which have been published. Records not affected by the thirty years rule, therefore, include the Outline Plan (NTC 2/4/59), annual reports (NTC 2/5), annual budgets (NTC 2/6), Research Unit publications (NTC 5/3) and publicity material published by the Central Lancashire New Town (NTC 12/3). Certain records have been identified as being of a particularly sensitive nature and need to be closed for longer than thirty years; these are marked with an asterisk.
[from Administrative History] Gerald Ainscough Wright (1971-2)

Research Unit

Catalogue Ref. DDX 816

Evidences of title to Glover Street Brewery, Preston
FILE - Abstract of title of James Ainscough deceased to a tenement called the Sun Inn with appurtenances on the west side of Main Sprit Weind, Preston - - ref. DDX 816/1/24 - date: 1835-1865

FILE [no title] - ref. DDX 816/1/25 - date: 20 Feb. 1865
[from Scope and Content] Grant: for £97: John Turner of Preston, gent., assignee of the mortgage of James Ainscough deceased, to John Fairhurst of Longton, farmer - nos. 30, 31 and 27A Mainsprit Weind -
Lancashire Quarter Sessions

ENROLLED DEEDS AND OTHER DOCUMENTS - Miscellaneous documents (including Catholic wills)

FILE - Geo III Roll 22 - ref. QDD/GeoIII/Roll22 [n.d.]
item: James Ainscough of Mawdesley, yeoman - ref. GeorgeIII/Roll22 - date: 12 Mar 1781
Lancashire Quarter Sessions

PETITIONS - Preston, Epiphany, 1731/2. - ref. QSP/1342

FILE - Preston and Charnnock Richard - settlement of Margaret Ainscough and Richard her son. - ref. QSP/1342/11 - date: c1731/2
Lancashire Quarter Sessions

PETITIONS - Ormskirk: Midsummer 1793 - ref. QSP/2325

FILE - Halsall. Order of filiation and maintenance of bastard daughter of John Ainscough of Ormskirk, weaver, and Mary Turner, singlewoman - ref. QSP/2325/48 - date: 1793 1 Jul
Lancashire Quarter Sessions

PETITIONS - Ormskirk: Midsummer 1797 - ref. QSP/2389

FILE - Standish with Langtree. Order of filiation and maintenance of James, bastard child of William Read, weaver, and Nancy Ainscough, singlewoman - ref. QSP/2389/76 - date: 1797 17 Mar
Lancashire Quarter Sessions

PETITIONS - Ormskirk: Easter 1800 - ref. QSP/2433

FILE - Shevington. Order of filiation and maintenance of Mary, bastard child of George Ainscough, boat builder, and Hannah Fell, singlewoman - ref. QSP/2433/16 - date: 1800 21 Feb
Lancashire Quarter Sessions

PETITIONS - Ormskirk: Midsummer 1802 - ref. QSP/2470

FILE - Orrell to Charnock Richard. Order of removal of William Ainscough - ref. QSP/2470/42 - date: 1802 13 May
Lancashire Quarter Sessions

PETITIONS - Wigan: Michaelmas 1804 - ref. QSP/2506

FILE - Upholland. Order of filiation and maintenance of Charles, bastard child of William Ainscough of Tyldesley with Shakerley, collier, and Jane Bradshaw, singlewoman, member of a female Friendly Society at Orrell - ref. QSP/2506/57 - date: 1804 23 Mar
Lancashire Quarter Sessions

PETITIONS - Liverpool: Easter 1818 - ref. QSP/2735

FILE - Pemberton to Orrell. Order of removal of Thomas Ainscough, Catharine his wife and Fanny, Susannah, James and Charlotte their children - ref. QSP/2735/43 - date: 1818 13 Mar
Lancashire Quarter Sessions

PETITIONS - Preston: Michaelmas 1819 - ref. QSP/2757

FILE - Bill of costs of prosecution of Benjamin Ainscough - ref. QSP/2757/123 - date: c1819
Lancashire Quarter Sessions

PETITIONS - Kirkdale: Easter 1824 - ref. QSP/2831

FILE - Westleigh. Order of filiation and maintenance of Ellen, bastard child of William Wilkinson of Pennington, liquor merchant, and Mary Ainscough, singlewoman - ref. QSP/2831/57 - date: 1824 17 Apr
Lancashire Quarter Sessions

PETITIONS - Preston: Easter 1825 - ref. QSP/2846

FILE - Bispham. Order of filiation and maintenance of bastard son of James Ainscough of Mawdesley, labourer, and Margaret Christopher, singlewoman - ref. QSP/2846/39 - date: 1824 3 May
Lancashire Quarter Sessions

PETITIONS - Preston: Midsummer 1826 - ref. QSP/2866

FILE - Memorandum of conviction of Robert Ainscough of Nelson, shopkeeper, and John Livisey of Nelson, shopkeeper, for possessing defective weights, measures and balances - ref. QSP/2866/343 - date: 1826 23 Jan
Lancashire Quarter Sessions

PETITIONS - Preston: Easter 1829 - ref. QSP/2911

FILE - Wrightington to Parbold. Order of removal of Jane Ainscough, singlewoman - ref. QSP/2911/56 - date: 1829 23 Mar
Lancashire Quarter Sessions

PETITIONS - Kirkdale Michaelmas 1843 - ref. QSP/3208

FILE - Bill of costs of prosecution of Lewis Ainscough - ref. QSP/3208/54 - date: c1843 Lancashire Quarter Sessions

PETITIONS - Kirkdale: Epiphany 1845 - ref. QSP/3238

FILE - Bill of costs of prosecution of Thomas Ainscough - ref. QSP/3238/75 - date: c1845

Lancashire Quarter Sessions

PETITIONS - Kirkdale: Easter 1850 - ref. QSP/3364

FILE - Bill of costs of prosecution of Thomas Ainscough and Thomas Bale - ref. QSP/3364/109 - date: c1850
Lancashire Quarter Sessions

PETITIONS - Kirkdale: Midsummer 1851 - ref. QSP/3394

FILE - Bill of costs of prosecution of Lewis Ainscough - ref. QSP/3394/68 - date: c1851
Lancashire Quarter Sessions

PETITIONS - Preston: Michaelmas 1852 - ref. QSP/3422

FILE - Bill of costs of prosecution of Lewis Ainscough - ref. QSP/3422/88 - date: c1852
Lancashire Quarter Sessions

PETITIONS - Kirkdale: Michaelmas 1870 - ref. QSP/3855

FILE - Wigan. Notice of intention of Ruth Ainscough of Wigan to appeal against refusal to grant alehouse licence for premises in Hardybutts Street, known as The George Inn (owned by Thomas Morris) - ref. QSP/3855/49 - date: 1870 2 Sep
Lancashire Quarter Sessions

PETITIONS - Kirkdale: Midsummer 1871 - ref. QSP/3873

FILE - Bill of costs of prosecution of Edward Heaps and John Ainscough for larceny and receiving - ref. QSP/3873/60 - date: c1871
Finch, Johnson & Lynn, Solicitors, Preston
Catalogue Ref. DDL
Finch, Johnson and Lynn, Preston, solicitors

FILE [no title] - ref. DDL 1028 - date: 21 Jul. 1728
[from Scope and Content] Probate copy of Will of Miles Berry of Olerton, yeoman -- messuage in Olerton to son Robert, subject to annuity of of £8 to wife Alice. To wife the room at W. end of house, called the Parlor. Also £60 from messuage to daughter Alice. Properties in Tockholes to son George, subject to annuity of £3 to wife. 2 tenements at the Laund in Withnell to son Miles. To son Robert a settle to son Miles £30; to sons-in-law Alexander Gerrard and Richard Parker 5/-; to son John and daughter Jane Ainscough 5/-. Residue to wife. Executors, wife and son Robert. Dated 16 Feb. 1720/1.
Central Lancashire Development Corporation records
Catalogue Ref. NTC
Central Lancashire Development Corporation

[Access Conditions]
They are classified as public records, under the Public Records (Commission for New Towns) Order 1984. As such, all the records, including the Board minutes, are closed to the public for thirty years, except for those records which have been published. Records not affected by the thirty years rule, therefore, include the Outline Plan (NTC 2/4/59), annual reports (NTC 2/5), annual budgets (NTC 2/6), Research Unit publications (NTC 5/3) and publicity material published by the Central Lancashire New Town (NTC 12/3). Certain records have been identified as being of a particularly sensitive nature and need to be closed for longer than thirty years; these are marked with an asterisk.
[from Administrative History] Gerald Ainscough Wright (1971-2)

Catalogue Ref. DDHE
Hesketh, Fermor -, family, Barons Hesketh
Fermer-Hesketh family, Barons Hesketh

FILE - Repairs needed at James Ainscough's house in Parbold. - ref. DDHE 89/23 - date: 22 Mar 1826
Lancashire County Council

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All records open unless otherwise state. Closures valid at time of submission to AZA in 2003.

Documents deposited (re coroners and Sheriffs)
FILE [no title] - ref. CC/CCD 43 - date: 5 Apr. 1979
[from Scope and Content] Declaration of Cyril Joseph Ainscough as High Sheriff
Shuttleworth, Dallas & Crombleholme, Solicitors of Preston
Catalogue Ref. DDCM
Shuttleworth, Dallas and Cromblehome, Preston, solicitors

ASSIZE PAPERS - ref. DDCM 1 - Jury Lists and copies of the Court Records

FILE [no title] - ref. DDCM 1/171 - date: 1870
[from Scope and Content] Northern Division: James Seddon v Hugh Ainscough for debt.
Church of England, Lytham St Cuthbert Parish, Lancashire


FILE - Programme for the dedication and re-opening of the organ [with specification by H Ainscough, Preston] - ref. PR3220/4/160 - date: 27 Nov 1952
Church of England, Eccleston St Mary the Virgin Parish, Lancashire

Clergy - ref. PR3052/2

FILE - Letter of J.M. Ainscough of Parbold to Revd. Bretherton concerning the above deed - ref. PR3052/2/12 - date: 1932 May 31
Church of England, Leyland St James Parish, Lancashire

[Access Conditions]
Restricted access to Parochial Church Council minute books

FILE - Plan and elevations of proposed organ case and screen - ref. PR3160/4/16 - date: 1936 5 May
[from Scope and Content] Drawn by H.Y. Ainscough of Preston, organ builder
Church of England, Kirkham Parish, Lancashire

Apprenticeship Indentures - ref. PR827

FILE - Ann Norris, a poor girl of Mawdesley, by Evan Caunce, Churchwarden of Croston and Richard Ainscough and James Dobson, Overseers of the Poor of Mawdesley, to Thomas Buller of Kirkham, Innkeeper, to be a menial servant - ref. PR827/293 - date: 5 Mar. 1802
Stanley, Earls of Derby (of Knowsley)
Catalogue Ref. DDK
Stanley family, Earls of Derby

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Some of the records are not held at Lancashire Record Office.

Deeds and Conveyances
NEWBURGH - Purchase from Thomas James Gibbs of Giant's Hall Farm, 1907
FILE - Parties Names: Thomas J Gibbs; James Ainscough - ref. DDK/247/4/9-10 - date: 15 Nov 1902
Catalogue Ref. DDWW
Witham Weld and Co

Ince Blundell estate records; including papers of the Weld family - ref. DDW Formby properties (arranged in alphabetical order by street or plot name)

FILE - Ainscough Lane - ref. DDWW 3/7/1 - date: 27 Oct. 1869
Bridgewater Estates Archive
Catalogue Ref. BEA
Bridgewater Estates Ltd

[Access Conditions]
Some of the material in Series I and II is in a poor condition and access to this may be restricted. The whole of series III, IV and IV is uncatalogued and access is currently restricted.

Subject Numbers A1-A1185 - ref. BEA/II
[Access Conditions] Some of the material in this series is in a poor condition and access to this may be restricted.

FILE - Demise of land in Middle Hulton to Alfred Ainscough - ref. BEA/II/A416 - date: 1912-1913
Manchester (Withington) Methodist Circuit
Catalogue Ref. M67
Manchester 5th Wesleyan (Oxford Road) Circuit, 1846-1940, Lancashire
Manchester (Withington) Methodist Circuit, 1940-1964, Lancashire
Withington and Didsbury Methodist Circuit, 1964-1970, Manchester, Lancashire
Manchester (Withington) Methodist Circuit, 1970-

[Access Conditions]
Manchester Central Library is the recognised repository for records of Manchester and Stockport Methodist District (excluding Stockport and Macclesfield Circuits).
Unless material has already been made public (registers of baptisms and burials) there is a restriction of 30 years on access, unless permission is obtained in writing from the responsible Superintendent Minister. The restriction is extended to 50 years for records of a confidential nature.

Didsbury (St Paul's) Wesleyan
Miscellanea - Memorabilia, Historical Notes and Accounts - ref. M67/9/4/1/1-10

FILE - Report on the condition of the pipe organ, by F.Kitts, Hy.Ainscough, Ltd. - ref. M67/9/4/1/9 - date: 1980

Catalogue Ref. L127
Church of England, Great Lever St Simon and St Jude Parish, Greater Manchester

FILE - Church History - ref. L127/1/12 - date: 1951
[from Scope and Content] The Parish of St. Simon and Jude, Bolton, 1901 - 1951: includes photos of Rev. Thos. Loxham of St. Michael's Great Lever, the vicars of St. Simon and Jude, Rev. Canon C.H. Saunders, Rev. C.M.S. Clarke, Rev. C.G.F. Justin Wenter, Rev. Wm. Lancelot Ackroyd, Rev. Eric Stopford and Rev. Rowland Hill; Rev. Geoff Hardy, curate; Wm. Bradley, Edm. Charnley, R.R. Howard, C. Bleakley, church officers; Wm. Hodson, John Fogg, Robt. Broadhurst, Mrs. Best, caretaker, A. Ainscough, Head Teacher, 1901, and other staff.

Merseyside Record Office: Bridge Street, St Helens; deeds

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Catalogue Ref. M920 AAA

FILE - Bargain and sale - ref. M920 AAA/14 - date: 22 June 1792
[from Scope and Content] Hugh Ainscough

FILE - Feoffment - ref. M920 AAA/16 - date: 30 September 1814
[from Scope and Content] Henry Ainscough and Mathias Smith (exors of Hugh Ainscough)

Catalogue Ref. M920 WBL
Weld Blundell family of Ince Blundell, Lancashire


FILE - Ince Blundell, Lydiate, Ainscough land tax, 1866 - ref. M920 WBL/3/28 - date: c 1866
Greater Manchester County Record Office: Photographs related to William Greenhalgh and family

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CONTACT: Greater Manchester County Record Office

Catalogue Ref. 1632
Greenhalgh, William, b 1899, of Glossop, Derbyshire

FILE - Concert Party outing to Millington in 1928. Left to right: Margery Ainscough, William Greenhalgh, Rosa Bradshaw, Bob Toulson. Susie Ainscough and Betty Toulson. - ref. 1632/147 - date: 1928

FILE - Margaret Ainscough at Millington, Cheshire, 1928. A group of friends plus Margaret Ainscough and the donor, from the Weaste area had annual picnics in Cheshire. Very blurred. They were generally arranged by the 3 Ainscough sisters, none of whom ever married. - ref. 1632/318 - date: 1928

Wigan Archives Service: Leigh Family Papers Private Papers

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Leigh Family Papers Private Papers
Catalogue Ref. D/S LEI
Leigh family of Hindley Hall, Lancashire

Additional Papers
BOX 7 - ref. D/D Lei Add/7
FILE [no title] - ref. D/D Lei Add/7/23 - date: 7-7-1818
[from Scope and Content] Deed of covenant from A, Haliburton, Esq to produce Title Deeds to a right of cutting turf on Red Moss in Blackrod formerly appurtenant to Ainscough Estate. Alexander Haliburton to Sir Robert Holt Leigh, Bart. with schedule of leases.