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Mary Ellen Ainscough b.1879 Dublin

Thanks to Patrick Morris for this update on Mary Ellen Ainscough, Dublin
Mary Ellen Ainscough was born in Dublin on the 2 June 1879. The family lived in James's St , Dublin. James' s St is beside the Guinness brewery where her father 
Henry Ainscough worked he was a journeyman cooper. He was married in 1858 to Margaret Calderbank of Chorley, Lancashire. I think the Calderbanks are from Charnock Richard in Lancashire where the name is most common.

Henry Ainscough* and Margaret Calderbank , had the following children; Charles Henry Ainscough, born in April 1859 in Stepney, Limehouse, London, It would appear that Charles Henry died young in London, James Ainscough born in March 1861 in 4 Church Row, Stepney, London who is my maternal great grandfather, Charles Ainscough also born in Limehouse in 1864 and living in Gill St Stepney. Jeremiah Joseph Ainscough born in Dublin in April 1870, Margaret Ellen Ainscough born in Dublin Oct 1868. Hubert born 1877 in Dublin. All of the boys appear to be in the cooperage trade  The family at this stage were living in No 3 Behans Cottages, still beside the Guinness Brewery in a house which I remember but since pulled down.

The family of Ainscoughs hailed from Chorley, Lancashire. Henry Ainscough *  was born in Bengal St , Chorley , to James Ainscough and Winifred Rosbothom both his parents were born circa 1816 and were married in the parish of Standish 25 August 1834. In the census of 1841 they are living in Bengal St , Chorley his brother Jerimiah is there also aged 4.

They moved to Liverpool where we find them in1851 census with the addition of Elizabeth, James, Mary, who are both same age could be twins!. In 1861 still in Liverpool  but James does not appear in addition they have Hubert R and Margaret.

In 1881 I found Winifred Rosbothom widow living in 188 Kirkdale Road with her son Hubert R, Elizabeth Lang nee Ainscough  Winifreds daughter, Elizabeths children : Mary, James, Elizabeth, Thomas, Joseph all schoolgoing. Margarets profession and Huberts described as partners in butchers shop.

In 1891 Henry Ainscough and Margaret Calderbank are back in 29 Chaucer St , Liverpool with their daughters Winifred and Ellen. Winifred born Liverpool in 1872 and Ellen born Dublin 1879.

My maternal great grandfather James Ainscough (born London see above) married Mary Ellen Deane in Liverpool 30th October 1882. They had  eight children Henry , James, Joseph, Charles, Mary, Margaret, Annie my grandmother, and Winifred. James is described as a barber, died at 17 years of age, Henry died aged about 33, Joseph and Charles went to work in the Guinness brewery.  My great grandfather died age 41.

Hope this is some help to you. I would love to be in touch with long lost relatives. If you have any photos would you please send me a copy. As you can imagine this has taken years to compile but well worth it. I am now a qualified professional genealogist.

Please keep in touch 


Sunday, October 27, 2013

James Ainscow m Margaret Hindley - Aspull (1780's?)

Hi all
If you recognise this Ainscow in your tree - Aspull 1780s - please get in touch. Either add a comment at the bottom of this entry or email me directly.

On 25 Oct 2013, at 22:50, Kathryn wrote:

Hi Barbara

Having recently only found out there are Ainscoughs in my family tree, I went searching out more information on them and along with a lot of a results your blog came up.  I'm not entirely sure if this is the same family, but I am hoping this will be a good starting point.

My name is Kathryn Williams and I live in Auckland, New Zealand.  The Ainscough line showed up for me when I found the maiden name of A Great Grandmother x 5 was Jane Ainscough before her marriage to Thomas Monks in 1825.   It seems to be that her parents are James Ainscow and Margaret Hindley who owned a 20 acre farm in Aspull.

Living so far away with no local knowledge has been an interesting learning curve.  Coming across Farmers with 20 acres after cotton workers , miners and one Publican has been a surprise.

Is this your line?  If it is my Mum and I are curious to know more.  If not , my apologies and if it would be possible to push my luck are you able to point me in the right direction?

Thank you

Kathryn Williams
Auckland, New Zealand

Message from Jasper Parkinson - March 15th 2015:

Hi there

I have just found an entry on your blog in regards to James Ainscrow and Margaret Hindley.

I have reached them in my own family tree and wondered if you have any information you can share.

Many thanks for anything

Jasper Parkinson

Monday, July 08, 2013

Funeral of Hugh Ainscough (1816-1894)

Many thanks to Paul Bridges for this snippet.....please click the image to enlarge.

On 8 Jul 2013, at 16:47, Paul Bridges wrote:

I have another newspaper report on the Ainscough family which you may be interested in:
This is the funeral of Hugh Ainscough (1816-1894) of Lancaster House, Parbold.

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Mary (Ellen) Mills nee Ainscough Dublin

Hi all

Another request here from Alistair M - does anybody recognise Mary Ellen Ainscough as part of their line? I have a feeling she might be part of the Parbold line - so Mary  can you help?

On 6 Jul 2013, at 18:09, alistair mcdougall wrote:


I came across your web site whilst researching my wife's family tree.
I attach a marriage certificate from 1899 for her grandmother, Mary Ainscough,
and wonder if she is part of your family tree.
Mary ( Ellen ) Mills nee Ainscough according to the UK 1911 Census was born in Dublin. Certainly my wife (Christines) parents visited Bray near Dublin to see relatives there.
I tried to find a birth certificate for Mary Ellen, but Irish censuses seem to all be unavailable.

On 8 Jul 2013, at 12:30, Irisa Siganos wrote:

Hi Alistair 
Ireland is difficult - enemies of genealogists blew up lots of the records...... Try http://www.ancestry.co.uk/cs/uk/ireland first. Baptisms depending on the priest can be useful as well. Same website. http://www.genuki.org.uk/ Genuki is free and you may be able to find somebody who's already done it via the fora.

Good luck!

Friday, July 05, 2013

St. Olav's Day walk, Monday 29th July

On 5 Jul 2013, at 18:31, Stephen Harding wrote:

Dear friend/colleague
We are having our annual St.Olav’s Day walk/ pilgrimage again on Monday 29th July, St. Olav’s Day celebrating both St. Olav (Olav Haraldsson, the Patron Saint of Norway) – and Wirral and Chester’s great Viking Heritage.  The main St Olav walk is in Norway, but if you are not fortunate enough to be there why don’t you join us instead?
This year we are going from the National Waterways Museum at Ellesmere Port, & along the scenic Shropshire Union Canal to the Chester City Wall and then to St. Olave’s Church on St. Olave Street, where there will be a short dedication, and then we will be off to the hostelry across the road.  
We meet at 10.00 for a 10.30 start.  The walk distance is between 8-9 miles.  Both the start and finish will not be far from railway stations (about 10-15 minues walk) and there are trains back from Chester every half hour or so (fare is about £3).  Ample (and free parking) is available at the Waterways Museum. 
We would like to stress that in common with the main walk in Norway, all walkers come at their own risk – we only provide a guide.  If you would like to come please could you let me know by replying to this email by Sunday 28th July 4pm so I can give the police an idea of numbers.  Please could you also read carefully the details on this website:
Although the Church building is not currently used for Services (it is presently used as an Archive for the Cheshire Records Office) the annual walk is important as it helps to keep away the developers from this historic building.
All best wishes
Steve Harding

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Ellen Ainscough d1945 Wrightington

And a request from Rod looking for relatives ..... if you recognise the Ainscoughs in this entry please feel free to get in touch with Rod directly and remember to keep me in the loop :-)

On 2 Jun 2013, at 17:23, rodhanson wrote:

I don't know if any of my near relations have ever contacted you re: our linkage to the Aiscough family tree, if they have this email is a bit superflous. My wife came across your page on the web.

My grandmother was Ellen Ainscough, daughter of William Ainscough, who married John Glover of Limbrick, near Chorley, Lancashire. Not sure of the marriage date, she died in 1945 and was buried with her brother Hugh in Wrightington.

My mother was Daisy, she had a twin sister Gertrude, and I am the yougest of 5 children. If you have the details, fine, if not I can give you more info. for the tree.

I have not met many Ainscoughs; I live in South Wales and rarely get to Lancashire. By chance I am competing in a rally next week and one of the Aiscoughs is also entered - he would be a second cousin to me, as we share a great grandfather.

Rod Hanson

John Francis Ainscough Smith (1885 - 1958)

Ive had a request from Avril (avrilreynolds@ymail.com) regarding John Francis Ainscough b.1885 - 1958.
Ive not had time to look into this yet but it all looks very familiar - could well be my line! Thought others might be interested too so Ive blogged it along with Avril's email address for you to contact her directly.

On 22 Jun 2013, at 04:12, Avril wrote:


My name is Avril and i am also like you researching family history. I have John Francis Ainscough Smith in my family tree as hes a distant cousin of mine. I got your contact details via your Ainscough geneaology page. Here is how i believe i am related to John. 

John Francis Ainscough Smith (1885 - 1958)
is your 4th cousin 3x removed

father of John Francis Ainscough Smith

father of John Berry Smith

mother of William Smith

father of Isabella Bannister

father of William Bannister

son of James Bannister

daughter of Nicholas Bannister

daughter of Mary Bannister

daughter of Catharine Lloyd

son of Margaret Gill

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Rigbyes of Harrock Hall

A number of readers/ researchers have been interested in Harrock Hall and its past and whether the Ainscough family has been linked throughout time - see here for the current link

Thanks to my dad for uncovering more on the history and ownership of Harrock Hall. This information is taken from Ancestry.com Re: Rigbyes of Harrock Hall
lyndail  (View posts)
Posted: 6 Mar 2007 1:48PM GMT

Rigbye was also a first name and the last name of one. 
The eldest son of Rigbyes of Harrock Hall was always a Nicholas from the 1300's till about 1700 when there was no son to be heir. The estate was then left to the grandson, John Baldwin. 

His mother, Ann Rigbye, had married Rev. Thomas Baldwin. John Baldwin became the Rector of North Meols. He succeeded to the Harrock estates in 1787 and was granted armorial bearings on the 15th of September, 1787, whilst he was the rector of North Meols. He took the name and Arms of Rigbye by Royal licence. (I think, but am not sure that this was when an 'e' was added to the end of this line of Rigbys.) 
John named his third child, who was born in 1751, Rigbye, He was born Rigbye Baldwin, but changed his name to Rigbye after 1793, two years before he married Sarah Hamer, so he became Reverend Rigbye Rigbye. After this, for several generations, many children in these lines were given the middle name of Baldwin. Very confusing.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Potts m Ainscough - White Lion Inn, Wigan

On 13 Apr 2013, at 17:34, Kate Pearson  wrote:
If you think you are related to this family please contact Kate.

I am researching my Ainscough line, and found your blog on Google. After looking at it I initially felt it was not the same Ainscough line and was going to navigate away. However your post of January 19 2007 "Potts Family" caught my eye.
My ancestor, Jane Ainscough was the widowed innkeeper of a pub in Wigan. I found a flyer for the pub from a little later which I am attaching which has Mrs David Potts as the proprietress, and the pub was formally owned by Ned Ainscough. As your post was 6 years ago have you since found a link between the Potts and Ainscoughs, and have you found a link to the Wigan Ainscoughs?
I think there may be one as Jane Ainscough was born in Croston, nee Serjeant.

Kind Regards
Kate Pearson

Monday, January 14, 2013

Ainscough, Smith & Rigby1887

On 7 Jan 2013, at 18:45, Paul Bridges (pbridges@magma.ca) wrote:
(zoom to enlarge and read - also uploaded to Box storage for you to download)

I came across this report of the wedding of James Ainscough to Mary Helen Smith in an on-line newspaper for Sept 1887.
I found it interesting both from the style of reporting and the way it related several families: Ainscough, Smith & Rigby.
Perhaps your readers will find it of interest also.

Paul Bridges