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Edward & Dorothy Ainscough - Mawdesley Churchyard

Edward Ainscough b.1832 m Dorothy (Cowell) b.1828
1851 Edward Ainscough b.1832
1861 Ainscough Edward b.1832
1881 Ainscough Edward b.1832

Great to hear from Andrew Scarisbrick again with regard to the identity of Edward b.1832, Bispham & Dorothy (Cowell) Ainscough in the Mawdesley Churchyard.....interesting to see from census detail that Edward was also the landlord of the White Lion Pub in Wigan - our family are good at doing pubs aren't they!

"Hi again
I have seen in your website that you have been looking at Ainscough graves at Mawdesley, and there is one you cannot identify, children of Edward and Dorothy (Cowell) Ainscough.
I believe this must be Edward Ainscough b. about 1831, who was married to a Dorothy in 1861, but was remarried to Mary Ann Harrison in 1869. See the following;

Deaths Mar 1868
AINSCOUGH Dorothy aged 41
- Wigan 8c 23

Marriages Mar 1869
Ainscough Edward
- Wigan 8c 121
Harrison Mary Ann - Wigan 8c 121

Deaths Mar 1896
Ainscough Edward aged 65
- Wigan 8c 20

This Edward Ainscough is, I believe, the son of James Ainscough (b. 1795) and Jane (maiden name unknown - as yet). This is now backed up by the 1851 census. James b. 1795 is the son of James b.1756 who married Elizabeth Fletcher, so Edward is the grandson of James b.1756, who was brother to my ancestor John (who married Margaret Worthington) and Hugh (liqour merchant), of Ormskirk (d.1813).
This can be established from the evidence of Wills (especially the will of Hugh Ainscough (liqour merchant) of Ormskirk, died 1813) and Croston Parish records.
From the 1841 census, Edward is the son of James Ainscough (b. ~1795) and Jane (maiden name unknown - as yet). This is now backed up by the 1851 census, which I have now found (surname was misspelt or mistranscribed - I have attached that as well). This shows Edward and siblings as children of Jane (James has died), and living at the White Lion Pub, Hallgate, Wigan, where Edward was living in subsequent censuses."

There is a "JamesAinscough_1755tree.pdf" document to download in the shared box area (on the right). This has lots of evidence to support this tree. We have Andy Scarisbrick to thank - he has recently (2007) put it together so you may like to contact him if you have any queries over evidence etc. Open the file & zoom in to see detail.

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Mawdesley RC Churchyard - Ainscough burials

My Ainscough branch
Just back from a fleeting trip around Mawdesley, Lathom, Bispham, Parbold, Burscough & Ormskirk where I had arranged to meet up with Mary Ainscough (Parbold Mary of H&R) a very distant relative. My sister Magdalen and niece Hannah also joined us on the trip to discover our "ancestral roots". Thanks to Mary we also got to meet her eldest brother Anthony, middle brother Stephen and family and 2nd cousin Martin of the Eagle & Child Pub. We also discovered far more than I ever expected......

So far I can identify all but one of the gravestones in Mawdesley St Peter & Pauls RC churchyard as Ainscoughs within our family tree. These are as follows:

Thomas Ainscough d. 1861 m Betty (Whitehead) d.1879
1. Thomas Ainscough(1778-1861) m Betty (Whitehead)(1797-1879)- my GGGG grandparents
See blog entry 25th March 2007.

John Ainscough d.1872m Margaret (Wignall) d.1866
2. John Ainscough(1794-1872) m Margaret (Wignall)(1797-1866)- Reynolds Farm, Mawdesley. Youngest brother of Thomas my GGGG grandfather & the Harrock Hall link
Also of Hugh their son Hugh (1830-1853)

Parbold Richard d.1849 m Elizabeth (Livesey) d.1852
3. Richard Ainscough(1770-19th Oct 1849) m Elizabeth (Livesey)(1781-1852) - Parbold Shopkeeper - Parbold Mary Ainscough's GG grandparents H&R link - and 2nd cousin of Thomas & Betty (Whitehead)- my GGGG grandparents
and their son James (1811-15th Jan 1838)

John Ainscough (1838 -1916 m Ellen (Smith) (1837-1892)
4. John Ainscough (1838 -1916) m 1862 Ellen (Smith) (1837-1892) - Rutters Farm
Harrock Hall link - of Wrightington. John is nephew of Thomas & Betty (Whitehead)-my GGGG grandparents.

John Ainscough d.1883
5. John (1820- 21.3.1885) m Ellen (Eastman) (1822- 8th June 1863). Son of Thomas & Betty (GGGG grandparents) & brother of Hugh A m Ellen (Cowley)- my GGG grandparents

Richard Ainscough d.1849
6. Also Richard Ainscough (1787- 24th Dec 1849)
which looks as though it is John's Uncle Richard (1787-1849) m Nancy (Sergeant) - Rutters estate, but no mention of Nancy!? Richard was also a brother of Thomas my GGGG grandfather.

Nancy Engelhardt from Rhodes Island offers the following information about Richard A. "My research shows Richard Ainscough did not marry Nancy Sergeant (b.1801). He had a daughter with her - Nancy Sergeant2 b. Abt 1836 Mawdesley.

You will find both Nancys in the 1851 census.
1851 Census-Mawdesley, Lanc, England
Nancy Sergeant - Head - Un - 50 - Annuitant - b.Mawdesley, Lanc
Nancy Sergeant - Daur - Un - 15 - b.Mawdesley, Lanc

In Richard's will he states, "to my natural daughter Nancy Sergeant of Mawdesley my clock, corner cupboard, bed & bedding etc ." There is no mention of a wife.
In 1841 census Richard is living with his sister, Nancy "Ann" (Ainscough) Alty (my direct ancestor-ggg grandmother). My line is as follows:
Nancy Ainscough 1784 & Robert Alty 1794> Betty Alty 1816 & John Rigby 1811> Seth Rigby 1846 & Elizabeth Robinson 1845> John Rigby 1882 & Margaret Green 1883>Seth Rigby 1908

Will of Richard Ainscough
4 Aug 1848 Will leaves legacies to nephew Richard Gortley,£50. Housekeeper Margaret Wilson £80., Right Rev James Sharples of Waverton near Liverpool .... for the benefit of the minister for the time being of Roman Catholic Chapel at Mawdesley £20. To my natural daughter Nancy Sergeant of Mawdesley my clock, corner cupboard, bed & bedding etc .
2 Aug 1850 Executors sworn in for will of 4th August 1848
6 Aug 1850 Probate granted on will of 4th August 1848 no issue

Place: Nelsons-Bispham
Robert Alty 45 Farmer, Nancy 50, Hugh 25, Henry 20, Thoms Cotham 15, John Rigbye 25, Elizabeth Rigbye 25. Richard Ainscough 50 Ind. b. Abt 1791. All born Lancashire.
*John and Elizabeth Rigby are my gg grandparents."

7. Tragically 4 children of Edward Ainscough b.1832 & Dorothy (Cowell) Ainscough b.1828-d.1868 - so Edward is a distant relative
Alice Jane Ainscough - 16th March 1855 (11 mnths)
James Ainscough - 16th April 1855 (2 yrs)
Edward Ainscough - 6th November 1862 (6 mnths)
John James Ainscough - 1872 (1 mnth)

(info. provided by Andrew Scarisbrick) This Edward Ainscough is the grandson of James Ainscough (b.1756), who married Elizabeth Fletcher, who was brother to my ancestor John (who married Margaret Worthington) and his brother Hugh the liqour merchant of Ormskirk (d.1813).

Father Henry Ainscough d.1946
8. Henry Ainscough Parish Priest (24th Jan 1864 - 26th August 1946) - very difficult to read the details but this is highly likely to be the priest & brother of Hugh Ainscough m Ellen Cowley- my GGG grandad - See blog entry 28th January 2007

9. Mary Gabriel (Finch) Ainscough - (1921 - Jan 1st 1951) age 30
1st wife of Oswald Ainscough & Parbold Mary's auntie, Oswald was my 5th cousin 3 times removed.
Mary Gabriel (Finch) Ainscough

10. I'm not entirely sure about this one, but this could be James Ainscough d.Oct 12 1849 (58yrs?) m Jane (Sergeant) d. August 28.1858 (62 yrs?)....the dates look about right...and they had at least 3 children die before their 20s also listed on this gravestone
Richard d. 1841 - age 4yrs
Margaret d.1848 - age 20yrs
James d.1854 - age 19yrs

(This James was the son of James (1756-?)married Elizabeth Fletcher - a nephew of my 5x great grandparents John (1752-1835) m Margaret Worthington (1751-1835).
part1 James Ainscough d.1849
part2 James Ainscough d.1849
part3 James Ainscough d.1849
It may be that some of their children did survive perhaps this next John was a son??
On the same stone there is also a mention of Elizabeth Ainscough d. 27th November 1860 - 24 yrs, wife of John Ainscough & daughter Jane - March 13 1834 - age 13yrs

and lastly listed on the same stone is Mary Jane d.July 28 1838 - age 2yrs, daughter of Mary Anne & John Ainscough - purely speculating here but maybe this was the John above, his 2nd wife and daughter??
Its likely that they are all part of the same extended family but I need to do some more digging before I can say exactly who they are - can you help??

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Thomas Ainscough 1778-1861 m. Betty Whitehead 1797-1879

Thomas Ainscough d. 1861 m Betty (Whitehead) d.1879
Thomas Ainscough d.1861
Ainscoughs in Mawdesley
Our Ladys & All saints RC Mawdesley

Information provided by 2nd cousins Tony Brown & Jonathon Hopper.
Thomas Ainscough 1778-1861 was my GGGG grandfather. He was the 2nd eldest son of at least 8 children. Born, grew up, worked as a farmer and died in Mawdesley, Lancs. The son of farmer John Ainscough (1752-1835) and mother Margaret (Worthington) (1751-1835).

Thomas married Elizabeth (Betty) Whitehead (1797-1879)from Downholland, Lancs. on 17th May 1819; records can be found at Croston, Lancs.
Thomas and Betty had 5 children. Their 2nd eldest son, Hugh 1822-1882 was my GGG grandfather- see blog 15th September 2006.
Betty died 10th April 1879 and Thomas died 31st December 1861, both can be found on the same gravestone in St Peter and St Paul RC Cemetery, Mawdesley.

PARENTS - John Ainscough (1752-1835) and mother Margaret (nee Worthington) (1751-1835) see earlier blog 8th September 2006.

CHILDREN of Thomas & Betty
1.1 John (1820-?) m Ellen Eastman
1.2 Hugh (1822-1882) m Ellen Cowley (1824 -1895)
1.3 James(1827-?)
1.4 Richard (1833-1912) m Helen Blackburn
1.5 Margaret (2nd wife 1836-1918) m Thomas Cowley (1828-?)

SIBLINGS OF Thomas Ainscough
1.1 Elizabeth (Betty)(1776-1816) m Richard Ainscough (1773-1842)
1.2 James (1778-?)
1.3 Margaret(1782-1835) m Robert Gortly
1.4 Nancy (Ann 1784-1851) m Robert Alty (1794-1861)
1.5 Richard (1787-1849) m Nancy Sergeant - Rutters estate
1.6 Jane(1789-1794) died of smallpox
1.7 John(1794-1872) m Margaret Wignall (1797-1860) - the Harrock Hall link

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DNA testing, AINSCOUGH- male volunteers wanted!

I received the following email from Billie in Tennessee today. They are looking for volunteers with the surname AINSCOUGH or similar eg. Ascough, Ainscow etc to take part in their DNA testing programme. They must be male because its a Y chromosone thing! There is a cost involved,see text or the ACUFF website for further would be great if we could determine a link to a Viking/ Nordic origin. Billie can be contacted directly at:

"Hi again, Barbara!

We have learned this week from DNA tests that the surname Acuff as it appeared in Tennessee and Virginia in the US is pretty definitely of British origin.
Could you post a request on your blog for any males who are bloodline descendants of Ainscough, Ascough, Askew, or any variant in the UK to contact me about participating in our project? It has to be a male, because the specific DNA markers for family origin and ancestral lineage passes from father to son.
I've posted a new update to our site at for anyone who is interested.
If the individual has already tested through FamilyTreeDNA, he can join the Acuff project as a second group. If he has not, the initial test costs approximately 50 pounds.

Billie in Tennessee

And less than 1 hr after sending Billie's email request out to "Ainscough" people/ relatives I know, Ed Ainscough, Perth, Australia, replies with the following. Keep us all updated Ed & Billie....are we of Scandinavian or Germanic origin?

"Barbara - I'll do it. The origin to Scandinavia, if there, will obviously be through a different source to that noted on the link page as based on your and our ideas on the root of the pronunciation of scough being skog, it won't be from any Swede's called 'Koff.

I assume if we were linked to the Acuff's who had Ascough roots it would be a case of mispronunciation at some point during the move to the New World. Let's face it, down in Essex everyone always said it wrong, and it wasn't until you travelled North in the UK that it was pronounced correctly - so what hope moving across the world? My youngest asked me the other day if he could change his name to 'cuff at the end because he was sick of correcting the teachers at primary school....... I said "no", of course, and told him to toughen up!!!"

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Thomas Ainscough 1846-1929 m. Margaret Barnes 1839-1913

Thomas Ainscough 1846-1929
Ainscough family Mass Cards 1928-1929
Thomas Ainscough m 1866 Margaret Barnes
Information provided by 2nd cousins Tony Brown & Jonathon Hopper.

Thomas Ainscough 1846-1929 was my GG grandfather. The eldest son of at least 11 children. Born in Liverpool, living in Chorley at the age of 4. I know from census records that Thomas at the age of 14 was the son of a farmer living at Grimbeledstons Farm in Alston, Longridge, Lancs. He married Margaret Barnes 1839-1913 in 1866 aged 25 at which time his occupation was a Railway Porter in Alston. Margaret was aged 26yrs and listed as a Cotton Weaver of the village of Alston.
Thomas and Margaret had 6 children. Their eldest son, Henry 1868-1912 was my Great grandfather - see blog 10th December 2006.
By 1901 Thomas had been promoted to H M Railway Goods Inspector in Chorley. Margaret died 31 Jan 1913 and is buried at Chorley Cemetery, Southport Road, Grave no 218 Section A, R.Catholic.
Thomas died 18th September 1929 and is buried at Chorley Cemetery Grave no 218 Section A, R.Catholic.

PARENTS - Hugh(1822-1882) m Ellen Cowley (1824 -1895) see earlier blog 15th September 2006.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Thomas Ainscough 1846-1929

born ca 1846 at Liverpool but birth certificate not found
31 Mar 1851- Town Road, Chorley 4yrs b. Lan Liverpool
7 Apr 1861 - Grimbledstons Farm, Alston - age 14yrs, Farmers son b. Liverpool
13 Oct 1866 - age 25yrs - Railway Porter of Longridge Alston at time of marriage
14 Jul 1868 - Railway Guard of 11 Bentinck St. Preston when registered birth of son Henry
2 Apr 1871 - 36 Livesey St, Chorley Thomas Ainscough Railway Guard 24yrs bn Liverpooln Lan, England
3 Apr 1881 - 21 Victoria St, Chorley Thomas Ainscough Railway Goods Guard M 35 M bn LAN Liverpool
1889 Railway goods guard of 21 Victoria St. Chorley ???? ref
31 Mar 1891 - 8 Victoria St Chorley Lancashire Thomas Ainscough Head M 45 Railway Goods Foreman bn Lan Liverpool
28 Sep 1895 - Foreman Goods Porter 28 Cunliffe St Chorley at marriage of son Henry
31 Mar 1901 - 132 Devonshire Rd. Chorley H M Railway Goods Inspector bn Lancs Liverpool
2 Apr 1911- check census Chorley ?
31 January 1913 - at 41 Gillibrand St Chorley (death of wife}
Sept Q 1929 - death Chorley 8e 455
23 Sep 1929 - Buried at Chorley Cemetery Grave no 218 Section A R.Catholic

WIFE - ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Margaret Barnes 1839-1940

born ca 1840 (Mar 1839-Mar1840) Caton Green Caton Lancs. but birth cert not found Lancaster district XX 20 Caton s/district
6 June 1841 Caton Green Caton Lancs. 1 year old bn Lancs
31 March 1851 - census?? age 11yrs???
7 April 1861- census?? try Alston ?? 8c
13 Oct 1866 - age 26yrs P L Cotton Weaver of Village Alston at time of marriage
14 July 1868 - at 11 Bentinck st Preston birth of son
2 April 1871 - 36 Livesey St Chorley 31 Guard's Wife b. CatonLan
3 April 1881 - 21 Victoria St Chorley M 41 F Guard's Wife bn Caton Green Lan
31 March 1891 - 8 Victoria St Chorley Lancashire Margaret Ainscough Wife M 51 bn Lan Caton
31 Mar 1901 - 132 Devonshire Rd Chorley W M 60 bn Lancs Catton
2 April 1911 - census? 71yrs ??? - try Chorley
31 Jan 1913 - Lived at 41 Gillibrand St. Chorley at time of death age 72yrs
4 Feb 1913 - Buried at Chorley Cemetery Grave no 218 Section AR.Catholic

CATON GREEN 1841 Census (nb. ages in the 1841 Census are accurate up to 14 yrs and thereafter given in 5 yr blocks eg. 25=25-29!

Henry Barnes - age 25 Head, Agricultural labourer b.1810-1815?
Dianna Barnes - age 25 wife b.1810-1815?
John Barnes - age 4 son b.1836
Margaret Barnes - age 1 dau. b.1839

Ive been to visit the grave of Thomas & Margaret but there is no headstone, so they are difficult to find. However, should you want to drop in yourself then these were the instructions I was given by the Cemetery:
"The grave is located at the entrance to the Cemetery, through the gates and take your 1st left but may not be too easy to find. We can produce a map of the area and show you the grave if you are visiting during our opening hours 10am - 3pm (we are usually here a little longer) our office is down the main drive, a brick built building on the right of the Cemetery."

Chorley Cemetery
Southport Road
Telephone : 01257 267434

CHILDREN of Thomas & Margaret
1.1 Henry 1868-1912
1.2 Ellen 1869-?
1.3 Hugh 1872 -?
1.4 George 1874-?
1.5 Francis 1875-?
1.6 Clara 1876-?

SIBLINGS OF Thomas Ainscough
1.1 Alice – 26 July 1844
1.3 Elizabeth – Nov 1848 – 18 Dec 1934
1.4 Richard – June 1850 – 6 Dec 1928
1.5 Ann (Annie) – 1853 – before 1901
1.6 Mary Margaret – 6 March 1856
1.7 John Hugh – March 1857
1.8 Edward – May 1860 – 1 June 1902
1.9 William James – March 1862? – 30 Jan 1910
1.10 Henry – 24 Jan 1864-1946 PRIEST, buried Mawdesley RC churchyard
1.11 George – 1868 - Feb 11th 1874

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1347 - Roger de Aykescogh, Ulnes Walton

It was great to hear from Mary Ainscough again, who has come across the mention of the Aykescogh name listed in a British History Online Article featuring Ulnes Walton; A History of the County of Lancaster: Volume 6.

"Hi Barbara
Just browsing this afternoon & found this. Under Ulnes Walton Township look at footnote 33- at the end it notes an Ayscow family being present in 1330.

Footnote 33 reads as follows:

An Ayscow or Askue family occurs about 1330–50. In 1331 Joan widow of John de la Legh did not prosecute her claim against Roger de Aykyskowe; Assize R. 1404, m. 18. In 1347 it appears that Roger son of Roger de Aykescogh had by his wife Christiana left two daughters, Alice and Maud, who had a messuage and land; Assize R. 1435, m. 51 d.

Obviously there is no way we can be directly descended from this Roger because he appears to have just the 2 daughters, but surely he was part of a larger family?? The great thing about this of course is that this is a very early reference to Ainscough in Ulnes Walton, which is in Lancashire, some of our Ainscough family are also recorded as having lived here, for example James A. farmer and maltster who died young (d.1818- grandson of Thomas & son of Hugh A 1745 & Mary Smith - see blog Jan.3rd 2007).
If anybody out there knows any more about this particular family of Ulnes Walton I would love to hear from you.

And Jonathon Hopper has also carried out his own search on the same database to find various other early "Ainscoughs" mentioned in the Lancashire region...

"Here are various other results from that site...all the ones for Ainscough.
Just need to type in all 600 variants on the name!

Townships: Heath Charnock
... Radley, (fn. 21) from whom it descended to Thomas Ainscough, clerk, and was
acquired about 1690 by Thomas Willis, (fn. 22) descending ...
A History of the County of Lancaster: Volume 6 (1911)

Townships: Aspull
... 30, In addition to those already named Robert Pennington, Robert Gorton, Roger Rycroft,
and John Ainscough were free holders in 1600; Misc. (Rec. Soc. Lancs. ...
A History of the County of Lancaster: Volume 4 (1911)

Townships: Blackrod
... Richard Hoghton and Alice his wife were given the tenements of Robert Ormishaw,
John Almon, Nicholas Huyton, Henry Hodgkinson, Christopher Ainscough, Agnes Vaus ...
A History of the County of Lancaster: Volume 5 (1911)

Townships: Anglezarke
... 21, m. 18. 16, Thomas Willis in 1694 appears to have acquired lands in Anglezarke,
&c., formerly belonging to Thomas Ainscough, clerk ; Exch. Dep. (Rec. Soc. ...
A History of the County of Lancaster: Volume 5 (1911)

Townships: Culcheth

... and descended with Orford and Hale until about 1850, when it was sold to Richard
Watson Marshall Dewhurst, at whose death it was sold to — Ainscough. ...
A History of the County of Lancaster: Volume 4 (1911)

Townships: Rusholme
... 1746, William Twyford, BA (fn. 63) (St. John's College, Camb.). 1752, Thomas Ainscough,
MA (fn. 64) (St. John's College, Camb.). 1762, Miles Lonsdale, MA (fn. ...
A History of the County of Lancaster: Volume 4 (1911)

Townships: Widnes
... 53). 1687, Christopher Marsden (fn. 54). —, John Foxley (fn. 55). oc. 1705–9, Radley
Ainscough (fn. 56). oc. 1718–32, Henry Hargreaves (fn. 57). ...
A History of the County of Lancaster: Volume 3 (1907)

Townships: Wrightington
... (ed. 1870), ii, 150. The Fairhurst estate was owned by Hugh Ainscough of Burscough,
and now by his executors; information of Mr. James Ainscough of Fairhurst. ...
A History of the County of Lancaster: Volume 6 (1911)

The parish of Bolton-le-Moors
... centuries, made up a sum of £190 by 1803, which, with £20 given for cloth by Robert
Aston in 1728, and £110 for bread and cloth by John Ainscough in 1812 ...
A History of the County of Lancaster: Volume 5 (1911)