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Ainscough_Cowley tree
Ainscough family tree - Head Thomas 1780-1861
Richard Cowley Census 1841
Richard Cowley Census 1851
Thomas Cowley m Margaret Ainscough
The relationship between the Cowley and Ainscough families can be traced back to the mid 1800’s in Mawdesley. Infact, my GGG grandad Hugh Ainscough (b. 1822-1882) married (1843) Ellen (Elizabeth) COWLEY (1824-1895) around the same time that Thomas Cowley married Margaret Ainscough. Ellen and Thomas Cowley were brother & sister.

At the same time 3.4 *Thomas Cowley (b 21 Dec 1828, Bispham) married (1852) *Margaret Ainscough (wife 1 -b 1826, Mawdesley- d 1872), daughter of John Ainscough (1796-1872) and Margaret ? (1799-1866) and cousin of Hugh Ainscough. Margaret and Hugh shared the same grandfather, John Ainscough (1752-1835) m Margaret Worthington (1751-1835).

Parents of Richard Cowley were:
1.1 Richard Cowley (1760-Upholland) and Martha Higham (2 Sept 1766, Wigan)
2.1 Richard Cowley (son) (1797-Upholland) married (17 April 1820) Alice Swift (6 Nov 1789, Wigan)

Richard Cowley and Alice had 9 children.
3.1. Edward Cowley b. abt 1818, Croston - his birth date predates Richard and Alice's marriage, so he MAY have been from a previous marriage of Richard's; or he may have been born out of Wedlock. That's research for another day and seems to be fairly typical of the day based on other information about ancestors!

3.2. Ann Cowley b. 21 March 1821 and perhaps died before 1851. She is not listed on the census. Then again she may have just been out visiting. 

3.3 Elizabeth b. 11 Dec 1826 

3.4. *Thomas b. 21 Dec 1828, Bispham married twice, both were called Margaret Ainscough – see blog detail

3.5. Everilda b. 14 Sept 1830, Bispham... Sylvia Wilcox’s ancestor married John Southworth 1833, Mawdesley
3.6. Alice b. 1836, Eccleston 

3.7. Matilda b. 1838 Eccleston 

3.8. Jemima b. 1840 Eccleston 

3.9. James b 1842 Eccleston

Sylvia Wilcox - Aus ( writes: 

”I've worked from the census results, to get the family together, so there may be a few adjustments to make. But it’s as accurate as I can be with the information that I have. You hopefully can add more.
Your saying that there were 2 Margaret Ainscoughs makes sense because on the 1871 census Margaret's age is 45, and on the 1881 census it is still 45, then on the 1891 census she is 55. 
Do you have any idea when the first Margaret died? Must have been between the 1871 Census and whatever date in 1874 that Thomas married Margaret the 2nd.”

What makes this all so complicated is that *Thomas Cowley had 2 wives, both of them named Margaret AINSCOUGH!


His 1st wife was the cousin of Hugh (my GGG grandad) and his 2nd wife was the sister of Hugh AINSCOUGH. We believe that *Margaret Ainscough wife 1 died in 1872 aged 46.


There were probably 6 children from the first marriage, all born in Mawdesley:

4.1 Mary (1855-1918)

4.2 Hugh (1858-1934) 

4.3 John (1859-1929)

4.4 Thomas E (1862 -? 

4.5 Elizabeth A (1864 -?) 

4.6 Margaret A (1866-?)


*Thomas then married for a 2nd time **Margaret Ainscough (1836-1918 -wife 2) in 1874.


They had a further 3 children, all born in Mawdesley:

4.7 Mary E (b1874-d1951)

4.8 Richard, Raphael (b1875-d1875 – d. age 7 months)

4.9 Jane Frances (b1877-d1942)

1841 Census detail states that *Thomas is living with his parents in Bentley Lane. (Richard Cowley, (b. 1797 Upholland, Lancs) farmer of 26 acres and Alice (Swift, b. 6 Nov 1789) married 17 April 1820.
Bentley lane is mentioned on the following website:

1851 Census: *Thomas Cowley is living with his parents, Richard Cowley, b. 1797 Upholland, Lancs., farmer of 26 acres and Alice.
There were 9 children in the household – as above

1861 Census Mawdesley – Smithy Lane
*Thomas Cowley, HEAD, (b.1829) married (1852) to Margaret AINSCOUGH (b.1825 – 1872)
They had 3 children at home:

4.1. Mary Cowley b. 1855..she's listed twice, as a daughter of the Cowleys and as a granddaughter of the Ainscoughs, so she may have been wandering between her parents and grandparents.

4.2. Hugh Cowley b. 1858 

4.3. John Cowley b. 1859...John's wife, on the 1881 census is also Mary Ainscough (see census 1881 detail)

1861 - Parents of Margaret Ainscough (wife 1) – Back Lane

Also in Mawdesley in the 1861 Census is John Ainscough, HEAD (b.1794-1872) married to Margaret Wignall (b.1797-1860) – the brother of Thomas Ainscough (GGGG grandad) and uncle of Hugh Ainscough (GGG grandad).

Census detail shows 3 children still living at home in 1861, although I’m led to believe that John and Margaret Wignall had 9 children in total:
1.2. Margaret Ainscough b.1825

1.6. John Ainscough, son, (b.1839 – 1916) m Ellen Smith (1837-1892) – Rutters Farm

1.9. Margery??? Ainscough, daughter, (b.1842 -Strangely similar to Margaret – need to check this out)

1871 Census: Smithy Lane, Mawdesley
*Thomas COWLEY Head, 42 years, Farmer of 46 acres with one labourer. Margaret, Wife 1 – 45 years

4.2 Hugh 13 years

4.3 John 12 

4.5 Elizabeth 7

4.6 Margaret 5

ALSO: John Ainscough, 76 yrs, widower, retired farmer, is probably Margaret's father. Mother must have died by 1871.

This could be the second Mrs. Thomas Cowley - checking things out??

1881 Census: Smithy Lane, Mawdesley

*Thomas 52 Margaret 45......Obviously **Margaret AINSCOUGH (2nd wife – sister of Hugh). 
6 children living at home:

4.2 Hugh 23

4.4 Thomas E 19 

4.5 Elizabeth 17
4.6 Margaret 15

4.7 Mary 6 

4.9 Jane F 3

1881 Census:
4.3. John Cowley (1st son of Thomas Cowley) b. 1859-d 1929
John's wife, on the 1881 census is also Mary Ainscough. Mary was probably a widow of an Ainscough, because there is an ELLEN AINSCOUGH listed as John's stepdaughter- interesting??

There were probably 8 children from this marriage, all born in Mawdesley:
5.1 Ellen (1873-1945)

5.2 Thomas (1879-1904)

5.3 Margaret (1881-1965)
5.4 John (1884-1954),
5.5 Hugh (1882)
5.6 Maude (1886-1935),
5.7 Audrey (1889 -1971)
5.8 James (1892 1951)

1891 Census: Smith Lane, Mawdesley
*Thomas 62, Living on his own means
Margaret, 55 and son Thomas E is now the farmer.

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Information provided by Jonathon Hopper;
"In 1835 the parish of Croston contained the townships of Croston, Bretherton, Ulnes Walton, Mawdesley and Bispham although originally the following communities had also been part of Croston Parish:

Name Date of separation
Hoole 1642
Chorley 1793
Rufford 1793
Tarleton 1821
Hesketh with Becconsall 1821
Mawdesley with Bispham 1843
Bretherton 1843

Parish records for the Parish Church exist as follows:-
Original Registers at Lancs. R.O. IGI LPRS BVRI-2
Christenings 1538-1948 1643-1861 1538-1727 N/A
Marriages 1538-1948 1538-1559
1570-1876 1538-1727 N/A
Burials 1538-1948 N/A 1538-1727 N/A

Croston was the nearest Catholic Church to Mawdesley until 19thC (or so) - so all early Ainscough were baptised, married and buried (or memorial?) at Croston............
I have been through the on-line Parish records for Croston and pulled out all the Ainscough related names - many variations early on which suggests to me that some of these people couldn't read and write for themselves...
I haven't been through trying to match up families etc. That would be an interesting thing to do......
Looking back through the file I put together (cut and paste from the parish records) Croston seems to be associated with the earliest records (or vice versa) for Ainscoughs. So - the theory that this (Mawdesley) was where they first arrived in Lancs. seems supported by this... they spread out from there...

From looking at this site they are all transcribed for this parish; so no need to read originals. This lists the parishes transcribed so far. What I dont understand, is, following only a quick glance, why for Croston the names on births/marriages /burials dont match up.. I dont think people were very mobile then.. so there ought to be a close match.........also a Catholic question - if there wasn't a separate Catholic Church, would Catholics have been registered at the C of E church?
This site looks good for Croston history :

There are two Catholic chapels in the parish, one in Croston, built about the year 1793, and another in Mawdsley; So no early Catholic chapel - so they presumably had to be registered at the CofE church..."


For more info go to:

Taken from:

"The Pilgrimage of Grace was a popular rising by Roman Catholics in Northern England in 1536, in protest against England's break with Rome and the Dissolution of the Monasteries, as well as other specific political, social and economic grievances. Although the Pilgrimage was a specific uprising around York, the term has come to describe a series of rebellions that occurred in the North in late 1536 and early 1537........It began with 'The Lincolnshire Rising' a brief rebellion of Roman Catholics against the establishment of the CofE at St. James Church, Louth, after evensong on October 1, 1536,"

Jonathon Hopper has been trying to find links to the Ainscough history pre 1650 (Hugh & Elizabeth Ainscough - 11th Generation). He was fortunate to make contact with Peter Freeman of Leeds University ( who has infact been researching some of this also. Peter suggested the following books could be the best source of information for finding out more.......anybody up for some serious reading??

"I've re-searched and found 5 titles which might be useful :

1. The Pilgrimage of Grace : the rebellion that shook Henry VIII's
throne / Geoffrey Moorhouse.(London : Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 2002.)

2. The pilgrimage of grace and the politics of the 1530s / R. W. Hoyle.
(Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2001.)

3. The Pilgrimage of Grace in the Lake Counties, 1536-7 / Scott Michael
Harrison. (London : Royal Historical Society, 1981)

4. The last days of the Lancashire monasteries and the pilgrimage of
grace / by Christopher Haigh. (Manchester : Published for the Chetham
Society by Manchester U.P, 1969)

5. The pilgrimage of grace, 1536-1537 : and the Exeter conspiracy, 1538
/ by Madeleine Hope Dodds and Ruth Dodds (Cambridge : University press,

I've done a quick check through the Dodds' book and found nothing there
relating to the Ayscoughs. Possibly their involvement was peripheral,
or else they were involved in the early stages of the Lincolnshire
rising - in which case they would probably be noted in the Letters
and Papers volumes.

Sorry I can't devote too much time to this, but I hope you find
what you're looking for. It's bound to be out there somewhere.

Peter Freeman"

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More - Elizabeth (Ainscough) ANDERTON (1709-1783).........

Elizabeth Anderton notes1 (1709-1783)
Elizabeth Anderton notes2  (1709-1783)
Elizabeth Anderton notes3  (1709-1783)

More about Elizabeth (Ainscough) ANDERTON (1709-1783).........

I contacted Eric Percival via his website about the find of Elizabeth Anderton's gravestone and sent the images by email. Then just the other night a pleasant surprise, I got a reply email from Eric with this attachment - a full 9 pages, scanned in as 3 really does make interesting reading and opens up all sorts of further possibilities for research. It's all a bit like playing a game of Cluedo or trying to solve a giant crossword! Anyway thanks to the fantastic research carried out by EM Hartley she really has made the story come alive! I am also led to believe that EM Hartley has since passed away, but if anybody knows what happened to her resrearch I would certainly like to read it for myself.......
Below are some relevant snippets from her handwritten notes. If you would like to see the full document you can copy it from the following website, simply search for 'EMHartley' as 1 word on my photostream.

Researched by E.M Hartley
Information from: Eric Percival: /

"............Among the family traditions spoken of in my childhood none was more colourful than that of the Andertons. Unlikely as it seemed in a family with strong Methodist connections, we had some Catholic ancestors; Elizabeth Anderton had after the Jocobite rising crossed the Pennines into Yorkshire ( BA comment: in 1715 they joined the Stuart uprising during which Sir Francis Anderton, 6th Bt. (born after 1681) was convicted of high treason, forfeiting the Lostock estate, Lancs - not sure if the Anderton's are directly related??; her brother Thomas as a boy of 10 held the bridles of the horses while his father and uncle fought in the battle; and Elizabeth as an old lady asserted that her mother was a lady born; that her grandfather ‘was a Baron with 3 towns of his own’ and that she was born at Lostock Hall. Now Lostock Hall (near Bolton) was the home of rich, catholic Andertons, the last to live there being Sir Francis Anderton, and so insistent were the Cleggs on this story that granddaughters born in 1912 & 1914 were named ‘Sylvia Francis Lewis’ and ‘Patricia Rosemary Anderton’………………….

The final question was about Elizabeth Anderton’s mother who was a lady born – and here the answer was so obvious when I thought of it that I am astonished that none of us thought of it before.........
Whatever else Elizabeth Anderton’s mother was she was born Elizabeth Ainscough, not Anderton and the grandfather who was perhaps a baron or baronet if he existed at all was Elizabeth Ainscough's father.

Catholic ancestors at that period are harder to sort out but I did in the end identify Hugh Ainscough (in the Croston PR though spelled in a very eccentric manner) and recently got a photocopy of the entry in the papist rolls of 1717 and there he is signing clearly, ‘Hugh Ainscough, Yeoman’.
So where is the baron?!"

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Hugh AINSCOUGH (1822-1882) m1843 Ellen (Elizabeth) COWLEY (1824-1895)

Old Oak Inn
Our Lady and St Michaels Catholic Church, Alston
Our Lady and St Michaels Catholic Church, Alston
Hugh & Helen Ainscough
Hugh & Helen Ainscough

For those of you that are still getting to grips with the family history, Hugh and Ellen are my GGG grandparents. His son Thomas A is my GG granddad, father of Henry A, grandfather of Norbert, Maurice, Bernard, Kathleen, Harry and the others!

Having stopped off in Longridge, Lancs. On the way back from the South Lakes I thought I’d go in search of the pub that Hugh Ainscough had been landlord at in the 1870’s – The Old Oak Inn. It is still there and obviously a popular choice with the locals, although it is bizarrely situated on a mini-roundabout close to Alston, which makes parking quite difficult. After a quick drink and tapping the locals for information about “Grimbledstone farm”, (which is where he had been a farmer for many years prior to being a pub landlord), I headed off down the road towards Alston. “Grimbledstone farm” was just down the road and from there I followed my instinct. I was lucky to spot an RC primary school on the left, with a church next to it and pulled in. After a 15 minute look around there was the headstone I had been looking for! Buried in Our Lady and St Michaels Catholic Church cemetery, Alston - situated between Grimsargh and Longridge near Preston…….not just Hugh but Ellen his wife, Edward and George – 2 of their sons, Margaret, Edward’s wife and Elizabeth daughter of Hugh and Ellen………it was a good feeling and has been a major inspiration to find out more about my ancestors.
If you decide to go and take a look for yourself, it’s on the front row adjacent to the road – left hand side when facing the road.

The Headstone reads:
Reads, "Hugh Ainscough who died July 21st 1882 aged 60 years, also of Helen (known as Ellen) wife of the above who died Nov 8 1895 aged 71 years."

Reads, "Also of Edward their son (Hugh and Helen) who died June 1st 1902 aged 42 years and Margaret his wife who died May 1st 1940 aged 83 years.

Reads "George Ainscough (son) who departed this life Feb 11th 1874 aged 6 years. Also of Elizabeth Houghton daughter of the above (Hugh and Helen Ainscough) who died Dec 18 1934 aged 86 years";

Potted History - census detail from Jonathon Hopper:
Born Mawdesley

7 Aug 1843
7 Aug 1843 full age Husbandman of Mawdesley at time of marriage
26 Jul 1844 Farmer of Wrightington, Standish, Wigan, Lancashire (birth of dau Alice)
30 Mar 1851 Farmer of 26 acres Town rd Chorley 27yrs
1858 PO Directory Lancs Farmer Alston Preston
7 Apr 1861 Farmer of 45 acres Grimbledstone Alston 39yrs
21 April 1862 mentioned in Probate of will of his father as Yeoman of Mawdesley
13 Oct 1866 Farmer of Longridge Alston at marriage of son Thomas
2 Apr 1871 Licensed victualler Old Oak Inn Alston 49yrs
3 Apr 1881 Farmer of 2 acres Caster lane Longridge Alston 59yrs
See also & {Note 1881 entry includes 2 granddaughters {Ellen Ainscough 9 F Scholar bn Alston Lancs. Eng & {Elizabeth " (Earsnshaw) 3 F bn Alston Lancs. Eng whose parents are Henry Earnshaw (222) & Ann (nee Ainscough (72))
Sept Q 1882 death Preston 8e 401
25 November 1882 Letters of Administration granted to his widow Ellen Ainscough of Regent Street Alston
25 November 1882 Probate granted Personal Estate £213-4-2 Administration of the Personal Estate of Hugh Ainscough late of Kester Lane, Alston near Preston in the County of Lancaster who died 21July 1882 at Alston was granted at Lancaster to Ellen Ainscough of Regent Street, Alston, the lawful Widow the Relict. Sureties Richard Ainscough of 55 Essex Street Preston in the said County, Railway Inspector and Edward Ainscough of Dilworth near Preston in the said County Railway Porter
In 1845 Alice born in Wrightington.
In 1851 lived in Town road, Mawdesley - farmer of 26 acres - employs 1 worker. (Is this Town Road Croston?)
Moved to Alston in 1857.
In 1861 lived in Alston, Parish of Ribchester Church. "Grimbledstone" ? Near Preston
Farmer of 46 acres in 1861.

In 1871, lived with family at Old Oak Inn, New Town, Chipping road, Village of Longridge,Township of Alston - Licensed Victualler.
In 1881 lived in Caster Lane (now Kestor Lane) Longridge, farmer of 2 acres.

So Hugh moved away from Mawdesley (place of birth) in 1844 age 22 to Wrightington, Wigan initially, probably to find work as a farmer. Previous family are buried in Mawdesley RC Churchyard.

Census information suggests that in 1882 at the time of Hugh's death, Thomas was working in Chorley with the railways, Edward Ainscough was living in Dilworth near Preston and was the County Railway Porter and that Richard Ainscough of 55 Essex Street Preston in the said County, was Railway Inspector. 
This all seems to make sense and was obviously the change in occupation from farming to Railways that the family made. My great grandad Henry, son of Thomas was also a Station Master at Dean Lane Moston and so too was Bernard his son in Southport, Lancashire.....Im sorry to say that it was probably working on the railways that led to Henry's early death in 1912.

Ellen Cowley Ainscough
11 Dec 1826 born Croston
Elizabeth (Ellen), dtr. of Richard and Alice Cowley. Bispham. Joiner
31 Dec 1826 Baptised at St Michael & All Angels,Croston no.1479.
6 Jun 1841 Family servant 15yrs at Blackmore Grove, Mawdesley of William Finch
7 Aug 1843 full age Spinster of Mawdesley at time of marriage to Hugh Ainscough
24 July 1844 birth of dau Alice at Wrightington
5 Sept 1844 registration of birth of dau Alice
30 Mar 1851 Farmer's wife Town rd Chorley 28yrs bn Wrightington
7 Apr 1861 Farmer's wife Grimblestone Alston 37yrs bn Bispham
2 Apr 1871 Licensed vics wife Old Oak Inn Alston 48yrs bn Mawdesley
3 Apr 1881 Caster Lane Alston Wife Mar 58yrs housekeeper Bispham
25 Nov 1882 of Regent St Alston when granted Letters of Administration of her husbands estate as the lawful Widow & Relict.
5 April 1891 census age 67 years

Hugh and Ellen’s Children:
1.1 Alice – 26 July 1844
1.2 Thomas -1846 – 18 Sept 1929
1.3 Elizabeth – Nov 1848 – 18 Dec 1934
1.4 Richard – June 1850 – 6 Dec 1928
1.5 Ann (Annie) – 1853 – before 1901
1.6 Mary Margaret – 6 march 1856
1.7 John Hugh – March 1857
1.8 Edward – May1860 – 1 June 1902
1.9 William James – March 1862? – 30 Jan 1910
1.10 Henry – 24 Jan 1864
1.11 George – 1868 - Feb 11th 1874

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Ann AINSCOUGH (1853-1901) m Henry EARNSHAW (1847-1922)

Louisa Walsh (nee Earnshaw)

Ann Ainscough (b 1853) was the 3rd daughter of Hugh Ainscough (b.1822 d. 1882 GGGGrandad) and sister of Thomas Ainscough (1846-19290 (my GG grandad).
The following information has been provided by Richard Harris (Aus -
Ann married Henry Earnshaw, their second daughter was Louisa Gertrude who was the grandmother of Richard Harris (Aus). Louisa was later adopted by her sister (Helen) who married John Whalley, but Louisa retained her maiden name Earnshaw. Louisa married William Walsh, one of their daughter's (Josephine Walsh) was the mother of Richard Harris. Josephine married Stanley Harris, (Richard's father) in Colne, Lancashire.

The photo shows (Richard's grandmother and her family) - Louisa Earnshaw (daughter of Ann Ainscough & Henry Earnshaw) - Louisa is second from the left, standing in the back row. It was probably taken around 1910, but not sure. Her sister Polly is next to her. It is thought that Polly emigrated to the USA, along with her other sister Elizabeth (Lill), who is standing at the right of the photo at the back. The other people in the photo are Whalleys and Earnshaws (Jim Whalley , back row left, next to Louisa).
Louise Earnshaw (or Louisa as she was also known) died in 1951. She was baptised on 26 April 1883. As far as the other sisters go "Polly" was a nickname - known as Aunt Polly, unsure of real name. We know that Polly married John Seed and Louisa married William Walsh and they had nine children 3 of them died in infancy - Richard Harris' mum Josephine was the sixth child.

Louise Earnshaw (daughter of Anne Ainscough) met her husband William Walsh at a Catholic school in Colne - I understand the Ainscough family has a strong Catholic tradition going back centuries in Lancashire.

-(c1847 Osbaldstone, Lancashire- d1922?) married JUN 1873 Ann (Annie) AINSCOUGH (c1853 in Mawdesley, Lancashire- before 1901)

There were 9 children of which 3 died as children;
1.1 Helen EARNSHAW -born about 1871 in Longridge, Alston, Lancashire - died on 18 Jun 1950 in Lancashire married John Whalley
1.2 Kate EARNSHAW -born 1876 in Longridge, Alston, Lancashire - died unknown date
1.3 Elizabeth EARNSHAW- born about 1878 in Lancashire - died unknown date
1.4 Maggie B EARNSHAW -born c1879 in Alston, Ribchester, Lancashire - died unknown date
1.5 Ada E B EARNSHAW - born c1880 in Alston, Ribchester, Lancashire - died unknown date
1.6 Louise Gertrude EARNSHAW-born cApr 1883 - died unknown date married William Walsh

General Notes:
3 Apr 1881 - 86 Church St. Preston Lan Henry Earnshaw bro-in-Law Coal Merchant M 33 M Bn Osbaldston Lan Eng
31 March 1901- 74 Pitt St Dilworth Longridge Lan Eng, Henry Earnshaw Head W 52 M Living on own means: Born Lancs Longridge

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Elizabeth AINSCOUGH 1709- 1783 m Henry ANDERTON 1703-1765

All Saints Church Holme on Spalding Moor
Elizabeth (Ainscough) Anderton
Elizabeth (Ainscough) Anderton

Elizabeth was the eldest sister (1709- 1783) of James Ainscough (1711-1782), Yeoman farmer of Pemberton House Mawdesley and James was my GGGGGG grandad...which makes Elizabeth a very GREAT auntie!

For more info go to:

At some point Henry and Elizabeth decided to move from Mawdesley, Lancashire to Holme on Spalding Moor in East Yorkshire.
Inscription on Elizabeth's headstone reads:
"Lieth Interd y Body of Eliz th Anderton ye Wife of Henry Anderton who departed this Life August 21st 1783"The headstone was a lucky find, only 7 miles up the road from where I live, in the ancient churchyard of All Saints.

Personal Record - Elizabeth
Name: Elizabeth AINSCOUGH (2nd wife)
Sex: Female
Spouse: Henry ANDERTON (bef1703-1765)
Birth bef 15 Feb 1709
Christening 15 Feb 1709/10 (app) (age 1)
Death 21 Aug 1783 (age 74) Holme on Spalding Moor, East Yorkshire
Burial 22 Aug 1783 (age 74) Holme on Spalding Moor

Hugh AINSCOUGH born 1689. A Yeoman Farmer at Mawdesley, Lancs. and 1 spouse Elizabeth. Hugh was in recusant rolls - 1715, 1717
She and Hugh AINSCOUGH had the following 5 children all from the Mawdesley, Croston, Lancashire area:

Elizabeth AINSCOUGH (bef1709-1783)
***James AINSCOUGH (chr.1711 - (My GGGGGGgrandad)
Ann AINSCOUGH (chr.1713)
Thomas AINSCOUGH (chr.1715)
Mary AINSCOUGH (chr.1718)

Personal Record - Henry
Henry ANDERTON (husband) , was the son of William ANDERTON and Margrett HODSON,
born before 12 March 1703 Croston, Lancashire.
Baptised on 12 March 1703 in Croston
Married Ellin BOWLING - 10 October 1730 (1st wife died after childbirth)
Married Elizabeth AINSCOUGH - 18 October 1732 in Ormskirk.
Died July 1765 in Holme on Spalding Moor.
Buried on 16 July 1765 - Holme on Spalding Moor.

Parents of Henry Anderton were:
William ANDERTON born before 1690 - Yeoman Farmer of Bispham and Mawdsley, Lancs.
Margrett HODSON born before 29 August 1675 Leyland, Lancashire.
Baptised - 29 August 1675 in Leyland.
Died before 24 July 1752 in Croston, Lancashire.
Buried 24 July 1752 - Croston.

She and William ANDERTON had 1 child, Henry (born before 12 March 1703)

1st wife Ellin BOWLING and Henry ANDERTON had 1 child: William ANDERTON (chr.1730)
Ellin died 3weeks after the birth and William was brought up by his Protestant grandparents in Lancashire.

2nd wife Elizabeth AINSCOUGH and Henry ANDERTON had the following 5 children:
1.1. Thomas ANDERTON (1736- ) M Catherine BEILBY
Wife: Catherine BEILBY
Name: Catherine BEILBY
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1730

1.2. Elizabeth ANDERTON (1737-bef1815) m George Johnson (1729-1794) who had 4 children: Henry 1766, George 1767, Harry 1769, Thomas 1770

Husband: George JOHNSON
Name: George JOHNSON
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1729
Death 25 Mar 1794 (age 64-65) Seaton Ross
Occupation Farmer

Elizabeth and George's CHILDREN:
2.1. Child 1: Henry JOHNSON
Name: Henry JOHNSON
Sex: Male
Birth 1765
Christening 21 Jul 1765 (age 0) Seaton Ross
Death Jul 1765 (age 0)
Burial 23 Jul 1765 (age 0)

2.2. Child 2: Henry JOHNSON
Name: Henry JOHNSON
Sex: Male
Birth 1766
Christening 8 Oct 1766 (age 0)
Death 1767 (age 0-1)
Burial 28 May 1767 (age 0-1)

2.3. Child 3: George JOHNSON
Name: George JOHNSON
Sex: Male
Spouse: Jane BEILBY (1774-1811)
Birth bef Nov 1767 Seaton Ross, East Yorkshire
Christening 8 Nov 1767 (age 0)
Burial Jul 1838 (age 70)
Death 29 Jul 1838 (age 70) Seaton Ross, East Yorkshire
Occupation Farmer at Lincoln Flatts
Note on Husband: George JOHNSON
Farmer at Lincoln Platts

1.3. Henry ANDERTON (1740- )
1.4. Alice ANDERTON (1743- )
1.5. Margaret ANDERTON (1744- )

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My line of AINSCOUGH (MAWDESLEY) ancestors..........

For more info go to:

Ok- so by now you are probably wondering about your direct ancestors. I can hear you asking, "but who am I related to and who was my great grandad and where do I fit into this grand plan? " With a tree its easy to see, but in a blog not so easy especially when Im writing it randomly and not chronologically. The advantage of the blog though is that you can see detail and open it up to comments, discussion and criticism, to the world - hopefully the real facts emerging over time.

Much of this information has been provided by Tony Brown and Jonathon Hopper, with many informants along the way, all of whom are related somewhere down the line (Margaret Hartley, Elfreda Woolrich, Eileen Begley, Richard Harris, Vincent Jacobson, Eric Percival, Hilary Draper, Nancy Englehardt) . Lets start with me (you), where we are today and work backwards.......very crudely drawn it looks like this;

1. Rhiannon Ainscough
2. Barbara Ainscough
3. Peter Ainscough (grandad) m 4th April 1959 Margaret Nangle
4. Norbert Ainscough (1903 - 1991) m 31st March 1934 Freda Faulkner (1910 -1993?)
5. Henry Ainscough (1868-1912) m 28th September 1895 Catherine Farley (1872 - 1951)
6. Thomas Ainscough (1846 - 1929) m 1866 Margaret Barnes (1839?-1913)
7. Hugh Ainscough (1822- 1882) m 1843 Elizabeth(Ellen/ Helen?)Cowley (1824-1895)
8. Thomas Ainscough - (1778?-1861) m 1819 Elizabeth (Betty) Whitehead (1796? -1879)
9. John Ainscough - (1752-1835) m Margaret Worthington (1753 -1835)
10. James Ainscough (1711-1781) m Margaret ? (1717 - 1781)
11. Hugh Ainscough (c1689-?) m Elizabeth ?

And to make life even more difficult the name changes over the centuries, whether through inability to spell, spelling phonetically or as a word sounded from the person speaking it.....Jonathon Hopper has put it in a nutshell here;

"I think before Mawdesly was made a parish, Croston would have covered it - so thats where the earlier records are..
I had started pulling out the Ainscough and related names (lots of spelling variants) to see if they matched the tree but hadnt got as far as matching any to the tree.

Fascinating looking at the way the name evolved/varied... Looks like by 1700s had settled down to Ainscough..........
Baptism names: (earliest date)
Ascoe 1545
Aynstowe 1547
(later dates not transcribed)

Marriage names
Ascoe 1544
Ascoughe 1606
Aniscoe 1684
Anescoe 1698
Anscow 1717
Aiscough 1768
Ainscough 1770
Ainscow 1775"

Future blog entries will aim to pad this information out, providing detail about marriage, births and death, where buried and any relevant images.

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GETTING STARTED & useful links......

Just in case, like me, you've just started on this family history hunt thing and havent got a clue where to start looking for information and obtaining things like birth, marriage and death certificates. Hilary Draper, a useful contact I've made along the way ( has passed on the following useful links:

Birth, Marriage and death certificates obtained from:

Wills: Before 1858 - copies of Lancashire wills are available from the Lancs Record Office in Preston.
After 1858 - national index - can be obtained by writing to the Probate Office in York:

For general and Lancs family history:

Other sites I am using are listed on my Flickr group pages:

Good luck!! and if youre really serious about doing this expect to spend hours and hours reading, researching and cross checking - a bit like being back at university!

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John AINSCOUGH (1752-1835) m Margaret WORTHINGTON (1751-1835)

Thomas Worthington Will3 - 1799
John Ainscough d.1835 Will 1
John Ainscough d.1835 Will 2

John and Margaret are my GGGGG grandparents:
Information provided by: Anthony Brown(, Australia
John Ainscough of Mawdesley,(1752-14 June 1835, Mawdesley) married Margaret Worthington of Lytham, (5 Oct 1751-Jan 1835, Mawdesley) on 15 Nov 1775

Marriage: 15 Nov 1775 St Michael and All Angels, Croston, Lancashire, England
John Ainscough - Husbandman of This Parish
Margt. Worthington - (X), Spinster of This Parish
Witness: William Rutter; James Smith
Married by Licence by: Thos. Lowe A: B
Register: Marriages 1767 - 1789, Page 80, Entry 299
Source: LDS Film 93713

7 children made it to adulthood, there were at least 8 children and probably more.....see information below;

1. Elizabeth - (31 Aug 1776- Feb 1816 Croston, Lancashire, England)
Betty (Elizabeth) Ainscough is not listed on the 1841 and 1851 census. Going back to her father (John A's) will, Betty was deceased before 1835. From the will we do know she had children.
In her father's will of 14 June 1835 it states "one seventh equally among the children of my late daughter Betty Ainscough deceased".

Details about death:
Burial: 4 Feb 1816 St. Michael and All Angels, Croston, Lancashire, England
Elizabeth Ainscough
Age: 39
Abode: Mawdesley
Buried by: G. Parkin Curate
LDS Film 93713 Register: Burial 1813 - 1833, Page 33, Entry 262

Elizabeth married Richard Ainscough in 1795 ( A witness was Richard Ainscough, probably her brother.

Marriage: 8 Sep 1795 St Michael and All Angels, Croston, Lancashire, England
Richard Ainscough (Cir 1773-Cir 1842) - (X), Cordwainer of This Parish
Elizabeth Ainscough - (X), Spinster of This Parish
Witness: William Eden; Richard Ainscough
Banns Read: 23 Aug 1795, 2nd: 30 Aug 1795, 3rd: 6 Sep 1795
Married by Banns by: Streynsham Master
Register: Marriages 1789 - 1812, Page 55, Entry 217
Source: LDS Film 93713

2. James (c1778-?)

*** GGGGgrandad

3. Thomas (1780 - 31 Dec 1861), Mawdesley, Lancashire, buried Jan 1862 married Elizabeth (Betty) WHITEHEAD (1796-1879)on 17 May 1819 - Croston, Lancashire

Marriage: 17 May 1819 St Michael and All Angels, Croston, Lancashire, England
Thomas Ainscough - (X), Husbandman of This Parish
Betty Whitehead - (X), Spinster of This Parish
Witness: Thos. Bimson; Lauce. Farington
Married by License by: G. Parkin Curate
Register: Marriages 1813 - 1824, Page 85, Entry 253
Source: LDS Film 93713

4. Margaret - (4 Feb 1782 -Bef 14 Jun 1835 & buried Croston, Lancashire)
, married Robert GORTLY (Abt 1780- ? )
Margaret (Ainscough) Gortley was also deceased before 1835, according to father's will. I was unable to find her marriage or burial records. In her father's will of 14 June 1835 it states "one seventh equally amongst the children of my late daughter Margaret Gortley deceased. "

5. Ann (Nancy) (1784 - 1851), married Robert Alty on 3 Apr 1815 - Croston, Lancashire, England - see blog

Marriage: 3 Apr 1815 St Michael and All Angels, Croston, Lancashire, England
Robert Alty - Farmer of This Parish
Ann Ainscough - (X), Spinster of This Parish
Witness: Robert Gorton; Lauce. Farington
Married by License by: G. Parkin Curate
Notes: Consent of Parents
Register: Marriages 1813 - 1824, Page 32, Entry 96
Source: LDS Film 93713

The witness on Nancy (Ainscough)Alty's death record was possibly Thomas's wife, Betty Ainscough or maybe a cousin or friend?

6. Richard - (1787 - 24 Dec 1849)Mawdesley, Lancashire
I think we can safely assume that Richard did not have or intend to have any children because of what is written in his father's will of 1835:
"estate called "Rutters" my son Richard and after his decease to my Grandson John Ainscough the son of John & Margaret"

7. Jane - (1789 - Jul 28 1794) Croston - died of smallpox age 6 - see notes below

8. John - (Cir 1794-21 Feb 1872) Mawdesley, Lancashire, married Margaret WIGNALL (Abt 1797-1860) in 1818, Croston, Lancashire

Marriage: 21 Jun 1818 St Michael and All Angels, Croston, Lancashire, England
John Ainscough - Husbandman of This Parish
Margaret Wignall - (X), Spinster of This Parish
Witness: Robert Alty; Lauce. Farington
Married by License by: G. Parkin Curate
Notes: Consent of Parents
Register: Marriages 1813 - 1824, Page 75, Entry 225
Source: LDS Film 93713

1. Jane died aged 6 of small pox. The following information can be found at:
Burial: 30 Jul 1794 St Michael's & All Angels, Croston, Lancashire, England
Jane Ainscoughs - Daughter of John Ainscoughs & Margt.
Died: Jul 28 1794
Age: 6
Abode: Mawdesley
Cause of Death: Small Pox
Notes: Buried on the south side of the Church yard
Register: Burials 1792 - 1812, Page 17, Entry 38

Taken from:
2. Not sure whether this is James (born 1778), brother of Thomas, but they do have another child named James (also born 1778 - possible??) who makes adulthood - if anybody can provide evidence to support it I'd love to hear from you????
Burial: 29 Aug 1784 St Michael and All Angels, Croston, Lancashire, England
James Ainscough - Son of John Ainscough & Margt.
Died: Aug 27 1784
Age: 6
Abode: Mawdesley
Cause of Death: Small Pox
Notes: Buried on the south side of the Church yard
Register: Burials 1783 - 1791, Page 23, Entry 5
Source: LDS Film 93713

3. And also the record of a still born child:
Burial: 22 Mar 1786 St Michael and All Angels, Croston, Lancashire, England
Still born Ainscough - Daughter of John Ainscough & Margt.
Age: 0
Abode: Mawdesley
Notes: Buried on the east end of the Church yard
Register: Burials 1783 - 1791, Page 42, Entry 6
Source: LDS Film 93713

Thomas Worthington's Will mentions John Ainscoe and daughter Margaret:
The information about the Will below was provided by: Hilary Draper (, Bury, UK and Nancy Englehardt from Rhode Island, USA (,
Will of Thomas Worthington of Warton (nr. Preston) 16 Apr 1799
"To daughter Jenny 1 feather bed, bolster, bed clothes, bedsteads, and furniture and £200.
To Peter Brown of Warton yeo. and son Robert Worthington all household goods cattle money etc also the messuage and tenement in Warton, they are to sell everything and divide equally between sons Thomas and Robert and daughters Margaret (wife of John Ainscoe of Mawdesley) Mary and Ellen.
For daughters Mary and Ellen, £5 each to go to their oldest sons Edward and James at the age of 21.
Executors were Peter Brown, Robert Worthington and Jenny Worthington.
Proved 23 Jul 1799, £600"

Also the will of Thomas's son Robert: (Thomas being Margaret Worthington's father and Robert her brother):

Will of Robert Worthington of Cottam
"Will made 4 Oct 1840. Trustees and executors to be:
John Sumner , Goosnargh, farmer
John Knowles, Preston, corn merchant
Rd. Pilkington, Preston, Gent.
All his property etc to be sold and £100 to nephew John Worthington, and £100 to niece Ann known as Nancy, wife of Robert Alty.
Rest of money from sale of property to be divided into 3 equal parts:
1/3 in trust for children of brother Thos Worthington
1/3 in trust for children of late sister Mary Tyrer afterwards Mary Almond
1/3 in trust for children of late sister MARGARET AINSCOW.

Died 6 Oct 1840 probate 14 Nov 1840 amount under £800 to J Knowles, P Pilkington, surviving executors."

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION -All information provided by: Anthony Brown(, Austrailia
1767 Returns of Papist's Dioc Chester 15/15yrs Mawdesley
15 April 1781 beneficiary in will of father James Ainscough

The will of John Ainscough 14 June 1835:

14 June 1835 Will was signed. leaving called "Ainscough"...situate at my son Thomas. his heirs & assigns for ever called "Rutters" my son Richard and after his decease to my Grandson John Ainscough the son of John & Margaret Ainscough. called.....Wrennals" my son John Ainscough my granddaughter Betty Gortly £100. my grandson Henry Alty...£40. my grandson Hugh Alty...£40.
Divide the residue into seven equal parts................. one seventh to my son Thomas Ainscough one seventh to my son Richard Ainscough one seventh to my son John Ainscough one seventh to my son James Ainscough one seventh to my daughter Nancy Alty one seventh equally among the children of my late daughter Betty Ainscough deceased one seventh equally amongst the children of my late daughter Margaret Gortley deceased.

14 June 1835 died.

18 July 1835 Probate granted

On 26 Oct 2007, at 22:55, nancy wrote:
Hi Barbara,
I also had that death of James 1778, son of John Ainscough and Margaret, in my research notes for the James born 1778. It looks like their first son James died and they had another son named James.....birth date unknown. When their daughter Jane died 1794 she was buried in the same churchyard. James died 27 Aug 1784, so was before Jane.

According to John Ainscough's will 1835, he seems to name his male children in order of birth.
"Divide the residue into seven equal parts................. One seventh to my son Thomas Ainscough one seventh to my son Richard Ainscough one seventh to my son John Ainscough one seventh to my son James Ainscough one seventh to my daughter Nancy Alty one seventh equally among the children of my late daughter Betty Ainscough deceased one seventh equally amongst the children of my late daughter Margaret Gortley deceased."

This is the only part of the will James is mentioned, where Thomas, Richard, and John inherited different estates along with the above. They were named in order also.

If he did name his male children in order of birth, then it looks like the 2nd James would be born after son John 1794. I have no other evidence for this James other than he was living at time of his father's death.


Thursday, September 07, 2006

Nancy (Ann) Ainscough ALTY 1784-1851 m Robert ALTY 1794-1861

Ann (Ainscough) Alty death certificate 1851
John Ainscough d.1835 Will 1
John Ainscough d.1835 Will 2

When checking for family history links online I came across some very distant relatives. Nancy from Rhode Island USA ( had some interesting information about my GGGGG auntie, Nancy Alty.
Her Death cerificate reads: "Nancy (Ann Ainscough) Alty; aged 66years, wife of Robert Alty - farmer, chronic bronchitis, died Jan.21st 1851, Bispham"
The witness on Nancy (Ainscough)Alty's death record was possibly Thomas's wife, Betty Ainscough, or maybe a neighbour or cousin.

Nancy was the daughter of GGGGG grandparents John and Margaret (Worthington) Ainscough; sister of GGGG grandad Thomas Ainscough. She married Robert Alty. I have in my records that they had 3 children Hugh, Betty and Henry. The following information outlines their lives, children's lives and grandchildren:

Wife -Nancy "Ann" AINSCOUGH, Born 1784 Mawdesley Lancashire
1841 Bispham, Lancashire
Died 21 Jan 1851 Bispham, Lancashire
Wife's father John AINSCOUGH and mother Margaret WORTHINGTON

Husband Robert ALTY -Born 1794 Mawdesley, Lancashire
1840 Farmer
1841 Bispham, Lancashire
1861 Retired Farmer Bispham, Lancashire
Died Aft 1861
Married 03 Apr 1815 St Michael, Parish Church of Croston, Lancashire
Marriage: 3 Apr 1815 St Michael and All Angels, Croston, Lancashire, England
Robert Alty - Farmer of This Parish
Ann Ainscough - (X), Spinster of This Parish
Witness: Robert Gorton; Lauce. Farington
Married by License by: G. Parkin Curate
Notes: Consent of Parents
Register: Marriages 1813 - 1824, Page 32, Entry 96
Source: LDS Film 93713

List of children in order of birth:
1. Hugh ALTY -Abt 1813, Mawdesley, Lancashire, England (Feb4th??)
1851- City, Mawdesley, Lancashire,
1861- Farmer of 14 Acres, Town Road, Mawdesley, Lancashire,
1871-Farmer of 66 Acres, Town Road, Mawdesley, Lancashire,
1881- Farmer of 46 Acres, Mawdesley, Lancashire,
1891 - Town Road, Mawdesley, Lancashire, England
Died- Bef 1901
Spouse-Elizabeth FAZAKERLEY-Married 1842-St Michael, Croston, Lancashire

Wife Elizabeth FAZAKERLEY -Born Abt 1819, Tarleton, Lancashire
Other Spouse -Unknown Married
Wife's father? Wife's mother -Alice

Grandhildren of Nancy (Ann Ainscough) & Robert Alty listed in order of birth.
1.1 Robert ALTY -Born 12 Nov 1842, Mawdesley, Lancashire, Christened 14 Dec 1842, Mawdesley, Lancashire,

1.2 Henry ALTY -Born 19 Jan 1845 Mawdesley, Lancashire, Christened 12 Feb 1845, Mawdesley, Lancashire

1.3 Henry John ALTY -Born 1847 Mawdesley, Lancashire
Spouse Alice BAYBUTT Married 1877 St Peter, Mawdesley, Lancashire

1.4 Nancy ALTY Born 1849 Mawdesley, Lancashire
Spouse Thomas ECCLESTON Married 1880 St Peter, Mawdesley, Lancashire

1.5 John ALTY Born 1851 Mawdesley, Lancashire
Spouse Isabella COBHAM Married 1883 St Peter, Mawdesley, Lancashire

1.6 Hugh ALTY-Born 1853 Mawdesley, Lancashire

1.7 Thomas ALTY - Born Abt 1855 Mawdesley, Lancashire

1.8 Alice ALTY - Born Abt 1857 Mawdesley, Lancashire
Spouse Thomas BARRON Married 1882 St Peter, Mawdesley, Lancashire

1.9 Margaret ALTY, Born 1860 Mawdesley, Lancashire 03 Sep 2006

2.Betty ALTY

Born- 22 Mar 1816, Bispham Green, Lancashire,
Christened- 21 Apr 1816, Parish Church of Croston, Lancashire,
1851-Town Gate, Blue Anchor Inn, Eccleston, Lancashire,
1861-Tincklers Lane, Eccleston, Lancashire,
1871- Charwoman, 27 Pall Mall, Chorley, Lancashire,
Died -01 Feb 1888, Eccleston, Lancashire,
Buried-Feb 1888,St Mary the Virgin Church, Eccleston, Lancashire,
Spouse-John RIGBY, Married 04 Aug 1840, Parish Church of Croston (St Michael), Lancashire
Wife's father Robert ALTY and mother Nancy "Ann" AINSCOUGH

John RIGBY -Born 1811, Eccleston by Chorley, Lancashire
Christened -14 Jul 1811, St Mary the Virgin, Eccleston, Lancashire
Died - 21 Jun 1851, Eccleston, Lancashire
Buried - 25 Jun 1851 at St Mary the Virgin Church, Eccleston, Lancashire
Married -04 Aug 1840, Parish Church of Croston (St Michael), Lancashire
Husband's father, Seth RIGBY and motherMary HALSALL

Grandhildren of Nancy (Ann Ainscough) & Robert Alty listed in order of birth.
2.1 Robert RIGBY -Born 1843, Mawdesley, Lancashire - Christened 02 Jun 1843, Mawdesley, Croston, Lancashire -Died 1884

3.Henry ALTY
Born-08 May 1818, Mawdesley, Lancashire, England
Christened-19 May 1818, Parish Church of Croston, Lancashire,
1861-Bispham, Lancashire, England
1871-Farmer of 40 Acres ,Mill Lane, Upholland, Lancashire, England
1881- Coal Browman, Mill Lane, Upholland, Lancashire, England
Spouse-Alice DAKIN
Married-30 Sep 1850,St Michael, Croston, Lancashire

Alice DAKIN Born -Abt 1823, Ulnes Walton, Lancashire
Died -Bef 1881
Wife's father? & mother?

Grandhildren of Nancy (Ann Ainscough) & Robert Alty listed in order of birth.
3.1 Mary ALTY, Born -Abt 1846, Ulnes Walton, Lancashire

3.2 John ALTY, Born -Abt 1850, Ulnes Walton, Lancashire

3.3 Robert ALTY, Born 1852, Bispham, Lancashire.
1881 Dalton in Wigan, Lancashire, England, Coal Miner, 1891 -7 Elmers Green, Dalton, Lancashire
Spouse -Sarah Ellen SMITH, Married 1880, St George, Wigan, Lancashire

3.4 Nancy ALTY, Born Abt 1854, Bispham, Lancashire
Spouse-Thomas ECCLESTON, Married 1880 St Peter, Mawdesley, Lancashire

3.5 Margaret ALTY, Born 1857, Bispham, Lancashire

3.6 Henry ALTY, Born Abt 1859, Bispham, Lancashire,
1881 Mill Lane, Upholland, Lancashire-Colliery Laborer
Spouse Unknown Married

More info. about Hugh, eldest son, from Nancy Englehardt, Rhode Island USA(
Taken from the UK archives under the Lancashire Record Office: Lancashire County Quarter Sessions Petitions -Ormskirk: Easter 1813 - ref. QSP / 2642, FILE - Mawdesley. Order of fillation and maintenance of bastard son of Robert Alty, and Nancy Ainscough, single-woman— QSP/2642/45 date: 1813 4 Feb."

So Hugh was born Feb 1813? and parents Robert and Nancy married April 1815, Hugh being 2 years old. This must have been quite unusual in those days - perhaps not??? Nancy was by now 31 years old.
"Hugh Alty, son of Nancy and Robert Alty - living with his parents in 1841 census age 25. In 1851 census Hugh is age 38 and 1861 census age 48.

Its also possible that Nancy's brother James Ainscough married Robert Alty's sister/ cousin Ellen Alty ( - further evidence is needed to support this though. Although Ive been informed that our James Ainscough married a Jane Sergeant - but I cant find any records as yet.

Marriage: 30 Sep 1811 St Michael and All Angels, Croston, Lancashire, England
James Ainscough - Husbandman of This Parish
Ellen Alty - (X), Spinster of This Parish
Witness: Richard Loxam; Thomas Speakman
Married by Licence by: G. Parkin Curate
Register: Marriages 1789 - 1812, Page 186, Entry 743
Source: LDS Film 93713

If you think you may be related get in touch! More information can be found at:

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FLICKR and BLOGGING...........

Ainscough (Mary) Kathleen
I have already set up a Flickr group on the Ainscough Mawdesley family history;
here you can upload images to the group and start a new discussion;
or just view the images and detail at;

But I think the information sharing part really does lend itself to a blogging here goes!

The blog found here aims to represent aspects and detail of the history of my Ainscough family. Comments I will be adding have come from far and wide and from connections I never knew I had, including Jonathon Hopper (2nd cousin), relatives emigrated to Australia - Tony Brown and Richard Harris and also complete strangers with a similar interest in family history such as Hilary from Bury and Nancy from Rhode Island USA. I will credit information to an individual along with their email address should you want to contact them with a query of your own.
If you think there might be a family link and you can help me with additional detail, dates, places and names please do add a comment or contact me.