Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Thomas Cowley m Margaret Ainscough

Hi Barbara,

My name is Ciaran Joyce. Thomas Cowley is my great great great grandfather.

Below a photo taken around 1910, I think. 

I think it shows Thomas Cowley (bushy white beard) with Margaret Ainscough (second wife, in wheelchair) his son Thomas E Cowley (standing Centre) daughter in law Margaret Wilson (Thomas E Cowley's first wife) grandchildren, Winnie, Justin and Teresa (my great grandmother - and painter Gerard Swarbricks mother).

I was trying to find more pictures so did some initial googling and quickly found the picture of the Cowley gravestone.

Teresa Cowley married Swarbrick and their daughter Angela was my grandmother. She married Thomas Joyce and moved to County Mayo, Ireland where my father Justin was born.

Do you have any photos of Thomas Cowley’s first wife (the first Margaret Ainscough)?
Also I think my picture is the picture you reference of Thomas Cowley standing outside the willows.


Thursday, July 03, 2014

St.Olav’s Day walk/ pilgrimage - Monday 28th July

Dear friend/colleague

We are having our annual St.Olav’s Day walk/ pilgrimage again on Monday 28th July (Part 1) and Tuesday 29th July St. Olav’s Day (Part 2) –celebrating both St. Olav (Olav Haraldsson, the Patron Saint of Norway) – and Wirral’s (and the North-West’s) great Viking Heritage.  The main St Olav walk is in Norway, but if you are not fortunate enough to be there why don’t you join us instead?
This year for the first time we are going the whole way from St. Bridget’s Church in West Kirby to St. Olave’ in Chester, and over 2 days:

Part 1: (28th) from St. Bridgets to St. Mary and St. Helen in Neston (approx. 8-9 miles)
Part 2: (29th) from the National Waterways Museum at Ellesmere Port, & along the scenic Shropshire Union Canal to the Chester City Wall and then to St. Olave’s Church on St. Olave Street - then we will be off to the hostelry across the road (also 8-9 miles).  Both the start and finish on both days will not be far from railway stations (about 10-15 minues walk) to get you back to either West Kirby or Ellesmere Port.  Ample (and free parking) is available at the Waterways Museum.

You can come on either or both days of the walk – and you don’t have to do the complete distance on either day.  We would like to stress that in common with the main walk in Norway, all walkers come at their own risk – we only provide a guide.  If you would like to come please could you let me know by replying to this email by Saturday 26th July 4pm so I can give the police an idea of numbers.  Please could you also read carefully the details on this websites:
Although the St. Olave’s church building is not currently used for Services (it is presently used as an Archive for the Cheshire Records Office) the annual walk is important as it helps to keep away the developers from this historic building.

This years walk coincides with the arrival of the Viking Ship Draken Harald Harfagre to West Float Wallasey (18th July – 3rd August):

All best wishes
Steve Harding

Stephen E. Harding, DSc RFOO (Norway)

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Ethel Waller (nee Faulkner)

A query from my cousin Nicki Ainscough and Uncle John (Ainscough) about my gran's sister Ethel Waller (nee Faulkner).
John inherited a family bible from his aunty Ethel Waller and it has her children listed inside it.
The following has been uncovered online by cousin Nicki and it reveals much about the Parkinson and Foxley family - enjoy reading!

Hi Barbara, Thought you'd be interested in what I've discovered so far... So basically, Uncle John has been given a bible from his Aunty Ethel Waller. The bible was originally presented to 'Harriett Parkinson on leaving Nantwich Christmas 1868'. Inside there's a list of names, which I originally thought was the list of previous owners, but following some research I've now discovered these are actually the names of Harriet's children: - William Henry Foxley (born 16 June 1869) - Mary Emma Foxley (born 29 September 1872) - Elsie Mary Foxley (born 14 December 1881) (NOTE: These names and dates are handwritten into the bible, so assuming they are accurate) My research into them has unearthed the following: - William Henry Foxley died aged 9 in Nantwich. In the 1871 census, William (age 1) is named as the son of Joseph (aged 24 and a Railway Platelayer) and Harriet Foxley (aged 25), living at 241 Wistaston Road, Willerton Heath. Also living with them at the time is John Foxley, aged 7, who appears to be their nephew, but who is listed as a brother later on (see below). - Mary E Foxley is named both in the 1881 and 1891 census' as the daughter of Joseph Meredith and Harriet Foxley. In 1881 they lived, together with Joseph's brother, John M. (aged 17 and an apprentice coach builder) at 32 Eastern Road, Willaston, Wybunbury, Nantwich. This property seems to still exist today (according to google maps). Joseph is listed as a 'Railway Labourman' whilst Mary E. is noted as a 'Scholar'. In 1891, Joseph (age 44), Harriet (age 45), Mary E (age 18) and Elsie (age 9) are now listed as living at 214 Eastern Road. With Joseph returning to the title of Railway Platelayer. - As noted below, Elsie Foxley is noted as the daughter of Joseph and Harriet Foxley in the 1891 census, where she is recorded as being age 9 and a 'scholar'. In the marriage index 1837-1915, Elsie is recorded as marrying James Faulkner in Nantwich in Apr-Jun 1906. As for dear Ethel, the only potential references I've found for her are an Ethel Faulkner. born in Nantwich Oct-Dec 1906 (which is possible, but cutting it fine with the marriage date) and potentially married in 1932 in Macclesfield. I can't find either Ethel, Freda, Elsie or James (Jim) in the 1911 census, which feels odd. So I've used what I've found (i.e. her general year of birth, name, parents name etc, to ask for her birth certificate), so hopefully that will finally solve the mystery. Hope this is of interest to you. Nikki

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sir Ayscoghe Boucherett

My family have a copy of the original (as the original disintegrated) of Sir Ayscoghe Boucherett’s coat of arms. That’s the line that we descend from. 
I have lots of info from that line if you ever need to add to your line? Which line do you descend from? 
Kindest Regards
Helen Morcom

On 20 Feb 2014, at 19:36, dorothy bowes wrote:
Hello Helen
How kind of you to contact me and thanks for the family Coat of Arms.
I came across a connection to the Lancashire Aynscough family connection quite unexpectedly as I was researching several families in Lancashire. The earliest Aynscough ancestor I have is Robert who married Eleanor Longworth in 1607.They both appear to be of Bolton le Moors as that is where they married.
I think that Robert was born 26 Mar 1573 but unhelpfully his father's name is not given. I hate it when that happens!
I believe that the Aynscough family were of some importance being in some cases Burgers; some branches settling in Blackrod, Bolton le Moors and Preston. I'd like very much to know more about them but can find little beyond the odd bits of information come across on the Internet.
I can find no earlier generations of Robert Aynscough so I guess you could say that I am stuck at this point.
Tell me what line you are following, I would interested. Did you also come across a family connection when you were least expecting it?
Dorothy Bowes

Barbara Ainscough writes: Feb 21st 14:25

Mrs Ayscoghe Boucherett REVIVALHERITAGE 1794 Thomas Lawrence Portrait of Mrs Ayscoghe Boucherett with her two Eldest children Emilia and Ayscoghe, and her half-sister Juliana Angerstein in a garden. Sir Thomas Lawrence (1769-1830) sketched and painted the Boucherett family regularly between 1793 and 1805 and would have been only 25 years old when this pastel picture was completed. Their country seat, Willingham House, Lincolnshire. Read more here

On 22 Mar 2021, at 21:52, Joe Longsworth wrote:

Dear Barbara,

I hope this finds you well, and that this email address is still active.

My name is Joe Longsworth and I am trying to learn about my family's history.

In my research, I came across an entry at Ainscough Family History-Mawdesley: February 2014 ( from a Dorothy Bowes. She references Robert Aynscough who may have married a family member of one of my paternal ancestors:

"The earliest Aynscough ancestor I have is Robert who married Eleanor Longworth in 1607. They both appear to be of Bolton le Moors as that is where they married. I think that Robert was born 26 Mar 1573 but unhelpfully his father's name is not given. I hate it when that happens! "

I can trace my father's line back to a George Longworth, b. 1585 in Bolton. He married a woman named Catherine Stewart in 1608. Considering that their marriages are only a year apart, I think it is highly probable that George Longworth and Eleanor Longworth were siblings, or at the least 1st cousins.

I, too, have reached a dead end. My ability to follow my father's line stops in 1585 with George, at least for now. 

Any assistance would be appreciated,

Sunday, January 19, 2014

1838 Marriage - Richard Speakman & Mary Ainscough

Hi Barbara,
1838 Marriage Cert. Richard Speakman & Mary Ainscough

1842 Death Cert. Richard Speakman aged 30

Attached are copies of the marriage certificate of Richard Speakman and Mary Ainscough, and the death certificate of Richard.  I hope they are clear enough; the marriage certificate in particular is fairly faint writing.

Just to add re the photo of Elizabeth Speakman already mentioned in an earlier Email. The photo gives her dates as 1840-1922 … however, I can confirm that she was born 6/7/1838 and was baptised at Wrightington Hall RC Chapel.  I do not yet have more exact dates for her death or burial.  Her younger brother James was born 31/1/1842, was also baptised at Wrightington Hall, and died 2/3/1843.  He is buried at St Peter & Paul, Mawdesley in the grave of his father Richard.

As your blog is concerned primarily with Ainscough family memorabilia, is it unlikely that photos of more recent Speakmans would be of real interest.  Except for that of Elizabeth, I have none from the 1800s as yet.

I need to do some work on the family tree details of the Speakmans from the 1800s which I have gathered, and will let you have them asap.

Best regards,
Christopher Alex Darbyshire

Friday, January 17, 2014

Elizabeth Speakman

Dear Barbara,

What a thrill it was to find the photo of Elizabeth Speakman in your Ainscough FLICKR gallery.  It is the oldest by far of a Speakman family member that I have managed to find so far.  A photo adds so much more to a name and date on a family tree, so you can guess that I would be equally thrilled to locate others.

I am 3 years or so into researching my mother Evelyn’s family line.  She came from Roby Mill, and married William Leslie Darbyshire from Bank Top in 1942 : sadly both are now deceased.  I waited too long to ask questions!
In the 3 years mentioned I have, with various others who are researching the Speakmans, Chisnalls and Bullens, put together a quite expansive Speakman family tree.  The 3 family names just indicated, all principally farming families of old, and yours, all have links to one-another.  Two Ainscough names appear : Susannah Ainscough, who married Joseph Speakman of Dalton, and Mary, who married Richard Speakman (a son of Joseph and Susannah).  I have a copy of the latter’s marriage certificate, on which Susannah and a Hugh Ainscough were witnesses.  I’m not sure which Hugh it is, or which Ainscough was Susannah’s father.

I don’t wish to burden you too much, but I would be appreciative of any information re. the locations of Joseph & Susannah’s Dalton farm and Richard & Mary’s Wrightington grocery shop, or anything else which you might have on them.  I do know that after Richard’s early death, Mary re-married to a William Jackson (at St John’s in Manchester?) in 1848, and that Elizabeth was with them in West Derby in 1861.  Elizabeth, however, was living with her uncle Richard & family at his Burscough premises by 1871.

I noticed also the Fairclough and Speakman “trees” in your FLICKR gallery, but the text was too small to read.  Even so, I did detect what appeared to be a couple of differences in them from those which I have assembled (the Faircloughs are another local family linked to those we are involved with).  I could send you my versions if it would be of interest to you.

                In anticipation,
                Many thanks,

                Christopher Alex Darbyshire.  

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Mary Ellen Ainscough b.1879 Dublin

Thanks to Patrick Morris for this update on Mary Ellen Ainscough, Dublin
Mary Ellen Ainscough was born in Dublin on the 2 June 1879. The family lived in James's St , Dublin. James' s St is beside the Guinness brewery where her father 
Henry Ainscough worked he was a journeyman cooper. He was married in 1858 to Margaret Calderbank of Chorley, Lancashire. I think the Calderbanks are from Charnock Richard in Lancashire where the name is most common.

Henry Ainscough* and Margaret Calderbank , had the following children; Charles Henry Ainscough, born in April 1859 in Stepney, Limehouse, London, It would appear that Charles Henry died young in London, James Ainscough born in March 1861 in 4 Church Row, Stepney, London who is my maternal great grandfather, Charles Ainscough also born in Limehouse in 1864 and living in Gill St Stepney. Jeremiah Joseph Ainscough born in Dublin in April 1870, Margaret Ellen Ainscough born in Dublin Oct 1868. Hubert born 1877 in Dublin. All of the boys appear to be in the cooperage trade  The family at this stage were living in No 3 Behans Cottages, still beside the Guinness Brewery in a house which I remember but since pulled down.

The family of Ainscoughs hailed from Chorley, Lancashire. Henry Ainscough *  was born in Bengal St , Chorley , to James Ainscough and Winifred Rosbothom both his parents were born circa 1816 and were married in the parish of Standish 25 August 1834. In the census of 1841 they are living in Bengal St , Chorley his brother Jerimiah is there also aged 4.

They moved to Liverpool where we find them in1851 census with the addition of Elizabeth, James, Mary, who are both same age could be twins!. In 1861 still in Liverpool  but James does not appear in addition they have Hubert R and Margaret.

In 1881 I found Winifred Rosbothom widow living in 188 Kirkdale Road with her son Hubert R, Elizabeth Lang nee Ainscough  Winifreds daughter, Elizabeths children : Mary, James, Elizabeth, Thomas, Joseph all schoolgoing. Margarets profession and Huberts described as partners in butchers shop.

In 1891 Henry Ainscough and Margaret Calderbank are back in 29 Chaucer St , Liverpool with their daughters Winifred and Ellen. Winifred born Liverpool in 1872 and Ellen born Dublin 1879.

My maternal great grandfather James Ainscough (born London see above) married Mary Ellen Deane in Liverpool 30th October 1882. They had  eight children Henry , James, Joseph, Charles, Mary, Margaret, Annie my grandmother, and Winifred. James is described as a barber, died at 17 years of age, Henry died aged about 33, Joseph and Charles went to work in the Guinness brewery.  My great grandfather died age 41.

Hope this is some help to you. I would love to be in touch with long lost relatives. If you have any photos would you please send me a copy. As you can imagine this has taken years to compile but well worth it. I am now a qualified professional genealogist.

Please keep in touch 


Sunday, October 27, 2013

James Ainscow m Margaret Hindley - Aspull (1780's?)

Hi all
If you recognise this Ainscow in your tree - Aspull 1780s - please get in touch. Either add a comment at the bottom of this entry or email me directly.

On 25 Oct 2013, at 22:50, Kathryn wrote:

Hi Barbara

Having recently only found out there are Ainscoughs in my family tree, I went searching out more information on them and along with a lot of a results your blog came up.  I'm not entirely sure if this is the same family, but I am hoping this will be a good starting point.

My name is Kathryn Williams and I live in Auckland, New Zealand.  The Ainscough line showed up for me when I found the maiden name of A Great Grandmother x 5 was Jane Ainscough before her marriage to Thomas Monks in 1825.   It seems to be that her parents are James Ainscow and Margaret Hindley who owned a 20 acre farm in Aspull.

Living so far away with no local knowledge has been an interesting learning curve.  Coming across Farmers with 20 acres after cotton workers , miners and one Publican has been a surprise.

Is this your line?  If it is my Mum and I are curious to know more.  If not , my apologies and if it would be possible to push my luck are you able to point me in the right direction?

Thank you

Kathryn Williams
Auckland, New Zealand

Message from Jasper Parkinson - March 15th 2015:

Hi there

I have just found an entry on your blog in regards to James Ainscrow and Margaret Hindley.

I have reached them in my own family tree and wondered if you have any information you can share.

Many thanks for anything

Jasper Parkinson

Monday, July 08, 2013

Funeral of Hugh Ainscough (1816-1894)

Many thanks to Paul Bridges for this snippet.....please click the image to enlarge.

On 8 Jul 2013, at 16:47, Paul Bridges wrote:

I have another newspaper report on the Ainscough family which you may be interested in:
This is the funeral of Hugh Ainscough (1816-1894) of Lancaster House, Parbold.

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Mary (Ellen) Mills nee Ainscough Dublin

Hi all

Another request here from Alistair M - does anybody recognise Mary Ellen Ainscough as part of their line? I have a feeling she might be part of the Parbold line - so Mary  can you help?

On 6 Jul 2013, at 18:09, alistair mcdougall wrote:


I came across your web site whilst researching my wife's family tree.
I attach a marriage certificate from 1899 for her grandmother, Mary Ainscough,
and wonder if she is part of your family tree.
Mary ( Ellen ) Mills nee Ainscough according to the UK 1911 Census was born in Dublin. Certainly my wife (Christines) parents visited Bray near Dublin to see relatives there.
I tried to find a birth certificate for Mary Ellen, but Irish censuses seem to all be unavailable.

On 8 Jul 2013, at 12:30, Irisa Siganos wrote:

Hi Alistair 
Ireland is difficult - enemies of genealogists blew up lots of the records...... Try first. Baptisms depending on the priest can be useful as well. Same website. Genuki is free and you may be able to find somebody who's already done it via the fora.

Good luck!