Saturday, June 22, 2013

Ellen Ainscough d1945 Wrightington

And a request from Rod looking for relatives ..... if you recognise the Ainscoughs in this entry please feel free to get in touch with Rod directly and remember to keep me in the loop :-)

On 2 Jun 2013, at 17:23, rodhanson wrote:

I don't know if any of my near relations have ever contacted you re: our linkage to the Aiscough family tree, if they have this email is a bit superflous. My wife came across your page on the web.

My grandmother was Ellen Ainscough, daughter of William Ainscough, who married John Glover of Limbrick, near Chorley, Lancashire. Not sure of the marriage date, she died in 1945 and was buried with her brother Hugh in Wrightington.

My mother was Daisy, she had a twin sister Gertrude, and I am the yougest of 5 children. If you have the details, fine, if not I can give you more info. for the tree.

I have not met many Ainscoughs; I live in South Wales and rarely get to Lancashire. By chance I am competing in a rally next week and one of the Aiscoughs is also entered - he would be a second cousin to me, as we share a great grandfather.

Rod Hanson

John Francis Ainscough Smith (1885 - 1958)

Ive had a request from Avril ( regarding John Francis Ainscough b.1885 - 1958.
Ive not had time to look into this yet but it all looks very familiar - could well be my line! Thought others might be interested too so Ive blogged it along with Avril's email address for you to contact her directly.

On 22 Jun 2013, at 04:12, Avril wrote:


My name is Avril and i am also like you researching family history. I have John Francis Ainscough Smith in my family tree as hes a distant cousin of mine. I got your contact details via your Ainscough geneaology page. Here is how i believe i am related to John. 

John Francis Ainscough Smith (1885 - 1958)
is your 4th cousin 3x removed

father of John Francis Ainscough Smith

father of John Berry Smith

mother of William Smith

father of Isabella Bannister

father of William Bannister

son of James Bannister

daughter of Nicholas Bannister

daughter of Mary Bannister

daughter of Catharine Lloyd

son of Margaret Gill