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Blackrod Ainscough-has anybody yet made a connection?

Michael Ainscough b.May 8th 1801
John Ainscough b.December 7th 1821
On 30 Jul 2007, at 23:26, Michael Ainscough (michael.ainscough@tesco.net, michael.ainscough@mac.com, eva.awscough@sky.com) wrote:
"Hi, We may have a link , but so far I have not found a connection I belong to a Ainscough (Blackrod) line . We had contact with the Mawdesley area as my Great Grandfather John Ainscough married a Fanny Sherrington of Mawdesley who may have been a cousin (not sure) - Family tale....
My Grandfather was Michael Ainscough,
Great grandfather (above) was John Ainscough &
Great great grandfather was a Michael
as well.
All the Best Michael J Ainscough"

Thanks Michael
Do you have any dates for your grandfather, G grandfather & GG grandfather? I would like to add this to my blog & dates really help others to make a connection. Hope you don't object to this.
We've also been trying to join up these 2 branches of Ainscough...but like you so far no good! They must all link at some point......back in 1689 with my 7x great grandad Hugh there was at least 1 other Ainscough family because Ainscough was marrying Ainscough! & even earlier - 1500's, Ainscough (note various spellings of the name) in Ormskirk there were several Ainscough families as evidenced by the baptismal register - see blog detail Jan 12th 2007.
Ormskirk Ainscough in 1558

Have you seen Mike Ainscoughs Blackrod Ainscough website? There is a direct link to it on the right hand side of this page in the links area: http://www.mjra.net/
Keep in touch and let me know if you find anything out.

On 1 Aug 2007, at 08:06, Michael Ainsough wrote:
"Hi, yes I have seen Mike Ainscoughs Blackrod Ainscough's website & sad to say no connection when I checked.
Image 1 (above) shows the children of Great great grandfather Michael Ainscough (b.May 8th 1801) and Ann ?(b.May 7th 1805).
Image 2 (above) shows the children of Great grandfather John Ainscough (b.December 7th 1821) and Martha (b.May 3rd 1823 - wife 1)

Great grandfather John Married a second time to Fanny Sherrington from Mawdesley (Sept 15th 1836 - wife 2) they had the following 3 children.
1.Ellen b.Dec 4th 1875
2.Michael b.July 14th 1878 - My Grandfather.
3.Fanny b.Feb 14th 1880
All the best Michael Ainscough"

Ive just found this reply on the Croston website (http://knowhere.co.uk/board/kb4057/)in response to a previous request from you - I think?? not sure if youve seen it yet:
"Re: Family Tree by Dave Sherrington (Member 86472) on 29-May-02
I am related to Richard Sherrington and Ann Rawcliffe of Mawdesley married in Croston in 1821. I have researched the Sherrington family back to the early 1500's. If you would like more info then email me on sherrington@agents-uk.com"

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even more Cowley/Ainscough links- Joanne Horridge

Ainscough of Harrock Hall
John Ainscough d.1872m Margaret (Wignall) d.1866
And Joanne Horridge (joanne@keenan9076.freeserve.co.uk) is also keen to make further links.....it seems the Cowleys & Ainscoughs are in everybody's family tree!

"Hi Barbara
I've found a link in my father in laws family to the Cowleys and Ainscoughs, but on both his fathers and mothers side. Do Thomas Justin Cowley and Francis Joseph Cowley appear on yours? I have John Ainscough who married Margaret Wignall on my tree. Mary Ainscough (nee Wright) who died last year is my father in laws cousin.

Joanne, my tree needs updating, I can find Francis Joseph Cowley but not a Thomas Justin Cowley. I also have a Gerald Ainscough (c1919-?) married E Horridge and Joseph Ainscough (c1916-?) married Mary Horridge in 1940 - see the following for a rough outline - feel free to download documents from the black widget box on the right:

Hugh Ainscough (1689-1745)m Elizabeth ?
James Ainscough(1711-1782)m Margaret (1739-?)
John Ainscough (1752-1835)m Margaret Worthington (1751-1835)
John Ainscough(1794-1872)m Margaret Wignall (1797-1866)of Reynolds Farm, Mawdesley
John Ainscough(1838 -1916)m Ellen Smith (1837-1892)of Rutters Farm
William Ainscough(1880)m Garlin
Brothers Joseph Ainscough(1916-?)m Mary Horridge in 1940 and Gerald Ainscough(c1919-?)m E Horridge

My direct link is John Ainscough & Margaret (Worthington). If you let me have further information on where you fit into the tree I can try and establish how we are related- Also if you have any images you would like to share that would be great.
Good luck! - B

Reply from Joanne Horridge: On 30 Jul 2007, at 21:37, JOANNE HORRIDGE wrote:
"Hi Barbara and John, I have some Cobhams in my family tree they are: Arthur, Enoch, John Danson and Robert. John Danson Cobham married Winifred Wright daughter of Thomas Richard Wright son of Richard Wright who married Alice Cowley.
And John, the Maud Wright you refer to is my husbands grandmother Maude, full name Matilda Maude Mary Wright! Thanks to both of you.
Jo Horridge"

and even more from Jodycat: On 30 Jul 2007, at 23:04, Jodycat wrote:
"Hi, Well my link is my father in law: his father was Robert Horridge (1900-1974)who's brother was Samuel Horridge, he had a daughter called Mary Horridge. Mary married Joseph Ainscough in 1940.I have lots of info showing links between Horridges, Cowleys, Wrights and Ainscoughs.

Thanks for this John, Jodycat & Joanne - if any of you have any old photos of Mawdesley, Parbold, weddings, families, census detail, wills etc that you would like to share with others please let me know.

On 31 Jul 2007, at 08:52, John Cobham wrote:
"Joanne, That’s my family! John Danson & Winifred are my Mother & Father. My mother was great friends of her cousin Maud (& Gertie who lived at St Helens, Fr Austin Griffins Mother). I didn’t know her that well although I used to take my Mother to see her occasionally, Did she have 2 sons from the Horridge side Robert & Bernard?

On 31 Jul 2007, at 15:18,JOANNE HORRIDGE wrote:
"John - Yes! Robert is my father in law! I'm right round the corner from you. What a small world hey?!

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more Cowley/Ainscough connections - John Cobham

Edward Cowley d.1887
John Cobham (jcobham@ewlf.co.uk) has been in touch to say he also has links with the family....
"I’ve just been on your Ainscough website. In my family tree are some lines of connection.
1. My Uncle, Wilf Ainscough, b c.1905(parents Hugh & Elizabeth) married my Mothers sister Alice Wright. I know Uncle Wilf had 2 sisters Lucy & Gertrude Ainscough (spinsters) & 2 brothers Vincent (unmarried) & Cyril. Only Wilf & Alice had a family, one son Cousin Francis Ainscough who died unmarried about 12 years ago, so that line has died out on the Ainscough side. Might not be correct on Uncle Wilf’s d.o.b could be nearer 1900 although he doesn’t appear on the 1901 census!

2. Another Uncle, Cecil Culshaw, (who married mothers other sister Ellen Wright) his mother was Margaret Ainscough b.1867 m Culshaw, Lower Barn Farm. Margaret was a daughter of John (1838-1916)& Ellen Smith (1837-1892), of Rutters Farm.

3. Also my mothers Grandmother on her Fathers side was Alice (nee Cowley) Wright c.1835-1898....Alice Cowley married Richard Wright- one of their sons
Thomas Richard Wright married Mary Mawdesley (Hardy). Although Mary's father was Joshua Hardy (married a Mawdsley), she was born out of wedlock & on her marriage cert. is identified as Mawdsley, although her mother & father were married by then!
My mother was one of 7 children:
1. Arthur b1901
2. Alice b1903
3. Ellen b1905
4. Frank b1907
5. Joseph b1909
6. Winifred Wright b1911
7. Cyril b1913

John Cobham's family
GG Grandparents: Peter Wright b 1791 & Mary Pope b 1797
G Grandparents: Richard Wright & Alice(Cowley)-(Richard Wright's brother William also married one of Alice’s (Cowley) Sisters).
Grandparents: Thomas Richard Wright married Mary Mawdesley
Parents: Winifred Wright married Cobham

I am a close friend of Mark Ainscough, Son of Cyril, Grandson of Martin of Fairhurst Hall.
John Cobham"

James Farley 1834-1897-Anthony Brown

(James Farley was my grandad's (Norbert Ainscough) grandfather, which makes him my GG grandfather).

Anthony Brown (Aus) writes the following:
"Hi All
Thanks to a professional researcher I commissioned, I now know the date and place of baptism of my greatgrandfather James Farley (or Farrelly the Irish name which has been anglicised to Farley). My grandmother Catherine Farley was recorded when baptised in Seacombe Cheshire as Farrelly as were her Siblings. James and two younger sisters were baptised in the Catholic Church in Mullingar County Westmeath. Full details are given in attachnments. Unfortunately the possibility of finding further details is low, as so few Irish records of the period are indexed.
Best wishes
Anthony Brown"

I have placed the Farley information in the drop box widget for you to download.

James Farley 1834-1897 - General notes
1834 born at Mullingar, Westmeath, Ireland Parents given as John
Farrelly & Ellen Dignum,
22 October 1933 Baptism of James Farrelly at Mullingar RC Parish -Sponsors William Reilly & Mary Monck
31 August 1841 Baptism of sister Ellen Farrelly at Mullingar RC Parish Sponsors Peter Carley & Sarah Carroll
2 June 1844 Baptism of sister Mary Anne Farrelly at Mullingar RC Parish Sponsors Thomas Murtha & Ellen Campbell
1854 Griffiths Valuation for Parish of Mullingar Westmeath lists John Ferley sic at 5 Bridge Street as tenant of a house, yard and small garden with an annual rateable value of £2.10.0d leased from the Earl of Granard, 1857 birth of daughter Mary
30 Mar 1864 at 9 Boot Lane, North Dublin at time of birth of son John
1864-67 migrated to England
15 May 1867 Shipbuilding labourer of Poolton-cum-Seacombe at birth of son James.
27 Dec 1869 General labourer living at Poolton cum Seacombe at time of birth of son Thomas
2 Apr 1871 Seacombe Buildings Poulton cum Seacombe James Farley Head M 36 M. Laborer in Ironworks Born Ireland.
20 Sep 1872 Labourer in Shipyard, living at Seacombe Buildings, Poolton Cres, Wallasley, Seacombe, Cheshire (birth of dau Catherine)
14 Aug 1875 at 4 Seacombe Building, Poolton-cum-Seacombe, Shipbuilder at birth of daughter Margaret.
2 Apr 1881 10 St. Mary's Avenue Birkenhead Cheshire James Farley Head M 45 M Sawyer (Unemp) bn Ireland
31 Mar 1891 7 Beech St. Barton-upon-Irwell James Farley Head m 56 Carpenter bn Ireland Mullingar
28 Sept 1895 Joiner Journeyman 78 St. James St. Salford, (Marriage of dau Catherine).
27 June 1897 died at 78 St. James Street Salford Lancashire England -June Q 1897 death registered as Salford 8d 145 age 59yrs
1 July 1897 buried at Weaste Cemetery Salford Grave 615 plot A9
11 Feb 1899 shown as Joiner (journeyman) (deceased ) on marriage certificate of dau Margaret to Thomas Murphy of 59 Monmouth Street Salford.

1920's Draper shop in Salford (from Harry Ainscough)But Bernadette disagrees said shop was run by Catherine Ainscough

Mary Hartley d.1998 & other researchers

General Notes: E. Mary HARTLEY [1314] 1
E. MARY HARTLEY, MBE PhD Members will be sad to hear that Mary died in her sleep on 6 January 1998. She joined English Catholic Ancestor, as our Society was then known, in 1984 having discovered she had Catholic ancestors in the Lancashire recusant
family of Ainscough. Over the years she contributed a number of well-researched articles to the journal. In 1989 Mary came to the AGM and, realising that the Society needed help, she volunteered her services as treasurer. During her term of office she organised the finances and set them on a firm basis for the future. Mary's life was spent in the teaching profession, both in England and Ghana.
Genealogy was her hobby and she spent many happy holidays researching in libraries and record offices up and down the country.
She was always happy to help others when she could and gave classes in family history to beginners. Mary faced the end with great courage and resignation, speaking of it, not as the "end" but as the "Beginning".

I have placed this information in the drop box widget for you to download.

As you are all probably aware, I've been able to able to publish most of this Ainscough blog content because the information has been made available to me by Anthony Brown (Aus - 1st cousin once removed). Anthony has recently been in touch to explain that it was only through enthusiastic teamwork that he managed to obtain this research. So accolades go to the following people for all their hard work - I'm not sure how many of them are still living, however Mary Hartley, as the obituary shows died in January 1998:
1. Mary Hartley who is descended from Elizabeth (Ainscough) 1709 - 1783 & Henry Anderton 1703-1765.
2. Eileen Begley who is descended from Hugh Ainscough 1822-1882 & Elizabeth (Cowley) 1824-1895.
3. Elfreda Woolrich who is descended from John Cowley 1859-1935 & Mary Ainscough 1851-ca1929.

For more thoughts from Mary Hartley- see blog detail Jan 12th 2007.
Ormskirk Ainscough in 1558

On 29 Jul 2007, at 04:35, Anthony Brown wrote:
"Hi Barbara
Thanks for your great efforts in publishing so much of our family history on the web, and for attracting further cousins we were unaware of. However you are being overgenerous in your praise of my efforts. Most of the details in my records pre 1800 are due to the efforts of other cousins who worked as a team in researching repositories in London and in Lancashire .
The most enthusiastic of the trio was Mary Hartley who is descended from Elizabeth Ainscough 1709 - 1783 and her husband Henry Anderton. (1703-1765). The others were Eileen Begley who is descended from Hugh Ainscough 1822-1882 & Elizabeth (Cowley) 1826-1891 & Elfreda Woolrich who is descended from John Cowley 1859-1935 & Mary Ainscough 1851-ca1929.

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Old Mersey Times - Ainscough references

Hi Barbara
The main reason for this email is to ask you if you have a Hugh Ainscough from Burscough? Because there is an article on the Old Mersey Times website about the closure in 1881 of the Southport and West Lancashire Banking Company. Its from the Liverpool Journal. There is a Hugh Ainsclough (notice there is an L in the middle of the surname, but it still could be the same family) who was listed as one of the bank's directors.
Here is the web address, just in case you are interested.
Sylvia Wilcox

Thanks for this Sylvia - (I think that all refs. to Ainscough may have been misspelt on this site as Ainsclough - typos??) yes, Hugh Ainscough is Hugh of H&R Ainscough, corn millers, Burscough and Mary & Anthony from Parbold are direct descendants. I have a lot on this blog about them already - see previous posts. H&R Ainscough were the Parbold RC church benefactors. A search of the 'Old Mersey Times' site for "Ainsclough" reveals the following 5 refs. nb. but nothing is found for Ainscough!
Old Mersey Times Index
However, Im not sure if items 3, 4 or 5 - thats William, Thomas or John are part of the Mawdesley/ Parbold family as yet - perhaps somebody out there has researched already - if so can you let us know.
1. Southport and West Lancashire Banking Company Ltd, collapse 1881
Director: Hugh AINSCLOUGH [Burscough]
Southport Banking Collapse

2. Southport and West Lancashire Banking Company Ltd, collapse 1881 Shareholders A-C cashier AINSCLOUGH Hugh,
Southport Banking A

3. Colliery Disasters 1852- William AINSCLOUGH
colliery disasters 1852

4. Southport and Ormskirk Agricultural,
Thomas AINSCLOUGH, Scarisbrick, 2nd Best boar

Southport & Ormskirk agricultural

5. CRIMES 1849 -selling after hours John AINSCLOUGH Beerseller
Crimes 1849

Saturday, July 21, 2007

John b.1820 & Ellen (Eastham) b.1822 - descendant Lorraine C

John Ainscough 1820-1886  & Ellen Eastham 1821-1886
John Ainscough d.1885
Well, Friday 20th July proved to be a busy day with 2 Ainscough email queries, both of them are infact part of our much extended Ainscough family. One from Ann Reynolds (see previous entry), the other from Lorraine C in Perth, Australia.
Lorraine's father still lives in Mawdesley, now 80 years old, his mother was Annie Ainscough of Mawdseley. Lorraine offers the following information:
"Hello Barbara,
I read with interest the page on the Ainscough family in Mawdesley. I looked up the 1901 census to find my grandmother , Annie Ainscough, who was seven at the time. She was living in Aspull near Wigan with her family, her mother had died and she had three older brothers: Thomas aged 13, James aged 11, John aged 9 and Annie. Her father is named as John Ainscough and 44 in 1901. He was a coal miner and is shown as being born in Mawdesley. So he must have been born in 1857.
Annie went to live in Brooklyn, New York in her teenage years with relatives after her mother died, but she returned to Aspull and married my grandfather in 1920 I believe. She married Michael. She had six surviving children who grew up in this area : James, Peter, Irene, John, Fred and Thomas.
Annie died very young in the 1930's leaving a very young family. My father remembers how popular she was and how the family would receive presents from her family in New York. I have her name as my middle name.
My father and siblings still live in the area and would love to know more on the Ainscough family from Mawdesley where their grandfather was born. My father remembers two of his uncles living with them when he was a boy.
I now live in Perth, Western Australia but I will be visiting Lancashire later in the year. If you can make any connections Barbara, I would be very grateful. Thank you for your time.

Lorraine, I'm pleased to say that the good news is we are related - so welcome cousin! I think we are 4th cousins once removed....I have attached an image to show you your family line. Annie's father was John Ainscough b.22 March 1857, one of 9 children. Annie's grandparents were Ellen (Eastham) b1821-1886 & John Ainscough b.1820-1885 and Great grandparents were Thomas Ainscough & Betty (Whitehead), also my direct line. Which makes Annie's grandad John Ainscough b.1820 brother to my GGG grandad Hugh Ainscough b.1822-1882 m. Ellen (Cowley).
On my blog I have the following info. - see archive March 27th 2007 Ainscough burials - http://ainscough-familyhistory.blogspot.com/ - also images of John (1820- 21.3.1885) & Ellen (Eastham) (1822- 8th June 1863) gravestone.
John (1820- 21.3.1885) m Ellen (Eastham) (1822- 8th June 1863). Son of Thomas & Betty my GGGG grandparents.
This should help you for now with our Ainscough family info. dating back to 1558, thanks to Anthony Brown, Aus who has done most of the research over the past 20yrs. All I do is make it available online! Let me know when you are over in Lancs. although I live in Yorkshire my sister is in Ormskirk. Im not sure if you are aware but there are many other Ainscoughs & decendants of Ainscough in Perth, Aus you might like to contact them too - namely:
Anthony Brown (who has done all of the research) - 2nd cousin
Ed Ainscough (we share the same GGG grandad - Hugh Ainscough & Ellen Cowley)
Richard Harris (we share the same GGG grandad - Hugh Ainscough & Ellen Cowley)
As mentioned, if you have any old photos, of Mawdesley or surrounding area, family members, census or Will info. that you would be willing to share on the blog please send it to me- scans, jpgs or pdfs are easiest to manage.
You might find it helpful to download "barbara's_treeblog pdf" from the black box widget on the right to see our relationship more easily.

On 22 Jul 2007, at 04:43,Lorraine Carpenter wrote:
"Dear Barbara
Thank you for the wonderful news on our shared relatives and ancestry. My Dad will be thrilled to find out about his mother's family as she died when he was so young, leaving six children, so he didn't get to find out about her family. I have enjoyed reading your web site, what a huge amount of research!! Fantastic!
I intend to surprise my dad with this news when I visit later in the year. We'll have a trip to Mawdesley and Parbold and the grave sites.
Thanks for letting Perth relatives know too! It's good to have an even stronger connection with Lancashire now as all my other realtives are of Irish stock. I am a proud Lancashire lass!!
Many thanks again

Friday, July 20, 2007

James Ainscough b1778 m Jane Sergant b1798- descendant Ann Reynolds

James Ainscough & Jane Sergeant
part1 James Ainscough d.1849
part3 James Ainscough d.1849
Ann Reynolds (ann@ann62.orangehome.co.uk)has been in touch and writes the following:

Hi Barbara
I have just been looking on the Ainscough Family History-Mawdesley site and found Edward Ainscough who was married to Dorothy Cowell then to Mary Ann Harrison,this Edward is my greatgrandad Richard's brother,his parents were James Ainscough & Jane Sergant (as spelt on my ggrandad's birth cert) on IGI it is spelt Serjeant, do we have a connection? Look forward to hearing from you. By the way James' son Richard my GGrandad was born 28 Sept 1842 Standish,Wigan. He married Harriet Latham on 9 Feb 1864 in St John's Chapel Wigan and he died 25 Jan 1891 at Rainhill Asylum.

Ann - welcome cousin!
I am pleased to say Ann that there is a connection - we are related all be it very distant! From the records given to me, researched by Anthony Brown, Aus. James & Jane had around 10 children. I have also found their gravestone in St Peter & Paul's RC Churchyard, Mawdesley along with a few of their children & grandchildren - see the images above. However, I have not had time to work out who they all are on the stone but it looks as though we have both James & Jane, their son Richard no.1 (4yrs), daughter Margaret (20yrs), Elizabeth wife1 (24yrs) of John & daughters Jane (3yrs) & Mary Jane (2yrs) and finally James the son of James & Jane (19yrs). You say your great-grandad was Richard, who was probably the youngest of the 10 children and also their second child named Richard, the 1st Richard Ive already mentioned, died at only 4yrs.
The tree outline looks something like this- if you can provide me with further or more accurate detail this would be appreciated.

1.1 James Ainscough (1711-1782) m 1739 Margaret (1717-?) - this is also my link.
2.1 James (1755-aft 1813) m Elizabeth Fletcher
3.1 Henry
3.2 Mary
3.3 Thomas
3.4 Alice
3.5 Margaret
3.6 Elizabeth
3.7 Ann
3.8 James(1790-1849) m Jane Sergeant (1798-1858)
* comment from Nancy- James, should be Abt 1795 according to Andy Scarisbrick and the 1841 census, although according to his age at death on the headstone it would be 1790. The 1841 census is rounded down, so 1790 is probably more correct. Or who ever gave the information gave an incorrect age!

3.9 Hugh

Children of James Ainscough and Jane Sergeant
4.1 John
4.2 Mary
4.3 Margaret
4.4 Edward b.1832 m Dorothy Cowell (1st wife) 1828-1868 – see gravestone Mawdesley 4 children died
2nd wife Mary Ann Harrison 1847
5.1 Margaret
5.2 Elizabeth
5.3 Jane
5.4 William

4.5 Jane
4.6 James
4.7 Elizabeth
4.8 Richard (Ann's GGrandad) b.28 Sept 1842 Standish,Wigan married Harriet Latham on 9 Feb 1864 in St John's Chapel Wigan- d. 25 Jan 1891 at Rainhill Asylum.

You might find it helpful to download "barbara's_treeblog pdf" from the black box widget on the right to see our relationship. Also there are 2 specific pdf files which focus on this family, "JamesAinscough_1755tree.pdf" & "AinscoughJames[56].pdf" document to download in the shared box area (on the right). This has lots of evidence to support your tree. We have Andy Scarisbrick to thank - he has recently (2007) put it together so you may like to contact him if you have any queries over evidence etc. Open the file & zoom in to see detail.

And additional census detail from Nancy supports these findings:
On Wednesday, October 17, 2007, at 07:19PM, "nancy" wrote:

I find this James and Jane in the following census. Their birth years are in line with the headstone.
1841 Census-Wrightington, Lancashire Road 6 Fairhurst Hall
>James Ainscough 45 Farmer b. Abt 1796
>Jane 40 b. Abt 1801
>John 15 b. Abt 1826
>Mary 13
>Margaret 11
>Edward 9
>Jane 6
>James 4
>Elizabeth 1
1851 James is deceased

1851 census
>White Lion, Hallgate, Wigan, Lancashire, England
>Jane Aincongh Head 53 Widow Inn Keeper b. Mawdesley b. Abt 1798
>Mary Aincongh 24 daur b. Mawdesley Dressmaker's assistant
>Edward Aincongh 21 son b. Bispham b. Abt 1831
>Jane Aincongh 19 Dressmaker b. Bispham
>Elizabeth Aincongh 10 b. Bispham Scholar
>Richard Aincongh 8 son b. Standish Scholar