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Margaret AINSCOUGH d.1812 (dau. of James 1711)

Will Margaret Ainscough d.1812 pg1
James Ainscough 1711 - children

John Stopforth, Canada, (stopforj@shaw.ca) has been in touch and sent me this interesting information by email.....which has just allowed me to make the connection to other bits of info. which Andy Scarisbrick had previously uncovered - Margaret Ainscough d. 1812, Spinster (see blog of Sunday, January 21, 2007)

The title is also linked to this url....click on it and it will take you to the earlier blog.

She was infact the daughter of my direct ancestor:
James (1711-1782) m 1739 Margaret (?)
and sister to John 1752 -1835 & Margaret Worthington 1751-1835.

Margaret's WILL clearly identifies all of her siblings; her late sister Jane who married (1765-?) m (2nd October 1786 in Leyland) John Watkinson;

Leyland Parish records:
Marriage: 2 Oct 1786 St Andrew, Leyland, Lancashire, England
John Wackinson - Husbandman of This Parish
Jane Ainscough - of Croston

Witness: William Sumner; William Brown
Married by Banns by: Thomas Baldwin Vicar
Register: Marriages 1783 - 1793, Page 60, Entry 178
Source: LDS Film 93952

also lots of other info. about our Ainscough family like sister Mary who married an Eccleston, Elizabeth (who we have no mention of in the tree yet!) married a Worthington. She also mentions brothers Hugh, John & James; John of course is my direct ancestor,

John Stopforth, Canada, writes:
"Hello Barbara,

I have a Ann Ainsworth married William Stopforth at St. Peter and St. Paul Ormskirk, Nov. 5, 1775.
This is probably your Ann mentionned in the Will of Margaret 1812.
Misspelling of your last name wouldn't have been unsual, mine has a dozen spellings.
The marriage register has Ann from Mawdersley.
I have record of the following children for Ann and William:
Edward 1775
James 1779
John 1780
William 1784
Ann 1790
Alice 1790

Margaret's Will had five sons, one missing?

All for now
John W. Stopforth

For WILL detail see previous blog of Sunday, January 21, 2007

Andy Scarisbrick has already worked out the following - but I never made the connection until the email from John Stopforth, Canada:
"Oh, and in St Helens church, I found the marriage of Mary Ainscough to Thomas Eccleston. Mary was the sister of Hugh (d. 1813), John and James.
Margaret Ainscough d. 1812 was another sister of Mary, Hugh, John and James above."

The Will of Margaret Ainscough of Ormskirk, Spinster.
"In the name of God Amen I Margaret Ainscough of Ormskirk in the County of Lancaster Spinster, being of sound mind and understanding do make and publish this my last Will and Testament in manner following that is to say I give and bequeath my clothes and wearing apparel to and amongst my Sister Ann Stopforth, to my niece Mary Ainscough daughter of my Brother James Ainscough, to my Ellen Watkinson my niece daughter of my late Sister Jane Watkinson, And to Mary Worthington my niece daughter of my late Sister Elizabeth Worthington, to be divided by my sister Mary Eccleston in the way and manner she thinks best."

I shall now update the family tree outline to include all children of James 1711 & Margaret....

Also....from John W. Stopforth

"Hello Barbara,
I have one more Ainscough in my records.
I have the Will of William Stopforth 1672 of Lathom.
In the Will, he mentions his sister as one of the executors, Jane Aiscough.
Any idea who she might be?"

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LANCASTER HOUSE- Hugh Ainscough (1816-1894)

Susan Ainscough (nee Fairclough) family
Parbold 1880- Lancaster House
Lancaster House
Lancaster House
Lancaster Lane,
Parbold, Lancs.

Information taken from the “Our Lady & All Saints, Parbold” handbook pg. 24 – Centenary 1984. The same information can also be found on the Church website.

If you do manage to visit the Our Lady & All Saints RC Church, Parbold then take a moment to view Lancaster House, it really is stunning! At the Church from the rear car park and facing the Church, Lancaster House can be just seen on the left through hedges & trees. This was the family home of Hugh AINSCOUGH (1816-1894) and Susanna (FAIRCLOUGH) Ainscough (1830-1923)- Parbold Benefactors. As far as I know Hugh had commissioned it to be built and it was here that the 12 Ainscough children were raised, many of them were born here too.

See blog of 27th November 2006 for more detail about the family members.
6.1 Elizabeth Ainscough (1855-1913)
6.2 Richard Ainscough(1856-1921)
6.3 James Ainscough (1858-1933)
6.4 Hugh Ainscough(1860-1945)
6.5 Catherine Ainscough (1861-1960)
6.6 *John Ainscough (1863-1937) grandfather of Mary Ainscough
6.7 Thomas Ainscough (1865-1927)
6.8 Mary Ainscough(1867-1927)
6.9 Susannah Ainscough(1868 -1937)
6.10 Joseph Ainscough(1871-1902)
6.11 Annie Ainscough(1873-1954)
6.12 Francis Septimus Ainscough (1875-1896)

......6.6*John Ainscough was the grandfather of ‘Parbold Mary Ainscough’ (living). Mary Ainscough is my 6th cousin 3 times removed.

“Between 1929 and 1947 the former home of Hugh Ainscough and his family was rented to the Sisters of Notre Dame, of Everton Valley, Liverpool, who used it for short term and summer holidays.
Records state that the first Mass to be offered there was on March 6, 1930, but to be strictly accurate Fr. Brown, with special permission from the Holy See, had offered it several times there during Hugh Ainscough's illness. With the bombing of Liverpool during the Second World War the entire Everton Valley community evacuated to Parbold, May 3, 1941, and remained until 1945 although some remained in retirement.
The property was purchased by the congregation of Notre Dame on October 13, 1947, and since 1965 has been used for aged and invalided sisters, and as a Pastoral Centre. It currently holds the Offices of the Provincialate Team for the Notre Dame Sisters.”

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John Farley 1863-1896 -Murdered!

John Farley Seaman - death certificate1 d.1895
John Farley Seaman - death certificate2 d.1895
Thomas Farley Seaman - certificate1 1891
Thomas Farley Seaman - certificate2 1891

If like me you are asking yourself "Who was John Farley?" then read on....he was my Great great Uncle.

Information provided by Tony Brown, Aus.

John Farley - b.1863-d.1896

John Farley was the brother of Catherine (Farley) Ainscough who married my Great grandad Henry Ainscough - see blog entry December 14th 2006. "John Farley went to sea in 1877 as a ships boy, as an ordinary seaman in Nov. 1877, as an A.B. from July 1881 and received his Certificate of Competency (no. 018169) as a mate on 15th April 1887, as a first mate 17th December 1891 and as a Master on 21st December 1895. He then sailed on the SS. Rosse as a mate (no.74475. reg. Liverpool) but in New York was shot by a pistol in the chest by one of the sailors (inflicted by E. Smith)and died in Brooklyn Hospital, NY, 27th May 1896, age 35. A report of the incident appeared in the New York Times of 19th May 1896. His papers gave his birth date as 31st March 1863, town of Dublin, County of Dublin."
You may be able to obtain further information from The Public record Office, Ruskin Ave, Kew, Richmond, Surrey TW9 4DU.

(Medical):Extract from New York Times of Sun May 17 1896 page 16 "Incoming Steamships today ROSSE St. Lucia May 9" New York Times Tuesday May 19 1896 page1 "SECOND MATE JOHN FARLEY SHOT His brutality to a sailorman may cost him his life. John Farley, second mate of the steamship ROSSE, lying at Martins Stores, Furman St. Brooklyn, was shot twice yesterday morning by Ernest Smith, one of the sailors. Farley, it is said, treated the sailors in a brutal manner on the voyage from England, to this port, and was particularly abusive to Smith, who rankled under the assault until yesterday. Farley had ordered a sailor named Evans to go forward and scrub the decks, and when he did so another officer asked Evans what he was doing there, as he had been sent aloft to furl the sails. Evans told him that Farley had sent him forward, and Farley, hearing the remark, knocked the sailor down and gave him a severe cut over the eye. Farley met Smith ten minutes later and threatened to kick him because he did not move quickly enough in obeying an order given by Farley. Farley, the members of the crew say, then ran after Smith and struck him on the face, knocking him down. As Smith arose he drew a revolver and fired twice, one of the shots striking the mate in the breast near the throat and the other entering a little lower. The mate was taken to the Brooklyn Hospital and Smith, Evans and four others were arrested. Farley's injuries are said to be of a serious nature."
New York Times Monday 25 1896 page 10" Sailed.. ROSSE for London."
From General Register & Record Office of Shipping & Seamen Ref: DA/111/87 22 July 1987 "John FARLEY born England, 2nd Mate S.S.ROSSE, Official Number 74475, registered Liverpool. Died 27.5.96 aged 35 at Brooklyn Hospital, N.Y. Pistol shot wound in chest inflicted by E. Smith, seaman on S.S. ROSSE"

James Farley, c.1834- after 1895, b.Ireland - d. England
Mary Morris, c.1836- after 1880, b.Ireland - d. England
married c. 1855
Emigrated to England 1863-68

SIBLINGS:John b. 31st March 1863 - 27th May 1896 Dublin, Ireland
1.1 Mary c. 1857, Ireland
1.3 James September 1867, Seacombe, Cheshire
1.4 Thomas b.25th December 1869, Seacombe, Cheshire
1.5 Catherine b.20th September 1872, Birkenhead, Wallasey -d.14th December 1951, Moston married my Great grandad Henry Ainscough
1.6 Martha ?? England
1.7 Margaret c. 1880 - 1972 Seacombe, Cheshire m. Thomas Murphy who lost his leg in a shunting accident and subsequently worked as Signalman at Southport. Margaret & Thomas had 1 child; Maurice Murphy
Maurice Murphy m Judy c.1939; & 2 grandchildren; Bernard & Michael Murphy.

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Extract Papist Estates 3rd July 1717 - Hugh AISCOUGH

1717 Papist Return - Mawdesley

I met with my cousin Mike Ainscough the other day when he temporarily leant me a packed folder full of allsorts of Ainscough History......it turns out that much of this is information originally researched by Tony Brown, Aus. & my dad Peter. So many thanks Tony & dad! But like I said it is a temporary loan and has to go back to Uncle John asap....so Im manically sifting through, photocopying bits & pieces Ive never seen before & hope to have it all scanned & blogged for all to see. Oh & by the way, just in case you think I am a lousy speller & have difficulties with grammar or a stutter - Ive copied it word for word & letter for letter - honestly!

Anyway, Ive heard relatives talk about the 1717 Papists Return often & here we have the extract relating to Hugh Aiscough b. 1689-1745, Mawdesley.....I had a little problem with some of the vocab. so Jonathon Hopper has kindly translated the following words:

boon n. A benefit bestowed, especially one bestowed in response to a request. A timely blessing or benefit
messuage:A dwelling house, its outbuildings and land, from Old French mesnage
Appentence---- A strong wanting of what promises joy and pleasure. (Cant be right!!!)

Extract from the register of Papist Estates 3rd July 1717

To the Clerk of the Peace of & for the County of Pallatyne of Lanc.r. Or his Lawful Deputy.

I Hugh Ayscough of Mawdesley in the County of Lancaster Yeoman in pursuance of the late Act of Parliament Instituted an Act to oblige Papists to register their names & Real Estates do by this writing Under my hand Desire you or one of you to Register my Name & Estate in the Severall Lands Tenem.ts & Hereditam.ts herein after mentioned Scituate lying & being in the said County of Lancaster in the manner & words ffollowing viz:

Hugh Ayscough of Mawdesley in the County of Lancaster Yeoman

Imprit One Messuage & Tenem.t with the Appentences in Mawdesley afores.d (wherein of the s.d Hugh Ayscough or some other person or persons in trust for mee have or hath an Estate in ffee Bayle Generall or in ffee Bayle Speciall) Containing nine acres or thereab.ts now in my possession.

Item One Close or parcel of Ground with the Appentences in Mawdesley afore.d Containing one Acre & halfe of one Rood land called Bradshaw Meadow now in my own possion wherein I the s.d Hugh Ayscough or some other person or persons in trust for mee have or hath an Estate in ffee simple.

Item One Cottage with the Appentences called Rutters Cottage & three Acres of Ground thereunto belonging in Mawdesley afores.d now in the possession of Elizabeth Rutter widow under the Yearly Rent of Six shillings eight pence & two days shearing wherein I the s.d Hugh Ayscough or some other person or persons in trust for mee have or Hath an Estate in ffee simple. Expectant upon the determination of a Lease made by Thomas Crook of Leyland Gentleman unto the s.d Elizabeth Rutter for Ninety Nine years If she the s.d Elizabeth Rutter shall so long live.

Item A Messuage & Tenem.t with the Apptences in Mawdesley afores.d Containing three Acres & a halfe now in the possession of John Christophers under the Yearly Rent of four pounds & five shillings dages & repairs to be allowed & deducted all which I hold by Loan under Maximillian Nelson to mee & my heirs for the lifes of mee the s.d Hugh Ayscough James & Ann My son & daughter & the longest liver of us & or the yearly rent of twenty shillings & one day loading dung or slutch.

Item A Cottage with the Apptences in Mawdesley afores.d now in the possession of Henry Talbott under the Rent of Tenn shillings Under John Stafford Esq. which I hold by Loane to mee my Exc.rs Adm.rs & asn for the lifes of Elizabeth my wife James & Elizabeth My son & daughter & the longest liver of them under the yearly rent of one shilling three pence & boons one day heaving dung one day delving & wheeling turfs & one fat hen & days shearing

Hugh Aiscough

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Tony Gerard Ainscough - Australia_Singapore

Tony Ainscoughs family - Aus
Tony Ainscoughs family - Aus
Tony Ainscoughs family - Aus

Now that was quick..... no sooner had I written "looking to make contact with a Tony Gerard Ainscough, Adelaide, Aus" does he send me an email with lots of family info.

The photographs show his family members in the following order:

1. Brother Michael, his wife Sohong and 2 of his children with Uncle Davis in my Singapore home 2007.
2. My Mum, my 3 girls and sister Jenny in NSW
3. Brother david, my three girls and Davids daughter Georgia at Halls Gap (the Grampians, Victoria).

At the moment Im not sure if this Ainscough family fit into any of our Mawedesley/ Parbold Ainscough trees....but Tony says his grandfather came from Salford and many of our family now live in Swinton, the move to Swinton was made from Moston which is where my G grandad Henry b. 1868 lived and worked as Station Master....and Ive been told that Moston is not a million miles from Salford (certainly not by Australian standards!)
A brief look at our tree indicates that Henry had a younger brother George b.1874 - could it be possible that he had a son George b.1898?? or his other brothers Hugh b. 1872 or Francis b. 1875 might be a link??? Anyway thats another wild stab in the dark...Im too good at that! Tony- if you have any further info. about your Great grandfather that would be useful......and I can stop guessing then.

"Hi Barbara

I can quickly tell you what I know about our Ainscough family....and together we can find out a bit more.
My Grandfather was George Ainscough, born in Salford in 1898 (check 1896??), emigrated to Australia and worked in the railways opening up the remote parts of South Australia and Western Australia. He married a lady called Ada Meana Prettoria Murphy, and had 2 children. My father Ronald Joseph Ainscough and his younger brother (my Uncle) David Ainscough.
Apparently George ainscough was Protestant and converted when marrying a very Catholic Murphy. I only mention this because Ed had said that the Ainscough’s were a very Catholic family. I told him that my understanding was that George had converted when married. He served in both wars in the AIF (?) in the Engineers. He returned to Australia and lived out his days as a lovely gentle man in Glenelg, a beachside suburb of Adelaide, Australia. Never sick a day that I knew him.....he died suddenly in bed. As a young boy I remember how moving the funeral was with all his old army friends around to pay tribute.

My dad (Ron) started his life in remote (railway towns), Tailem bend, Murray Bridge and worse. He worked as a young telegraph operator. Dad married Anne Louise Symmons and had 5 children who are all alive today. Ron passed away some years ago at the young age of 64, having worked his way to senior role in TELSTRA (telecom Australia). Oldest child (Jennifer) now living in Canberra, has 2 girls. Second is my brother David living in Adelaide and has 2 teenage boys and a daughter, he works for Newmont. Then myself (Tony Gerard Ainscough, Mechanical Engineer having worked in Indonesia for the past 15 years in the Gold Mining Industry and I have 3 gorgeous daughters (Anne, Josephine and Louise), we currently reside in Singapore. My younger brother Michael lives with his family in Singapore too, he is a teacher and has one young son and two baby daughters). Last but not least is the youngest, Cathy Peterson (nee Ainscough). My genius younger sister who is a GP and has already borne 5 young children.

My Uncle David was the family member who has done quite some work to trace the family tree. He was most excited when I told him about my meeting with Ed, and I gave him the blog address. Hopefully you will hear from him.
I'll try to attach some photos....sorry they are so large I will try reduce the size later.
Tony Ainscough"

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Just received this reply email from Ed Ainscough, Perth, Aus. (3rd cousin once removed and brother of Anne Clark) about other possible relatives in Australia.

".....been travelling a lot on business in Europe and here in Oz. I met another Ainscough at a gold mining conference. His name was Tony Ainscough and he hails from Adelaide, his gfarther emigrated from Salford he believed. His brother David also works in the gold mining industry. I passed on your web link and I expect he'll be in touch soon. He was pretty interested in what I said you'd been doing.....

Ed. J. Ainscough"

Here's hoping they get in touch. If you are out there and reading this then email me at: barbaraainscough@mac.com

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Old Mawdesley Map - hand drawn!

Ainscough_Cowley tree
Thomas Cowley m Margaret Ainscough
I've been meaning to share this with the rest of you for sometime....when visiting the Mawdesley area Anthony Ainscough (Parbold Mary's brother) showed us a beautifully framed, hand drawn map of "Old Mawdesley" as it was when our ancestors lived there. It clearly shows all of the houses and farms along with their owners- many familiar names there and it seems that a Thomas Cowley was the grandfather of the Gerard Swarbrick who draws them.

Anyway Ive just come off the phone to Gerard and ordered myself one. It turns out that Gerard's direct ancestor is the Thomas Cowley who married Margaret Ainscough 1 and Margaret Ainscough 2 - sister of Hugh GGG grandad. Ellen Cowley (Hugh's wife) was the sister of Thomas Cowley - which is what I was hoping for......
The tree shows a simple outline of how the Cowley family fit into the Ainscough tree.
For more about the Cowley/ Ainscough relationships see my earlier blog -archive 25th September 2006
Gerard Swarbrick FRSA, Avila, 30 Alty's Lane, Ormskirk, L39 4RQ.
Tel: 01695 573020
Email: gerard-mapwize@talktalk.net
The Mawdesley map costs £36. There is also a website from which you can now purchase:
Swarbrick Maps

Parbold RC Church- H&R Ainscough Founders

Our Ladys & All Saints Parbold
Stained glass window
Memorial Plaque - H&R Ainscough
Burscough Flour Mill - H&R Ainscough
Parbold 1880- Lancaster House
Lancaster House
Shire horses - Briars Hall, Lathom
Briars Hall Stud Farm, Lathom
Parbold Ainscough

The various images show the RC church at Parbold, Lancaster House - a painting of when it was originally built and today as it is now as a retirement home for nuns; Shire Horses on Briars Hall Stud farm and the farm itself, the Parbold Ainscough family tree.

Parbold RC Church & Lancaster House
Lancaster Lane, Parbold, Lancashire, England WN8 7HS
Tel: (0)1257 463248

Hugh & Richard Ainscough Church Founders

The following excerpts have been taken from the website of Our Ladys & All Saints RC Church, Parbold. For the full story click on the link.

Refer to previous blogs of 25th and 27th November 2006 for additional information.
“The Church of Our Lady and All Saints Parbold is a Grade II listed building…..The Church was built by Edmund Kirby between May 1878 and May 1884 at a cost of £12,000. It is constructed of Sandstone rubble with slate roofs….. The windows in the north aisle depicting St. Hugh of Lincoln and St. Richard of Chichester commemorate the two brothers.

…On 30 June 1876 Hugh and Richard Ainscough wrote to Bishop Bernard Reilly (Bishop of Liverpool 1873-1894) about their intention to build a Church at Parbold on three acres of land they had bought, asking that the Benedictine Fathers should serve it. The Liverpool architect Edmund Kirby prepared plans, but unfortunately Richard Ainscough died on 17 July 1877 before Bishop Reilly could lay the Foundation Stone in 1878. Bishop Robert Cornthwaite consecrated the Church, Bishop of Leeds, on 28 May 1884, due to the illness of the Bishop of Liverpool.
…..Until the opening of Our Lady and All Saints in 1884 Catholics had to attend mass in nearby villages…..

In 1814, Richard Ainscough (the elder) 1770-1849 came to Parbold, and with the help of his father (Hugh Ainscough of Mawdesley 1746-1822 m. Mary Smith), started as a grocer and took over the village windmill. This was the foundation of the family firm of H. & R. Ainscough……
….Richard 1770-1849 married Elizabeth Livesey (1781-1852), of Newburgh in the private chapel at Fairhurst Hall (home of the Nelsons). They are buried in Mawdesley St Peter & Pauls RC Churchyard along with their youngest son James.See blog entry March 27th 2007.
…Their eldest son, Hugh Ainscough 1816-1894 (m. Susan Fairclough 1830-1923), later joined in the family business along with his brother Richard 1818-1877 (m Hannah Liptrot). Richard & Hannah lived at Brooklands in Lathom but had no family.
In 1852, Hugh Ainscough married Susanna Fairclough and they had a large family of seven sons and five daughters….they built and lived in the prestigious "Lancaster House", Parbold, now home to the retired nuns of Lancashire.”
…. H. & R. Ainscough were very successful; they built the two steam Flour Mills at Parbold and Burscough; developed the Shire Stud farm at Briars Hall Farm (childhood home of Parbold Mary’s father); and amongst many other things built a hotel in Southport.”