Monday, March 09, 2009

'The Path to Martyrdom' - new book

John Taylor ( - Stallingborough, UK has been in touch regarding a new book he has written about Anne Askew. I've placed my order and I'm looking forward to reading it John!
Thanks for the update.

"I came across your blog by chance and was interested to see references to Anne Askewe (Ayscough) I have recently written a book about her life entitled 'The Path to Martyrdom' which has now been published. It is a novel but incorporates true historical facts about her that I have gathered over the years.
It is almost certain that she was born here at Stallingborough in 1520 or 1521 at the Ayscoughe's ancestral home. She could not have been born at South Kelsey as her father, Sir William, did not marry Elizabeth Hansard, his third wife unti 1528 !! There are a number of memorials in Stallingborough Church including one to Sir Francis her brother. In all more than forty Ayscoughes were buried in the graveyard here with a number of more important members of the family being buried in the crypt under the chancel. My name is John Taylor, the ISBN of my book is 190497605-0, it is priced £8.99 and can ordered through most bookshops. A quicker way to get a copy is through me at my e-mail address. Price is an additional £1.00 for postage.
John Taylor "

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