Saturday, August 15, 2009

Rosemund (Rosa to all) Cuddy (1912-1991) married Gerald Ainscough (1902-1975)

Gerry Ainscough 1902-1975 & Rosa Cuddy 1912-1991
The following photos with additional information can also be found on Flickr - Ainscough History

On 14 Aug 2009, at 18:31, Bridget Hooton wrote:
Hello Barbara
My Aunt Rosemund (Rosa to all) Cuddy (1912-1991) married Gerald Ainscough (1902-1975) in 1946 (photo attached).
Gerry's father Thomas (1865-1927 and 1st Class cricketer) was the third son of Hugh AINSCOUGH (1816-1894) and Susan FAIRCLOUGH (1830-1923) Gerry & Rosa did not have any children & I have an album of 22 photographs without any identification but which I think are of Ainscoughs. I have enclosed a sample & wondered if you could pass them around the family or put them on the website/blog to see if there is any recognition. I feel the photos should stay in the Ainscough family & would be willing to pass them on.
Please pass on my details to anyone wishing to get in touch.
Bridget Hooton

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@boobelle said...

Hi my name was Ann Marie Horridge,
the Ainsoughs are my relatives. I was over in the UK 2 years ago. My dad was Tom horridge, Evlins twin brother.
I grew up in Mossey Lea and I saw Elisabeth, Evlin, Bernard, Gerald and Michael at that time -
what a lovley suprize when I came acoss this phto this morning.
I am now in Ontario Canada ;)