Monday, March 29, 2010

E.H Gooch - his life and adventures

You may recall an earlier blog entry about EH Gooch - the researcher and writer of Ayscoughfee Hall. Bruce Watson ( has been in touch again regarding a book he has now published about his great grandfather's adventures.

EHG's advenures will fascinate you:-
....on the Canadian Pacific Railway; lumberjacking in North B.C.; his narrow escape from marriage with a too attentive Siwash Indian; fighting at Ypres, Loos and Hohenzollern, adventures at sea and at home, the Home Guard and the 'little ships'......not to mention his father's adventures in New Zealand and Australia at the end of the C19th. Please circulate to any interested parties, libraries, History clubs and any others!
With many thanks, and good reading!

On 13 Apr 2011, at 21:10, sallie kuh ( wrote:

Dear Barbara:

I was most interested to read the information on E.H. Gooch of Spalding Lincs. I was a WWII evacuee and lived with Eric Gooch (his son) and his wife and their son, Ted at the Fellmongery on Clay Lake. When I moved there all the pits had been emptied, but the place still existed and was closed for the duration of the War.
Eric Gooch was in the Merchant Navy during the war and unfortunately died in 1956 from a freak accident suffered while holidaying in, I believe, Scotland.
Ted Gooch, his son and I remained friends until Ted's death some years ago. I would be interested in getting in touch with Bruce Watson his grandson and wondered if you had an uptodate address or email.
I am visiting Spalding in a few weeks to check out the places where I spent so much of my young days, and am sure the Spalding will be unrecognizable.
Any information you have would be greatly appreciated as I am a history buff and trying to write my history to pass on to my granddaughters.

Sallie M. Kuh

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