Wednesday, November 21, 2012

New Heredis genealogy app

Hi all

Ive just received this email today re. new genealogy software for any platform whether iOS, Mac or PC - looks great from what Ive seen so far ..... its not a spam email!
Feel free to contact them if you would like to try the app/ software out and let me know how you get on too.

On 21 Nov 2012, at 08:59, Audrey Cavalier wrote:

My name is Audrey and I have been working with Heredis for 4 years. Heredis is a genealogy software program that has been widely appreciated in Europe for almost 20 years and has now been launched world-wide.

I notice that you keep a genealogical blog and as an expert in genealogy, we would very much like to have your opinion on our software. We want to know if Heredis will be able to meet your expectations as a genealogist.
We would therefore be very pleased to offer you a copy of the Heredis program. To do this, simply reply to my email and tell me if you want the version for Windows or the Mac version. I can also send you both if necessary.

We also have a version for iOS (iPhone / iPad / iPod touch) which is available free on the App store. 

Here is a video presentation of the Heredis Blue Suite: PC, Mac and iOS versions:
I hope this information will be of interest to you.

Do not hesitate to contact me for any further information.

Hoping to hear from you soon,

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