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William Ayscough Bishop of Salisbury

On 4 Dec 2012, at 16:23, Claire Waring  wrote:
Dear Barbara

I saw your family history website on the internet and wondered if you had ever come across any research on William Ayscough, former bishop of Salisbury (1400s), who was quite controversial and would make a good feature for Wiltshire Life, our county magazine.

I believe Ayscough can be spelt in a number of ways and has been spelt Ainscough in the past. However, as far as I can work out his family actually originated in Lincolnshire.

Just thought it might be worth running it past you as I keep coming to a dead end with the research!

Kind regards
Claire Waring
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Hi Claire
Thanks for getting in touch.

Youre absolutely right about the name and pronunciations but as far as I can work out we Ainscoughs date back to 1550s from the Ormskirk, Lancashire area living on an area of land historically known as Aykescog - no longer on the map today!
Other Ayscoughs/ Ainscoughs originate in Bedale and as you say Lincolnshire - Kelsey & Stallingbrough - its all on my blog in places - best to search for key words to find what youre interested in.

I believe the Lincs. Ayscoughs married into money and migrated to this region from Bedale..... and then they muscled into Henry VIII's court and Anne Askew (sister) who was a LIncs. Ayscough was burnt.
I do know of the story of Bishop William.

Youve probably already found this info but here it is again...






Good luck!

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