Sunday, January 19, 2014

1838 Marriage - Richard Speakman & Mary Ainscough

Hi Barbara,
1838 Marriage Cert. Richard Speakman & Mary Ainscough

1842 Death Cert. Richard Speakman aged 30

Attached are copies of the marriage certificate of Richard Speakman and Mary Ainscough, and the death certificate of Richard.  I hope they are clear enough; the marriage certificate in particular is fairly faint writing.

Just to add re the photo of Elizabeth Speakman already mentioned in an earlier Email. The photo gives her dates as 1840-1922 … however, I can confirm that she was born 6/7/1838 and was baptised at Wrightington Hall RC Chapel.  I do not yet have more exact dates for her death or burial.  Her younger brother James was born 31/1/1842, was also baptised at Wrightington Hall, and died 2/3/1843.  He is buried at St Peter & Paul, Mawdesley in the grave of his father Richard.

As your blog is concerned primarily with Ainscough family memorabilia, is it unlikely that photos of more recent Speakmans would be of real interest.  Except for that of Elizabeth, I have none from the 1800s as yet.

I need to do some work on the family tree details of the Speakmans from the 1800s which I have gathered, and will let you have them asap.

Best regards,
Christopher Alex Darbyshire

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