Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Thomas Cowley m Margaret Ainscough

Hi Barbara,

My name is Ciaran Joyce. Thomas Cowley is my great great great grandfather.

Below a photo taken around 1910, I think. 

I think it shows Thomas Cowley (bushy white beard) with Margaret Ainscough (second wife, in wheelchair) his son Thomas E Cowley (standing Centre) daughter in law Margaret Wilson (Thomas E Cowley's first wife) grandchildren, Winnie, Justin and Teresa (my great grandmother - and painter Gerard Swarbricks mother).

I was trying to find more pictures so did some initial googling and quickly found the picture of the Cowley gravestone.

Teresa Cowley married Swarbrick and their daughter Angela was my grandmother. She married Thomas Joyce and moved to County Mayo, Ireland where my father Justin was born.

Do you have any photos of Thomas Cowley’s first wife (the first Margaret Ainscough)?
Also I think my picture is the picture you reference of Thomas Cowley standing outside the willows.


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