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Ed Ainscough, Perth, Australia (3rd cousin)

Ed Ainscough & family 2007

Lovely to hear from another long lost cousin, emerging in Perth, Australia (3rd cousin once removed) via email today..... The photo shows Ed's family along with his brother Martin and daughter from Essex taken this Christmas in Perth.

Ed Ainscough from Australia, Anne Clark's brother writes:

"Hi Barbara
My sister Anne passed on your link to me. She, as you know, has put some time in to tracing back our line, and although we don't have much contact these days knew I was similarly interested in the family's past, the origin of the surname and the peculiar geographical concentration of people blessed with the Ainscough tag in Lancashire. I just thought I would say hi, and thank you for all the amazing work you must have done to put it all together.

Anne mentioned a family of Ainscough's here in Perth who she thought were cousins (2nd/3rd) but I could not see any mention in your blog site. Is this true?. The last time I looked into family history I ended up in touch with Mike Ainscough in Suffolk, who seemed to have gone back a fair way too. Does our line cross with his?

Anyway, hope you are having a lovely start to 2007 and Yorkshire's not too wet. Perth is beautiful, but very hot at the moment. To close, here is a family picture taken this Xmas of the Ainscoughs down under, with my and Anne's older brother Martin, who was visiting with his daughter Sophie from Essex, together with the start of a new line of Aussie Ainscough's, four boys and a girl, and my lovely wife Donna, a Kiwi lass I met on the beach nearly 18 years ago!!!"

In answer to Ed's query about the above mentioned "Mike Ainscough" that would be Mike at this web address:
His line of Ainscoughs are from Blackrod & Westhoughton and I cant find the link yet, possibly a pre 16th C link but not established as yet.

The following illustrates how Ed and Anne are related to me...they are my 3rd cousins once removed. It works like this.... Edward and Thomas AINSCOUGH were brothers, so their sons were cousins, 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc through generations.

7.0 *Hugh & Ellen (Cowley)Ainscough (GG grandparents)
6.0 **Edward Ainscough (b28 April 1860- d1 June 1902) m 1881 Margaret Whittle (b 29 Sept 1856- 1 May 1940) (G grandparents) SON (BROTHER OF THOMAS)
5.0 ***Edward Ainscough (b12 July 1889, d 15 May 1971) m 1920 Elizabeth Potts (b 24 Jan 1890? -d28 May 1976) (grandparents) 1ST COUSIN
4.0 ****Bernard Ainscough b19 Jan1924 - d19 Nov 1986 (father) m Veronica Charnock (b.8 Jan 1927-28 Aug 1976) 2ND COUSIN
3.0 *****Anne Clark (neƩ Ainscough), Ed & Martin Ainscough 3RD COUSIN

7.0 *Hugh & Ellen (Cowley)Ainscough (GGG grandparents)
6. **Thomas Ainscough (1846 - 1929) m 1866 Margaret Barnes (1839?-1913) BROTHER
5. ***Henry Ainscough (1868-1912) m 28th September 1895 Catherine Farley (1872 - 1951) 1ST COUSIN
4. ****Norbert Ainscough (1903 - 1991) m 31st March 1934 Freda Faulkner (1910 -1993?) 2ND COUSIN
3. *****Peter Ainscough (grandad) m 4th April 1959 Margaret Nangle - 3RD COUSIN
2. ******Barbara Ainscough (mother) (ONCE REMOVED)
1. Rhiannon (daughter)

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