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Hugh Ainscough b1741 - North Meols

Susan Hassanyn ( is looking for links with the following North Meols Ainscough family, if you can offer any further information please get in touch.
On 9 Oct 2007, at 11:49, susan hassanyn wrote:

Dear Barbara
I hope you don't mind me e-mailing you after finding your site on the web.
I am researching my family tree of the Ainscough family in Southport (previously North Meols).With the help of the parish records of St Cuthberts church in Churchtown I have traced one side of my mums family back to Hugh Ainscough who died in 1820 aged 79 years. That makes him born around 1741. There is no record of his baptism at St Cuthberts so presumably he moved into this area but I don't know where from. His first wife was called Elizabeth (Betty) and she was buried at St Cuthberts on 2 Jan 1775 he then married Jane Rymer in May 1775. We are descended from this second marriage as, from the records, Hugh and Betty had 3 sons between 1768 and 1776 all called Thomas and sadly all died in childhood.
I hope all this makes sense and perhaps you can shed some light as to the origins of Hugh so I can take the tree further back.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Sue Hassanyn

Hi Susan
I do already have a little information about this Ainscough family, previously researched by Andrew Scarisbrick, and if Im right I think that this is also his Ainscough connection.....however, I also understand that Andrew has been trying for some time to find a link back from Hugh b.1740-d.1820 without any success. There is a tree available for download (file name is Ainscough_Scarisbrick.pdf) in the widget box on the right which shows the information gathered to date.
From the information Andrew Scarisbrick has provided in the tree a brief outline is as follows:

Hugh Ainscough 1740-1820 m (1st wife) Elizabeth c1740-1774
Thomas Ainscough b.1768- died in childhood?
Thomas Ainscough b.1772- - died in childhood?
Hugh Ainscough 1740-1820 m (2nd wife)Jane Rymer 1752-1828

Mary Ainscough m John Rymer
Thomas Ainscough 1776-1785
James Ainscough 1780-? m Jenny wright
Richard Ainscough 1783-1800
Margaret Ainscough 1786-1799
Thomas Ainscough 1790-? m Ann Fairclough
Ellen Ainscough 1793-1795
William Ainscough 1796-1797

Also the following early records from Halsall, St Cuthberts Parish may be of interest to you - which you may or may not have seen....could any of these Ainscoughs be related?
Extracts from St. Cuthbert’s, Halsall Parish Church Records.
2nd June 1695 Maria fa. Hugonis Ascough [Eascow], pauperis
28th August 1698 Emblina fa. Hugonis Ascough, pauperis
18th October 1702 Anna fa. Hugonis Eascough
31st March 1706 Thomas fs. Hugonis Eascough
29th December 1717 Elizabeth d. John Aiscoe
27th March 1720 James s. John Aiscoe
9th September 1722 Ellin d. John Ascough, labourer, & Mary his wife
1st May 1725 Jane fa. John Escough [Eascoe] & Mary ux.
10th July 1737 John s. John Aiscough
20th December 1741 Mary d. John Aiscow [Aiscoe]
29th April 1744 Emblin d. John Aiscough
11th March 1716/7 John Aiscoe [Eascough] & Mary Rotheram, both Halsall
22nd November 1736 John Aiscough [Ainscoe] & Ellin Rymer
20th November 1714 Hugh Aiscoe [Eascough]
4th September 1721 Thomas s. Hugh, deceased, labourer & Mary Aiscoe [Ayscough] his wife
13th July 1726 Anna fa. Mariae Aiscough [Aiscoe] vidua
19th October 1726 Maria Aiscough [Aiscoe], vidua
14th November 1727 Maria ux. Johannis Aiscoe
23rd April 1736 Anne Aiscough [Ainscoe]

Im sorry I cant be of any further help and hope that some of this information is new to you.....I am curious as to where you fit in to this family? Who are you descended from? Should you discover any further information pre Hugh b1741, his origins and extended family please do let me know so that I can update my information.
Best of luck!

On 18 Oct 2007, at 14:31, Andrew Scarisbrick wrote:
Hi Barbara and Susan.
I have researched the North Meols/Scarisbrick branch of the Ainscough family thoroughly, Susan, and would be quite happy to share what I have. Whereabouts do you fit into the tree? We are definitely related.
As for before Hugh (1740), this is still a bit of a mystery. I am fairly convinced he comes from the Ainscough family of Mawdsley somewhere, because of the repetition of particular names in both families. Hugh Ainscough of Mawdsley (~1685) had sons James, Thomas and Richard. Hugh Ainscough of North Meols (1740) had sons Thomas (4 of them), James, Richard and William. However, the link remains elusive.

Hoping to hear from you soon,
Andrew Scarisbrick.

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