Friday, February 29, 2008

Cricketers - Ainscough

Thanks to Anne Metcalfe for reminding me about this website.
I've used it before to find the info. about Mary Ainscough's ancestors Thomas (1865-1927), John and Hugh Ainscough three of the sons of Hugh (1816-1894) and Susan (Fairclough) (1830-1923), of Lancaster House,Parbold.
However, a 2nd glance at the archive on this website and a quick search for the name Ainscough reveals many more, both current and deceased players. Could this be a hidden Cricket gene within the family??? So if cricket is something you've not yet tried then perhaps you should give it a go - it could be your thing!
There are 10 Ainscough English players listed covering the following regions:
Worcestershire, Bedfordshire, Rishton, Clifton, Lancashire Liverpool & District. Some of these I know about but if anybody has any additional information about the players, photographs or census detail I would love to find out if these Ainscough's all originate from the same family. (Definite family links are in bold).
Players listed:
1.Amadou Ibrahima Richard S Ainscough - living - Worcestershire Second XI (Second Eleven Championship: 2006)
2.David D Ainscough - living - Rishton (Lancashire League: 1972-1987)
3.Hugh Ainscough (1860-1945) - Liverpool and District (brother of John & Thomas)
4.John Ainscough - living - Rishton
5.J Ainscough - living - Bedfordshire (Minor Counties Championship: 1931)
6.John Ainscough (1863-1937) - Liverpool and District (Grandfather of Mary & Anthony Ainscough, Parbold,brother of Hugh & Thomas)
7.JB Ainscough - living - Clifton (Miscellaneous: 2006)
8.Martin Ainscough (1897-1973) - Lancashire Second XI (Minor Counties Championship: 1922)
9.Mark Edward Ainscough - living - Rishton
10.Thomas Ainscough (1865-1927)- Lancashire (Main FC: 1894-1906)(brother of John & Hugh)

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