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Priorswood Hall

On 28 Mar 2008, at 10:26, Mick Pierce ( wrote:
Good morning Barbara,
I've been reading your history of the Ainscough family. What has made it more interesting for me is a tenuous connection to my mother's parents - Alf & Florence Growcott. They worked for 'Mr & Mrs Ainscough', as my Gran always called them, at Priorswood Hall. I don't know the exact dates but I have a couple of memories of this time. I was still an only child - no older than 4 & not later than 1966. I can remember being in a kitchen with my Gran and having a piece of cake. This is not too unusual, as my Gran & cake were inseparable. There was always a cup of tea & a just-baked cake whenever we went to see her. I also remember a parrot in a cage, in the kitchen, I think.
The second memory is being held by my grandad outside a stable door, looking at the horses. One of them nibbled the buttons off his jacket cuff. In fact, my mum has a picture of us taken at this time. When my grand parents retired, I spent a great deal of time with them at their home in Eccleston. Priorswood & the Ainscoughs were talked about frequently. My Gran spoke about the Ainscough's sons - the boys - but I can't remember names, although Mark & Simon(?) are niggling in my mind. I know that they were happy times and a great source of pride for my grand parents.
I can remember passing Priorswood many times, although a long time ago. Is Priorswood still a family home occupied by a new Mr & Mrs Ainscough? I do hope that you don't mind me telling you this. If you have time to reply to this email, I would be glad to know of anything you can tell me about Priorswood.
Thank you for your time.
Michael Pierce.

On March 28, 2008 12:43 PM barbara ainscough wrote:
Hi Mike
good to hear from you-this is what I have already on the blog...I think it was Cyril Ainscough who purchased Priorswood Hall in 1950 but he died in 1980, buried in parbold RC churchyard. His widow is still living in Parbold if you wanted to look her up...I dont know her but I do have connections that might be able to help - she/ the family may have some photos too??
Unfortunately I dont have any images of it though and Im not sure if an Ainscough family still live in the Hall....if anybody does know the answer to this question we would love to hear from you.

This is a previous blog entry:
Martin Ainscough b.1898-d.5th March 1973 age 75 and wife Beatrice Mary b.1897–d.10th December 1992 age 95
On 3 Sep 2007, at 08:31, JOHN COBHAM wrote:
Martin Ainscough (d1973) was the son of James Ainscough mentioned here. He was a landowner & farmer. Also the main shareholder & chair of Lion Brewery, Blackburn. In 1963 Martin bought the Croston Hall estate (formerly belonging to the De Trafford family) from the Catholic Archdiocese of Liverpool.
Cyril Ainscough was Martin's son & took over the running of the Brewery, He lived at Priorswood Hall, Lees lane. He has a brother Peter who still runs the Parbold farms. Cyril's widow is still living in Parbold & there are 4 sons & a daughter. Mark Ainscough(2nd son) is a friend of mine. Peter Ainscough's son Martin owns several good pubs & restaurants one of which the Eagle & Child is in Bispham Green.
The Croston Hall estate has recently been sold by Mark Ainscough but Martin owns about 300 acres of it including the site of the demolished Croston Hall.
All for now,

Also the Parbold Church has a little info. about the Hall.
I hope this helps .......looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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Anonymous said...

Cyril Ainscough's Children were Caroline, Christopher, mark & Simon.

Alf Grocott was Cyrils' chauffeur as far as I recall & Flo, the house maid. Tommy Webster was the gardener.