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Utah- Vancouver Ainscough

Craig Ainscough ( has been in touch from Utah and is wondering if anybody can help him trace his ancestry back to the UK, probably Lancashire origins. He says; "My 'herd' of Ainscoughs came North to Canada from Utah. My father and I were both born in Southern Alberta and I now live in Vancouver."
He thinks it was his GG grandfather William who made the journey to Utah in the mid 1800's. If anybody has any suggestions as to how he might go about finding immigration lists or you recognise a similarity in your own family tree please contact him and cc me into the email- Im curious!

On 7 May 2008, at 14:44, craig ainscough ( wrote:
Dear Barbara - hello from Vancouver, Canada. I came across your "ainscough" website (very nicely done, if i might add) and I ended up going through some old papers and family trees.
I remember as a child, being told our family comes from Lancashire, but there was a large gap between there and here. Many Ainscoughs are named william, wives dying in childbirth, they remarry and, of course, they seemed to have so many children, it's difficult to track. This is what I have-perhaps you can tell me more?

-Craig Ainscough (thats me) born Fort Macleod, Alberta 1947
-Reed (my father) born Cardston, Alberta 1918
-William George (my grandfather) born Smithfield, Utah 1885
-William Thomas (my great grandfather) born Big Cottonwood, Utah 1854

.....and William Thomas' father was another William and that is where my information stops. what do you think?
craig ainscough

On 7 May 2008, at 19:20, barbara ainscough wrote:
Hi Craig
Thanks for getting in touch.
Sorry - I have no idea!!! it would help if you had at least one ancestor you could trace back to the UK......that way we can access census detail but I wouldn't know where to start in Utah. Have you tried checking immigration records - they would be able to tell you who emigrated when. Once we have the UK link then we can start to check census detail at this end which lists parents and siblings and is so much easier to work back from.

I will put this on my blog and see if anybody else recognises the link - there are 1 or 2 Ainscoughs who have contacted me that have come up against a blank wall - maybe they fit into your line. Do you have any old photos or even one of yourself that I could post with this item?
The other thing you might try is Mike Ainscoughs website but I guess you have tried this already??

On 7 May 2008, at 19:42, craig ainscough wrote:
To be honest....without any details, I was told the ainscoughs migrated from Pennsylvania to Utah.......
It was interesting reading all your relatives war records. My grandfather was a captain in the Canadian Armys 13th overseas mounted rifles during WW1 and was instrumental in formation of that unit. Up until recently, I had his dress sword, scabbord and belt. My children had never shown interest in that sort of thing, so I donated it to a military museum in Calgary.
My father was a Captain in a field artillery regiment, went to England and was in France on D-Day plus 2. After wars end, he stayed in the militia (britains version of the "territorial" army) and retired as a lieutenant-colonel of the South Alberta Light Horse Regiment (tanks)
I am an artist. I worked in the advertising and marketing depts. of newspapers and retired two years ago. I also freelanced for "road&track," an international automotive magazine published in the US (hence my "carguy" hotmail address) my wife was English, born North of London and raised in Tunbridge Wells, died about 7 years ago.
Thanks again for all your help.

Anthony Ainscough Brown wrote:
Was pleased to hear from you via barbara. It is hard for us to advise you.
You really need to find details of the birth of William and details of his parents etc until you find an ancestor born in England. Hopefully in Lancashire, then search the immigration records , and then search for a birth/baptismal record, which could lead to his English ancestors, which we can check to see if he fits in one of our
family trees.
You could seek help from a member of a Utah family history society to help in your search in that State.
Good Luck
Anthony Ainscough Brown (a first cousin once removed to Barbara).

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