Monday, January 26, 2009

Margaret Ainscough Oak Chest 1718

Great to hear from John Alty about his family history links.
On 25 Jan 2009, at 21:46, A Alty ( wrote:

I came across your blog whilst looking into my family history and it has been very interesting to read.
I came across your blog whilst I was researching some information that my nan had given me on our family history, in particular an oak chest that dates back to the 1700's that is in my family. The chest has "MA 1718" carved into it and belonged to a Margaret Ainscough who married one of my ancestors who I have been told was called Hugo Alty but from the research I have done I believe he was actually Hugh Alty as this seems to be one of my families names, I have been told that they married in 1718 and this was a gift to her, they lived in Blackmoor Hall - Mawdsley. I have found a few references to Alty's living at Blackmoor Hall but I can only presume these where their children as they are in the 1800's (Henry and Robert Alty).
I myself am John Alty, my father is Robert Alty and my grandfather was Henry Alty, looking back through information on the internet I have found the names Hugo, Henry, Robert and John occurring a lot and these names have always been used in my family. I have found quite a few references to possible ancestors around Mawdsley. My grandfather was born in Up Holland not far from Dalton church where my Great grandparents and Great uncle and auntie where married.
My family now live in St Helens and have done for many years.
I hope the information on the oak chest may be of some use to you and if you have any possible information on Alty's that may be related to me I would be most grateful.
J A Alty

On 26 Jan 2009, at 11:45, barbara ainscough wrote:
Hi John
quickly checking the blog I have lots of info on Nancy (Ainscough) Alty b1784-1851. Nancy was the daughter of GGGGG grandparents John and Margaret (Worthington) Ainscough; sister of GGGG grandad Thomas Ainscough. She married Robert Alty. I have in my records that they had 3 children Hugh, Betty and Henry. I am inclined to think that the chest belonged to this Margaret Ainscough, Nancys mother??? The best person for you to contact is Nancy on Rhodes Island who is also a direct descendant of the Altys. Further info is in this blog article. Nancy from Rhode Island USA ( has carried out lots of research and might be able to help further.

Hope this helps.

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