Saturday, June 13, 2009

'Escough Wood' - 1839 tithe map of Scarisbrick

On 12 Jun 2009, at 11:17, Andrew Scarisbrick wrote:

Hi Barbara.
I think I may have found another piece of the Ainscough puzzle for you. From some files I gave you a while back, extracted from the Cartulary of Burscough Priory, it gave you a description of where a wood known as 'Aykiscogh' was, in relation to Scarisbrick and Hurlston.
Well, since then, I have been looking at a copy of the 1839 tithe map of Scarisbrick, and attached is a small part of it. If you look at the left hand side of it, you will notice that some of the field names are 'Escough Wood', precisely where the cartulary information says it was. Also, the farm in possesion of James Moorcroft on the map was, and still is, called Wood End Farm, which in turn implies this is the site of a wood. So this would appear to be the ancient wood know as 'Aykiscogh'. What do you think?

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