Thursday, August 30, 2012

Historic Newspapers

Historic Newspapers are the proud owners of the largest private original newspaper archive in the world, with the oldest newspaper dating back to 1785. The collection continues right through to the present day and features loads of different titles to choose from, including a number that are now out of print. What’s more, we can almostguarantee a date of birth newspaper is available – you can search any birth date back to 1900  for birthday newspapers by clicking here.

The most special thing about these newspapers is the fact they’re completely authentic. They’re not reprints or reproductions. They’re all as old as the date on their front page. In fact, the only word of caution is that, as you’d expect, certain very popular dates are no longer available. 

So if, for example, you wanted a newspaper from the day after the moon landing, JFK’s assassination or the outbreak of World War Two, you might be struggling!

These make a fascinating gift for anyone with an interest in history. A perfectly preserved, genuine original newspaper offers an unrivalled view on how the world was at the time. We often hear from recipients that it’s the everyday features they find the most interesting and insightful. 
These include not only the photographs but also items such as classified advertisements and announcements.
Price-wise, they start from £34.99 and come with plenty of presentation options, making them ideal for gifts. So for anyone who’s interested, here’s the link… 
And if the code 15TODAY is entered at checkout you can even save a further 15% on your order. 

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