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Blackrod Ainscough-has anybody yet made a connection?

Michael Ainscough b.May 8th 1801
John Ainscough b.December 7th 1821
On 30 Jul 2007, at 23:26, Michael Ainscough (michael.ainscough@tesco.net, michael.ainscough@mac.com, eva.awscough@sky.com) wrote:
"Hi, We may have a link , but so far I have not found a connection I belong to a Ainscough (Blackrod) line . We had contact with the Mawdesley area as my Great Grandfather John Ainscough married a Fanny Sherrington of Mawdesley who may have been a cousin (not sure) - Family tale....
My Grandfather was Michael Ainscough,
Great grandfather (above) was John Ainscough &
Great great grandfather was a Michael
as well.
All the Best Michael J Ainscough"

Thanks Michael
Do you have any dates for your grandfather, G grandfather & GG grandfather? I would like to add this to my blog & dates really help others to make a connection. Hope you don't object to this.
We've also been trying to join up these 2 branches of Ainscough...but like you so far no good! They must all link at some point......back in 1689 with my 7x great grandad Hugh there was at least 1 other Ainscough family because Ainscough was marrying Ainscough! & even earlier - 1500's, Ainscough (note various spellings of the name) in Ormskirk there were several Ainscough families as evidenced by the baptismal register - see blog detail Jan 12th 2007.
Ormskirk Ainscough in 1558

Have you seen Mike Ainscoughs Blackrod Ainscough website? There is a direct link to it on the right hand side of this page in the links area: http://www.mjra.net/
Keep in touch and let me know if you find anything out.

On 1 Aug 2007, at 08:06, Michael Ainsough wrote:
"Hi, yes I have seen Mike Ainscoughs Blackrod Ainscough's website & sad to say no connection when I checked.
Image 1 (above) shows the children of Great great grandfather Michael Ainscough (b.May 8th 1801) and Ann ?(b.May 7th 1805).
Image 2 (above) shows the children of Great grandfather John Ainscough (b.December 7th 1821) and Martha (b.May 3rd 1823 - wife 1)

Great grandfather John Married a second time to Fanny Sherrington from Mawdesley (Sept 15th 1836 - wife 2) they had the following 3 children.
1.Ellen b.Dec 4th 1875
2.Michael b.July 14th 1878 - My Grandfather.
3.Fanny b.Feb 14th 1880
All the best Michael Ainscough"

Ive just found this reply on the Croston website (http://knowhere.co.uk/board/kb4057/)in response to a previous request from you - I think?? not sure if youve seen it yet:
"Re: Family Tree by Dave Sherrington (Member 86472) on 29-May-02
I am related to Richard Sherrington and Ann Rawcliffe of Mawdesley married in Croston in 1821. I have researched the Sherrington family back to the early 1500's. If you would like more info then email me on sherrington@agents-uk.com"

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