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more Cowley/Ainscough connections - John Cobham

Edward Cowley d.1887
John Cobham ( has been in touch to say he also has links with the family....
"I’ve just been on your Ainscough website. In my family tree are some lines of connection.
1. My Uncle, Wilf Ainscough, b c.1905(parents Hugh & Elizabeth) married my Mothers sister Alice Wright. I know Uncle Wilf had 2 sisters Lucy & Gertrude Ainscough (spinsters) & 2 brothers Vincent (unmarried) & Cyril. Only Wilf & Alice had a family, one son Cousin Francis Ainscough who died unmarried about 12 years ago, so that line has died out on the Ainscough side. Might not be correct on Uncle Wilf’s d.o.b could be nearer 1900 although he doesn’t appear on the 1901 census!

2. Another Uncle, Cecil Culshaw, (who married mothers other sister Ellen Wright) his mother was Margaret Ainscough b.1867 m Culshaw, Lower Barn Farm. Margaret was a daughter of John (1838-1916)& Ellen Smith (1837-1892), of Rutters Farm.

3. Also my mothers Grandmother on her Fathers side was Alice (nee Cowley) Wright c.1835-1898....Alice Cowley married Richard Wright- one of their sons
Thomas Richard Wright married Mary Mawdesley (Hardy). Although Mary's father was Joshua Hardy (married a Mawdsley), she was born out of wedlock & on her marriage cert. is identified as Mawdsley, although her mother & father were married by then!
My mother was one of 7 children:
1. Arthur b1901
2. Alice b1903
3. Ellen b1905
4. Frank b1907
5. Joseph b1909
6. Winifred Wright b1911
7. Cyril b1913

John Cobham's family
GG Grandparents: Peter Wright b 1791 & Mary Pope b 1797
G Grandparents: Richard Wright & Alice(Cowley)-(Richard Wright's brother William also married one of Alice’s (Cowley) Sisters).
Grandparents: Thomas Richard Wright married Mary Mawdesley
Parents: Winifred Wright married Cobham

I am a close friend of Mark Ainscough, Son of Cyril, Grandson of Martin of Fairhurst Hall.
John Cobham"

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