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Ainscough burials _ St Joseph's RC Church, Wrightington

Ainscough of Harrock Hall
On my most recent trip to the area I decided to stop off at Wrightington to make a short trip to the churchyard of St Joseph's RC in Wrightington. Recent correspondence with Jo Horridge and John Cobham had made me curious... as you can see there are a number of Ainscoughs buried here and I think I can place most of them in our tree - many are likely to be children of John (1838-1916)and Ellen (Smith) (1837-1892) Ainscough of Rutters Farm, Mawdesley and grandchildren of John (1794-1872) & Margaret(Wignall)(1797-1866)Ainscough of Reynolds Farm, Mawdesley. John Ainscough (1794-1872) was the brother of my 4x Great-grandad Thomas(1778-1861) who married Betty Whitehead (1797-1879) which makes John Ainscough(1838-1916) who married Ellen (Smith) (1837-1892) Thomas' nephew.
However, there are still a couple of graves that I am unsure about. If anybody can offer any further information or detail on these I would love to hear from you. I am hazarding a guess at most of this but here goes.....please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

William Ainscough (1880-1946) & Jane Ainscough (1883-1959)

William was the youngest of 8 children, his parents were John (1838-1916)and Ellen (Smith) (1837-1892) Ainscough. He married Jane Garlin. William & Jane are Joseph, Gerald & Thomas's Parents.
William Ainscough (1880-1946) & Jane Ainscough (1883-1959)
Thomas Ainscough (1907-1995) & Alice Ainscough (1904-1997)
Thomas was the eldest son of William & Jane above. Alice's maiden name was Kitching.
Thomas Ainscough (1907-1995) & Alice Ainscough (1904-1997)

Vincent John Ainscough (1901-1963) & Elizabeth Ann Ainscough (1901-1977)

I have no information on Vincent or Elizabeth Ann, but John Cobham thinks that perhaps Vincent is his Uncle Wilf's brother - he had a brother Vin, as he called him but thinks he lived later than that - awaiting further information.
Christina Uduwerage-Perera (cmuperera@me.com) adds the following:
"I believe this is Vincent John Ainscough, son of Hugh Ainscough and Elizabeth Darwin. He married Elizabeth Ann Turner in 1928 and they had a son also called Vincent J. born 1933. The only sibling I can see for Vincent Snr is called Joseph (b 1899) whilst the only sibling for Vincent Jnr is Pauline (b 1936) ".

Adrian Rigby also adds the following:
"I'm contacting you after finding your blog on Ainscough family history. My Grandad was Vincent Ainscough who is buried with my Grandma Elizabeth Ainscough in the Catholic church at Wrightington, the grave you could not identify. Very briefly it was Vincent who's brother Billy founded Ainscoughs' business empire from his scrap yard at Mosseylea. My granddad worked down the pit during the day and drove Billy's lorry (Billy could not drive) back from where ever he had been buying bomb damaged goods from.
Liverpool dock was a favourite from what I have been told.
I will be seeing my mum over Christmas and will tell her about this contact. Her name is Pauline Ainscough who was married to a Derek Rigby (my father)."

Vincent John Ainscough (1901-1963) & Elizabeth Ann Ainscough (1901-1977)
Joseph Ainscough (1898-1975) & Mary Ainscough (1897-1979)
I have no information on Joseph or Mary.
Joseph Ainscough (1898-1975) & Mary Ainscough (1897-1979)
Elizabeth Ainscough (1862-1907) & Hugh Ainscough (1863-1935) & sister Ellen ? (1875-1945)
This looks like it might be Hugh & his wife Elizabeth, eldest son John (1838-1916)and Ellen (Smith) (1837-1892) Ainscough and brother of William also mentioned above. Sister Ellen could be Hugh's sister Ellen b.1875 who married a Glover??? - not sure....
Christina Uduwerage-Perera adds the following: "Yes I agree. Rod (the grandson of Ellen Ainscough Glover says that she was buried with her brother. Ellen married John Glover in 1904 and was cut off from the family because she married against their wishes."

Elizabeth Ainscough (1862-1907) & Hugh Ainscough (1863-1935) & sister Ellen ? (1875-1945)
James Ainscough (1870-1931) & Ruth Ainscough (?-?)
James was the 5th child of John (1838-1916)and Ellen (Smith) (1837-1892) Ainscough, brother of Hugh and William also mentioned.
Christina Uduwerage-Perera adds the following:"I believe Ruth was nee Harrison, b abt 1873, Wrightington. Ruth and James married in 1910 so you can see the beginnings of family and Ruth's brother in the 1911 census."

James Ainscough (1870-1931) & Ruth Ainscough (?-?)
Joseph Ainscough (1918-1975) & Mary Ainscough (1917-2006)
This looks as though it is Joseph married Mary Horridge, 3rd child of William & Jane Ainscough mentioned above. Grandson of John & Ellen (Smith) Ainscough.
Joseph Ainscough (1918-1975) & Mary Ainscough (1917-2006)
Teresa Ainscough (1872-1921), John Ainscough (1866-1942), Mary Ainscough (1866-1942) and Oswald Thomas Ainscough (1905-1969)
This really is guess work at the moment but I think this could be William John Ainscough of Higher Barn Farm, 3rd child of John (1838-1916)and Ellen (Smith)(1837-1892) Ainscough.
Nancy Engelhardt has left a comment below - many thanks Nancy, so Ive now updated the Teresa b.1872 & John b. 1866 info. as follows: John W Ainscough 1866 married (1897 Wigan) Teresa(Theresa) Valentine b. 1872. However, Nancy thinks that Mary Ainscough b.1868? (1866) on the Headstone is probably John's sister, but Mary 1866? married (1897 Wigan) a Joseph Valentine (1869-1899). If this is Mary, sister of John Ainscough why isn't her married name on the stone??
My theory is that Mary b.1866? (thats my calculation from the age she died and year of death on the gravestone), is a 2nd marriage. Teresa died in 1921 aged 49 but Mary (1866-1942) is born and died in the same year as John Ainscough (1866-1942) both age 76.
As for Oswald Thomas?? a son of John and Teresa?? If anybody else can help us to be more specific about this please contact me.
Christina Uduwerage-Perera adds the following; "I believe that John Ainscough married first Teresa Valentine with whom he had 6 children including Oswald Thomas. Teresa died in 1921 and in 1927 John remarried, to Teresa's sister, Mary B Valentine. And yes the 2 women's brother, Joseph Valentine married John Ainscough's sister, Mary. The Valentines seem to have been another quite large family!"

Teresa (1872-1921), John (1866-1942), Mary (1866-1942) and Oswald Thomas Ainscough (1905-1969)


Anonymous said...

Hi Barbara....John W Ainscough 1866 did marry Teresa(Theresa) Valentine b. 1872. They married 1897 Wigan. The Mary Ainscough on the Headstone I believe is John's sister. Mary 1868 married a Joseph Valentine b. 1869 d. 1899. They married in 1897 Wigan also. I don't know why Mary does not have her married name on the stone, unless it was because she was only married for a couple of years. As far as who Oswald Thomas is, I can only suspect that he is the son of John and Teresa.
Hope this helps.
Nancy Engelhardt....descendant of Nancy (Ainscough) Alty 1784-1851.

@boobelle said...

Thanks Nancy for looking this up - although my calculation from the age Mary (1866-1942) died and year of death on the gravestone makes her birth date 1866....could it be John's 2nd marriage? Teresa died in 1921 aged 49 but Mary (1866-1942) is born and died in the same year as John Ainscough (1866-1942) both age 76.