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Wigan Cricketers - Info on Thomas Ainscough & Capt. Ainscough (5th Manchester Regiment)

On 24 Nov 2008, at 23:02, peter lomax (peter_lomax@hotmail.co.uk) wrote:

Hi Barbara
I am researching the complete history of the Wigan Cricket Club for a dvd film and have found many links with the Ainscough family of (or nearby) Wigan. As many of the family have played for the Club over the 160 years I was hoping you could shed more light upon two people in particular. Thomas Ainscough, who played for Wigan and Lancashire in 1891-1906 (http://content-www.cricinfo.com/engvpak/content/player/8688.html) and a Capt. Ainscough who served in the 1/5th Manchester Regiment, 42nd East Lancashire Division in Egypt and France in 1914-15.
I have also spoken to a cricket historian, Don Ambrose, who has previously helped a Doreen Ainscough in finding information about Thomas and his times playing for Lancashire. Also, I am currently in pocession of newspaper reports of Thomas Ainscough's performances in certain games from 1909 and obituaries from the Wigan Observer and The Cricketer. This gives a detailed account of his life, however anything more personal to the man that you may offer would be of great help.
If you are unable to help in this matter, please feel free to hand my email to anyone you feel can, as every bit of information always helps. Thank you for your time.
Peter Lomax

On 25 Nov 2008, at 10:16, barbara ainscough wrote:
Hi Peter
Good to hear from you. Your work sounds very interesting and I would love to see what you find out and would welcome any further information, images and records to add to the blog.
The information I have about these 2 cricketers is all on my blog. This has been given to me from various sources including ancestors of the 2 gentlemen, namely Mary Ainscough and Anthony Ainscough of the Parbold Ainscough branch(brother and sister). They have also passed on a few old family photographs and I guess they would be the people to contact regarding additional information and permission to use photographs.
Cricketer John Ainscough (1863-1937) - Liverpool and District was the Grandfather of Mary & Anthony Ainscough, Parbold, (John was brother to Hugh & Thomas). It is this Thomas Ainscough (1865-1927)- Lancashire (Main FC: 1894-1906)(brother of John & Hugh) you seek further information about. Captain Cyril Ainscough is the other cricketer you are interested in. Both Thomas and Cyril are from this line of Ainscoughs.

GGG GrandfatherThomas AISCOUGH(1715-?)
G G Grandfather Hugh AISCOUGH (1745-?)
G Grandfather Richard AINSCOUGH (1770-1849)
grandfather Hugh AINSCOUGH (1816-1894) - Thomas is one of 13 children
father James AINSCOUGH (1858-1933)
Cyril AINSCOUGH (1893-1915) - is also nephew to Thomas - cricketer above

I have cc'd this email to them so you should be able to contact them by email. Should you have any difficulties please let me know and I will see if I can contact them.
The following blog entries might be of interest to you:

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I hope this helps.

On 1 Dec 2008, at 15:47, peter lomax wrote:

Hi Barbara
Thank you ever so much for helping me with the information. I have emailed Tony and Mary for any further help they may be able to offer. Obliviously, covering 160 years of the Club, I have found many wonderful characters and important persons who have aided the club in so many ways. That is why writing a feature on the Ainscough family of Parbold who have for many years been involved with the Club would be best for the dvd project.
I will be writing up all the information on Thomas Ainscough and Capt. Cyril Ainscough that I have, and as soon as that is done I will email you a copy for your blog.
Thank you again, Peter.

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