Friday, February 19, 2010

Exhibition - "Recollection" (based on Ainscough Flour Mill)

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Hello Barbara
I found your email address on the Ainscough family history website, and I hope you don't mind me contacting you. I am an artist, and I create work about peoples associations to place,
and am currently investigating and recording histories of different people who worked at Ainscough Mill, in Burscough. The piece of work created will be exhibited at The Chapel Gallery, in an exhibition called "Recollection."
I recognize that Hugh Ainscough, was the mills founder and was joined by his brother Richard, and today have visited the Ormskirk library to look at Hugh's funeral (1894) details, being particularly interested in the detail that three of the longest serving workers helped carry his
coffin. I was hoping to contact a member of the Ainscough family perhaps who had knowledge about the history of the mill, or photos? I was given a contact from Mr. P. Tucker, (once divisional director), for a member of the Ainscough family, but unfortunately was unable to make contact.
I would be very grateful for any assistance you might be able to offer me, or if you could direct me towards someone who might have knowledge they are willing to share.
Yours sincerely,
Louise Wood

ps. For your interest I have attached a poster I am using to advertise
the project. The ceramic piece shown, is my last commission in 2009.

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