Friday, February 12, 2010

More about the Finch family (Mawdesley)

Hi Barbara
The Finch family are definitely from Mawdesley. They are a very old family dating back to middle ages & their ancestor was St John Finch, Martyr. The family home, Lane End House, still there in Mawdesley & occupied by David Finch dates back to the 1500s.
In the roof of the house is a Chapel where Mass was said in the days when it was forbidden to say mass. One of the family, James Finch founded Hayes & Finch, one of the largest suppliers of church furniture, candles vestments etc. Cuthbert Finch in one of the photos is the present David Finch's Grandfather.
One of the photos mentions a priest from Wrightington Hall & in brackets Ainscough family.
It was the Diccinson & Gerrard Family who lived at Wrightington Hall not Ainscoughs. I'll have a further look at some point & see if David Finch knows any of them.
Interestingly this year is the 150th anniversary of the opening of SS Peter & Pauls School & Thomas James, & William Finch were both benefactors & trustees of the school in 1860.
We'll be holding various celebrations & an open day later in the year, I'll keep you posted. I'll speak to David Finch & see if he can identify anyone. There is an old Aunt of his still living in Maghull, in her 90s now (Cuthbert Finch's Daughter) but I don't know how well she is, I'll see if I can find out as it is likely that she may know them.
Perhaps you could pass this on to the sender.
Kind Regards
John Cobham

On 17 Feb 2010, at 19:25, Paul Bridges wrote:
I did further research on this, and found that 11 of the 12 children of Hugh Ainscough & Susannah Fairclough were baptised at Wrightington Hall. The one not mentioned was John.
regards, Paul

On 6 Dec 2010, at 18:58, Mary Ainscough wrote:

I have just had this back from my cousin Mary Joyce. I dont know if you can make any sense of it..........

Uncle Ben Craven [ father of Angela, who married her cousen Peter Finch of Maudsley R I P last year, Angela now lives in a cottage at Maudsley. Pam living in Ireland, Anthony and Mary [ nee Craven ] who are both married and live in Lancs. I don't know how they were related to the Finches but I think Uncle Dick Finch [married to A Aggie ] was Uncle Bens Uncle. I know someone called Alison Westinghouse [of the cooker fame ] who lives down here, her sister stayed in the North and married one of the Finches


Paul Cobham said...

Hi John
Please can you help me out, i am trying to find out a little about my long lost family as my father passed away in 1988 (Peter Cobham) Mother - Mary Cobham. i have no connection of any of this side of my family, i was just interested where you are from, with holding the same surname as me? My father lived in the Croston area in the 70s

Rachel said...

My Nanna is from here and her maiden name is Finch. Her family I think had the quarry at Parbold. Any connection ?

@boobelle said...

Hi Rachel - it sounds like a possibility. You will need to check records with DOB, marriage dates etc. The Parbold quarry link would be a good place to start - there will be records here for you to investigate.