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- see the Bedale entry on Wikipedia - previous "movers and shakers" in the town.......

ASCOUGH is listed......we apparently have a plaque in Bedale to identify the family as one of many "movers and shakers" in the Bedale area. Aiskew of course is an area close to Bedale and we do know that the infamous Ayscough/Askew family from Stallingborough & South Kelsey, Lincolnshire did originally come from Bedale to inherit the Stallingborough estate by marriage (John Ayscough marries in 1463 Margaret Tailboys)
1849: Slaters Directory of Yorkshire and Lincolnshire - No mention of RC place of worship in Northallerton but states that there is an R C church at Aiskew.

"Bedale St. Gregory is the parish church in the Church of England in the rural deanery of Wensley within the Diocese of Ripon and Leeds. This Gothic church retains some Catholic relics, although invading Puritans during the Civil War had vandalised a few such features. There is a plaque of the previous "movers and shakers" in the town, featuring coats of arms owned by these people and families: Fitz Alan, Stapleton, Grey of Rotherfield, Sheffield, Warren (Earl of Surrey), Brian de Thornhill, Lawrence de Thornhill, Richard, 1st Earl of Cornwall, Henry, 3rd Earl of Lancaster, Fitz Hugh of Tanfield, John of Brittany, Earl of Richmond, Marmion, Arthur III, Duke of Brittany and Ascough (Aiskew/ Ainscough)."

".......In this north aisle there was also an alabaster monument bearing a Latin inscription to Sir William Ascough, a justice of the King's Bench in the early part of the 15th century. He belonged to a family of yeomen resident at Ascough or Aiskew in this parish, and was the second founder of the Hospital of St. Nicholas, near Richmond.....
....Aiskew, or Ascough as the word was formerly written, gave name to a family of yeomen long resident here. Sir William Ascough, one of the judges of the King's Bench in the early part of the 15th century, was born here. It is related of him, that, discontented with his lot as a yeoman, he left his home secretly and remained hidden from his friends until, by his own industry and talent, he had reached the judicial bench. He was, for some years in the earlier part of his life, master of St. Nicholas' Hospital, near Richmond; we may, therefore, discount this runaway story with the proverbial grain of salt......."

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My surname is Eskew and I live in the US. It comes from Aiskew.