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Fr Anthony Ainscough - Ampleforth
Parbold Church 1984
Mary Ainscough writes:
" I remember Father Anthony well, and liked him very much. He is my dads cousin. If you go back to Hugh 1816-1894 who married Susan Fairclough. One of their many children was my grandfather John (m. Martha T. Whitwell)and his brother Thomas 1865-1927 m Jane Smith - they had 3 children.
Anthony O.S.B., Gerald and Joseph. Many Ainscoughs attended Ampleforth but perhaps none as noteworthy as fr. Anthony !!"

Photo credit EH Stephenson, copyright Ampleforth Abbey Trustees - Kind permission of Fr Anselm Cramer to use on this site.

"I attach the only photo of Fr Anthony which lies within reach at the moment. It was taken on 8 May 1945, while the Housemasters (of which he was one) were celebrating VE Day in the Headmaster's room. History does not relate why Anthony was hogging the fireplace (but there was probably no coal for it)."

Fr Anselm Cramer OSB
Ampleforth Abbey
York YO62 4EN

b. 10 May 1906 – d. 11 Feb 1986
Clothed - 22 Jun 1928
Professed - 26 Jun 1929
Solemn Vows- 8 Dec 1932
Priest - 17 Jul 1938
"Anthony Lawrence Ainscough was born at Woodlands in Parbold on 10 May 1906. He was the third and youngest son of Thomas and Jane Ainscough. When Anthony was about 12 they moved to Lancaster House, the old family home. This brought him even more to the centre of the extended family in the midst of which he grew up. It was an exceptionally secure base in an increasingly insecure world. ..... they have survived in Lancashire longer than elsewhere. ...... It was the Benedictines of Ampleforth who served the Parbold parish in the Church built by the Ainscoughs and that perhaps justified the move to Yorkshire for schooling at Ampleforth. Ampleforth had a further claim to respectability because the community there had been built up from the Ribble valley after 1830 and in Anthony's youth it was still overwhelmingly Lancastrian......He was eight years old when he came to school here. He was the youngest in a school of about 150 boys. It was 1914 - the beginning of the war....."

Details from the Abbey Necrology

1906 10 May born Parbold Lancs
1914-25 edc Ampleforth College
1928 22 Jun Habit at Ampleforth Abbot Matthews
1929 26 Jun Simple Vows " "
1932 26 Jun Renewed Simple Vows " "
1932 8 Dec Solemn Vows " "
1936 Apr Tonsure Minor Orders " "
1936 May Minor Orders " "
1936 19 Jul Subdeacon Bishop Shine
1937 18 Jul Deacon " "
1938 17 Jul Priest " "
1931-35 Oxford St.Benet's Zoology
1938 Sept Gamesmaster
1948 Sept Housemaster - St.Aidan's
1960-75 Prior
1961-63 Junior Master
1975-86 at Ampleforth - 'honorary Prior' style VRev - teaching - later illness and retirement
1986 11 Feb died in York District Hospital
18 Feb Buried at Ampleforth

FUNERAL HOMILY – by Cardinal Basil Hume
...."So l come to the end, sad like you to have lost a good friend, grateful, like you, for so much given by one who was just a thoroughly good and holy monk. Do any of us wish for any other epitaph?".... - Ampleforths Library site - select MORE DATA - EBC History site: look under MONKS & NUNS for surnames, then follow the links

note: Ampleforth college does not have specific open days, but you are welcome to visit- just turn up, or call Hospitality 01439 766889

ANTHONY is my 5th cousin 3 x removed.
12. Hugh m Ann. no dates.
11.Hugh Ainscough (c1680-1741) m Elizabeth ? (1690-1755)
10. Thomas AISCOUGH(1715-?) m Alice?
9. Hugh AISCOUGH (1745-?) m Mary Smith
8. Richard AINSCOUGH (1770-1849) m Elizabeth (Betty) Livesey (1781-1852)
7. Hugh AINSCOUGH (1816-1894) m Susan Fairclough (1830-1923)
6. Thomas AINSCOUGH (1865-1927) m Jenny Smith
5. Anthony AINSCOUGH O.S.B (10 May 1906 - 11 Feb 1986)

12. Hugh m Ann. no dates.
11. Hugh Ainscough (c1689-?) m Elizabeth ? (1690-1755)
10.James AISCOUGH (1711-1781) m
9. John AISCOUGH (1752-1835) m
8. Thomas AINSCOUGH (1780-1861) m Elizabeth(Betty)Whitehead (1796?-1879)
7. Hugh AINSCOUGH (1822-1882) m Elizabeth (Ellen) Cowley (1826-1886)
6. Thomas AINSCOUGH (1846-1929) m Margaret Barnes (1839?-1913)
5. Henry AINSCOUGH (1868-1912) m Catherine Farley (1872-1951)
4. Norbert AINSCOUGH (1903-1991) m Freda Faulkner (1910-1998)
3. Peter AINSCOUGH m Margaret Nangle
2. Barbara AINSCOUGH
1. Rhiannon AINSCOUGH

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Andrew Cornford said...

Fr Anthony was an exceptional rugby coach. While I was an Ampleforth Colt, he taught me the art of dribbling a rugby ball, how to pass reliably and accurately, and positioning for a second-row forward (concerning which his view contravened conventional wisdom but was absolutely correct).

Andrew Cornford, Geneva