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John Farley 1863-1896 -Murdered!

John Farley Seaman - death certificate1 d.1895
John Farley Seaman - death certificate2 d.1895
Thomas Farley Seaman - certificate1 1891
Thomas Farley Seaman - certificate2 1891

If like me you are asking yourself "Who was John Farley?" then read on....he was my Great great Uncle.

Information provided by Tony Brown, Aus.

John Farley - b.1863-d.1896

John Farley was the brother of Catherine (Farley) Ainscough who married my Great grandad Henry Ainscough - see blog entry December 14th 2006. "John Farley went to sea in 1877 as a ships boy, as an ordinary seaman in Nov. 1877, as an A.B. from July 1881 and received his Certificate of Competency (no. 018169) as a mate on 15th April 1887, as a first mate 17th December 1891 and as a Master on 21st December 1895. He then sailed on the SS. Rosse as a mate (no.74475. reg. Liverpool) but in New York was shot by a pistol in the chest by one of the sailors (inflicted by E. Smith)and died in Brooklyn Hospital, NY, 27th May 1896, age 35. A report of the incident appeared in the New York Times of 19th May 1896. His papers gave his birth date as 31st March 1863, town of Dublin, County of Dublin."
You may be able to obtain further information from The Public record Office, Ruskin Ave, Kew, Richmond, Surrey TW9 4DU.

(Medical):Extract from New York Times of Sun May 17 1896 page 16 "Incoming Steamships today ROSSE St. Lucia May 9" New York Times Tuesday May 19 1896 page1 "SECOND MATE JOHN FARLEY SHOT His brutality to a sailorman may cost him his life. John Farley, second mate of the steamship ROSSE, lying at Martins Stores, Furman St. Brooklyn, was shot twice yesterday morning by Ernest Smith, one of the sailors. Farley, it is said, treated the sailors in a brutal manner on the voyage from England, to this port, and was particularly abusive to Smith, who rankled under the assault until yesterday. Farley had ordered a sailor named Evans to go forward and scrub the decks, and when he did so another officer asked Evans what he was doing there, as he had been sent aloft to furl the sails. Evans told him that Farley had sent him forward, and Farley, hearing the remark, knocked the sailor down and gave him a severe cut over the eye. Farley met Smith ten minutes later and threatened to kick him because he did not move quickly enough in obeying an order given by Farley. Farley, the members of the crew say, then ran after Smith and struck him on the face, knocking him down. As Smith arose he drew a revolver and fired twice, one of the shots striking the mate in the breast near the throat and the other entering a little lower. The mate was taken to the Brooklyn Hospital and Smith, Evans and four others were arrested. Farley's injuries are said to be of a serious nature."
New York Times Monday 25 1896 page 10" Sailed.. ROSSE for London."
From General Register & Record Office of Shipping & Seamen Ref: DA/111/87 22 July 1987 "John FARLEY born England, 2nd Mate S.S.ROSSE, Official Number 74475, registered Liverpool. Died 27.5.96 aged 35 at Brooklyn Hospital, N.Y. Pistol shot wound in chest inflicted by E. Smith, seaman on S.S. ROSSE"

James Farley, c.1834- after 1895, b.Ireland - d. England
Mary Morris, c.1836- after 1880, b.Ireland - d. England
married c. 1855
Emigrated to England 1863-68

SIBLINGS:John b. 31st March 1863 - 27th May 1896 Dublin, Ireland
1.1 Mary c. 1857, Ireland
1.3 James September 1867, Seacombe, Cheshire
1.4 Thomas b.25th December 1869, Seacombe, Cheshire
1.5 Catherine b.20th September 1872, Birkenhead, Wallasey -d.14th December 1951, Moston married my Great grandad Henry Ainscough
1.6 Martha ?? England
1.7 Margaret c. 1880 - 1972 Seacombe, Cheshire m. Thomas Murphy who lost his leg in a shunting accident and subsequently worked as Signalman at Southport. Margaret & Thomas had 1 child; Maurice Murphy
Maurice Murphy m Judy c.1939; & 2 grandchildren; Bernard & Michael Murphy.

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