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Oswald Ainscough marriage
Sir Oswald Whitwell Ainscough
Parbold Church 1984
b. 5th December 1906 – d.16th January 1995
Oswald was my 5th cousin 3 times removed.

Yesterday proved to be an interesting day, with geneology email information and enquiries flying at me from all directions. Both coincidentally and separately, my father and Mary Ainscough mentioned that “Ainscough” was listed in Burke’s Peerage. That coupled with a query from dad about an Oswald Whitwell Ainscough and the outline of the family lineage from Mary brought the two together……… Mary mentioned that her grandmother’s maiden name had been Whitwell, so there had to be a connection here somewhere! Once again the internet and Google came to the rescue and after visiting just 2 websites I had found all I needed to understand where Oswald fitted into the Mawdesley Ainscough maze of a family tree and possibly Mary too! Then Jonathon (my 2nd cousin) pointed out that Oswald was infact already in our tree… was the last place I had thought to look!

Reference: Burke’s Peerage and Gentry:

, of Casterton Hall, Kirkby Lonsdale, Westmorland, served in WW II 1939-45 as Maj, 1st and 8th Bn Kings Regt in India and Burma, Dir H. & R. Ainscough Ltd 1936-64,
Dir Liverpool Corn Trade Associate 1953-55, and Grain Contract Insurance Co 1953-55, Vice-Pres L.C.TA 1962, memb Council N.F.C.TA 1962, Dir Palace Hotel Co Southport 1934-50, and Casterton Estates Ltd from 1965; b 5 Dec 1906;
educ Ampleforth; m 1st, 15 July 1939, Gabriel Mary (d 1 Jan 1951), dau of Thomas James Finch, of Fairfield, Ruff Lane, Ormskirk, Lancs., and has issue. ,He m 2nd, 8 Aug 1959, •Morar Catherine Beryl, yr dau of Sir Michael Albert James Malcolm, 10th Bt, of Milton Lodge, North Berwick, East Lothian (see BURKE'S Peerage).

Lineage-RICHARD AINSCOUGH, of Ulness Walton, Mawdesley, Lancs.; b. ca. 1770; m Elizabeth (d 25 April, 1852, aged 70), dau of -, and d 19 Oct 1849, leaving issue,

And it seems Oswald is linked (all be it by marriage) to Mary Tudor......

Source: World Roots: researched by: Leo van de Pas:

Descendants of Mary Tudor, Princess of England
(gen 14-730 to 14-779 of 19 generations)

XIV-758 (XIII-620-3)
1 Sir David Peter Michael Malcolm
11th Baronet
Born 7 July 1919
Married 6 June 1959
Hermione Home, daughter of Sir David George Home, 13th
Baronet and Sheila Stephen Born 25 February 1934
Children, Generation XV-909

2 Margaret Jane Venetia Malcolm
Born 11 January 1923
Married 1 June 1945
Christopher Robert Vesey Holt
Children, Generation XV-910

3 Morar Catherine Beryl Malcolm
Born 28 April 1929
Married 8 August 1959
Oswald Whitwell Ainscough S.P.

The following attempts to illustrate how Oswald is related to our Ainscough branch of the family. Unfortunately Blogger wont allow the use of tabs or tables but Oswald was my 5th cousin 3 times Mary Ainscough (see previous blog) says, "Uncle Oswald was my dad's (John) brother. The dates look right to me."
5.1 Elizabeth who married Vyner Brookes
5.2 David who is out in Australia.
5.3 Pauline - Toronto
5.4 Kate - Toronto
I remember going to Morars funeral but couldn't tell you the exact date."


12. Hugh m Ann. no dates.
11.Hugh Ainscough (c1680-1741) m Elizabeth ? (1690-1755)
10. Thomas AISCOUGH(1715-?) m Alice?
9. Hugh AISCOUGH (1745-?) m Mary Smith
8. Richard AINSCOUGH (1770-1849) m Elizabeth (Betty) Livesey (1781-1852)
7. Hugh AINSCOUGH (1816-1894) m Susan Fairclough (1830-1923)
6. John AINSCOUGH (1858-1933) m Martha Teresa Whitwell (1869-1958)
5. Oswald AINSCOUGH (1906-1995) m 1st wife:Gabriel Mary Finch (d 1 Jan 1951)
then 2nd wife Morar Catherine Beryl Malcolm (1929-?)

12. Hugh m Ann. no dates.
11. Hugh Ainscough (c1689-?) m Elizabeth ?
10.James AISCOUGH (1711-1781) m
9. John AISCOUGH (1752-1835) m
8. Thomas AINSCOUGH (1780-1861) m Elizabeth(Betty)Whitehead (1796?-1879)
7. Hugh AINSCOUGH (1822-1882) m Elizabeth (Ellen) Cowley (1826-1886)
6. Thomas AINSCOUGH (1846-1929) m Margaret Barnes (1839?-1913)
5. Henry AINSCOUGH (1868-1912) m Catherine Farley (1872-1951)
4. Norbert AINSCOUGH (1903-1991) m Freda Faulkner (1910-1998)
3. Peter AINSCOUGH m Margaret Nangle
2. Barbara AINSCOUGH
1. Rhiannon AINSCOUGH

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