Saturday, November 25, 2006

H & R AINSCOUGH Family - descendant MARY AINSCOUGH

hugh ainscough b.1860-1945
richard ainscough 1856-1921
Memorial Plaque - H&R Ainscough
Burscough Flour Mill - H&R Ainscough
Parbold Church 1984
Parbold Ainscough

Portraits of brothers Richard (1818-1877) & Hugh Ainscough (1816-1894) (sons of Richard A (1770-1849) & Elizabeth Livesy (1781-1852)).
Hugh and Richard are also the Parbold benefactors, founders of the Catholic church in Parbold, Our Lady and all Saints -

This shows the historic H&R flour mill in Burscough, Lancashire

And another really interesting link emerged today once again as a result of a google search and email- isn't the internet wonderful! Mary Ainscough writes;

My name is Mary Ainscough, descendant of the H & R Ainscough side of the family. Was very interested to see all the research you'd done on the family history. I have some records that are very disorganised at the present and no guarantee of accuracy. The notes you have of the Ainscoughs & Nelsons I believe come from the website of the catholic church in Parbold (Our Lady and all Saints). There is also an account of Ainscoughs in Burkes Landed Gentry. (Not sure which edition, - pos 1970s) which can normally be found in public librarys.
Anyway, since I have recently retired, I'll get myself more organised and have a proper perusal of your research and get back to you. Anyway, with no guarantee of accuracy. Here goes:

12. HUGH marries ANN no dates.
They have 2 children:
11.1 Edward 1625-?.
11.2 *HUGH 1689-1745 (Marries ELIZABETH)
10.1 Elizabeth (1710-1783) who marries Henry Anderton
10.2 James (1711-1782) who marries Margaret -your forbears.
10.3 Ann (1713-?) Marries Tyrer.
10.4 **THOMAS (1715-1786) marries ALICE
9. ***Hugh 1746-1822 marries Mary Smith

Hugh's Burial: 12 Mar 1822
Hugh Ainscough -
Age: 75
Abode: Mawdesley
Buried by: Roman Catholic

8.1 ****They have Richard 1770-1849 marries Betty Livesey.
7.1 *****Hugh 1816-1894 married Susan Fairclough who have about 12 children:
6.1 One was James 1858-1932 m. L. Smith who were parents to CAPTAIN Cyril (see previous blog)
6.2 ******Grandfather John who married Martha Whitwell.
CHILDREN of John & Martha Whitwell
5.1 Francis John Whitwell Ainscough 1902
5.2 George Whitwell Ainscough 1903
5.3 Margaret Mary Ainscough 1905
5.4 Oswald Whitwell Ainscough 1906
5.5 *******John Whitwell Ainscough 1908
5.6 Paul Ainscough 1911
10.5 Mary marries Thomas Hodson - Chorley clockmaker.
10.6 Richard 1719-?
7.2 Richard 1818-1877 m. Hannah Liptrot.
7.3 Mary m. Speakman.
7.4 James.
7.5 Elizabeth ?-1898 m Dr. John Rigby.

Anyway I wont send anymore at this stage till Im more up to date with the software and hardware as it just gets confusing. I could however redo the charts I have for your side of the family and send them to you by mail - then perhaps you could fill in any gaps.

Regards Mary.


lindseykennedyportfolio said...


My mother has a longcase clock by Thomas Hodson who married Mary Ainscough. He was a Chorley clockmaker. Due to lack of space we are selling the clock and wondered if anyone in your family was interested as it had family connections? bit of a long shot but you never know, the clock was originally owned by my grandfather's family. Kind regards, Lindsey Smith

@boobelle said...

Many thanks for this - I shall ask around for you. How do we contact you? Do you have an email address?

Anonymous said...

Hello - my name is Robert Ainscough. As a distant relative I would love to be considered for the purchase of this clock.