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1558-1672 St Peter & Paul Ormskirk- AINSCOUGH

spire and tower
1558 Ainscough Origins
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This is my line of Ainscoughs.

(researched by Mary Hartley - see detailed early Ainscough family tree)
See earlier blog of 12th January 2007 for further information.
1. Richard Aiscough 1558-1619 (will=1619) 2 children
Children - Anne (alive 1619), Hugh (1584-1657)
2. Hugh 1584-1657 m Marie Barton 1586-1658 - (will = 1657)5 children
Children - Jane (1614-1636), Richard (1616-1681), Thomas (1618-1702), James (1621-1633), John (1632-1692)
3. Thomas 1618-1702 m Mary ? (will = 1692) (3 children)
Children - James (1655-1690), Mary (alive 1657), Thomas (1660-1672)
4. James 1655-1690 m Elizabeth (3 children)
Children - Thomas (?-1679), Elizabeth (after1674-after1692), Hugh (c1680-?)
5. Hugh c1680-? m Elizabeth (6 children)
Children - Elizabeth (c1709-1783), James (1711-1781), Ann (1712-?), Thomas (1715-1786), Mary (1717-?), Richard (c1719-?)
6. James (1711-1781)- my GGGGGG grandad + brother Thomas (H&R link) (1715-1786)

Many thanks to Andrew Scarisbrick ( again for making this information available. The extracts of records have been taken from Sts. Peter & Paul, Ormskirk Parish Church Records, including dates between 1558 and 1672. They clearly show an AINSCOUGH presence in the area in the 16C. Also, later marriage records of 1814/15. By this time I think many of the Ainscoughs had migrated away from Ormskirk and surrounding areas.

12th March 1558/9 Richard Ascough
18th December 1559 Ann Asco
24th July 1561 Tho: Ascoe
26th February 1565/6 Marie Ascough
28th March 1567 Ewan Ascought19th February 1581/2 Catherin Ascough fi. Tho:
21st September 1583 Hughe Askough fi. Tho:
15th August 1584 Hugh Askowe fi. Ric.
5th June 1585 Richard Ascough fi. Tho:
13th July 1585 Jamis Ascough fi. Jo:
27th September 1596 Margret Aiscough fi. John
5th May 1597 Jaine Ascough fi. Tho:
3rd June 1600 Willm Ascough
19th October 1600 Katherin Ascough fi. John
25th March 1604 Marie Ascough fi. Tho:
9th March 1616/7 Edward Ascough fi. Huan
14th June 1618 Willm Ascough fi. Huan
17th January 1622/3 Thomas Ascough fi. Willm
18th January 1622/3 ..... Ascough fi. George
27th April 1630 Mary Ascough f. William
26th September 1633 George Ascough f. William
19th December 1636 Thomas Ascough f. William
17th March 1660/1 Robert Ayscough f. Tho:
6th January 1664/5 William Aiscough f. Thomas de Lathom b. 6th
29th January 1664/5 William Aiscough f. Thomas de Lathom bp. at Lathom

21st October 1583 Tho: Allerton & Margery Askough
3rd January 1598/9 Tho: Gollie & Elizth Ascough
10th September 1607 Richard Hodgeson & Katherin Aiscough
3rd July 1610 Hugh Aiscough & Marie Barton
4th March 1616/7 Richard Nelson & Cisley Ascough
17th May 1619 John Harrison & Jane Ascough
14th December 1620 Ranald Mason & Alice Ascough
3rd May 1621/2 Willm Ascough & Amery Allerton
28th September 1637 William Aiscough [Escoe] & Joane Poatemore [Poatmore]
8th May 1656 John Ascoe & Marie Hasnap pub. 17:24th April 1st May
... July 1657 Thomas Parr, Burscough & Mary Ayscough, Lathom
both p. Ormskirk pub. 9:16:23rd July

20th April 1567 Izabell Ascought
19th May 1589 Ewan Ascough in ecclia, pur
13th February 1594/5 Two children of John Ascough
30th June 1595 Ja: Ascough in ecclia, pur
10th July 1595 vx. Jaine Aiscough in ecclia
5th September 1595 Ellin Aiscough
11th May 1613 ..... Ascough vx. Huan in ecclia
29th September 1615 Jane Ascough, virgo
13th April 1623 Katheryne Ascough, virgo
6th December 1623 Elizabeth Ascough, vid.
7th June 1633 Huan Ascough in ecc.
9th November 1636 Amey Ascough ux. William in ecc.
12th September 1641 Catherin Aiscough f. Tho:
12th March 1641/2 Joaine Aiscough ux. Thomas
8th August 1643 Margrett Escough vid.
26th March 1644 Margret Aiscough ux. George in ecc.
15th May 1644 Thomas Aiscough
9th August 1644 William Aiscough in ecc.
26th June 1660 An infant [a child] of John Ayscough
5th April 1664 an infant of Edward Ayscough
11th November 1666 Alice Ayscough f. George
31st August 1669 Tho: Ascough de Lathom in ecc.
5th February 1669/70 Margerie Ascough de Lathom in ecc.
6th April 1672 Thomas Ascow [Ascough] de Lathom
18th April 1672 Elnor Escoe vid. de Lathom


Found in later records
15th February 1814 - Richard Ainscough, of Croston & Betty Livesley, of this parish by license, consent of parents
wit. John Monk, J. Hankin

30th January 1815 - Thomas Ainscough, of this parish & Ellen Shaw of N. Meols by license
wit. Nicholas Rimmer, Jno Hankin


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