Friday, January 19, 2007

1881 census, HUGH Ainscough - who are they all?

Hugh Ainscough seemed to be a popular name of the time, as Andrew Scarisbrick has discovered.......the 1881 census reveals all. If you can help to identify any of these Hughs please get in touch!

Andrew Scarisbrick ( writes; "I have recently embarked on another Ainscough project. I have been looking at ALL the Hugh Ainscoughs in the 1881 census, trying to find where they come from, and from which family. There are 22 Hugh A.s in 1881:
9 come from my (link-Andrew Scarisbrick) N. Meols family.
3 come from your (Barbara Ainscough) family branch (from James line b. 1711- Hugh b.1822, Hugh b.1891, Hugh b.1863).
2 are from the Parbold (link-Mary Ainscough) branch (Hugh b.1816 and his son Hugh b.1860).

2 of them however have thrown up something interesting. There is a Hugh Ainscough (b. 1861, Chorley), grandson of a Henry Ainscough (b.1815, Ulnes Walton)! The only Ainscough family that I know of from Ulnes Walton are the ancestors of H&R. Looking further, Hugh (b.1861) is the son of Hugh (b.1840, Chorley - although in earlier census reports he says he was born Ulnes Walton); he was the son of Henry (b.1815). Have you ever heard of this Henry Ainscough born 1815 in Ulnes Walton?
I am still investigating the other 6 Hughs in 1881."

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Hugh Ainscough
The founder of Ainscough’s Flour Mills at Burscough was Hugh Ainscough. He was born on a 60 acre farm at Ulnes Walton in 1816, but about 1820 the family moved to Parbold where his father Richard Ainscough (and mother Elizabeth bn Parbold abt 1781)commenced in business as a grocer. In 1826 the old windmill (flour) adjoining the canal was taken over by Richard who ran the mill in conjunction with his grocery business. This windmill is still in existence (shorn of its sails) and is now a private residence. On the death of his father, Hugh and his brother Richard, began to build the mill at Parbold which was completed in 1851, and afterwards about 1858 he erected larger mills at Burscough.
(Hugh Ainscough bap 1816 and Susanna his wife bn 1830 had many children one being Hugh Ainscough bn 1860 at Parbold)

My grandfather Sidney Johnson bn 1905 L’pool and his sister Dolly Doyle told me that the Ainscough family had a flour mill and that their grandmother Sarah Ainscough bn (12 April 1846 Toxteth Park Liverpool ) was disinherited because her father John Ainscough (born 1811 Crosten, Lancashire) didn’t want her to marry her husband John Johnson.(mar 15 May 1871 St James Birkdale Lancs) Although
I have found Ainscough’s flour mill I cannot find a link with my own family, but they were very sure of the link..