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Richard Ainscough b.1850 - d.1928

Ainscough family Mass Cards 1928-1929

Richard Ainscough b.1850-d.1928 was the brother of Thomas Ainscough b.1846-d.1929, Thomas was my GG grandad.
Another distant cousin, GC ( has been in touch. A quick look at an outline of GC’s family line makes him my 4th cousin:
“I was looking through some old geneology notes and found some dates on two original copies of funeral Mass cards of Thomas Ainscough who died on the 15th September 1929 age 83 and his brother, my relative Richard Ainscough he died in 1928 age 78 he was buried in Preston. Thomas lived in Chorley and worked as a goods inspector on the railways his brother Richard worked on the railways as a signal man.”

The funeral cards are interesting, they show Thomas, Richard, Elizabeth Jane and an Ada Winifred ???
Ellen Ainscough was one of Richard Ainscough's daughters, (G grandmother of GC) who married James Wiggans/Wiggins - she was born around 1872.Richard lived in Preston and married Isabella? and later married Anne Potts. Daughter Ellen Ainscough married James Wiggans/Wiggins on the 15th October 1892 and had the following 7 children:
1.1 Alice b.1898
1.2. James b.1900
1.3. **** Emily b. ?m. John Woods
1.4. Mary (Molly)b.
1.5. Eleanor b.
1.6. Henry b.
1.7. Isabella b.

Im wondering if there is a “Potts” link with Anne Clarks family line......Edward Ainscough grandson of Hugh & Ellen (nee Cowley) married Elizabeth Potts and Richard A son of Hugh & Ellen (nee Cowley) married Mary A Potts - are they related, cousins, mother & daughter or niece perhaps?
7. *Hugh & Ellen (Cowley) Ainscough - GGG grandparents
6. **Richard Ainscough (b1850- d1928) m Isabella? (1st wife) and Mary A Potts (2nd wife – age 44) living at No2 Havelock Street. In 1901 census records show that Mary Potts aged 68years was living with the family entered as mother in law.
GG grandparents (BROTHER OF THOMAS A, my GG grandad)
5. ***Ellen Ainscough (b 1872, d ?) m 15th October 1892 James Wiggans/Wiggins (b ? ) (G grandparents) 1ST COUSIN
4.**** Emily b. ? Grandmother m. John Woods - 2ND COUSIN
3. *****GC’s mother - 3RD COUSIN
2. ******GC - 4TH COUSIN

7.0 *Hugh & Ellen (Cowley)Ainscough (GG grandparents)
6. Thomas Ainscough (1846 - 1929) m 1866 Margaret Barnes (1839?-1913) BROTHER
5. Henry Ainscough (1868-1912) m 28th September 1895 Catherine Farley (1872 - 1951) 1ST COUSIN
4. Norbert Ainscough (1903 - 1991) m 31st March 1934 Freda Faulkner (1910 -1993?) 2ND COUSIN
3. Peter Ainscough ( grandad) m 4th April 1959 Margaret Nangle) 3RD COUSIN
2. Barbara Ainscough (mother) (ONCE REMOVED)
1. Rhiannon (daughter)

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