Saturday, September 09, 2006

GETTING STARTED & useful links......

Just in case, like me, you've just started on this family history hunt thing and havent got a clue where to start looking for information and obtaining things like birth, marriage and death certificates. Hilary Draper, a useful contact I've made along the way ( has passed on the following useful links:

Birth, Marriage and death certificates obtained from:

Wills: Before 1858 - copies of Lancashire wills are available from the Lancs Record Office in Preston.
After 1858 - national index - can be obtained by writing to the Probate Office in York:

For general and Lancs family history:

Other sites I am using are listed on my Flickr group pages:

Good luck!! and if youre really serious about doing this expect to spend hours and hours reading, researching and cross checking - a bit like being back at university!

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