Wednesday, September 06, 2006

FLICKR and BLOGGING...........

Ainscough (Mary) Kathleen
I have already set up a Flickr group on the Ainscough Mawdesley family history;
here you can upload images to the group and start a new discussion;
or just view the images and detail at;

But I think the information sharing part really does lend itself to a blogging here goes!

The blog found here aims to represent aspects and detail of the history of my Ainscough family. Comments I will be adding have come from far and wide and from connections I never knew I had, including Jonathon Hopper (2nd cousin), relatives emigrated to Australia - Tony Brown and Richard Harris and also complete strangers with a similar interest in family history such as Hilary from Bury and Nancy from Rhode Island USA. I will credit information to an individual along with their email address should you want to contact them with a query of your own.
If you think there might be a family link and you can help me with additional detail, dates, places and names please do add a comment or contact me.

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