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Nancy (Ann) Ainscough ALTY 1784-1851 m Robert ALTY 1794-1861

Ann (Ainscough) Alty death certificate 1851
John Ainscough d.1835 Will 1
John Ainscough d.1835 Will 2

When checking for family history links online I came across some very distant relatives. Nancy from Rhode Island USA ( had some interesting information about my GGGGG auntie, Nancy Alty.
Her Death cerificate reads: "Nancy (Ann Ainscough) Alty; aged 66years, wife of Robert Alty - farmer, chronic bronchitis, died Jan.21st 1851, Bispham"
The witness on Nancy (Ainscough)Alty's death record was possibly Thomas's wife, Betty Ainscough, or maybe a neighbour or cousin.

Nancy was the daughter of GGGGG grandparents John and Margaret (Worthington) Ainscough; sister of GGGG grandad Thomas Ainscough. She married Robert Alty. I have in my records that they had 3 children Hugh, Betty and Henry. The following information outlines their lives, children's lives and grandchildren:

Wife -Nancy "Ann" AINSCOUGH, Born 1784 Mawdesley Lancashire
1841 Bispham, Lancashire
Died 21 Jan 1851 Bispham, Lancashire
Wife's father John AINSCOUGH and mother Margaret WORTHINGTON

Husband Robert ALTY -Born 1794 Mawdesley, Lancashire
1840 Farmer
1841 Bispham, Lancashire
1861 Retired Farmer Bispham, Lancashire
Died Aft 1861
Married 03 Apr 1815 St Michael, Parish Church of Croston, Lancashire
Marriage: 3 Apr 1815 St Michael and All Angels, Croston, Lancashire, England
Robert Alty - Farmer of This Parish
Ann Ainscough - (X), Spinster of This Parish
Witness: Robert Gorton; Lauce. Farington
Married by License by: G. Parkin Curate
Notes: Consent of Parents
Register: Marriages 1813 - 1824, Page 32, Entry 96
Source: LDS Film 93713

List of children in order of birth:
1. Hugh ALTY -Abt 1813, Mawdesley, Lancashire, England (Feb4th??)
1851- City, Mawdesley, Lancashire,
1861- Farmer of 14 Acres, Town Road, Mawdesley, Lancashire,
1871-Farmer of 66 Acres, Town Road, Mawdesley, Lancashire,
1881- Farmer of 46 Acres, Mawdesley, Lancashire,
1891 - Town Road, Mawdesley, Lancashire, England
Died- Bef 1901
Spouse-Elizabeth FAZAKERLEY-Married 1842-St Michael, Croston, Lancashire

Wife Elizabeth FAZAKERLEY -Born Abt 1819, Tarleton, Lancashire
Other Spouse -Unknown Married
Wife's father? Wife's mother -Alice

Grandhildren of Nancy (Ann Ainscough) & Robert Alty listed in order of birth.
1.1 Robert ALTY -Born 12 Nov 1842, Mawdesley, Lancashire, Christened 14 Dec 1842, Mawdesley, Lancashire,

1.2 Henry ALTY -Born 19 Jan 1845 Mawdesley, Lancashire, Christened 12 Feb 1845, Mawdesley, Lancashire

1.3 Henry John ALTY -Born 1847 Mawdesley, Lancashire
Spouse Alice BAYBUTT Married 1877 St Peter, Mawdesley, Lancashire

1.4 Nancy ALTY Born 1849 Mawdesley, Lancashire
Spouse Thomas ECCLESTON Married 1880 St Peter, Mawdesley, Lancashire

1.5 John ALTY Born 1851 Mawdesley, Lancashire
Spouse Isabella COBHAM Married 1883 St Peter, Mawdesley, Lancashire

1.6 Hugh ALTY-Born 1853 Mawdesley, Lancashire

1.7 Thomas ALTY - Born Abt 1855 Mawdesley, Lancashire

1.8 Alice ALTY - Born Abt 1857 Mawdesley, Lancashire
Spouse Thomas BARRON Married 1882 St Peter, Mawdesley, Lancashire

1.9 Margaret ALTY, Born 1860 Mawdesley, Lancashire 03 Sep 2006

2.Betty ALTY

Born- 22 Mar 1816, Bispham Green, Lancashire,
Christened- 21 Apr 1816, Parish Church of Croston, Lancashire,
1851-Town Gate, Blue Anchor Inn, Eccleston, Lancashire,
1861-Tincklers Lane, Eccleston, Lancashire,
1871- Charwoman, 27 Pall Mall, Chorley, Lancashire,
Died -01 Feb 1888, Eccleston, Lancashire,
Buried-Feb 1888,St Mary the Virgin Church, Eccleston, Lancashire,
Spouse-John RIGBY, Married 04 Aug 1840, Parish Church of Croston (St Michael), Lancashire
Wife's father Robert ALTY and mother Nancy "Ann" AINSCOUGH

John RIGBY -Born 1811, Eccleston by Chorley, Lancashire
Christened -14 Jul 1811, St Mary the Virgin, Eccleston, Lancashire
Died - 21 Jun 1851, Eccleston, Lancashire
Buried - 25 Jun 1851 at St Mary the Virgin Church, Eccleston, Lancashire
Married -04 Aug 1840, Parish Church of Croston (St Michael), Lancashire
Husband's father, Seth RIGBY and motherMary HALSALL

Grandhildren of Nancy (Ann Ainscough) & Robert Alty listed in order of birth.
2.1 Robert RIGBY -Born 1843, Mawdesley, Lancashire - Christened 02 Jun 1843, Mawdesley, Croston, Lancashire -Died 1884

3.Henry ALTY
Born-08 May 1818, Mawdesley, Lancashire, England
Christened-19 May 1818, Parish Church of Croston, Lancashire,
1861-Bispham, Lancashire, England
1871-Farmer of 40 Acres ,Mill Lane, Upholland, Lancashire, England
1881- Coal Browman, Mill Lane, Upholland, Lancashire, England
Spouse-Alice DAKIN
Married-30 Sep 1850,St Michael, Croston, Lancashire

Alice DAKIN Born -Abt 1823, Ulnes Walton, Lancashire
Died -Bef 1881
Wife's father? & mother?

Grandhildren of Nancy (Ann Ainscough) & Robert Alty listed in order of birth.
3.1 Mary ALTY, Born -Abt 1846, Ulnes Walton, Lancashire

3.2 John ALTY, Born -Abt 1850, Ulnes Walton, Lancashire

3.3 Robert ALTY, Born 1852, Bispham, Lancashire.
1881 Dalton in Wigan, Lancashire, England, Coal Miner, 1891 -7 Elmers Green, Dalton, Lancashire
Spouse -Sarah Ellen SMITH, Married 1880, St George, Wigan, Lancashire

3.4 Nancy ALTY, Born Abt 1854, Bispham, Lancashire
Spouse-Thomas ECCLESTON, Married 1880 St Peter, Mawdesley, Lancashire

3.5 Margaret ALTY, Born 1857, Bispham, Lancashire

3.6 Henry ALTY, Born Abt 1859, Bispham, Lancashire,
1881 Mill Lane, Upholland, Lancashire-Colliery Laborer
Spouse Unknown Married

More info. about Hugh, eldest son, from Nancy Englehardt, Rhode Island USA(
Taken from the UK archives under the Lancashire Record Office: Lancashire County Quarter Sessions Petitions -Ormskirk: Easter 1813 - ref. QSP / 2642, FILE - Mawdesley. Order of fillation and maintenance of bastard son of Robert Alty, and Nancy Ainscough, single-woman— QSP/2642/45 date: 1813 4 Feb."

So Hugh was born Feb 1813? and parents Robert and Nancy married April 1815, Hugh being 2 years old. This must have been quite unusual in those days - perhaps not??? Nancy was by now 31 years old.
"Hugh Alty, son of Nancy and Robert Alty - living with his parents in 1841 census age 25. In 1851 census Hugh is age 38 and 1861 census age 48.

Its also possible that Nancy's brother James Ainscough married Robert Alty's sister/ cousin Ellen Alty ( - further evidence is needed to support this though. Although Ive been informed that our James Ainscough married a Jane Sergeant - but I cant find any records as yet.

Marriage: 30 Sep 1811 St Michael and All Angels, Croston, Lancashire, England
James Ainscough - Husbandman of This Parish
Ellen Alty - (X), Spinster of This Parish
Witness: Richard Loxam; Thomas Speakman
Married by Licence by: G. Parkin Curate
Register: Marriages 1789 - 1812, Page 186, Entry 743
Source: LDS Film 93713

If you think you may be related get in touch! More information can be found at:


@boobelle said...

From Hilary Draper: "I read your blog and concerning Hugh Alty, eldest son of Robert and Nancy and speculation therein that he was illegitimate, IGI has the baptism of Hugh, son of Nancy Ainsworth, at Croston, on 28 Oct 1812. It didn't seem to be unusual for a child - or children - to be born before marriage, with no apparent reason why marriage could not take place (ie both of the parties being single) and then for a marriage to take place a few years later. One of my ancestors had 3 children before marrying the father of the children (they were named as his sons in his will!!) It seems to be more prevalent in some parishes than in others. I assume that some ministers were more assiduous in making sure that errant couples got married than others!!

@boobelle said...

Nancy Englehardt of Narrangassett, Rhode Island adds, "My ggg grandparents are Robert Alty and Ann Ainscough."